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By Anonymous

   Hypocrisy and Political Correctness all too often come hand in hand. This past week, I signed a petition to save Alaskan wolves, and all I hoped was that my name and address wouldn't get on any junk mail lists. I did it because everyone else was signing. Last December, I was at a convention in California. As the social action aspect of this group, 60 teens walked along a pier asking store owners to hang signs. They said something about a reward for turning in people who hurt or kill Brown Pelicans. Well, Brown Pelicans and I have nothing in common. It felt right to help these animals. But until then, I haven't thought of them.

Last week, the Annual Day Without Art supported AIDS awareness. It meant something to me because I take an art history class and we spent the period discussing it. I wore a red ribbon. But because the pin bothered me, I took it off before the day was over. Tucked away in a drawer, I doubt I'll ever see it again. AIDS is killing people every day. A cure isn't seen in the immediate future. And it's good that hope is not lost. But too many people, like me, care only when it's convenient.

I carry a green ribbon tied to my bookbag. It took me all afternoon to remember where it came from. Earth Day, 1994 is far from my mind. I live in this place called Earth. Yet I barely care like I should. She gives us the essentials to live, and am I grateful? Only when I have the time.

December 5, 1994. Newsweek displayed a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton serving a Thanksgiving meal in a soup kitchen. Their pearly whites were shining like the stars. Do you really believe that this is where the happy couple wanted to be? I doubt it, but it's Politically Correct. They look good and his reputation may improve.

P.C. is a term that has come into fashion. It's playing just like any other fad, sucking people in. People should do the right thing because they want to, not because their friends do it or because it makes them look good. This P.C. thing sounds really right, but it's not realistic for people to follow religiously. Why is it that an event must hit close to home before any serious action is taken? What if it's too late to do any real good? It takes complete devotion to reach goals. A part-time supporter, like me, only presents limits. P.C. shouldn't be an advantage to you, but an advantage to those it helps. I admire people who don't bow to societal pressures of Political Correctness because they have a sense of faithfulness and a better set of morals. ?

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