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My Life With a Serial Killer

July 29, 2011
By fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
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fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
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-Pearl Harbor (movie)

I going to catch you, I going to catch up, and then what! Then what am I going to do. No, keep running, common' Kevin, RUN!

Kevin, was past exhausted, he was running on pure adrenaline. He always wondered about stuff like that, how could he run on a chemical when he had no body. How could he see, hear and understand everything, without a body. And most of all, how could he feel pain, without a body. Nothing was ever explained to him, nothing was ever made clear, because no one believed him. Blain had a way to make every one think he never changed, but Kevin watched, as his . . . twin . . . killed innocent, and made everyone Kevin ever knew, think that they where the same person.

“Kevin, where are you brother?” Blain said, to close for Kevin's liking. “KEVIN, do you want to play?”

Then as if a blast of wind where at his face, Kevin was back in his bed, with footsteps outside, and a nurse coming from the coffee maker just outside with his breakfast and a fresh cup of the hospital coffee that the patience hate, and visitors drink only for comfort.

“How are we feeling today?” The nurse, the same one every time, was friendly as always.

“Oh cut the bull s*** Miss Camely. It's only me, Kevin. You should know that by now. Blain was awake last night, thank God you lock the door. Otherwise you would all be dead.” He knew it was harsh, but what else was he going to say? His body never got any rest, and he never got any restful sleep.

“Well then, whanna talk about the dream?”

Always asking questions, isn't she? Always wondering who's in charge, which one is which. If only you kept your mouth shut when the police . . .

“SHUT UP BLAIN! I'm talking to Camely! I will get to you later!” Scared out of their mind, Kevin couldn't get over the fact of how much control Blain had over his emotion.

“He's back, isn't he.” Miss Camely looked more freaked then Kevin felt. She didn't have experience with Blain's sudden appearances and talking. One day she might even get to meet him.

“He is coming closer and closer . . .” but Kevin never got to finish his conversation with Miss Camely, no one ever would. Because at that moment, Blain sent words to Kevin that made him stop everything he was doing, distracting him just enough to break through and silence the nurse for ever.


Remembering Mom was something Blain loved. He loved the way the wet blood smelt and felt on his face as he stabbed his mother over 30 times in the chest and face. Leaving a mangled, bloody mess that was barely recognizable as a person. The one thing the examiner found odd was how he had used a single Sharpie pen which, after the blood was cleaned of, reveled a pattern. It looked as if Blain had started in the exact middle of the torso, and work his way around the whole surface of the stomach, chest and head in a exact spiral, about two centimeters in between each row. The Sharpie had made lines, connecting each of the holes, until the Sharpie was left in the right eye. Coloring the whole area a sinister black.

That was the worst day of my life.

“You Made it the worst day of your life Kev, if you just embraced the fact that you could enjoy having that power over some one, you would love it like I love it. Breathing becomes a second priority.”

But . . . that was Mom, and now what are you going to do? Miss Camely was a nice person, she had kids, and a husband. What are they going to do?

“You always where the one to think to much, and you where always the wimp. To bad my first break-through had to be on our mother. She gave birth to one of the greatest criminal mysteries ever! A mass murderer sharing a body with a gentle and sweet young boy. Who knows what I will do next?”

Whatever it is, I don't want to be apart of it. Don't drag me into this again.

“Dear brother, you have no choice. See when you take the rap for all I have done, then I have the time to think of my next plan, and of course, that is how this works so well. I just hope that next time, you will let me out sooner, rather then later, because you know that I can always kill you too.

As Kevin remained absolutely useless in his body, he did have the choice to think on his own, without having his brother hear everything that was going through his thoughts. This little bit of freedom he did ever have, was dedicated to his parents, but mostly his mother.

“Kevin? Kevin? Is that you? Is your brother here? Is that you Blain? You look like Kevin to me.” Mamma, how I miss your voice

“Mamma, you should know by now! Blain is only here at night! Now it's me. What do you want to do today?” I never said it enough, I love you.

