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The Ghost Girl

October 4, 2021
By Anonymous

Author's note:

This is a novel I wrote for a contest it took me a year and it was a start to a writing career I want! 

We were driving for four noisy hours until we finally arrive at a gas station. My mom told us to wait in the car while she pumped the gas and paid. Ally, of course, complained that she had to use the bathroom! All I heard for 5 minutes is, "I need to go pee!" So, I lost it and yelled at my little, 7-year old sister!

     "WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!" I screamed, looking at my sister who seemed ready to cry.

     "MOOMMY, SISSY YELLED AT MEEE!" My sister screamed, kicking her feet and waving her arms around!

     "Alice Maybeem, say sorry to your sister!" Mom said, giving my sister her phone to play on. "If you don't you're in big trouble, Missy."

     "Fine, Sorry," I mumbled, trying not to roll my eyes, but also trying not to strangle my sister.

    "I am almost done, then we can get back on the road," Mom gleefully told us.

    "Finally, it's been forever. I am hungry, I have to use the bathroom, I'm bored and I was forced to be stuck in the car with you and Ally! How much worse can things get!"

    "ENOUGH Complaining!" Mom disgustingly turned around putting the gas nozzle in the slot!

     Mom got back in the car and turned the key. We pulled out of the gas station and Ally whined, "How long until we're at Grandma's house?" 

     Mom told us that we were almost there. So, I sighed in relief. I could not stand being stuck in the car for a lot more hours! If you're wondering why I am moving in with my Grandma, it's because our house caught fire! I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes, we were at Grandma's. Ally got really happy and ran up to Grandma's door knocking like a crazy person! Mom told me to hurry up and wait for Grandma to open the door! I walked up to her porch, then Grandma's door swung open so hard I thought it was going to fall off. Grandma just stood there, until Ally screamed. 

     "GRANDMA JANE!" Ally screamed!

     "Sugar!" Grandma excitedly yelled hugging my sister like she was about to die!

     "Hi, grandma," I yawned from my little nap.

     "Oh, my. Look how big you got!" Grandma gasped "Time flies so fast!"

     "It really does. Mom." 

     "My sweet little girl" Grandma Jane squealed.

     "Hi, Mom, can we come in now it's a little chilly."

     "Oh yes, please come in" Grandma went on. "You all will love Brim Town."

     I look around and then grandma moves her cat Daisy off the chair. "Now time for rules, sit down the both of you, your mom already knows the rules!" Grandma said with her serious face on, pointing to the seats.

     We sit down and Mom stares at grandma and starts to walk into the kitchen to get something to drink.

     "First rule: Do not run away or leave without telling me or your mom. If your mom says no ask me next. My answer might be different. Second rule: Do not trash my house. Third rule: This is a must, Do not I repeat DO NOT go into the woods. PROMISE!" Grandma yelled at me and my sister!  

     "P-P- Promise!" We both stuttered trying not to sound scared.

   "Good, now go get ready to eat at the best place in town. The pizza is the best thing on their menu though."

    "Ok, Grandma," Ally smiled trying to look cute.

    Ally and I told Mom that grandma wants to go to a diner down a couple blocks. So, we all got ready, and drove to the diner. When we were driving grandma showed us our school, because we were passing it and Ally wanted to know if that was our school. Grandma was happily singing old songs. Mom was fascinated by all the things that changed from when she was a little girl. Ally was writing down in her journal the stuff she did already, and I was sitting in the car bored.

We arrived at the diner and got a seat. We were all talking when the waitress asked us for our drinks. I said water, my Mom said water and so did my Grandma, but my sister wanted chocolate milk. The waitress brought our drinks and took our order. She walked away and we started talking again. Ally and I were doing patty cakes, when my Grandma asked us what we think about Brim Town so far? I told her I like it and so did my sister. Then Ally decided to ask Grandma why we can't go in the woods? Grandma got really mad and started yelling at Ally.

    "Why do you need to go into the woods, no one needs to go into the woods. The woods are bad places, never ever go in the woods unless you want to break your promise and risk your life!"

