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Secrets Kept Within

June 4, 2011
By KristySparklez BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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KristySparklez BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

"Lizzy? Lizzy, are you OK?"
I heard a voice, off in the distance.
"Lizzy?!" Now, the voice was more urgent.
I opened my mouth, no sound was coming out. I saw a shape in the corner of my eye move and startled into movement. I gave a small cry of surprise as I fell back of my chair, and hit the ground.
"Oh!" I gasped as pain seared in my head.
"Lizzy! Lizzy, are you alright?" My best friend, Ammi asked.
She stood over me and held out her hands for me. I let her pull me up, a bit to fast. I staggered when she let go and was caught by her,
"Thanks." I mumbled, putting a hand to the back of my head.
"I'll get some ice. I'll be right back." She said and left my bedroom.
I heard her pound down the stairs and flinch at the noise. I moved to my bed and laid down. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my face, trying to think past the pounding in my head.
"Lizzy? I got the ice." Ammi said softly.
I lifted my hands and looked at her. she held out the ice pack to me. I sat up,slowly, and took it from her.
"Thanks." I told her again.
She smiled and nodded. I sat besides her and gave her a one-armed hug. The pounding was slowing down. I looked at her and she smiled again. You know how in romance movies, right before a kiss, that romantic music goes off? Well, that's what was going through my head. I leaned towards her, she didn't back up. I stopped, inches from her face. She smelled of the mixture of strawberries and vanilla. They were my two favorite scents. She gave me a small smile and closed the few inches. I pressed my lips against hers. I pulled back from her and felt my cheeks flame. I bit my bottom lip and looked at the ground. I threw down the ice-pack and breathed deeply.
I looked at her. She lifted her hand and motioned for me to move back to her. I leaned towards her again. She kissed me, I kissed her back. A knock at the door made us jump and pull apart,
"Come in." I said, a little breathless.
The door opened and my oldest brother came in.
"Girls, its dinner time."
"We'll be down in a minute." I told him, forcing my eyes to stay on him.
"Alright. Ammi, are you staying the night?" He asked her.
She shook her head, shooting me an apologetic look.
"Nah. Mom wants me home tonight. Bill, my brother, is coming home tomorrow. We're going to pick him up at the airport early in the morning."
I swallowed a lump that had risen in my throat.
"OK. Do you need a ride?"
"Yeah. After dinner, is the OK?"
"Sure. You girls ready for dinner?"
I nodded, got up, kicked the ice-pack away, and lead the way downstairs.
That was the first time I had kissed a girl, but it wasn't the last.

It was sunny, a few days after the kiss, and I was laying on my back in the field behind our house. A shadow fell over me, I opened my eyes, slowly. A boy with shoulder length hair, with the tips dyed red, stood above me.
"Um hi?" I said, a little uncertainty.
"Hi. Your Elizabeth, right?"
He was wearing thick black sunglasses, so it was hard to determine if he was looking at me or not. I frowned and sat up.
"Yeah, why?"
"Joe said you were back here. He went to town, said I could hang out with you until he gets back. If you don't mind."
I recognized that voice and squinted up at him. I gasped.
"James?!" I exclaimed, jumping up.
"Good to see you to, Lizzy."He said, smiling.
I felt my knees go weak weak. I stifled a girly giggle.
"What are you doing here? I thought you lived in New York?"
"I flew down to visit for the summer. I heard you were in Washington."
I cleared my throat and crossed my arms over my chest. I looked off in the distance and shook my head. I was so not going to say anything on that subject.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to..."He started.
I cut him off. "Its fine,. Really." I said flatly, looking back at him.
"Can I stay here? Like, hang out with you?"
I gave a small smile and nodded. I sat back down and patted the spot next to me. He sat down.
"You've grown since we last saw each other."
I gave a small laugh." I was eight when we last saw each other." I reminded him.
"Oh, yeah. Sorry."
I looked at him. "You've grown to." I said softly.
He looked at me. "You've gotten beautiful." He murmured.
I could feel my fave flush, but I couldn't look away. Absentmindedly, I reached up and took his sunglasses off. He didn't try to stop me. His eyes were a baby blue, gentle looking. I caught my breath.
"You've gotten handsome." I told him.
He leaned towards me, I leaned towards him. The next thing I knew, his lips were on mine, his tongue in my mouth. I felt my hands reach up and instinctively wrap in his hair. I don't know what took over, but I was suddenly pulling him closer to me. His arms wrapped around and pulled me closer. My right hand slid down and slid under the bottom of his shirt. I felt his hand wrap around my wrist, pulled it away from his body, and pull back from me. We were both breathing hard. I pulled my wrist away.
"Sorry, James. I don't- I don't know what got into me." I breathed.
"Its OK. It just surprised me that's all. I like it though."
This time I couldn't stifle the girly giggle that escaped from my throat. He smiled and leaned into kiss me again. When we pulled away again, I looked at the ground and shook my head. I stood up and turned around, facing the mountains.
I, again, shook my head.
"I can't do this. I'm sorry." I mumbled.
"What are you talking about?" You can't do what?"
I turned back to him. "Me and you can't be an Us. We just can't."
I saw him swallow, holding back what I knew was an argument. I reached into my pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I looked up at James and offered the pack to him.
"I don't smoke." He stated.
I shrugged and took out a cigarette. I lit it up and took a long drag from it, closing my eyes as I slowly exhaled.
"You shouldn't smoke." James said quietly.
I let out a shrill, cold, laugh. "I shouldn't do a lot of things I do, James!" I exclaimed, icily.
I was me again.
"Like what?" He asked, curiously.
I clenched and unclenched my jaw. I swallowed. what the Hell had I just gotten myself into?
"Like nothing. Nothing at all." I said, flatly.
He winced at my tone. I glanced back at he house. It was a very distant white spot. I squinted, pointed at it, and looked at James.
"When will Joe be back?" I asked.
He shrugged. "Dunno." He muttered, sitting back down.
I frowned and studied him for a few moments. I groaned and wrapped my arms around my wait. I started back towards the house. After a few minutes, I turned back and looked at James. I couldn't tell if was looking in my direction or the mountains from the distance I was, but I had a sudden urge to run back to him. I found myself daydreaming pf running back to him and throwing myself into his arms and letting him hold me and kiss me. I jerked myself out of the reverie, spun around, and fled towards my house. When I got to the house, I bounded up the porch, up the stairs into the hallway, and went to my room. I slammed my door shut, sped to my bedside table, turned my CD player on full blast, and threw myself on my bed. I buried my face in my pillow and let out a shrill, muffled, scream. I pounded and kicked the bed, screaming into the the pillow and started crying. This went on for about ten minuted. I stopped when I heard the front door open. Over the blaring music, I couldn't hear anyone voices or not, but I could hear the door shut. I looked sideways at my CD player. I closed my eyes and blocked everything from my mind. I slowly drifted into a very uneasy sleep.

'I sat on the grass and stared as James walked towards me. As he neared, I felt scared. I stood up and braced myself. I let out a shaky breath and my panic rose to an uncertain height. I feared, not or myself, but for James. I saw him smile as he closed into me. A roll of thunder rumbled somewhere off in the distance. I saw something shine. I wanted to move to him. For some reason unknown, I knew he was in grave danger. I tried to move to him, but I couldn't move. James got to me and bent down to kiss me. A loud bang rang through the air and right before James kissed me, he froze. A look of surprise filled his face, then a look of bewilderment. He fell into me. I fell back with him in my arms. I put him on the ground and looked at my hands, which were covered in his blood. I let out a startled gasp and started screaming shrilly.'

