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The School and the Woman Named Jane

September 9, 2020
By GrimReaper888, Hudson, New Hampshire
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GrimReaper888, Hudson, New Hampshire
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The school had tall towers and had many windows. It looked like a mansion. It was as tall as a skyscraper but as wide as a mansion. It probably had millions of windows. It was made out of dark red brick but it was crumbling and decrepit. There were stains on the windows and walls and the bell at the very top of the building that was one golden now was rusty and cracked from the weather. The entrance to the school was very impressive. The entrance was a huge green lawn with an arch that stretched over the length of the lawn. The arch was black and falling apart but you could still make out the wonderful designs etched into the surface. I could make out what it said. It said: “welcome ad schola ad unfortunates” I have no clue what that meant but it probably didn’t mean anything important. I rolled down the window and took in the wonderful grassy scent. We drove under the arch we kept on driving and a little way past the arch was a tall gate. It was also black and crumbling but it still worked fine. The gate was open and we drove through it. We were at the entrance. We parked the car and got out of the car three other cars parked near us and out of each of them one of my friends stepped out. I waved at them and they waved back, little purses in their hands. On the right of the building, there was a little gift shop and my friends pointed toward it and beckoned me over. I shook my head, pointed to the school and beckoned them over. They smiled shook their heads and did the same motion with their hands again. I shook my head and finally pushed my hands toward them in a motion that told them that they can go on their own while I go to school. They nodded in return and turned and started walking to the gift shop. I watched my friends a little longer before I turned to my parents and asked if I could go inside the school. They nodded and told me to meet them at the gift shop when I was done. I nodded, turned and started toward the school. My parents yelled behind me saying that they would be at the gift shop if I needed them I waved my hand dismissal and continued walking. I walked toward the wide stairs that lead up to the double doors that lead to the inside of the building. The doors were also black just like the arch and the gate. Just like the gate the door had writing etched into it. The writing said: ave autem vobis Olim foribus intus non revertens. Like the arch, I did not understand the writing. The door was very beautiful though. It had a knocker. The knocker was a demon and the one next to it was an angel. There was A doorbell. The doorbell was a skull. I pressed it. A person answered the door. A beautiful lady answered the door. She had long blonde curly hair, blue eyes with little flecks of grey, dark skin, long filed nails, and gold hoop earrings. She also had a gorgeous expensive looking ring on her finger. She was wearing a long flowing dress. It was a cute little dress. It was pink and purple with little gold and silver flecks. She was wearing teal sneakers with little orange stripes. “Hello are you here for the tour?” she asked. “Yes?” I answered. “step right in.” she replied. “What is your name sweety?” she asked. “Roxie. Roxie Jade Bloom.” I answered. “Wow, what a beautiful name. My name is Jane Moon Love.” She answered. “Wow, that is the most beautiful name I have ever heard.” I exclaimed. “Thank you, sweety.” Jane smiled. Jane lead me through a foyer. It was quite homey. It smelled old and dusty. There were paintings on the walls. Jane continued walking and I looked at the beautiful candle chandelier. Jane lead me through the foyer and into a hallway. I followed her through the hallway. The hallway was long and smelled old and dusty and there were stains on the walls and the air was humid. On the walls, there were portraits of serious-looking men and women. I shivered because It looked like they were looking at me. Jane continued down the hallway. There were a lot of doors lining the walls between the portraits. Jane lead me to the end of the hallway and turned left. There was a door and she opened it and lead me inside. I walked into the room and found out it was an office. It was a big office with only one window and a dark brown desk. There were a few chairs and a bookshelf behind the desk. Jane took a seat behind the desk. Jane organized some files on her desk and put them aside. She motioned for me to sit down and I took a seat in front of her desk. “ So you said you were here for the free tour that we are offering today?” jane asked. “Yes.” I answered. “Well it looks like I will be your tour guide because all of the other tour guides duty at the moment.” jane answered with a smile. “Okay?” I said. “Well let’s begin.” Jane got up and walked toward the door that we entered and motioned for me to follow. I got up out of the chair and followed her out of the office. “This used to be a mansion.” Jane started. “But the owners turned it into a school.” “did you see the arch on the lawn?” “Well, how could I not?” Jane laughed. “That arch is called the Felicity Arch. It was named after the owner’s wife, Felicity June Fawn.” “I have a question.” “Yes, sweety?” “You know the arch?” “Yes?” “Well it had some cool designs on it and I noticed something etched into it. It said something like “welcome ad schola ad infortunatus” what does that mean?” I asked. Jane tensed. She suddenly turned very pale. Jane hesitated before saying “It means nothing important don’t stress yourself over it, sweety.” “Okay?” “Okay anyway let’s continue.” “Jane lead me to the right of the hallway that walked through before we went into the office. There was another door there and we walked through it. “This school has 1000 rooms which include 100 guest rooms, 100 bathrooms, 50 family rooms, 50 living rooms, and 50 kitchens.” “Wow!” “Wow indeed!” I could sense some tension in Jane’s voice like she wasn’t telling the full story. Behind the door we walked through there was a winding staircase that led down but she leads me around it. I asked what was down there be she dismissed my question with a wave. There was something Jane wasn’t telling me and I was going to find out what. 


