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Keeping Secrets

April 12, 2011
By HeyChikka, Hartford, Connecticut
HeyChikka, Hartford, Connecticut
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. This couldn’t be happening. I never thought they would find it. I hope they don’t find any evidence of me being with her that night she never came home. I sprinted up to my room and I swear if I ran next to an Olympic runner right now I would win. Closing the white glossy door to my light plum colored room I lingered toward my huge walk in closet. I stepped in and immediately went to the back of the closet to where it was. The Sweatshirt I had found one day. I stared at it knowing the whole story behind how I found it. It held secrets that I could never share. It pained me to even look at it now all the fateful memories it held brought the whole night back to me.
I remember it like it was yesterday that horrible night

Then one night I had a dream actually not a dream probably a nightmare. I was running and stumbling through the darkness. Something was chasing me. Or someone. I heard a girly laughed that seemed to belong to Hayden near the old abandoned barn that no one goes to at Splendora Park. I sprinted in fearing whatever was chasing me might catch me. Standing on the opposite side of the barn was Hayden wearing all black. She giggled then gave me a cold hard stare.
“Macy? Why did you leave me that night?” she asked with tears coming down my face.
“I am so sorry Hayden I wished I di—“
She looked panicked. Glaring at the door that slowly opened.
“He is coming.” She stated without emotion.
“You need to leave he is coming! Go before he hurts you Macy! Go!”

“No Hayden I am not going to leave you!”

“Leave now! Just when you wake please come and find me!” She cried.

The door swung open. Then I woke up from the nightmare gasping in a cold sweat. I calmed down and went back to sleep.

Taylor R.

Keeping Secrets

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