My eyes flew open. I knew I been screaming. That, I couldn't doubt. What I could doubt was that I had only been asleep for a couple of hours. I jumped off my bed, shut off my CD player, and raced out of my room. Tears were streaming down from my face. Halfway down the hall, my oldest brother Joe's door opened and there stood...
"James!" I gasped, suddenly relieved.
He smiled. "Hey Lizzy."
"anyone in there with you?" I asked, trying to peer in over his shoulder.
He shook his head. "No, why?"
I put my hands to his chest and pushed him back into the room, kicking the door closed behind us.

I was a year old when my mother left. I hardly remember her. My brothers and father raised me, they still are, as I'm only fifteen. Or, so they try. I want to tell you the secrets of my life, but first, I have to tell you how I came upon them.

I rocked back on my heels and folded my arms across my chest. I was leaning against the schools wall, waiting for my brother to pick me up. I put my head against the wall and closed my eyes. Anyone walking by would see me just standing there, staring through my thick, dark sunglasses. They would see me as a threat and would avoid me. They'd give me weird looks, whisper about me to their friends, and watch me like a bomb about to explode. I knew all this. I knew what was going to be said, how I was going to be looked at, and most defiantly the rumors that were bound to circulate within days. I knew all this, I didn't care. I knew all this, because I was going to make sure all this happened. I couldn't let anyone come close to me. Not after... I stopped dead cold at that thought and shook it from my mind. I couldn't bring myself to think of what happened. I just couldn't. A horn honking startled me out of this reverie and I looked to see Joe in the parking lot, waiting for me. I pushed off the wall, grabbed my bag, and made my way to his Mustang. I opened the door, throwing my bag in. I was about to climb in when I heard my false name being called. I turned around to see a blonde haired boy, who looked around my age, running towards me.
"Avon Reeves?" The boy panted as he got to me.
I nodded. He held out a small box to me. I looked at it skeptically, then took it reluctantly. He turned quickly and walked away. I watched as he got into an SUV parked behind my brother's Mustang. I shifted my eyes to the driver and drew in a sharp breath. He looked at me, dark sunglasses hiding the emotion in his eyes. It was only until he pulled away I remembered where I was. I let out my breath, it was shaky, and got in the car, pulling the door shut. Joe pulled out of the space and pulled onto the road. We drove in silence for a few minuted until we reached the highway. Joe broke the silence first.
"What's in the box?"
He quickly glanced at me. "Open it."
I shook my head."No way. A bomb or something could be in this box."
"I don't think so, Lizzy."
"How can you be so sure?"I asked, weary of the answer.
"Just open it."
I stared at the box, reached into my pocket, and pulled out a pocket knife. I slit it open, carefully cutting the tape off. It popped open. I peered into it and gasped.
"What is it Liz?"
I stuck my hand in and pulled out a necklace box. I popped it open and there, sat a diamond necklace. I drew in another breath and brought it out.
"Whoa. That's some necklace." Joe exclaimed.
I brought it to my face and examined it closely. There was no way there was a camera of any kind on here and it was real diamonds. Two diamond heart were at the end.
"What's that writing on the inside of the case?" Joe asked a few minutes later.
I looked down at it and swallowed.
"To-to m-my be-belove-beloved Eliza-Elizabeth. J-J-James! I choked, letting out a wail.
I dropped both the necklace and case, covered my face with my hands, and bent over.
"Lizzy. Lizzy, everything will be fine. Joe said, patting my shoulder.
I cringed away from him. "I want James!" I cried.
"I know." Joe sighed. "I know."
It took awhile to calm down, I felt disgusted with myself, but we were still driving. This took me as odd. I studied Joe's face through the safety of my sunglasses, then looked in the back seat. Empty.
"They're in the trunk. Less suspicious." Joe said.
I turned back around and looked out my window.
"Do you have everything Lizzy?"
I nodded. "Yeah."
This was simple routine. More silence followed, we reached the next town. Joe pulled into a parking lot of an abandoned train station. I quickly put my necklace in its case and stuffed it in my pocket along with my pocket knife. I grabbed my bag and got out with Joe. We met at the front and stood there. After a couple of minutes, so it seemed, but it turned out to be really almost an hour and a half, Joe's phone rang once. We turned to the street we had come off of and watched. I heard a door behind us open and close, footsteps nearing us. They stopped, inches behind us. We didn't turn around. We knew the routine by heart.
"Suitcases are in the trunk." Joe stated.
"What's in the backpack girl?" A rough voice asked.
"School things." I answered sharply.
"You two have guns?"
"Yeah. We're required to." I answered icily.
Something hard hit my head and sent me sprawling into the car. My head slammed into it and I slid to the ground.
"Don't smart ass to me. Here, we handle things differently. Got that?"The voice snarled.
I groaned. I felt my collar tugged and I was pulled up from the ground.
"Get the kids suitcases. You,boy,come along."
The man dragged me to the building. It felt like he kicked something and I was thrust into the dark, hitting the ground. I quickly scrambled up.
"Where are we?" My voice cracked.
I felt sick, this wasn't me. This was so not me. How come I was acting like this?
"What's your name girl?" The voice asked.
"Avon Reeves." I answered automatically.
That's why I was acting like how I was. Avon wasn't the real me. I still thought I was Avon. I shook my head, clearing it.
"Elizabeth." I said.
"Good girl."
"Where's Joe?" I asked into the darkness.
"Don't worry about him. He's fine."
I stuffed my hands into my pockets and wrapped my hand around my pocket knife. A shot of excitement sped through me. Whoever was in here I could kill quickly. I smiled to myself in the dark. They wouldn't even be expecting it. I started to draw the pocket knife out, but stopped. I heard breathing, more then one person. I froze and held my breath. I listened to the breathing. Six people, six grown people. They would override me the instant I went after one of them. As much as I loved a chase, I wasn't going to afford it.
"Come on." The voice told me, pushing my back so I moved.
He lead me out of the building. Joe was outside with four other men. I looked behind me. Six men were behind me. Safety precautions. I whipped my head around and resisted an urge to go after just one of them. My mouth watered as I fought the urge. I was thirsty for the blood I smelled. I was hungry to see fear leak in their eyes. I craved to hear the pleadings and cries. My body ached for it all, my thirst and hunger was starting to become unbearable. I wanted to kill. I wanted to do it right then and there, but not with Joe just a few feet away. He believed I was innocent and I was going to keep it that way. I had to have my family believe I was innocent to stay out of the small places like prison and a mental hospital and anywhere like that. Thinking of these places sent a shiver down my spine and anger boiled in me. I hated those places. There was no damn way I was going to one of them. I had to stay under the radar. That boiled my blood. I stopped by Joe and gave him a hug, I knew what had to be done in order to protect him. I whipped out my gun and slammed it into the back of his head. He crumbled in my arms. I swallowed and turned to the men, pointing my gun at them.
"You're all fakes! You ain't part of the Program! How did you even find us?" I snarled.
One of the men smiled coldly. "Smart girl. How'd you figure that out?"
"Everyone in the Program puts up with all my s***. You didn't. That's when I figured it out." I said flatly.
His cold smile widened, showing brilliant white teeth. He looked like he was a vampire about to attack. I smiled to myself at the thought.
"Smart ass." He snarled.
I smiled big at him."thanks for noticing."
I slid my finger over the trigger and pointed the gun straight at him.
"You wouldn't dare."The man said said, eying the barrel of the gun.
I squeezed the trigger. It went off. The gun tingled in my hand, a tremor of excitement shot through my body. I turned the gun on the nine of the rest of the men. Shot them all down. I was dancing inside with pure happiness. I smelled fear, I smelled blood, I smelled what I was craving. I walked over to the man who had hit me earlier and spit on him. He smelled like despair and loneliness. No wonder he was such an ass. I wasn't going to drink his blood, no matter how much thirsty I was. I bent down to the man who was next to this pathetic excuse of a man. He looked no more then a little over twenty and had such a sweet face. I licked my lips. He just may cure my cravings even only for a little bit. His blood wasn't tainted with the smell of weed, cigarettes, and tobacco. I licked my lips again. I wanted to smoke so badly. I sighed, this would have to do for now. I bent to the wound in his chest and licked the blood up. I was sucking it up, swallowing it fast so I could have more when something moved behind. I froze. There was no possible way any of these bastards could be alive, I shot them all in the heart. I spun around, the warm, crimson liquid running down my chin. Joe stood there, staring at me with horror, eyes widened. S***, I forgot about him.
"Want some?" I grunted.
He shook his head, he kept swallowing. I could only guess he was trying to find his voice.
"Are you a vampire?" He said weakly, finally finding his voice.
I let out a cold cackle. He cringed away from the noise.
"No! I'm not! I'm the killer!" I hissed, a smile lighting my face.
He looked at me with shock. I knew what he saw. Pure excitement dancing in my eyes. I saw him gulp and his eyes flicker to the gun on the ground, to the blood running down my chin and neck, and to my eyes. He stepped away from me, I could smell his fear. I licked my lips, I could smell the sweet texture of the pool that his blood would make. I stepped towards him, I could kill him with my bare hands if I wanted to. Right then and There. It would be way to easy. So why wasn't I killing him? Why the Hell was I hesitating? I knew the answer to that. I stepped back and bent to pick up the gun, putting it in my pocket.
"Are you going to kill me?" Joe asked.
I looked at him sharply. "No! No, I'm not! Why would you think that?" I scoffed.
"You killed them. You don't seem to even care."
I frowned at him, knowing my eyes would stop dancing and look dull."Why should I care?" I asked weary.
"You just killed ten men! That's why you should care!"
I scowled at Joe. I really hated it when he started acting like a big brother. It annoyed the Hell out of me.
"Don't you feel any remorse, Lizzy?" Joe asked.
I raised an eyebrow at him,cocked my head to the side, and gave a slight smile."Should I?" I taunted.
He gave me a fearful gaze, I stared blankly back at him. This I could do all night, but I smelled my feast running cold, and I was getting thirsty again. I looked away.
"I'm thirsty. I'm going to finish my meal." I told him, turning back to my unfinished meal.
I bent down and started sucking again. It was warm, going cold. Not heated like it was before. Damn Joe made me lose my meal. That pissed me off, but the blood was still good, so I kept drinking.
"That's disgusting." I heard Joe tell me.
I ignored him and kept drinking.Soon, I ran him dry of blood. I sat back on my heels, didn't bother to clean myself up. I stood up.
"You're the killer.How long have you been killing?"
I smiled coldly at Joe. "Humans? Or animals?" I said lightly.
"Just in general."
"Since I could hold a gun and walk."
He stood in silence for a few minutes. "Your sick Lizzy. You need help." He said quietly.
I shook my head."No, I don't need help. I'm perfectly fine OK?"
"Lizzy, let me help you."
"NO! NO! I don't need any help!"I screamed.
I've been killing since I could walk and hold a gun. It was animals first, then when I turned ten, it turned to humans. I loved the feeling of the kills. Each and every time it got more exciting.

