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By Anonymous

     When I look at America the first word that comes to my mind is confused. We always want to look like the hero and we always have to be the one to destroy and rebuild. We always have to save starving third-world countries. We always have to get involved in other people’s business. We also want a strong country full of healthy, hard-working Americans. How can we do all our own problems? We need to stop being concerned with everyone else’s problems and concentrate on our own. One concern affecting many Americans is outsourcing.

Outsourcing is when companies turn to overseas labor for payroll processing and management. Their goal is higher profits at lower costs, which may be good for them, but it hurts our workers. Many here have lost jobs to workers in India and China since they get paid 16 times less than Americans. As a result, many are finding themselves jobless here at home. Now many people are barely surviving on unemployment benefits, and college graduates are finding it harder to land well-paying jobs. Minimum wage jobs just don’t cut it these days.

Politics are a big part of this problem. In the recent election, both candidates tried to promise more jobs to Americans. How can they do that if so many jobs are going overseas? Our leaders need to pass a bill to make outsourcing illegal, or at least more difficult. Other countries need to find jobs for their people. Overall, we need to stop outsourcing to help our qualified workers. We need to stop outsourcing now before it gets out of hand and a majority of people cannot find work.

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