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5-10 Seconds MAG

By Anonymous

I read in a newspaper that
The CIA examined how long the phone calls lasted on September 11.
The cell phones from the two towers calling loved ones.
The article said because of how quickly the planes came,
most calls lasted five to ten seconds.
Five to ten seconds.
The time it takes me to type three words.
Five to ten seconds.
I sit in English and look around at those who surround me
And I wonder,
Was there an athlete as good as Christian?
Was there a mother like Caitlin will be?
Was there a friend like Nate?
Were those people so much like those around me,
The ones who fell?
Five to ten seconds.
Everyone knows they said I love you.
How many said I'm sorry, or I am scared.
Five to ten seconds.
Would the men who got on those planes have done what they did if they had known
That their "enemies" would yell their last good-byes through tears
In five to ten seconds.
This morning I fought with my father and mother about wearing a shirt to school.
What would I say?
These beautiful friends who sit around me
Why would they have died?
Out of hate and anger and stupidity!
As I write this poem, two years ago, someone lost their baby.
Five to ten seconds.
So now I take my time to write and read to those I love.
I take more time than they were given
To say thank you
For your friendship and love
In this five to ten seconds of September 11.

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i love this so much!