I stuffed my hands into my pockets and walked down the sidewalk. I smiled to everyone passing, the smiles never reached my eyes. Of course. I was watching for any unfamiliar face. It's be weeks, maybe months, to find out that one person was missing. Which was all the encouragement I needed. I saw a face, sooner then I expected, I didn't recognize as being part of this town. It was a boy, thirteen, maybe fourteen. Older then me, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew that's what made it funner. He was coming out of the Candy Store, a bag in his left hand, cell phone in the other. He was talking on his phone, laughing at something that had been said and heading straight for me. I stopped and backed up against the wall, putting my face into full pout mode. When he was an inch away, I jumped in front of him and fell to my knees. He almost knocked into me, stumbling in surprise. I put my face in my hands and pretended not to have noticed him. I started fake sobbing.
"Hey? Hey, are you alright?" A gentle voice asked.
I shook my head. A hand was put on my shoulder, I cringed away.
"I'm not going to hurt you." The boy said again.
I scrambled up, hiding my face behind my hair. I could see him through the curtain of my hair. He had brown hair that reached below his ears and a look of concern filled his face that made me want to burst out laughing. People would think you'd feel guilt the first time you kill a person, but I know they're wrong. I felt, well there was no other word to describe it, totally and uncontrollably excited. My heart was racing, adrenaline rushing through me, and I was practically dancing with excitement.It was my first human killing and I was gettin paid for it. Nothing could make this day more perfect. Well, except for the kill itself. I was really looking forward to that. I held my hand out to the boy, he took it.
"Will you help me?" I asked in a little girl's voice.
He nodded."Sure. What do you need help with?"
I pointed at the alley behind him."I dropped my money and it all blew in there!" I whined, stomping my feet."And I'm scared of the dark!"
He studied the alley for a moment before turning back to me.
"OK. We'll go get your money from. Come on."
We went to the alley and went in. I kept giving little sniffles here and there for good effect as we made our way into the darkest part of the alley.
"I think my money is down here." I whispered.
I was proud of myself, I was such a good liar. Then, we were covered in darkness. I whipped around, grabbed the boys shoulders, and slammed him into the wall. I heard his head hit the brick wall , followed by a groan, and I felt the boy go weak under my hands. I let go of him, letting him slide to the ground. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see he was stirring a little bit. That made me really want to throw a two year temper tantrum. I hated it when my prey was alive when they were supposed to be dead. I angrily stomped my feet in frustration and anger. I dropped to my knees besides him. He gazed at me.
"Why?" His voice was choked in fear.
I smiled coldly. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them on. Then, I reached into another pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. I had gotten it that year for Christmas. The blade was extremely sharp. The blade was perfect.
"What are you doing?"The boy asked, fear coated his voice.
I was examining the blade when he asked me this. I raised my eyes to look at him from under my eyelids and frowned deeply at him. I shook my head and returned to examining the blade.
"I have a family you know. They'll be wondering about me soon."He babbled, clearly underestimating me.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. I reached to his hand and plucked his cell phone out of it. I flipped it open and snapped it in half, throwing the pieces to the side.
"If my parents can't reach me they'll come looking for me. They'll be worried as Hell. They'll find us. You'll see. They'll find us. They'll get you arrested.You'll go to a physco house. They'll look at you like your the most dangerous crazy person."He babbled on even more.
I sighed. He was getting on my last nerves. I was used to noise while I killed, but he was slipping on my ego and this was getting ridiculous. Not only that, he was really irritating me. I had to wait though and waiting was so not my thing. Maybe this whole getting paid to kill deal was a total bash on me. Well, the waiting was not worth it. I wanted to kill and I wanted to kill now. I ached to kill. Every fiber in my being ached to kill. I sat back against the wall and crossed my legs Indian style, examining my pocket knife. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the boy sit forward. I reached out and pushed him back against the wall.
"What are we doing just sitting here? Why did you slam me into the wall? Why are we just waiting? Are we waiting for some? Who are we waiting for? Why are you so quiet? Are you feeling guilty? Are you gonna let me go?" He was full of questions now.
I was staring at him with wide eyes as he asked his stupid ass questions. I had never heard anyone speak so much in my life before and it was driving me crazy.
"Are you going to talk? Why aren't you talking? Why haven't you killed me yet? Didn't you bring me back here to kill me? What time is it? You're going to a nut-house, you know that? How old are you anyways? Who are you working for? Are you a tourist or a local? What's your name? You not really afraid of the dark are you? Why are you so silent? Why don't you wanna talk to me?"
He kept going and going and going. And it was pissing me off big time. I took in a deep breath and looked up at the starry night sky. It was all I could do from not killing him right then and there.
"Why won't you talk to me? Are you scared of me?"He taunted.
That did it."Shut up."I snapped, my voice ice-cold.
He fell into a shocked silence. I couldn't help but let out a cold laugh.
"You really shouldn't talk so much. Its starting to really piss me the Hell off."I said quietly and dangerously.
Next to me, I could feel the boy shaking.
"What's your name anyways?"I asked, entirely bored.
"Um, Eric. Eric Heffer."
I laughed coldly and quietly."Ridiculous name."My voice sounded bored.
A slight movement made me look down the alley, the way we had been walking towards. I grabbed hold of the boys collar(I honestly didn't care what his name was)and dragged him to his feet. He was a little taller then me, but I knew I was stronger then he would ever be.
"Got your prey fast." The figure approaching praised me.
I sneered."You made me wait long enough. I want to do it now."
The boy looked at me horrified."What? What do you want to do?"
"Will you shut up?"I snarled at him and turned back to The Boss."He's pissing me off, All he does is talk and talk. Its really getting on my nerves."
A moments silence and then. "Kill him."spoken softly.
I whipped around in front of the boy and knocked him back into the wall. A sickening thud echoed in the dark alley and the boy crumbled to the ground. I bent down to him, he was still breathing, which made me furious. I brought up my knife and slashed his throat, wide open. Blood started pouring out.
"Drink it."The Boss urged.
I leaned into the boy. The blood did smell delicious. I was no vampire, but i had tasted human blood before and I wanted it more. I didn't always drink my prey's blood, it was just when I was craving it. I licked his blood and my insides exploded like fireworks. It burned like wildfire, but a good burning. I sucked at his blood, absolutely loving the warm liquid. All I could think at that moment was how delicious the blood was. I drank and drank. Finally, I had had my full and pulled back. I looked up at The Boss.
"go home. You've done well."
I jumped up and held my hand out. Money was put in it. The right amount. I spun around and went out of the alley and hurried home. That was the day I had turned ten.