“Dearest Kevin, I need to tell you what is going to happen now that we know what's going on. Now that we know that Blain is a very angry person, he needs help, so we are going to go to the hospital and get him what he needs, but you are going to have to help him. He's going to need you to be there with him.”

“Mamma, how long are we going to be there?”

“I don't know, but I will be there every moment of the day until you and Blain can come home.”

“Promise Mamma?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Kevin looked out on the storming path in front of the gray truck that Blain had most likely stolen. It was inconspicuous, and it was powerful. Something, was being planned, something large, and dangerous. But whenever things got a little bit to crazy, Blain would go hiding away, and Kevin would have to clean up the mess.

Blain, what are you planning this time?

“Oh, nothing out of the ordinary, it just so happens that there is going to be a reunion at the high school in the area we used to live in. Do you remember when those high school kids ran over our bike? Well, they are at the reunion today, and so are their wives, and their old high school friends.”

There are to many people! What if some of them turn out to be cops! Then what! We are both going to end up shot! Or something along those lines! They have kids now, and families Blain! We can't just take lives as we wish!

“Really? We can't just point a gun at some one's head and shoot? I have done it, and i know you know that, you watched.”

There was nothing Kevin could do. When Blain wanted to get out, he got out eventually. No matter what precautions Kevin took, nothing was going to work. Not medication, not therapy, no route could change the outcome. There would always be blood shed when Blain was around. But how do you get ride of the person who shares a body with you?

Blain could only imagine what excitement waited for him. They where not actually going to this reunion. Blain had more control over the body then either of them could have thought. He was not going to give that up easily. Kevin could not see what he was think when he was in human form. Kevin couldn't change his emotions and he could break through the walls that Blain had put up. Not until Blain was asleep. Then little Kevin would take control again. But that wouldn't last long. What would he do? There was no way of separating Blain, Kevin and this body. No Chance.

“What you have, Kevin, is a form of Multiple Personalty Disorder. Most forms can be treatable after trying some different concoctions of drugs. It's just a matter of finding which ones work. It might take a while, but we will keep trying.” Dr Hanipate tried, he tried his best, but there was not stopping me!

“Does this mean that my sons will have to stay in the hospital?” Mother, you should have known better.

“For a while, yes Mrs Darning, but really we have no idea when the right mixture will show, and what they will react to. If something doesn't work, and does something dangerous to either of their mental heath . . . well, they should stay here until we find what works.”

“Me and Blain will stay here as long as you need us too. I just want to make sure you know to lock the door to the bedrooom at night, and never let anyone in, not until daylight.” Kevin, always, trying to make things work.

“Whatever you need to heal and get better, we will do for you young boys.” Doc kept he's word, that door was always locked, until 6 o'clock in the morning.

This was going to be the best night of his life, or at least a close tie with his mother's death. His first kill. The rush of that, the feeling of a pulse fading away, it was the thing that made him want more.

Blain, I don't think this is going to be able to last much longer. They are going to catch up to us at some time. And now they know, it's going to get out. I won't cover for you again.

“Dear brother, you won't have a choice. It will be you with the gun in your hands and the blood on your shirt. You won't need to cover for me, your appearance will.”

But something unknown then happened. Not one estimated that there could be more then only two brothers in this mix of people. A sister was just making herself known.

She heard them bicker from day one. She saw as a mother she never knew, and never dreamed of was killed from a son that was dangerous. She had never had the strength to make herself known, never mind stop what was going on. But now, finally, she spoke her words of truth.

You are both idiots.

What the hell was that? Blain? Are you talking to some one?

“No, I'm alone, I checked the car, there was nothing here.”

I have listened to you two either kill people or try to save people for the past two decades. Mom never knew she had a daughter, did she?

Aqua never knew how much she hated the brothers until she actually saw how much they hated each other, they where black and white. She ended up to be a green or blue. Completely different, and not associated to the two. Where they had only a flat surface, she had height. She was the new person in charge. And there where going to be changes.

A sister? But, what does that mean? How come you didn't tell us you were there?

