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The Tupac Debate

December 21, 2018
By tyreegill21 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
tyreegill21 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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High School students should study very smart and articulate people who inspire others .

Tupac Shakur was born and named after a peruvian Revolutionary his mother Elfanie, was a black panther who went to jail got out and has been struggling since her release .Tupac's mom was often on drugs so him and his sister along with his mother were constantly homeless and moving from place to place.  As a child he was looked at weird because Tupac wasn't always the cool kid he didn't have the new shoes he wore weird clothes and smelled weird so he was distanced from people .

Students in High School should study great poets , Tupac's poetry makes the list Tupac states “Did u hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete

Proving nature’s laws wrong it learned to walk without having feet” In The Rose That Grew From Concrete is saying that beating the natures rules and the way it's supposed to go he beat it when it wasn't expected . High School students  should study Tupac's music because it the Author states “Tupac may be the most influential rapper to have lived.”The Author is saying that Tupac is if not the one then he is one of the most Influential rapper to have lived . This means that students should study tupac because he is one of the most highly rated rappers of all time and that his words spoke to people that were able to relate to his situations and even ones that were able to connect .

I believe that high school school students should study about the Youth of a risen Rapper or Poet . High school students should study Tupac’s Youth because it talks about a boy who overcame obstacles such as homelessness his mother's drug addiction  and a fatherless household. The author states “Tupac’s High school career was ultimately cut short by homelessness , his mother’s addiction ,.... And a fatherless adolescence “ in the data set the Author is saying that in Tupac's early life that it is worth studying Tupac and the trials he went through in life and the way he got to where he was. Do you think that Tupac was happy Along with the fame that he held?

The Author states “Pac was one of the most valuable Americans of his generation … But he was also one of the most flawed and conflicted and really unhappy persons,as well”This means that despite Tupac’s status he still feels unhappy , I think that we should pay more focus and study people like Tupac’s duality because it tells you how fame isn't everything he still haves the everyday life problems just like everyone else and some unhappy and felt sad.

The author's comments:

This article talks about a young and a grown Tupac and the difficulties he has overcame and faced throughout life in New York and California.

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