It been over a week since I killed those men, I was in the train station, watching Joe weary. My head was killing me. I rolled my eyes when I turned away from him to pace the building.
"Why do you kill Lizzy?"
"Did I not say to be quiet?"I said frostily.
I heard him sigh. I glanced at him, watching as he shook his head. I saw a look of pain on his face. I stopped in my tracks.
"What's wrong?" I demanded.
"My ribs hurt, that's all."He muttered.
I studied him.
"You know I'm sorry, right?"I snarled.
He looked at me, eyebrows raised.
"No, your not."
I smiled at him."Guess your right."
He shook his head, leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes.
"I'm gonna go outside for a minute. Don't you dare even think about leaving."I said frostily, waving the gun at him and opening the door.
I stepped outside and closed the door. A hand was slammed on my mouth and I was slammed into the door. My hand slipped and let go of the gun, it dropped to the ground.
"Sh! Don't say a thing Lizzy?" A voice breathed in my ear.
I knew that voice, but I couldn't help but panic. I twisted in the grip and kicked out. They held me tighter and I heard the door pull open and I was pulled back inside.
"Hello, Joe."Jazz said, not even surprised.
My eyes widened in confusion.
"Hey, Jazz."He said, not confused at all.
Oh, now I knew why he wasn't confused. He had called them. Anger boiled in my blood and I looked at him, lust in my eyes. Joe's eyes widened with fright.
"Zach, you here?" Joe asked looking around.
"Here."He grunted against my twisting body.
More anger boiled in my blood. I twisted even more. The grips tightened even more. I kept my eyes on Joe, getting even more angrier. He looked at me and cowered under my gaze. I felt my body start to weaken. The anger in my eyes, I knew would stay there, no matter how weak I was.My body crumbled under the restraints. I laid there, on the floor, and stared at Joe. I felt the people holding me let me go, but didn't leave my side. I guess they were afraid that I would go after Joe. He was, after all, my main target for my anger at the moment.
"Why did you call us Joe?"I heard Megan ask.
"Lizzy's sick."
"What do you mean?"Zach asked.
"She's sick. We need to help her. She's the killer everyone is afraid of."
"Which Killer?"
"The Vampire Killer."
I laughed at that, a cold hearted laugh, and rolled over. I looked up at Zach and put my hands under my head and smiled.
"You still love me right?"I asked him, laughter in my voice.
"Jazz, Megan, your her friends. Did you know that she's sick?"
Jazz looked at me, I smiled at her.
"Jazz, tell him."I told her.
"tell me what?"Joe asked.
"Joe, we do know that Liz is sick, but..."She stopped.
Joe looked at her, confused."But what?"
"We're all sick."She said, trying not to laugh.
I smiled wildly."hear that Joe? Haha. We're all sick."
I started laughing my head off like crazy. My laugh was cold and loud. I sat up, chuckling. Jazz and Megan stood there, trying to hold back laughter, but I saw their bodies shaking. I got up and looked around, bodies braced themselves to lunge at me.
I rolled my eyes."I'm not going to attack dim wits. I'm to weak at the moment."I turned to the girls."When was the last time you had a feast?"
Jazz shrugged."Last time we all killed together. Why?"
I shrugged."Just wondering.Ain't you hungry or thirsty?"
She nodded, Megan following suit.
"we both are."
I shook my head and glanced around at everyone. Some of my old teammates were here, some people I didn't even know. Since I didn't know them, what the Hell? I'd go after them, they'd be a piece of cake. I just needed my gun back. I looked around, found it in one of the guys i didn't know hand. I narrowed my eyes at him and lunged for him. Someone threw themselves on me, pinning me to the ground.
"What the Hell?!"I screamed.
"Lizzy, calm down! Calm down, Lizzy!"Zach whispered in my ears.
Footsteps outside the station made us all freeze in our tracks. We all watched the door, carefully. It started to open, we all scrambled up and towards the wall behind us. The door opened against the starless night sky.The sky was black, light shone from the lamp in here, casting an eerie orange circle of light. We were all in the shadows.
"Come out, come out where ever you are."A voice taunted.
A voice I knew.I slammed myself against the wall, and hissed.My Old Boss let out a cold laugh and turned to me, slamming the door shut behind him and his gang. His gang? Wow, people do change. I scowled at them. He laughed again, motioned to one of his buddies, who turned on another lamp. I hissed at how bright it was, followed in suit by the rest.
"Looks like you also have your own little gang. Thought you only liked to have your little group of girls?"He said quietly, laughter tinged his voice.
"What do you want?"I snarled.
He smiled big."You know what i want."
I let out a snarl and lunged for him, hands grabbed me.
"Don't let her go!"Jazz cried.
Boss laughed his cold hearted laugh.
I twisted in the grips, they tightened on me. I let out a roar of fury and clawed at my predators. I had turned into he prey and I didn't like it. I didn't like it one bit at all. I wasn't going to be the predator. I wasn't going to be the predator. I wasn't going to be the predator. I snarled. I hated this! I kicked out, my eyes on my Old Boss. His eyes were on mine, cold and dark, just like mine. I saw nothing but black in those emotionless eyes. And I knew he saw the same in my eyes. There was a bunch of killers in the room, but him and I were the worst. We didn't care who we killed, as long as we got what we wanted. The rest, had their limits. They couldn't go near their own families when they killed. Me and Boss could though. We couldn't feel a damn thing. We liked it that way, but right now, we wanted to kill each other. We both knew it, we both craved for it. Its what we both wanted.