I wasn't strong enough to stop you Blain, and I wasn't strong enough to help you Kevin, but know I have more control then either of you.

“You still haven't stopped me. And now it is too late.”

Aqua couldn't have imagined what Blain was planning, or how she would stop it. And this was only the beginning, and it was going to be the hardest ride of their lives.

Blain's excitement was overwhelming him. They where so close to the end, so close. He saw the signs to Ontario, and then to Manitoba, but he never wanted to visit this placing, they were not of great importance. No, Vancouver, and the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. Many people would be there. Important people, people of the world, representing whole countries, this was going to be the biggest idea he had ever had. As Blain pulled up to the parking lot to the stadium, he was stopped by a police officer, with his hand resting on the handle of his gun.

“Hello Sir, are you carrying any other passengers today?” The police officer seemed kind, but tired.

“No Officer. It just me. Nor am I carrying any weapons or other dangerous devices.”

There was only the glass bottle in the back that he planned on smashing on the pavement, then using as the stabbing device he wanted. The one thing that was not true, was that he was the only one in the car. Kevin was screaming at the top of his lungs, and the unknown sister was yelling at him to stop, without any hope of shushing her brother.

“Alright, everything looks in order, your car should be parked in area D6 and in slot 25, no, 17. Have a nice day, and enjoy the games.” The Officer said, handing a slip of paper with all the information on how to get to his parking spot, and when the spot had been signed off.

Blain suddenly had a fantastic idea. “Thank you Sir, I will hope to see you in a later life.”

Dazed, the Officer responded “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, just that you are going to get there sooner then I am, hopefully you will be the one to have the honor of opening the doors for me.”

What happened next was something that the CIU (Criminal Investigations Unit) had no way of telling what was going on. From the video recording taken of the car attempting to enter the parking lot, they could see that two males, one a police officer, and the other, a man trying to get to the games. It looked as if the officer had given the all clear to the vehicle and the driver to go into the parkade. After less then a minute of talking, for some reason, the driver turned off the ignition and got out of the car, with a glass beer bottle in one hand. The officer slowly backing away from the unidentified man. The man turned to go to the back end of truck, then smashed the beer bottle against the side of the car, causing it to break. The police officer then ran to the phone within the booth used for the officer on duty when there where no cars. All that was heard on the other end of the line was a muffled voice, which after much reconstruction, revealed some clues to the odd situation.

“A twenty year old man, 5 feet, 9 inches. Black hair, blue eyes. Medium build, 175 pounds. Tattoo on neck reads “Find you hidden life” with a ring of thorns in circling it. Tracy, Fair, and Connor, Daddy loves you. I'll see you later. Hugs and kisses.”

The man in the video was then seen entering the booth and brutally stabbing the officer, until the man found his work sufficient, and then left in his car to his parking spot. He got out of his car, and walked to the nearest entrance. The CIU then lost the man's trail as he blended into the crowd of people going to the various events planned for the day.

“How are we going to get this psychotic killer?” Lead Investigator Pennter's least favorite part of her job was when she had to talk to the families of the victims they where working on. In 5 minutes Mrs Tracy Daveson and her two children Connor and Fair where going to come to the station to talk about what had happened. They had no idea what they where facing. All they knew was that something was out of the ordinary, and that “Daddy” hadn't call to say goodnight to the kids.

After the 2 decade silence, it didn't seem like she had much to say. She didn't know what to tell the two people she had ever known in her life, but had never talked to. The feeling of totally isolation for the 20 years had caused her a great amount of pain and confusion. Where Kevin had gotten some therapy and medication for his problems, Aqua had not had any sort of help. She dealt with her problems alone, or in other words, she didn't deal with them. Making her paranoid and slight less coherent then Blain. She might have more control over the body then the other brothers, but she had no idea what to do with this power. And she had no idea how she would be able to walk around, or any other functions that she would need to take control. She did have an idea though, and the idea involved sacrifice, but it would be worth it . . . if it worked.

Kevin, are you sleeping?

