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The Agony Of Defeat MAG

By Anonymous

   "The thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat." How many times has an athlete heard this simple yet biting phrase? Every student-athlete of course dreams of experiencing the sensation of a championship. To be able to drink from the victor's cup is something almost everyone yearns for. But what happens to those who fail? So many athletes experience the agony and torture of losing. There is so much emphasize put on winning, that when one doesn't, it's like a lightning bolt shooting through our bodies, ripping apart our hearts and our psyches.

Everyone participating in a high school sport knows of the obvious physical pains of training and practice. Most even know about the heart-breaking losses that are so often involved in athletics. But no one realizes that feeling of immense frustration and despair so inevitable in competition unless they experience it. It feels like the world has stopped revolving just so that it may mock and belittle you in your moment of pain. For many, to be so close to a championship only to lose by one point, or one split second, or by one centimeter, can be the most heart-breaking thing in the world. Having toiled and sweated just for this opportunity only to miss out on the glory because of one person or team may be the most depressing and frustrating thing.

One can only humbly accept defeat and train harder for the next opportunity they have to taste victory. The only cure for such agony is time. Time to realize that it wasn't your fault the team lost, that you tried your best and just it wasn't meant to be. I only hope that whatever comes, championship or runner-up, I may realize that the work I put in to excel was well worth it to experience the high school competition. While we all pray to be the best, we also hope to have a good showing, be satisfied with our performance, and be able to congratulate the other team. ?

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i love this so much!

on Aug. 6 2014 at 4:11 am
this eassay is very important as students who ae engage in is more useful if this is more understandable and sweet choosen for kids too.