"Lizzy! Lizzy, calm down!"Zach pleaded.
I twisted even more, my eyes I knew, were blazing with hatred.
"I'm going to kill him!"I snarled.
"Elizabeth! stop now!"Zach's desperate pleading was starting to sound distant.
I looked at Boss, he seemed to come, no float, closer to me, He wasn't walking. Was I imagining this? He had a wild smile etched across his face.That spiked my anger even more. I stopped twisting, my breathing coming hard.
"Lizzy?"I heard off in the distance.
Red tinged my vision. I lost sight of everyone but Boss. I didn't feel the hands on me anymore. I felt pain, a lot of pain. I felt pain in my right hand, felt the blood run down my palm, felt my stomach and ribs explode in incredible pain, and my head explode like fireworks with pain. I felt my body start to shake. That's all I could take.

I blinked and looked up at Zach. I was breathing hard. Zach was talking, I couldn't hear what he was saying. i saw tears stream down his face. Why was he crying? And why the Hell didn't I feel pain anymore? I started to sit up and heard a gun shot off in the distance. I caught my breath, it went off again. I looked at Zach, he was still crying, but he wasn't even moved by the shots. That was confusing.It was probably echoes in my head. I opened my mouth, no sound came out of what I heard. He looked at me, spoke. My lips moved to respond, my head shook. What the Hell was going on? I sat back and hit my head.
"Oh!"I gasped.
I heard myself then. Everything seemed to be working again. I felt excruciatingly pain. My head,hand,stomach,ribs,and my waist. My waist? That was weird.
"Lizzy! Lizzy, why did you do that?"Zach cried.
"Do what? What did I do?"I whispered.
"Little brat! You always were one for anger!"
I looked at Boss, who stood a few feet from me, laughing. His hands were bloodied. Wait, blood? I smelled blood. It nauseated me. That wasn't normal. Well, it was, it was my blood. i swallowed and looked down. I put my hand on the hilt of the knife and froze.
"Lizzy! Lizzy! No! Don't hurt her! Hurt me instead! Please! look, she'll be your client until she's eighteen I promise! Just please! Take me, not her!" I heard a woman screaming.
I gasped and pulled the knife out, throwing it on the ground besides me. I covered the wound and scrambled up. I slammed into the wall and and gasped in breath.
"we have to get her to the hospital!"I heard Jazz exclaim.
I shook my head and drew in a sharp breath. I looked at Boss.
"What the Hell is wrong with you? Why did you kill her?"I breathed at him.
He smiled coldly."Haven't you ever wondered why you love to kill?"He said flatly.
I swallowed, but didn't smart off. I learned everything from him. He knew all my tricks, he knew all my games, he knew how to play with my heart. I glared at him. A binding contract between him and my mother was why he had taught me so well.
"you'll pay. You'll pay good and hard."I softly said.
I saw surprise strike his eyes, but just as quickly was replaced with the darkness in them. I knew all his tricks, I knew all his games, I knew how to play with his heart. He had taught me well. I had to give him credit though, he was giving a good show, but I knew how to break his facade. As soon as I wasn't dying. i shifted my eyes to Zach and my eyes tightened. i slid down the wall, sat on the ground and closed my eyes, and groaned. It was time to let go. He killed my mother, he was killing me, I knew he was going to go after my family when I was gone. I wouldn't let him. I was the only predator in his way to get to them. His prey. That made me sick. I wouldn't let him get them. I would live.I knew,now, he was the one who had called the police that night, and the one who had framed me. The one who got me put into the Witness Protection Program. He was the reason. The only reason. He was the one who had sent those men, knowing I would kill them. He knew how much blood lust I would crave. He knew it all. But I knew it all as well. He couldn't outsmart me. But maybe, just maybe I could outsmart this asshole. The one who had taught me everything, but I had gone off on y own and learned more. I wasn't going to let him go after my family. He knew I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to kill, he had set up, but he wasn't working alone. I knew, now, just by looking at him, he was working worldwide. To find me. To kill me. To overtake me. The most powerful killer ever. I have killed many more people then he has and he was scared. I knew this. I knew it all. He wanted to take my name:Vampire Killer. He wanted my glory. All of my glory. I wasn't going to let him. I wasn't going to let take my family. He had more then a team, he was worldwide. I was losing control as the puzzle pieces finally fell together. I was gaining control as the puzzle pieces finally fell together.I was winning. I was losing. I was me:Vampire Killer.

