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Stop Blaming The Teachers! MAG

By Anonymous

   Every time report cards come out there are always a number of fuming students disgruntled over the fact that a certain teacher failed them. What's wrong with this statement is that it's not the teacher who failed the students, but the students who failed themselves.

Students have total control over the outcome of their grades. They are the ones who are supposed to do their homework. They are the ones who are supposed to take notes and pay attention during class. They are the ones who are supposed to behave and avoid doing things like talking. They are the ones who are supposed to study for their quizzes and tests. All the teacher is supposed to do is, well, to teach.

A teacher is the one who feeds the information to the students. The students are the ones who are supposed to use that information to their best in that class.

Teachers grade students' work on how well it is done. When it comes to the end of the term, they just average everything up. If students fail, it is not because they were picked in some sort of lottery to receive a bad grade. It is because they deserved that grade. So when students fail a class, they should not say "Mr. So-and-so failed me," but "I failed myself."

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i love this so much!

Anybody said...
on Apr. 1 2010 at 5:37 pm
I agree with you, kind of. What about teachers who give tests that have little to do with the information, or require a student to remember information from the beginning of the year that they hardly learned, then? Some teachers give surprise tests, yes tests and don't give their students any way to study. Seriously, some teachers will refuse to let you make up work that you missed the day before. And honestly, some kids won't ever get it, it's not their fault. You can study as much as you want, but there will always be those who will never ever understand. Maybe those of us with good grades should just be grateful instead of hounding down on those who wish for a reason to be unhappy about their grades. Next time, be sure you show both sides.