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March On, Soldier MAG

By Anonymous

What is left to fight for when
families are torn,
villages burn in flames,
the flag no longer flies,
and all you feel is pain?
The patriotism that kept you alive
now is dead and no one grieves
The emptiness you feel inside
drives you mad and never leaves.
The relentless war drums still beat on
droning out the beating of your pale heart.
The cries of children begging for peace
resound in your ears, tearing you apart.
This is not what you expected
Not what you wanted or what you dreamed
Your innocence has deserted you
since nothing is what it seemed
Still you march on
fearless of death yet mindful of pride
implacable and unconquerable
the heart of a nation in you resides
the last stubborn hope of the world

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i love this so much!