I breathed. I was going to live and I was going to have save myself from this dreadful killing. I held my hand on the wound and breathed down on my hand, a thin sheet of ice wrapped around my hand. I pushed on the wound, pain erupted, but I ignored it. I hated doing this. I breathed another sheet of ice and my wound iced over. The ice seeped in and I felt the coolness of the ice soothe the pain and burning and heal it. I look up at Boss and smiled again.
"My mother had the same powers. Its why you killed her and now you want to kill me."I said softly.
He looked at me with wide eyes.
"I thought, I thought."He stammered.
I shook my head."You think you pummeled my powers out don't you? What the Hell do you think I was doing when you weren't teaching me?"
I twisted my body, all the pain was gone. I was completely healed, for now. I spun on my heel, whipped to the boy who had my gun, snatched it from him, and jumped over Boss without a second thought. This was all merely done in a second, quickly. They didn't even notice. I leaned against the wall, looking at my prize with admiring eyes.
"You know it would be a shame for me to kill you, Theodore."I whispered, using Boss' real name.
I heard him growl and at that I laughed. It felt good to use my powers again, even if it was only to heal, but I would soon change that. All these bastards in here that were with Boss would die, not to mention Boss himself. I would make sure of that, myself. I would die if I had to. I raised my eyes and looked into the inky blackness of those emotionless eyes. I was going to clear my name first. I smiled coldly at him.
"Why frame me? I thought I was your treasured student?"I told him, my voice bored.
He snarled, I laughed again.
"I was your prized student. I was just to good for you wasn't I? You were intimidated by me. I know how you work, Theodore. Any killer better then you, you have to destroy. just so your at the top of the list. Well, those days are over. I'm at the top of the list and there is nothing you can do. 'Cause thanks to you framing me, it just made me that more popular. I owe you a thank you, Theodore. I really appreciate." I was egging him on.
This was dangerous, very dangerous, but I had to do it. I was risking my life for the lives of my brothers and father, it was going to be fine doing so.He snarled, let a growl escape his throat. It came from the chest, deep down. My heart skipped a beat, excitement pumped my adrenaline. i had to work fast. I stuffed the gun in my pocket, pushed off the wall, and skidded to a stop in front of Boss. I smiled coldly and started to swiftly dance my way around him.
"You really amaze me, you know. You shouldn't play with your prey like that. I thought you hated playing with your prey."He told me, his eyes carefully watching my twirling.
I let out a small laugh.
"Am I your predator and your my prey? Or are you my predator and I'm your prey? Which is it Theodore?"My eyes were livid with excitement, my voice soft and dangerous.
The flames in the lamp danced around, casting shadows everywhere, making them dance along with me. I enjoyed the thrill that was running through my blood stream.I saw his eyes narrow, I smiled as I passed his face again.
"What do you think it is Elizabeth? Your the expert here."He said quietly.
I froze in tracks. I knew that voice. I knew that voice and didn't like it. I spun to face him, face to face.
"Don't even think about it."I growled.
He threw back his head and let out a cold laugh. A shiver ran down my spine. I didn't like this one bit.
"Kill me! Kill me now! You want to kill me, so kill me, Elizabeth. Get it done and over with.Simple as that! Just kill me."
My hand wrapped around the gun, my finger itching to slide over the trigger and pull it.
"You know, you've never really loved anyone."He told me, eying my hand grip.
I raised my eyebrows to him.
"You can't love anyone. Your a killer with no emotion. The only time you feel happy is when you kill and drink blood. Its why your the most dangerous killer out there. You can't feel anything for anyone. You don't even feel your own god damn misery inside of yourself. Because your to busy killing, that's what makes you avoid it. You can't do anything about it. Its set in deeply. I can feel love though. I can feel misery. I can feel it all."He told me, looking straight in my eyes.
I stared into the inky blackness of those eyes. He was right, he could feel. I could see a spark of fear here and there, he wasn't good at hiding it. I never felt fright, I never felt anything. I was emotionless. I was a sad pathetic excuse of a girl living in this world. I was a killer, the best out there. I was already found out. Everyone knew who the Hell I was. Everyone was scared of me. When it started, I didn't care, but lately, I've been taking it all to heart, and it was ridiculous. I actually thought I could clear my name. Well, now I see that was completely impossible. I was found out, but the only way I was ever going to get somewhere to hide better, I was going to have to let Boss live. This made my stomach flip, a vile of vomit rose, which I swallowed. Disgusting shit. I thought. I was screwed, whether or not I liked to admit it.Which I totally didn't. I glared at him, looked straight into his eyes.
"My mother wasn't like me. I'm a lot worse then she was. She loved all of us, my father as well. You know this."I said flatly, no emotion in my voice.
He winced at my tone.
"Yeah, she loved your pathetic excuse of a family. Then again, I don't understand that. You don't love any of them. You never have and never will. You are the worst killer out there."He said, smiling at me.
I snarled at him. I guess he was right. It was as if I didn't even have a family. But my family wasn't a pathetic excuse of a family. They were perfectly fine. I was the pathetic excuse in the family, just like I was a pathetic excuse anywhere. I knew that if any stupid as detectives were to go through my bedroom back home they would find my diary's. No doubt they would read them, find all the evidence there. From every single killing from the very first of my animal killings. I had no doubt whatsoever. Now, I knew here was no point to try and clear my name. I had to eventually turn myself in though, but now wasn't the time. I had to make sure Boss was killed, going to Hell, and never heard from again. My insides burned with the passion of killing him. I would make sure he was my very last kill ever. My last one. He had to be my last. Just, not now. I let my hand loose up on the gun and stuffed it in my pocket.
"What do you want from me?"I hissed between clenched teeth.
"I want you to do a Mission for me."He said, loud enough everyone heard.
I stood stalk still, staring at him. I heard whispers, scuttles of impatient feet, and I could see a few people giving me anxious glances or deadly stares that would, for a normal person, send them into emotional misery. They only made adrenaline pump hard in my blood streams, my heart was pounding against my rib cage, it felt ready to burst out of it. Did anyone hear my ridiculously pounding heart? I thought they could. A cold sweat broke out over my forehead, my hand felt clammy. This wasn't normal, not normal one bit. What was the mission?
"What?" I asked, weary of what answer was going to be.
He turned around, motioning for me to follow him. His stupid ass followers moved out of the way for us. I stepped in line behind him. I saw his followers give me nasty looks as I passed, except the last follower. He looked at me, fright in his eyes. As I walked past him, time seemed to slow. I knew the fright in his eyes weren't for himself, it was for me. He was scared for me. He knew what my mission was going to be and that's why he was scared. He had Found Out the Mission and he knew what I would have to do. He was the second dog in this horrid group, he was Boss' advisory. He was the spy. He was the one who was told Boss' deep dark secrets. He was me. In the general speaking of killers sense. My eyes flashed at him. He still was scared for me. He wasn't an entire killer, he still had emotions. If I could just keep him from finding the one trigger to vanquish his emotions and go all killer I would. I was going to try. He needn't be a killer. No one did. Except me. I was already in to deep. A few more killing wouldn't hurt. We stepped outside of the building, the cold wind hitting my face. It was a bitter cold. It stung the exposed parts of my flesh, pulled my hair, and ripped at my clothes.
"My mission for you is this. You find everyone in your pathetic family and kill each and everyone of them."
A slap in the face. It wasn't the wind. It was the damn words. I knew where this was headed. He knew how I felt about killing my family. Sure, as I killed them, I would have no problem whatsoever, but once they were dead, I would, no doubt, go into an uncontrollable rage. I had a very bad anger problem and killing my family triggered it majorly. And when my anger was triggered, so was my killing side, big time. He knew this. I would probably end up killing myself in the attempt. He knew this, this is what he wanted. The damn asshole. My eyes flashed.
"Oh, one more person you have to kill. James Night."He whispered the name.
I snapped my eyes in his direction. His eyes were dancing not only in happiness, but wait what was that? I could see fear. A lot of it. He was scared shitless. I could see that. He was scared for himself. Of what I could possibly do at such a an absurd mission tact. I narrowed my eyes at him, I saw him step back just a little. I opened my mouth to respond, but was interrupted by an SUV pulling into the parking lot. The headlights washed over the two of us as it pulled to a stop a few feet from us. It came to a stop, the engine was cut off, and the doors opened. Out stepped three men all in black. I swallowed. This outta be good. They headed straight for us.
"What are you two doing out this late? There's a killer on the loose. You really shouldn't be out here."
Something sparked on their chests which caught my attention. Badges. FBI Badges. I reached for Boss and pulled him back with me. This was not good. Not good at all. They braced themselves, watching our steps.
"Something wrong?"The one with shoulder length brown hair asked.
I shook my head."Nothing. Why are you here?"
"Patrolling for the killer. Did you know this was the last place The Vampire Killer killed?"
I raised my eyebrows as if I really was shocked."Really?"My voice squeaked. Perfect.
The tallest man there looked at me suspiciously. I didn't like the way he looked at me. My hand twitched, I tried not to put it to my gun. I wanted my gun. I wanted it. But I couldn't do a damn thing about it now. The tallest man was watching me carefully. I wondered if he could see the bulge in both pockets from both guns. I didn't entirely rule this out. I was about to be found out from the FBI. But I wasn't going to go quietly. I backed up another step.
"You OK?"
I nodded, my stress level rising."Yeah. What do you want?"
"We were wondering if you've seen this girl?" The middle man asked, pulling out a photo.
It was me. I was in the photo. It was before I had dyed my hair black, before it had reached my ankles as it was now. That was me as a blonde. That was me before I was framed and had to go into hiding. Something in my heart caused pain. Incredible pain. I gasped and dropped to the ground. It hurt, badly. I clutched at my heart. I let out another cry of pain as it stabbed my heart again. Voices around me started shouting, hands were on my waist. I screamed and clawed at them to let go. I threw myself on the ground, another stab of pain sent me screaming bloody Mary. It echoed through the night air, no matter how hard the wind blew, my scream outmatched it. Hands again were put on me, I kicked and clawed them away. Another shard of pain, worse then first three, sent me into panic and deadly screaming mode.
"Make it stop! Make it stop!"I screamed, water running down my face.
Water? Salt water? Oh, tears. Well, great. I was crying. How the Hell do I start crying? I wanted to stop. I wanted the pain and tears to stop. I cried even harder for that, and as another jolt of pain was set in my heart, the screams intensified and the tears ran faster. I knew I was found out by Boss. I knew I was soon going to be found out by the FBI. I knew I only had a matter of time, but I wanted to know what the hell was going on with me right now? I was going to be found out. I was going to be found out. Another shard of pain. Another scream. I didn't care if I was going to be found out. Another shoot of pain. Another scream. Hands again, I clawed and kicked. Hands held me down tighter, I twisted, kicked, and clawed. More tears, faster. I wanted them to stop. i wanted my family to know I was safe. More tears, more pain. I wanted my family to be safe. More pain. That's all I wanted. My family safe and sound. Ding! It rang clear, like a bell, through my mind. I knew what was wrong with me. My heart had finally found out. My heart had finally connected with my mind. I was feeling emotions. Emotions I wasn't used to. Emotions I had only ever dreamed of feeling. My mind finally found out and now it was a total catastrophe. But I wanted this, no matter how much pain it took my heart and mind to set in. I was finally found out. By myself. Not the stupid ass FBI, which would never find me out til I finished my own mission. To kill Boss. I was found out inside.

