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December 8, 2020
By 3e00, Gilford, New Hampshire
3e00, Gilford, New Hampshire
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Bezum spent most of his life living with his mother who treated him like a small child since he was born. When she's taken away he's absolutely devestated and spends almost 24 hours on the ground crying, when he decides to go to bed he tries to take the medication his mother had given to him every night, but they remind him too much of her and he chucks them out the window, no more than a day later Arthur shows up at his door. Arthur is presumably the detective from the stories his mother told, or at least exactly as Bezum imagined him. They team up to go back to the murder sight to find clues as the duo grows closer together throughout the story and discover a dark secret about Bezum, the detective, and his mother.

Elijah M.


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