     Then the waitress came over to give us our food. We all looked at Grandma shocked. Why did Grandma just blow up like that, she never yelled at anyone like that before! We all ate in silence. Until Ally said something.

    "I'm sorry, Grandma I shouldn't have asked that question," Ally quietly whispered.

     "It's ok, I overreacted," Grandma shyly put her napkin down "Now let's eat!" 

    We all started eating. My mom asked me why I was not eating my dinner. I didn't answer right away because I had no clue of what I was going to say.

     "I am just scared of going to a new school."

   "Don't be. It will be fine. You get to make new friends. Now let's eat so we can explore," Mom pointed out!

     I was not lying. That much. I am scared of not being able to make friends, but I was actually thinking of what Grandma said. She said if you want to risk your life! What did she mean? Why did she say that? What would happen if I did go into the woods? I was so clueless but also very hungry, so I did what my mom said; I ate my dinner, and let me tell you my dinner was really good. I did not eat it all because I got a lot of food. I asked everyone if their dinner was as good as mine, they all said yes, except my sister said it was better than all of ours because she's the best. I just rolled my eyes and got up out of my chair. We walked out of the diner and Ally of course wanted to go home, but I wanted to explore. I wanted to explore my new little town.


     I opened my eyes to see my sister bouncing all over my bed, but I am too tired to tell her to stop so I grabbed my pillow and threw it at her. Sadly, she got up from the floor and threw the pillow at me, knocking my alarm clock off my nightstand. I quickly grab it and when I did I couldn't believe the time!

   "IT'S 7:50! WE HAVE SCHOOL AT 8:15!"

   "Duh, that's why I was trying to wake you up" Ally sarcastically said.

    "Well, I am awake so get out of my room now!"

     "Next time I am going to let you be late."


     My sister stomped out of my room and I ran into my closet, trying to find my outfit that I had picked out yesterday! I finally found it, grabbed it and ran into the bathroom! I waited ever since yesterday to go to school and I didn't want my first appearance to be that I was late! I rushed myself and try to hurry up. I finally got done and run downstairs so fast I skip some steps! When I get downstairs I see my sister eating pancakes, I sit down really fast, eat, get my sister and run out the door! Ally is behind me but I keep running. We finally make it, I run into school and since I am not paying attention, I bump into a girl.

"Sorry, I'm new and I am panicking because I don't know where to go" I stuttered picking up the girl's papers.

"It's ok, Hi I'm Sabrina." 

"Hi, I'm Alice Maybeem."

"Sabrina Hill."


"I am new too, but I know that's the bell, whose class are you in for Math?"

"Mrs. Kim's class" I commented looking at my schedule.

"Me to, follow Me!"

I followed Sabrina all the way to Math class. We walked in the door and the teacher started talking, Sabrina showed me an empty seat in the second row. I sat down and Mrs. Kim started talking.

"Morning Class, we have a new classmate. It's a girl and her name is Alice Maybeem. Alice can you please stand up?

I stand up and everyone looks at me even the teacher. I try to breath in and out so I don't panic. I hate standing up in front of a lot of people because all of the eyes are starring at me! I nervously look at Sabrina and see her smiling giving me thumbs up. I look down at the floor, breathe and I finally talk.

"Hi, my name is Alice and I love to explore nature and draw. I have a sister named Ally Maybeem. I just moved here yesterday, and I am looking forward to making friends!"

*Everyone in the room claps*

"Please open your books to Chapter 3 page 26. Sabrina if Alice needs help, can you help her!" Mrs. Kim announced.

"Yes," Sabrina says smiling at me.

I listen and copy everything down. Sabrina kept asking if I needed help and I told her no. Class is over and I am about to walk out of class when Mrs. Kim stopped me. 

"Alice can we talk" Mrs. Kim asks.

I walk over to her desk and she pulls a piece of paper out with my name.

