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Three Figures MAG

By Anonymous

   For the first time in my life, I realize there are figures looming over me. They stand above me, deciding my fate. The three I recognized last night, were the three that have been there for the longest time. These three work together driving my actions. Their names: Pressure, Expectation, and Guilt.

Expectation is the leader. His meaning is my goals. Everything I do is to live up to him. His eyes watch my every move, criticizing, scrutinizing. He is tall, very tall. Pressure is always with him. He forces me to strive. He is a constant reminder of deadlines, dates, and times. The strength he applies nearly breaks my back. Pressure is there to keep me away from Guilt. The nastiest of the three Guilt is. She fills me with regret and constantly shouts the question, "Did you really do your best?" She is there to keep me in line. Nothing less than perfect is accepted.

Sometimes I turn away, turning away from them, trying to escape the real world, I resent them but I need them. Without them I have no future, no ambition. They drive me to do my absolute best. ?

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i love this so much!