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Your scared now

June 7, 2011
By Inferno, Bayport, New York
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Inferno, Bayport, New York
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Author's note: There is irony in the names.

I woke up to thundering rain and lighting drenched in sweat from a terrified dream replaying it in my mind over and over again. It was the man with the face shrouded by evil and the suit made out of human souls, Damien. He was chasing me again; his bony fingers grabbed my hair and dragged me down into the pit. The pit. That’s what he would call it. The dreams always started out nice, we would have tea parties like Alice and the Mad Hatter from that Wonderland book. He would tell me stories about where he lived. I remembered the last time we had tea.
“I live in the pit” he would say kindly as he sipped his tea. “You need to come visit me. My father would love you.”
“Who’s your father?” I asked trying not look at his face. To me it looked like the face that all monsters were made out of, horror, terror and dread.
“He has a lot of names Lucifer, Satan, Evil, and Prince of darkness.” He casually sipped his tea as though he was telling me about cartoons instead of the Devil. That is when I started to run. I ran though the tangled mess that was my dream. Only it wasn’t a dream anymore it was a nightmare. As I started to run he chased after me. Every time I would try to hide he would find me. It’s like he knew my head better than I did.

He started to drag me while I clawed my way out of his grasp. That’s when I first saw the pit. It looked like the inside a volcano. Flames rose out the top and threatened to bring me down with it. It smelled of burning corpse and rotten flesh. That is when his picked me up and threw me in. I felt as though my skin was being torn off with masking tape. A different part of my skin hurt at the same time. After that my eyes would be gone like they melted into the flames. Then I felt Damien’s hands on me trying to drag me deeper while he was chanting some words I couldn’t make out.
That’s when I would wake up in a cold sweat. Every night for six years this would happen but tonight felt different. I didn’t feel like myself. I pulled the sweat-drenched covers of my body and shuffled to the mirror.
Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. In the mirror instead of seeing my pale face, I saw darkness then evil. The face of Damien showed instead of my own. I tried to scream but all that came out was laughter, his crazed diabolical laughter.
“I finally did it!” He shrieked but it came out of my mouth. I tried to run but I wasn’t me anymore. Damien was me. It was like I was watching myself without any control over anything. He looked at my body and smiled his dreaded smile. I screamed loud. But it was like only I could hear it. It was in my mind.

“Oh dear Nohell.” He said walking away from the mirror and opened the door to my room. “They can’t hear you. Only I can.”
I was getting angry now. I screamed louder out of frustration in my head. Then a small idea popped in. I wasn’t sure that he could hear but I didn’t want to take any chances. “If you’re so sure go into my uncle’s room.”
But he wasn’t listening it seemed he had a sinister thing in mind from the way he looked. “Nohell I have other things planned.” He started walking to my brother’s room at the end of the hall. “How old are you?” he asked in a friendly tone that made my skin crawl.
“And by the looks of it you are fertile, yes?”
“What?” I felt my cheeks go red and I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt like I had to throw up. “What are you talking about?”
“I’ll tell you once I have your brother!” He said and with that he opened my brother’s door. The darkness seemed to surround his face as he looked for Samson. But he didn’t wake him right away. Instead he walked toward the middle of the room and cleared away some of Samson’s clothes that where strung out on the floor. I just stayed quiet feeling powerless. I felt him look over to my brother’s pet Guinea Pig. He walked over to his tank took him out and started to examine him. I didn’t like the look he had plastered on his face. Before I knew it Damien had twisted the little creature’s neck and crimson liquid spilled out like a river.
It got everywhere, on the floor on my clothes on my hands; he just grabbed its head and started to draw a circle on the floor, right between Samson’s bed and his dresser. Then once the circle was finished he grabbed the candles that Samson uses to “relax” and lit them by finger. It staring in surprise, it was just his finger that lit the candle it was like watching a magic show for demons. He must have noticed the quiet in my mind because he said “I’m surprised you’re so quiet dear Nohell” He let out a small chuckle “because in your dreams you’re so loud.”

“They weren’t dreams they where nightmares” I whispered. Oh how I prayed that my parents would come in or my Uncle Benedict he was the priest or even for Samson to wake up.
Damien had ignored me and started to draw a star in the middle of the circle. “A pentagram!” my mind screamed so loud I thought maybe Samson would hear. Instead he just turned in his bed pulling the cover up higher. We walked toward Samson’s bed and Damien put our hands on my brother’s head.
I felt as though a weight was getting off me and it got lighter and lighter and as soon as it did I ran to the door. I pushed hard on the door and pulled fiercely at the knob but it wouldn’t budge. “AHHHH!” I screamed out. It echoed through the room.
Then I felt a hand seize my wrist. “Be quiet dear sister!” I turned around. It looked like Samson but I knew that voice to well, Damien was inside my brother. I tried to jerk away but he just grabbed my other wrist and pulled me over to the pentagram that was on the floor, mumbling something on the way there. It sounded like old Latin. He shoved me on the ground and tied my legs and arms at the edges of the circle with Samson’s scarves. The only light came from the candles surrounding me and him and the lightning that would flash through the window.