"Since you are new, you have to take this test, it is just so that the school gets to know you better" Mrs. Kim tells me "I need this back at the end of the day. So, make sure you fill it out, if you need help ask ask me or anyone else. Have a good day"

I walk away reading all 10 questions!

1. Are you nervous when talking to new people? Sometimes

2. Did you like your move? Yes 

3. Do you like Wood Highs Middle School so far? Yes

4. How did you move here? Car

5. Do you have any siblings? If so how many? Yes and 1

6. What school does your sibling/ siblings go to? Little Rose Elementary 

7. Where do you live? At 222 Hight Road

8. Do you have a phone? If so what is your number? Yes 610- 553-6590

9. What are you looking forward to most? Exploring

10. Anything else you would like to tell us? No

I fill them out and I walk into my science class. I see Sabrina waving at me so I wave back. I don't have to stand up for Science class or do anything! When science is over it is Social Studies time. I get done with Social Studies and finally it is time for lunch. At lunch I get my food and look around for Sabrina. I finally see her waving from one of the end tables. I start walking towards her when I trip and fall over someone's feet. When I fall I can hear laughing and snickering all around me. That's when this girl stands up and tells me to watch where I am going. After she laughs at me she walks away smiling! Sabrina comes over and offers some help and of course I get sauce on her jacket because I got spaghetti instead of a sandwich. She takes me to the bathroom and I thank her,asking who that girl is?

"That is Victoria, don't listen to her" Sabrina states grabbing paper towels.

"Sorry for getting sauce on you," I say looking down at the plain white floor.

"It's ok! Let's just clean your shirt off a little and go to the nurse’s office." She tells me wiping away some of the spaghetti sauce.

Sabrina throws away the napkin and tells me to follow her. We leave the bathroom and kids start to stare. This is not how I planned my first day of school! We get to the nurse’s office and tell them what happened. They ask me my size and hand me a shirt. I go back to the girl's bathroom, change, and walk back to the nurse’s office. They hand me a bag and I put my dirty shirt in it. I then look at the clock to see what time it is and realize we are 10 minutes late for ELA. I tell Sabrina and we both run out of there like a fire was happening! We get up the steps and make it in ELA. The teacher tells us that this is a warning and one more time of being late and we have to go to the principal’s office. So, I run to my seat and get my ELA book out.1 hour of ELA and I am done with school for the day. I get outside and wait for Sabrina. She comes out and we walk until we have to separate. I go my way home and she goes hers.

When I get home, my Grandma tells me we are having grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner. Then I get greeted by my sister.

"Go away" My sister says when I am about to talk to her.

"Hi Mom, I am home" I say rolling my eyes.

"Your just in time to help" she says "Your sister needs help with the soup and I am making the grilled cheese so they don't burn, can you help her?" My mom asks watching the grilled cheese sandwiches.

"Sure, what should I do?"

"Just make sure that she does not spill any soup and if she does please clean it up!" Mom tells me.

"What smells so good?" Grandma sniffs.

"My soup!" Ally tries to say sassy. 

I am about to grab napkins when I see a shadow figure out the window. I tell Mom and she tells me I am crazy. Grandma just stares out the window and Ally just keeps humming and stirring the pot of soup. I tell them that I must be seeing things because I am tired from the Math test I had today. When dinner is done and everyone ate, I go to my room. When I sit down I think I see a shadow at the corner of my eye. It is dead silent, it is so quiet that you could hear the birds outside chirping. Then Sabrina knocks on my window.

"Hey bestie, I asked my parents if I can sleepover, is your Grandma and Mom ok with it?"

"Y- Yes." I stutter trying to take breathes. My heart is pounding so hard like it is an elephant.

"Cool, you don't look to well, are you ok? are you sick?" Sabrina says checking my forehead.

"I am fine, you just scared me!"

She climbs through the window and I tell her to follow me, so my family can meet her. 

"Mom, Grandma, annoying sister, I would like you to meet my friend Sabrina."

"Hi, my name is Sabrina Hill and I live at 104 Oak Lane."