Sister? No, I am not, but Blain can hear us, you might want to say what you want to say later, when there is no one else listening.

We don't need to worry about that, Blain can't control me, or my thoughts, or emotions. I have enough power to overthrow him. But I don't know how to work a body. What I need you to do is tell me when Blain is in a area with no one else, like a bathroom stall, or any room with no other people in it. I will then that control over the body and get used to in. Then me and you will switch off with the body before Blain has the time to try to get in.

Alright sister, anything is worth trying now. I just don't know if Blain will be killing people before or after he gets to be alone.

“Well we know that killer has two possible identities. He is in the area where that games are being held, and that he is armed and very likely to kill anyone at his will. The only thing that makes him different from others is that he has a very visible tattoo. It is located just under his head, on the left side of his neck. His name is either Blain Darning or Kevin Darning.” The man behind 5 computers said.

“So are we dealing with identical twins? One or both of which are psychological unstable?” Pennter asked.

“No, not at all!” The computer worker responded. “Blain and Kevin are brothers, but they are brothers in the same body. They have a mutli-personalty disorder, causing them to be two entirely different people with only one body.”

“Well that complicates things. What is their background?” Pennter asked the worker.

“Their discover was recognized when they turned 8, at which time their mother took them to the nearest mental hospital in the area where they were in and out of on a daily basis. During the day, Kevin was the one in control. At night Blain was the one at power. Their mother would take Kevin on outings ever day, from 10 in the morning to 4 or 5 at night. She stayed in a apartment residence about 20 yards away from the hospital. Their father was killed in the war while the boys where one. He never met them. And the money give to the family because of the death was nothing that would keep them going for a while.

With enough C-4 to blow the whole place, Blain slowly walked into the stadium in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. There was so many people rubbing against him just trying to get by that he nearly lite the match there, but there was no way to tell if his target would be killed, so he made his way to the men's change room and closed the door behind him. He checked to see if everyone was there. His target was spotted, and he set the C-4, it was ready to blow in 5 minutes.

Aqua received a mental push from Kevin waking her up, it was time. Aqua took control of the body, just as Blain turned on the timer. It was set to blow in 5 minutes, but if the door to the men's change room opened, it would blow automatically, if it was tampered with, it blows automatically, if you move it, it blows automatically. There was only two wires exposed, both of which where grey.

Aqua talked to the men in the change room, all of which where pro athletes, telling them to get in the other corner of the change room and to pass her one of their cell phones. She called the police and told them about her situation, she was quickly transferred to SWAT teams, who where sent out to the scene.

They tried to guide her through the process, cutting a couple of wired and pressing a few buttons. There was a few seconds where the clock stopped at 3:12.

The SWAT team waiting outside after the last move had been made, their only hope was that it had stopped, and that the bomb was off, but then the screams started. The bomb had gone off after a few seconds of stopping, the door of the men's change room had been blown off, and there was nothing left of the water fountain two steps away from the bomb.

They rushed in to find half naked men standing in a corner, most deaf and blind from the explosion, with a few scratches from small bits of debris flying away from the doorway. They where all filed out when the found the body of Aqua, Blain and Kevin.

It had flown off the bomb onto the lockers beside the door. an arm was missing, and the face was barely recognizable as the brothers.

No one ever knew about Aqua, the heroine who gave her life and her siblings lives to a bunch of athletes.

The SWAT team waiting outside after the last move had been made, their only hope was that it had stopped, and that the bomb was off, but then the screams started. The bomb had gone off after a few seconds of stopping, the door of the men's change room had been blown off, and there was nothing left of the water fountain two steps away from the bomb.

They rushed in to find half naked men standing in a corner, most deaf and blind from the explosion, with a few scratches from small bits of debris flying away from the doorway. They where all filed out when the found the body of Aqua, Blain and Kevin.

It had flown off the bomb onto the lockers beside the door. an arm was missing, and the face was barely recognizable as the brothers.

No one ever knew about Aqua, the heroine who gave her life and her siblings lives to a bunch of athletes.

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