He had a horrid lustful grin on his face that made me want to hide under a rock. “I suppose you want to know the whole story right?” He laughed. I shivered.” Well Nohell as you know you have been haunted for 6 years by yours truly.” He pointed at himself. “I haven’t been able to do anything but haunt you. But the more you scream.” He was getting louder in his dark voice.” The more you ran, the more afraid you were of me. I became stronger. That’s how I finally became to posses you. Your fear gave me power and I thank you for that.” He laughed when he saw me shivering. “But that’s just not enough to please me. I want a real body. One I can call my own, not yours or your weak brothers but one made just for me.”
I was confused now. “Where do I come in?” I tried to sound tough but my voice was filled with nervousness and panic.
“You are young and strong. You see that last time I tried to be a human my ‘mother’ was a weak-minded and frail woman. She was way out of her league trying to have me. So I had to try again somehow.”
I tried to clear my clouded head.”But why me?” His smile only seemed to grow wider.
“I saw you walking one day 6 years ago. I noticed you were strong but in stress, my perfect choice.. ever since that I’ve watched you grow into my ideal woman, Nohell. Or shall I call you mom.”
I felt my eyes become wide as saucers. I was thunderstruck. “What the hell are you talking about?” I shouted.
“Don’t you get it Nohell? You are going to give birth to me. The real me. First we’re going to do the nasty then you’ll be the proud mother of a brand new demon baby. I might even speed up the birth to save you from the agony of giving birth to a spirit” I was pulling on the restraints on my arms as he walked closer to me.

“Let me go!” I screamed.
He ignored me. “Where was I? Oh yea Let me slip into something more comfortable before the fun begins.” I shut my eyes tightly not wanting to see anything. He was still in my brothers body and I heard him rustling through clothes. “There that’s much better.” I opened my eyes and saw that he was in a long black robe. I couldn’t tell if he was wearing anything underneath it and didn’t want to find out. I started to thrash around like a bull in the rodeo. “Relax Nohell, you’re just going to give birth to me. Hey you might even like it.” He bended right over me. “First I’m going to go over you and do the nasty. Then before you know it I’ll be in your womb. Then you’ll be in labor and before sunrise I will be born.” He leaned over my face I spit on him. He wiped it off as I continued to thrash around. “Such a pretty and tough mother you will make.” I tried to kick him and felt my ankle restraints getting loser. I kicked it out again and no longer felt ties in my ankle. He continued to loom over me. “Don’t worry; soon it will be all over.” He continued talking as I worked on my other ankle, it slipped of easily. “You won’t survive the birth of course but it will be all worth it.” He kneeled in front of me not noticing that both my legs were free. The room seemed to get brighter for a minute as Damien started to chant words I couldn’t make out. His eyes were closed and he was looking up as in deep prayer. I kicked him as hard as I could right where the sun don’t shine. No way could he have babies now. He let out a scream that could shatter glass. The candles suddenly went out. The only light was from the lighting outside. I pulled on my arms and the scarves came of easily. I raced to the door and even though I couldn’t see him. I could feel him right behind me. I flung the door open and ran to Uncle Benedict’s room.

I undid the lock on the door and opened it wide. I ran to the nightstand where I felt for a bottle. Another streak of lightning flashed through the window. He must have seen what I had. “Nohell put that down!” he roared. I opened the bottle and poured the holy clear liquid on him.
“The power of Christ repeals you!” I screamed angrily with tears blurring my vision. “The power of Christ repeals you!” He let out a scream like a banshee as he suddenly disappeared into the floor. It looked like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy throws the water on the Witch and she melts. I turned on the lights and all I saw was my dear brother Samson cowering on the ground shivering in a black robe.

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bookworm333 said...
on Nov. 8 2011 at 6:08 pm
quick advice: your title's grammar is wrong. You just might want to change it to "you're" other then that everything looks good

on Jun. 14 2011 at 10:15 pm
ZeeBYoung BRONZE, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Don't judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That way, you're a mile away from them, and you have their shoes. :)

Can I just say, I love how you used the name Damien. It reminds me of that movie the Omen, and I find it hilarious.