"Hello, my name is Carrie Maybeem, also known as Mom and it is nice to meet you!" 

Grandma waves and my sister gives Sabrina a hug. We both go into my room and try find something to do, since I just moved I did not have that many toys that the both of us could play! Then my mom told me to clean my room. While cleaning I am positive that I see the same shadow from before. I don't know who it is, or what they want, but I do know I'm not going crazy, or am I...

I woke up and Sabrina was still sleeping. When I walked into the kitchen, Grandma was sitting at the table drinking her tea. When Grandma saw me she asked what I wanted for breakfast? I told her pancakes because I love Grandma's pancakes, the middle is soft and buttery and the outside is crispy! Sabrina must have smelled the pancakes. Mom walked into the kitchen and got ready for work, (even though it is Saturday my mom still has work). Ally walks in the room screaming because there is a fly in her room. Sabrina and I finish eating, then we go outside to roll down the hill. After we get out of our pajamas, Sabrina goes to the bathroom and I watch the birds chase each other, that's when I noticed a girl sitting on a bench. The girl is wearing a yellow top that says "sunshine garden", shorts, and a pair of white sneakers. The girl has dark brown hair in a pony tail, and is reading a book on animals around the world. I walk up to her and when she sees me she smiles.

"Hi, can I sit here?" I ask.

"Of course," The girl smiles.

"What is your name?" I question.

"My name is Leah, what's yours?" Leah adds.

"My name is Alice."

We get interrupted by Sabrina, I tell Sabrina about Leah. Then I ask if Leah wants to come inside with Sabrina and I. She agrees to come in and Grandma asks me who the other girl is.

"This is Leah, she was sitting outside reading a book about animals, on the bench outside" I tell her

Grandma says hi and walks over to her tv and turns it on to the game show channel. I take Leah and Sabrina into my room, and we all tell each other about us. We tell 5 things about us, our name, our favorite book series, a fun fact, and if you ever had a pet, what was it name, and finally our age.

"My name is Sabrina; my favorite book series is Kim and The Big Bad Sister. A fun fact about me is that, I skipped a grade when I was little. I had 2 dogs when I was little and their names where Luna and Lola, and my age is 14.

"My name is Alice, my favorite book series is called Che and Chi, it's about 2 girls that don't know they're sisters until their parents meet! A fun fact is in my old school I was the teacher's favorite. I never had a pet, and I am 13.

"Hi my name is Leah and I love the book series Wild Vanessa. I have many fun facts but one is I am really popular at the place- The Old Red Barn. I never had a pet, but I love animals! My age is 12.

After everyone took their turn, we all got a snack in the kitchen. Hours go by and Grandma and Mom both let Leah sleep over, but mom said no more people can sleep over. Mom tells us to go to sleep and get well rested, for some reason I feel tired but I can't fall asleep. Finally, I close my eyes.

*Brring* My phone goes off and I wake up. I am surprised to see Sabrina up. When Sabrina sees me wake up she tells me that Leah is in the bathroom. I pick up my phone and see that I got an email from the school saying that on Saturday there is going to be a play and Monday is the last day to sign up! I asked Sabrina if she signed up?

"I did sign up, but I don't think I will get the part I want."

"How many parts are there?  What part did you want?" I wondered.

"There are 6 parts, I want the leads best friend" Sabrina smiled.

"Can you tell me the names, because I might sign up, I love plays!"

Then Leah walks in the room and we tell her what we're talking about. The parts for the play are...

Princess- Rose

Maid- Violet

Slave- Grace

Slave- Louis

Slave- Noah

Prince- Andrew

That's the name of the roles. So far, the only roles, a girl in our class said is taken is, The Prince, one of the boy Slaves, and the girl Slave. The rest are still open for auditions. I of course am totally going to sign up for the princess even though I don’t like being in front of people, I love plays!

