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By Anonymous

     I think that I'm spoiled. Not very spoiled, but a little. Well, at this age, most of us are, and frankly, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Teenagers can't be expected to pay their share of the mortgage, but we also shouldn't be provided with cars we can't afford.

I come from a relatively affluent community, but it's disturbing to see parents give brand-new BMWs or Mercedes to their 17-year-olds.

There's a fine line between spoiling children and giving them what they need. If someone needs a ride every night to play rehearsal or a job, a car would be a necessity. Or, if someone needs a laptop for mobility to do a research project, then that would be warranted. But if Susie wants and gets an exercise machine she's not likely to use, or John wants a new drum set, then something is wrong.

I'm sure it's difficult to be a parent and distinguish between a want and a need. Advertisements for the latest trends that are sure to make children happy have led to homes stuffed with useless items and kids expecting that their parents will provide whatever they need.

It's probably fair to say that I'll end up spoiling my kids, although not on purpose. I will buy them items they don't really need and there will be a room in the house dedicated to "memories." But, who knows, maybe I'll be aware of it and avoid spoiling my kids, preferring frugality and stoicism over extravagance.

It's hard for parents. So, kids, next time you're about to beg for that oh-so-precious computer game or pair of shoes, do your parents a favor and think again. Do you really need it?

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i love this so much!