Finally, the pain stopped. For the time being. I laid there, on the ground, breathing hard. My ears were ringing. I could feel hands holding me. I heard a thud on the ground, I knew one of my guns had fallen out. I knew the FBI would take little notice to it, so I didn't care at all. My body was shaking from pain, tears, and exhaustion. My throat filled with vile. It was sour. It was nasty. I looked up under heavy eyelids at the FBI detectives. The middle one was off talking to Boss, he looked upset. The other two, were holding me down. I put my face against the cool asphalt and breathed deeply. I swallowed down the vile. The men got up and watched me.
"Why does a girl like you have a gun?"
"Protection."I grunted, standing up, wiping my eyes.
"What was that all about?"
I looked at both of them, tired.
"What was what all about?"
"The screaming and crying and all that."
I looked the tallest man in the eyes and shook my head."Honestly, I don't know."I said calmly, it was way better then how I felt.
I knew they could see through the facade in my tone. I was shaking, uncontrollably, I was sweating a cold, clammy, sweat, and I knew my eyes were showing something then what I was used to. The reason behind this, I wasn't used to it. I felt tears start up again. I quickly wiped them away with the back of my hand. My face was now not only dirt stained, but tear streaked. I looked like I had been hiding for quite some time. This wasn't a good look.
"Protection? You been on the run girl?"
I took in a shaky breath and pointed a shaky finger at Boss.
"His fault."My voice was still calm.
I drew in sharp breath and fell on my knees. I put my hands over my face and let out a low moan.
"Are you alright?"
"Please make sure my family is OK."I said from between my hands.
"What do you mean?"
I stood up,shaking. I backed up even more. i shook my head.
"Make sure my family is safe, please. I have to go. Please, don't follow me."I begged.
I spun on my heel. I stepped a little and spun around on the roof top. I looked back at the FBI. They stood, backs towards me, staring at where I had just stood. I started to feel bad. Maybe i should just go turn myself in. i shook my head. No. I could see Boss getting arrested. I would meet him in jail. That's where I would kill him. After I had my family back together I would turn myself in. So they wouldn't have to suffer anymore because of me. I saw them all get in the car, then take off. I watched until they were nothing more then a speck on the road. I had my take off without any trouble, but I wasn't going back. I knew Zach and Joe would go home soon, but I also knew that I had to go and find the rest of my family. So take off without a goodbye was my only option. Yet again. I vowed this would be the last time. I vowed to reunite my family and turn myself in. I vowed to kill Boss before I rested down. I vowed to never take off without a goodbye again. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't kill anyone except Boss. He would be my last killing. Ever. Take off or not, I would kill him. Goodbye or hello, he would die. I jumped down from the roof and started walking in the opposite direction the SUV had gone, stuffing my hands in my pockets. I was exhausted and full of emotions that I had no recognition of. i would have to try and figure them out on this way. I didn't want them to get in my way of any of my plans. Take off of the emotions. That's what I was going to call it. God, I felt tired. I sighed. This was going to be complicated.

That's all it took. That's all it ever took to get anyone wondering. One question was all it took. And that's all it took for me to wonder. And wonder. About myself. I hated that, but even I wanted to know. Know why. Why was i a killer. Why did I enjoy killing? Why? that one question repeated through my mine day and night as I walked along the road, hiding when I saw the Law. I was on the run, by myself this time. I felt kind of lonely. But i was slowly getting used to it. It was helping me block my emotions again and it was a great time to collect my thoughts. I had no clue where I was and I didn't care. I'd travel for days on end to find my family, turn myself in, and kill Boss. Then I'd kill myself. i wasn't going to spend the rest of my life in Prison. Screw that. That wasn't going to happen. Not on my watch. I'd been killing since i was ten, they would try me as an adult. Simple as that. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my pocket knife, and snapped it open. I kept walking, but lifted up my left wrist. I held the blade up to wrist, right below the vein. I sliced down and blood poured from the open cut. I snapped my blade shut and stuffed it back in my pocket. I lowered my arm and let it bleed, dripping blood on the road as I walked. Why? I didn't know this answer, but I was going to find out what it was. I enjoyed the thrill of a kill. I enjoyed the fright in my Prey's eyes as they realized what was about to happen. I enjoyed the excitement that pumped through my adrenaline. I enjoyed it all, but I was ready to give it all up for my family. Anything to protect my family. One question is all it took. One question only. I needed the answer to this question. I needed to know. I begged myself within to find the answer. I was a killer. A blood lust killer. I loved to kill, but i wanted to know why. I needed to know why. I had to know why. I just had to. I begged myself to know why, but knew it wasn't going anywhere. I had to know why from Boss. I knew he knew the answer. He's been killing a lot longer then me. He must've figured it out somewhere along the lines. I snarled to myself. I looked down and realized I had stopped, a pool of blood next to my feet. I looked around me and sat down. I put my head in my knees and closed my eyes. I knew what I had to do. I was going to have to kill in order to get what I wanted right now. I was going to have to kill. This was going against what I had promised myself, but i had to do it. I knew I had to do it. A flash of light passed over me and I slowly stood up and faced the oncoming car. right in the middle of the headlights. It was going pretty fast. My heart raced as it neared. I saw the tired skid, they were trying to stop from hitting me. It slammed into my stomach and sent me sprawling back onto the pavement. A door flew open and I heard feet pounding towards me. Two pairs of feet. I closed my eyes and groaned in pain.
"Hey, girl, are you alright?" A panicked male voice asked anxiously.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw to teenage boys staring down at me. They looked no more then eighteen to twenty. Easy targets.
"Is it just you two?"I asked weakly.
They nodded, watching me cautiously. I kicked the first one, sending him slamming into his car, crumpling to the ground. I jumped up and slammed a fist into his stunned partner. I whipped out my blood pocket knife and whipped it straight for his heart. i turned back to the crumpled boy and bent to him. I grabbed his bloody head, his eyes flew open, pleading with me. I growled at him and smashed his head into the gravel. Blood flew everywhere. I smashed his head again, blood flying everywhere. Even on me. I never was this messy in a killing, i never left anything to give away myself, but this time i didn't care. i didn't care one bit. I let him go, reached over, took my pocket knife, and stood up. I heard a low moan and looked down at the boy I had stabbed. It was in his stomach I had whipped my knife into without even realizing it. I had aimed for his heart, but missed. That was a first.
"The hardest part is trying not to pass out from the pain."I said coldly.
He moaned in pain. I spun around and made my to the drivers side. i got in and started the car. I backed up and then hit the gas pedal, flying forward, right over the boy I had smashed his head. I threw my pocket knife onto the passengers seat and pushed down on the gas pedal, speeding to the full limit of the car. One question is all it took. All it took for anyone to wonder. Even myself. One question was it all it took. I wanted the answer. I needed the answer. I had to have the answer. Even if it was the last thing I ever did. I would die to get that answer. i would do whatever it took. Even if it meant more killings. Then that I would do. I had to do. One question. A million different answers. One question I would get my answer to. One question was all it took.