We all got dressed and ready to play outside, when Leah tells me that she has to go home. After she left Sabrina and I went outside to play with a ball. During our game of soccer, Ally came running outside, screaming that we are having tacos for dinner. After 10 minutes we went inside for breakfast, Mom made eggs and bacon and Ally wanted pancakes again. Sabrina and I both got done at the same time, so we went back outside. We were both having fun when Sabrina's Mom told her she has to come home. That of course made us both upset, but we agreed to have a sleepover again! I go inside and Mom is sitting of the couch watching the game show channel with Grandma, and Ally is playing with her dolls. I go into my room and see a text message from Leah, asking if Sabrina and I want to see her perform at the Old Red Barn? I said of course and asked if she wanted to sleepover next week? She said that she will need to ask her parents. I never heard of the Old Red Barn before so I asked Grandma where and what the Old Red Barn is?

"Who did you hear that name from?" Grandma said looking worried.

"Leah is going to do a performance there."

"The Old Red Barn was a place where you could be you and no one laughed at you, but that was abandoned years ago from an accident that happened to a poor young girl."

"What was the accident?" I asked looking at Mom and Ally who were both staring at Grandma.

"The barn was old and a strong windy storm passed by. The barn was trashed, paper was everywhere, some of the lights fell over, and chairs where blown everywhere. Everyone tried to clean up as much as they could. A young girl about your age was singing and dancing. When suddenly a light fell and the little girl got hurt so bad she had to go to the hospital, but she did not make it!"

I stood there staring at Grandma with tears falling down my face, I could not imagine what that was like!

"How do you know that grandma?" I ask wiping the tears away.

"Because that girl was my friend!" Grandma says with a tear falling down her cheek.

Grandma sighs so deep you could hear it all the way at the bottom of the ocean.

"Grandma, that's the saddest story I ever heard" Ally says.

"I don't know how your friend is going to perform there, it is abandoned" Grandma says.

"Grandma, what was your friends name?" I ask.

"Was it Mia? I don't remember but it was something that sounded like Mia!"

I told Grandma that I am going to go to my room and get my homework together. I decide to text Leah and ask her if she got the place right. She didn't respond back until it was time for bed and it said that the Old Red Barn was the right place!

It's Friday and I can't wait for our sleepover. Sabrina and I talked about it all week and got all kinds of ideas. I got home from school and Mom asked if I got a part in the play. I told her no but Sabrina did get the part she wanted. I was texting Sabrina and Leah while I get ready for our sleepover. When Leah texts back that she needs to ask her parents. I tell her that I will come with her and that I can't wait for her performance. That's when Ally starts coming in my room!

"Do you remember what Grandma said about the Old Red Barn? Don't you think that is scary? Why don't you tell your friend what Grandma said?" Ally continued "Do you think it will be haunted? I never saw Grandma cry before. Did you ever see her cry?"

"OUT" I screamed.

"You didn't answer any of my questions!"

"Here is a question for you, why are you in my room?"

"I'm bored and I want to be invited to the sleepover!"

Ally and I argued for about 10 minutes until she finally stomped away. Telling me she will never speak to me again. Of course, I don't believe her, but I kept thinking she was right. I never saw Grandma cry, and Ally being right never happens! All I want to worry about is the sleep over. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. I run to the door and Mom tells me not to run in the house. I start to speed walk, but Ally opens the door and starts talking.

"Hi your Leah, right?" She asks.

"Yes!" Leah says smiling.

I walk out the door and close it behind me. Leah and I have to ask her parents if she can sleep over.

"Where do you live?" I ask.

"I live in a tiny house, in the woods."

I stand there wondering if I am hearing things or if Leah actually said that I cannot go with her to ask her parents if she can sleep over, because my Grandma does not want me in the woods!

"Are you ok?"

"I am fine, let's hurry and go so that we can start the sleepover!" I say looking around so that Grandma, Mom, or Ally does not see me go into the woods!

We walk into the woods and follow this dirt path. We get to this old white house, Leah opens the door and there is nothing in the house but a broken table, broken chairs and an old tv. When I walk in the house and turn around, Leah is not around.

"Leah? Leah, where are you? Hello?"

"I am in front of you."

