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Opening A Gambling Complex In Massachusetts MAG

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   Opening a Gambling Complex in Massachusetts

by J. C., W. Roxbury, MA

I am against the Wampanoag tribe's plan to open a gambling complex in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I firmly believe that this would increase crime and poverty in Massachusetts and weaken family ties.

Since last year, the percentage of people who support this idea has increased from 53 to 61 (as taken in a Boston Globe/WBZ-TV poll). I feel people are not looking at this issue as a whole, but only as a means to solve economic problems. People think that building a casino will help the economy and result in fewer tax increases. It may do both, but just think how it will affect society.

Building this casino will attract people to gamble who previously had not. They will get caught up in the big lights and the idea of making big bucks. A few may make some money, but the majority will not. In a casino, the odds are always stacked against the gambler. Therefore, the vast majority will lose.

Gambling seems to be a poor man's game. Many get the idea they will strike it rich, but what will happen is that they will gamble away what money they have and be left with less, or none. Because a vast majority lose money, the poverty level will increase. These people may find themselves out on the street. As a result of losing everything, some may resort to crime to acquire the basic necessities.

Gambling is a disease far deadlier than any other because of its many negative consequences. It not only affects those involved, but has a "ripple effect" on society at large.

In a time when people want to strengthen family ties, gambling will only weaken them. People will be away from their families, spending their time and money in a casino. Once they get caught up in the disease, it will not let them go. They will go from work to the casinos, and from there they may go home only after the casinos close, or when they lose all their money, whichever comes first.

As they sit there in the casinos, they will be weakening their family ties and wasting their time, money, and eventually their lives. Is this the type of society we have in store for us where people would rather spend their time in casinos than with their families? If people think crime and poverty levels are high today, just think of how the opening of a gambling casino in New Bedford will affect society as we know it.

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