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By Anonymous

   Jack, Steve, and Amy are all my acquaintances. A few months ago, Jack introduced Amy to Steve. A day later, the two were "going out." It didn't bother me that they started doing boyfriend-girlfriend things on campus, but when I walked by them three days after they had met, I was surprised to find them making out as much as they were. It's not the public display of affection that bugs me, it's that these teenagers who have only known each other for a week are moving so quickly.

It seems like these people are making their boyfriend or girlfriend top priority. In junior high, I knew a girl who made a guy in her life such a top priority that she had an on-and-off relationship with him for months. By the next summer, she had given birth and given her baby to a foster family.

Many teens get so serious that when it's over, they are emotionally devastated. I've seen girls ball their eyes out and guys with bloodshot eyes after breaking up with someone.

I say, come on, you're only 15, and you have so much more to do than get really serious with someone. When you do get serious so quickly, what are you setting yourself up for? When teens move so fast, like making out after only knowing each other a few days, they have no option but to keep moving. First, they hold hands, then kiss, then totally make out, and finally have nothing new left to do but "go all the way." It's extremely dangerous when young people are making these choices.

Don't rush your relationships. He'll still be nice, and she'll still be fun to be with in a few months. TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't neglect your homework so you can call her every day. Go to the latest movie with your friends like you've planned for days instead of making out with him on the couch. Do your homework, go to the mall with your friends or hang out. Get involved at church or school. Even talk to your parents once in a while. Just don't make your relationship such a top priority, or so serious, that you disregard these other things. You are a teenager. Believe me, we've got years to go! ?

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i love this so much!

on Jun. 25 2010 at 7:28 pm
Smileyky108 BRONZE, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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i completely agree. great job!

on Jun. 25 2010 at 3:24 am
Chinadoll BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Very nice! so true too! I think like that too. Insightful of you to write about this what people don't seem to realize at this age. 5 stars! keep writing!

Also could you look at some of my work? Thanks!