I look in front of me, but I see no one.

"Go outside!"

I walk outside and when I turn around Leah is in front of me. I just stand there, wondering what is happening? I tell Leah to go inside and when she does She disappears. I stand there with my mouth open. When Leah walked back outside she was standing there, looking confused.

"Is everything ok? Because you look like you just saw a ghost."

Everything was not ok and I think I did just see a ghost. I feel like I can't move. I try to force words out, but nothing comes out.

"Well I am going to ask my parents if I can sleep over. You can stay out here!"

It happens again she walks in the house and she disappears. I try to rub my eyes thinking it's a dream, I am sleeping! That's when Leah walks out and tells me that she can't sleep over. I shake my head ok, because I can't talk. I force myself to walk away. When I get out the woods my Mom comes home and tells me that we are going to pick Sabrina up.

"Sabrina, can I tell you something when we get to my house?"


We are driving home so that Sabrina and I can have our sleepover. When we get to our house, I drag Sabrina in the room and shut the door closed. Trying to think of a calm way to say that I think Leah is a ghost!

"Did something happen with Leah? Is everything ok?" Sabrina states looking worried. "Something did happen with Leah. I think she is a.....Ghost!" I say looking at the ground.

​"A ghost?" 

"It might sound crazy.... but I saw Leah disappear!"


"At her house!... In the woods!"

"I thought you said you can't go in there?"

"I only went in because that's where she lives." That's when I hear a knock on the door and it is Ally! I tell her to go away and tell Sabrina that she should go to Leah's house!

"Maybe I will go after her performance!" That's when I forgot about her performing at the Old Red Barn. Sabrina and I decide to play outside and help Grandma answer questions on the game show channel. The clock on the wall makes it's sound, and Sabrina and I only have 1 hour until we need to see Leah at the Old Red Barn. We go into my room and talk.

"If Leah is a ghost, how are we seeing her?" Sabrina says looking around.

"I don't know it was just an idea! What else disappears!"

We talk about Leah and I tell Sabrina about the Old Red Barn.

"Hey Leah rhymes with Mia! Maybe there sisters!" We laugh and talk more. Then I ask Sabrina if she is excited about doing the play? She says yes, that's when the clock rings and it is time to go see Leah perform. I hope she does not disappear and I hope that the Old Red Barn is not creepy and haunted.

Sabrina and I were walking to the Old Red Barn, we finally arrived and Leah was happy to see us and was excited to perform. I did not see anyone else around, but I thought that maybe everyone is late and will come soon. That's when Leah tells us to sit down and watch her perform!

"Aren't we going to wait for everyone else?" I question.

"No one else is coming!" Leah states.

Leah walks on the stage and she starts dancing. I try not to imagine the light falling down on Leah! Then right at that moment the light falls and goes right through Leah on the floor! I sit there shocked but not as shocked as Sabrina! Leah must not have noticed the light and finishes dancing. After she is done, she sees the light and looks at the both of us and runs off into the woods! I try to run after her and I notice that Sabrina is standing there like a statue. 

"Are you coming?" I say looking in the woods.

"The light went through her!"

I look at Sabrina and run into the woods I try to find her house, but I can't find it. I finally give up and find a way out. When I get out of the woods I notice that I am in Grandma's yard! That's when I see Ally standing in the yard running around. Mom planting flowers from the flower shop in town, and Grandma sitting on a swinging chair with a book in her hand staring at me. Everyone is frozen and silent! I don't move or talk, but Grandma does...

"Why where you in the woods? I told you to never go in there! You’re grounded." Grandma says slamming the book down she was reading on the chair and walking in the house.

Ally continues to play, and Mom tells me to go inside and get ready for dinner. I walk inside and try to tell Grandma what happened, but she would not listen! Finally, she gives up and let me talk to her.

"Leah ran into the woods and I went to get her." I state trying to explain why I was in the woods.

"I don't want Leah in it either." 

"She needs to go into the woods." I say.

"Why would she need to go into the woods?" Grandma says whipping her head around.

