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Smoking Consideration? MAG

By Anonymous

   I believe that smoking in public places, especially restaurants, should not be allowed. I think it's pretty gross when you sit down to eat and you're in a cloud of smoke.

If people want to smoke, that should be their decision. I don't think it's right they should be able to endanger other people's lives, though.

I live in a house where everyone smokes. When we have company, nobody smokes. We feel it's inconsiderate. Most of the time we don't even smoke in our house. I think that restaurants and other public places should be the same way. It's what most people in society aren't aware of; it's called consideration.

I believe that if restaurants really care about their customers (and their health), they will ban smoking. Whether or not they have smoking and non-smoking areas doesn't really matter because in most places the designated areas are right next to each other with no wall or door separating them to keep the smoke out. Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous, if not more so, than firsthand. ?

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