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   Shock Rockby Jon Kuhn, Scituate, MAI'm writing this article to express my opinion of the popular "Shock Rock" trend in music today. To state it plainly, I feel that trend is a disgusting example of commercialism in today's music industry, created and supported by promoters and agents trying to focus on a certain demographic of the music listening audience. I will not attempt to label this portion of the audience but it's apparent that the purveyors of this commercialized rock have found them. Droves of teenagers and Gen X-ers flock to their local record store the minute the new "Shock Rock" music video or music commercial comes out on television.Do they listen to this music because they feel it expresses some of their views on the world or is it just a manifestation of teenage rebelliousness? Perhaps this music incorporates a little of both. It is designed specifically to express feelings of angst and rebelliousness. These are feelings that all teenagers feel. But are the performers of this music expressing their true emotions or making it seem like they are expressing themselves to attract the teen crowd?Unfortunately, I think that the those who listen to this music are being exploited. They are believing in someone who knows exactly what they want to hear. They are paying the price. Remember, those CDs aren't cheap.So, is it wrong to listen to these "Shock Rockers"? I don't think so. They are really not very important. What is important is that you do not forget who you are. You are not part of some rock star's legions. You are yourself. There is nothing more important in this life than remembering that simple fact. You are yourself. ?

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