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Endangered MAG

By Joshua O., The Woodlands, TX

(or what the African refugee said to the American environmentalist)

I wish I were a spotted toad
instead of a human being:
a slippery little amphibian
rather than a displaced villager
wandering the genocidal desert
that way,
when the guerrillas come,
and our homes are pillaged
and destroyed, and
my people are
raped -
brutalized -
murdered -
you would hear our tortured cries
you and your army of
fashionably benevolent friends
would rush your money,
your resources, and sometimes
even your own persons
across the globe
to save me, to save us
You would fight off
our enemies, and
rebuild our homes -
you would make sure
we would never go
hungry again;
But I am
not a spotted toad;
I am a man,
a human being
of the same flesh, and
the same blood,
who cries the same tears
and dreams the same dreams;
Yes, I am
not a spotted toad,
and as such, it seems that I am
not entitled to your compassion

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i love this so much!