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Keep Your Hands to Yourself MAG

By Anonymous

   Public display of affection is getting out of hand inschool. This is certainly not the place to be acting inappropriately with yourboyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, PDA is offensive, distracting and just plainunsuitable for school.

To the guilty: PDA is offensive to those around youwho are just trying to get an education. When people see you doing somethingimproper, it may not only offend them, but it could ruin your reputation. Youmight be known as an innocent individual, but after being seen committing PDA youwill be considered a disturbed individual.

PDA is a distraction not onlyfor the offenders but also the individuals who witness it. PDA takes a lot oftime and almost always makes you late for class. You are also in the way asothers try to get by. PDA might be educational; people are bound to learn newthings when they walk by you and see things they never have before, but it'sdisconcerting, and not only for students. For teachers, when they see you doingsomething with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it may be hard for them to look atyou with respect again.

Carry on with your love life outside of school.You are setting a bad example for younger students who may assume PDA is not thatbad. Some things are reasonable, like holding hands or a short hug once in awhile, but because excessive PDA committers cannot control themselves, otherscannot even hug.

No one cares that you are in love, so make your displaysof affection private! It's more special when you are alone anyway. School is forlearning, not a place to have your dates.

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i love this so much!

on Nov. 24 2009 at 10:05 pm
kindyxkandy BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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I think sucking face or touching eachother in the hallway is a bit excessive, but I think this post came froma younger induvidual that obviously doesn't like watching older kids makeout. But I also think this is made up of MOSTLY blatant opinions. Like, when I see people in the hallways PDA-ing, I don't think anything of it; it simply doesn't bother me. As for "teaching" other children things, people are sitting there doing it in the middle of the hallway for god sake, they usually just kiss, NOT that big of a deal. I think, it's something your going to have to deal with for the rest of your life, you might as well get used to it now.