"She lives in the woods." I scream.

Grandma looks at me like I am crazy, then Mom and Ally come in the house and we get ready to eat hot dogs. I go in my room and slam my door shut! I don't know why Grandma is so mad! That's when I remember what Grandma said, that the light fell on her friend, then I tell myself what if Leah is my grandma's friend? I try to forget about that thought and read a book. That's when Mom calls Me and I walk into the kitchen to eat. I decide to say sorry to Grandma. 

"I am sorry for going into the woods."

"I thought you were going to see Leah perform not go into the woods!" Grandma says looking at me.

"Sabrina and I did watch her, but then something happened that made Leah run into the woods" I say trying not to tell Grandma about the light.

"What happened?" Mom asked.

I try to think of something to say besides she was dancing and a light went through her! I hate lying and I never lie, unless it is important, and I would lie, but I can't find anything to say!

"A light fell through her!" I say really fast.

Mom and Ally just stare at me, and Grandma drops her glass of tea on the floor.

"This is only an idea, but I think Leah is a ghost!" I say closing my eyes.

"Leah, Mia! I think your right!" Grandma says sighing.

I open my eyes and just sit there and blink, I did not expect Grandma to say that. Ally sits there and says nothing and Mom shakes her head. I put my plate in the sink and go to my room. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. Then I fall asleep.

I wake up and get dressed do my normal routine, but when I walk into the living room, Sabrina is sitting on the sofa, next to Grandma. 

"Good morning" Grandma says.

"Hi, sorry about yesterday."

"Why are you here? I ask.

"You told texted me at midnight and told me that if Leah is a ghost, then you know why she is around." Sabrina says showing me the text

"I forgot about that!"

"So, why can we see her or why is Leah around?"

"I think Leah is around because she can't be free!" I say "I think we need to watch Leah perform her dance, but it can't be just 2 people it needs to be more."

"How many more?" Sabrina questions.

"Grandma how many people where at the Old Red Barn when you where little?"


We talk more and Grandma tells me that today is the date of her friend's death, that's when I say that we should do it tonight! Then Sabrina tells me that the play is tonight.

"I need to go to the play tonight."

"But we need 5 people."

Sabrina looks at the floor then at me.

"Maybe I can give my role to Victoria, since she did not get one."

I smile and hug Sabrina so tight she could not breathe. Then I went into my room and grabbed my phone so I can text Leah. I tell Sabrina that we need to meet Leah at the Old Red Barn. Mom tells Ally to get ready and then Grandma tells me that she is not coming.

"You need to come!"

"I can't go back to that place after what happened to Leah" Grandma states.

"Grandma, please."

Finally, after 3 minutes of arguing, Grandma agrees to come. When we arrive at the Old Red Barn, Grandma and Ally set up 5 chairs, Sabrina cleans up leaves, and Mom and I move the light that was on the floor. I see Leah and tell her everything!

"I don't know how to say this but I think you’re a ghost, and I have an idea why we can see you." I say trying to smile.

Leah looks around and then looks at me " I know I'm a ghost..." She says "I try to hide it from everyone I talk to, when you looked at me weird at my house the other day, I knew you saw me disappear! Also, I don't have parents, I told you no because I was scared that you would ask me about me disappearing." She sighs "the only reason I performed was because I did not want you to think I was a ghost, so I danced anyway. When I saw the light, I freaked out and ran! Anyway, what is your idea?"

I tell Leah that I think we all need to watch her perform. She says ok and goes on the stage. Mom presses the play button on a radio and Leah starts dancing. She comes to the end of her dance and I see Grandma crying and smiling. When Leah finishes, we all clap and a light shine on Leah. That's when we all knew it worked! Everyone says goodbye and Leah disappears. After she disappears I see a piece of paper on the floor that says Grandma's name on it, I give it to her and she reads it out loud:

Hello my dear friend, you might be sad that I am gone, but you also might not have known it was me! I just want to tell you, you were a sister to me! I hope you will never forget me.

Love always, Leah!

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