I slammed my forehead into the steering wheel. I was parked on the side of the road, trying to collect myself. I thought over what had just happened. Had I left that boy alive? The one I had stabbed? Or had he died before anyone got to him? I closed my eyes and slammed my forehead against the steering wheel again. I gripped it tightly in both of my hands. I was losing it and I was losing it fast. I punched the dashboard and gave a strangled cry. This wasn't even supposed to happen! A soft tapping on the window made me look up, startled. A man in uniform bent down, peering in at me. A cop. No doubt he'd already seen the bloody pocket knife in the passenger seat. I rolled down my window and glared at him.
"What?"I snapped, trying not to cringe at the sullen stare from his eyes.
"I need to see your license and registration, ma'am."
I scowled."You ain't gotta see nothin'"I snarled, whipping the bloody knife into my hand.
"Ma'am please put the k ice down or Ill call for backup."
I gave a cold laugh."Be my guest."with that I lunged out and tired the knife through his stomach.
I hit the gas pedal and took off, leaving the officer on the ground with my knife in him. Big deal. They'd find my DNA on it and track me down. Not my problem. I had to just keep trying to find my family in the meantime.
If the FBI was so good, then they'd realize I was starting to lose control of everything. Most killers never feel emotions, but what was happening to me? I actually felt bad for stabbing that officer. That was not me. What the He'll was going on with me? I needed answers and I needed them fast. Before I lost total control of myself. I needed answers.

Answers. I had to have them, but I didn’t know where to get them. My hands trembled on the steering wheel and my breathing was uneasy. I felt lightheaded and my vision was getting blurry. I jerked the car into a Seven Eleven parking lot and stomped on the break. I heard squelching behind me and looked to see cars skidding to a stop behind my diagonal park. I stepped towards the white SUV that was last in line. I couldn’t see the inhabitants clearly with my blurry vision and I could feel myself stumbling forward. I knew I wasn’t walking straight.
“Miss? Are you alright? You’re covered in blood.” A low voice murmured coming up to me.
I waved my hand at him and advanced to the SUV. The driver slowly got out, his hand clasping a shotgun. I stopped dead in my spot, eyes on the gun.
“Miss is everything alright?” The Driver asked gently.
“Give me the gun” I rasped out.
“Excuse me?”
I narrowed my eyes. “I said give me the gun” I repeated with a much stronger voice.
He backed up, his eyes still on me. “Look let me call someone. You need help” He said gently.
I let out a cold laugh and shook my head. “I don’t need help from anyone!” I shouted and lunged at him.
He stepped to the side and I crashed to my stomach. I huffed and jumped up quickly lunging for him. He was taken by surprise as I slammed into him. I snatched up his gun and pointed the muzzle on him.
“Say goodnight.” I sang and pulled the trigger laughing as the bullet blew his brains out.
His blood spattered over me and I heard screaming. I stood up and pointed the gun into the van pulling the trigger again. The bullet smashed the window and cascaded into the woman in the passenger seat. A shriek and I looked into the back to see a little girl crying. I pointed the gun at her.
“Hush” I told her roughly and she grew quiet.
I turned and saw the man who had tried to first help trying to get back to his car. He was alone. I shot at him, perfect aim. It landed in his head. He fell flat face on the pavement, brains goosing all over him. I grinned widely.
“I’m going to call the cops!” A panicked voice squeaked.
I looked up to see the only employee working running towards the door. I shot at his head and watched as the same results took place. I dropped the gun and climbed into the van peering back at the girl.
“What’s your name?” I asked gently.
“Anastasia” She said gently.
“Do people call you Ana?” She nodded her eyes wide with fear. “I’m not going to hurt you Ana.”
She shrank back, holding a stuffed bear tightly. “You killed my mommy and daddy.” She said softly.
“They got in my way sweetie.” I said gently and held out my arms. “Come here. Right now” I demanded and something in my voice had her crawling quickly to me.
I picked her up in my arms and climbed from the van quickly going to an abandoned car. I opened the passenger door and dumped the girl onto it slamming the door shut before I crawled into the driver’s seat. Fortunately, the keys were in the ignition and I revved up the engine taking off.
“Where are we going?” Ana asked after a few minutes.
I glanced at her and noticed she had put her seat belt on. “I don’t know kid. I honestly don’t know.” I told her honestly and turned back to the road.
“Why did you kill them?”
“I don’t know”
“Do you like killing?”
“You ask a lot of questions.”
“I do?”
“For a kid who just watched her parents die? Yeah, you do.”
“You killed them”
“Will you shut up?” I snapped at her.
She whimpered and sank into her seat. “I’m sorry”
“I said quiet” I muttered trying to concentrate on the road ahead of me.
“You’re covered in blood.”
I hated kids. “Yes and?”
“Shouldn’t you get cleaned up?”
“People will see”
“Think I care? Why don’t you find something to do kid?”
“I can’t.”
“Why is that?”
“Cause there’s nothing to do in a car.”
Of course there wasn’t anything to do in a car. “Tell you what. You shut up and the next town we get to I’ll buy you, what is it that you want to have fun with?”
“I want to color!” She said happily.
“I’ll get you coloring stuff then if you shut up.”
“And a Barbie?”
What was wrong with this kid? “And a Barbie” I mumbled.
She sat back and grew silent. I sighed relief my head aching. A few hours later we pulled up to a store. I could see it was full so I pulled around to the side and pulled out some hundred bills from my pocket and shoved them at her. “I want you to get whatever play things or coloring things you want but you get me a pair of pants and a new shirt with a hoodie understood? I’m going into the bathroom to clean myself up.”
“What do you wear?” She asked curiously.
“Small in women.”
She climbed out and ran around the side to go inside. I slid into the bathroom and glanced at my blood streaked face in the cracked mirror. I grabbed a paper towel and wt it wiping the blood off quickly, scrubbing at the dry blood. I scrubbed my arms and looked up as the door creaked open. It was the girl and she held out a bag of clothes. I snatched them darted into a stall and quickly changed. I stuffed my bloody clothes into the bag and left the stall and restroom with the bag in hand. The kid had already gotten back into the car and was munching on something. I slid into the driver’s seat and threw the bag into the back glancing at the hamburger. She held up another wrapped one towards me. I took it and pulled out of the parking lot.
“There are four more. Two for each of us. I thought you’d be hungry to.”
Maybe this kid wasn’t so bad after all. “Whatever” I ate while I drove. “Got anything to drink?”
She held up a bottle of water. I took it and chugged half it down.
“You have one more. I also bought two Barbies, two coloring books and two crayon boxes. In case you want to play and color.”
No way was I going to, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. “Sure kid”
“Mr. Bear kind of likes you.”
I assumed she was talking about that bear she had brought with her and I just shrugged. “Good to know.”
She started to hum gently as she took out a coloring book and crayons and got to work for them. I almost felt bad for killing her parents. Almost but not quite. I was back, slightly.
“What are you coloring?” I asked after about an hour.
“A horsey.”
“Nice going.”
“It’s for you”
Damn kid mad me feel gurgles inside. “Whatever you want kid.”
She went back to her drawing. Again I nearly felt almost bad for her. Seriously?! What was going on with me lately? I couldn’t figure any of it out. It was beyond my control. Maybe I should just take the kid to some social services place? No, then I would have to explain myself and I was in no position to do that. I had to keep quiet. And so did the kid. I’d just have to keep her entertained for the time being. I would have to.
“Hey Kid? You like Disney Land?”
“Good! If anyone asks you while you’re with me you’re my sister understood? If you say that, I’ll take you to Disney Land.”
“Really?” She squeaked.
I couldn’t believe I was doing this. “Yes really. Just keep quiet and I’m your sister.”
“Alright! I promise! What’s your name?”
“You don’t need to know that”
“Because I said so.”
"You know my name”
“I should know yours. It’s only fair.”
“How old are you?”
“Well for a six year old, you talk a lot.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Just shut up and stay quiet.”
She grew silent as I drove. Maybe I would keep this kid after all.

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on Jun. 11 2012 at 4:44 pm
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That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!

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Time only numbs all pain, it does not heal the wounds created by, nor does it heal the pain

thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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"growing old is manditory, but growing up is optional"

wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was