 Jane lead me into a room with a lot of windows. she explained that it was a family room. There were a lot of old torn couches and chairs. They were dusty and old and the color was worn out and faint. “This is where the owners sat to relax. It is one of the many fams-” JANE WAS CUT OF MID SENTENCE BY A MUFFLED MUSICAL CHIME SOUND ching a ling -aling- aling shingaling-aling -aling chingaling-alin- aling shingaling-aling-aling ''Excuse me for a second I will be right back stay here I am going to the office to answer this call you can go exploring but don’t go to far okay and whatever you do don’t go down there.” Jane pointed to the stairs that descended. “Okay.” “I won’t be too long.” Jane rapidly walked away and I heard a door creak open and slam shut. I sighed and stayed put. After a few minutes, I became bored so I sat down on the couch but instantly stood up because when I sat down I disturbed the dust that coated the couch and it came up in a cloud of dirt and dust. After a while, I became bored and curious. I looked at the stairs Jane specifically told me not to go down but I was bored so I looked at the closed office door and looked back at the stairs that went down, hesitated and then I walked over to the stairs and started walking down. I winced as the stairs creaked loudly with each heavy step I took. After each step, I looked back at the office door that was closed. Then I looked back down at the steps. I felt like each step creaked louder than the last as if telling me to turn back before I got in trouble. I was near the bottom of the stairs when suddenly I tripped and fell to the bottom. I tumbled down the remainder of the stairs and hit the bottom with an earthquake thump I worriedly looked up the stairs at the door. It was still closed. I listened closely but all I heard was the muffled voice of Jane still talking on the phone. I started regretting what I was doing when I turned around and looked down the dark and mysterious hallway. I took one last look at the door and turned and started down the hallway.


 I looked at the walls of the hallway. Only torches lit my way. Someone must have replaced them when they were low. I continued walking. I soon reached the end of the hallway. The hallway opened up into a large room. The room was huge. The room had gray concrete floors and torches lined the walls. The torches illuminated the room and showed the horrid things that filled the room. I gasped with horror. “What in the this is what Jane was hiding. So this is why she looked so tense when I asked about the stairs. I don’t think this is just a school... Well if this is not a school...what is this place? I must find some answers.”

A normal school does not have prisoner shackles and fetters... A normal school does not have electric chairs... A normal school does not have torturing devices...A normal school does not have blood on the walls... A normal school does not have dead bodies and random body parts littered all over the place... A normal school does not have jars filled with blood, intestines, brains, eyeballs, and other body parts on shelves... A normal school does not have prison cells filled with dead bodies and blood splashed on the walls and iron chains hanging from the ceilings and attached to the floors... A normal school does not have whips...But ...this...this is not a normal school. Whatever this place is I am glad I was not enrolled here when it was up and running...I am glad it’s abandoned now … and I'm glad I was not alive when it was up and running. But I know one thing is for sure is that I feel so bad for the people that had to go to this school. Wait a minute Jane said that this was a mansion before. Why did it have all this here what was it used for and why? I need some answers and I'm afraid the only person who could give them to me is Jane. But if Jane knew I was down here… what would she do to me exceptionally since she knew that this was here… well, I guess if I want answers I need to confess...sadly but I need answers and to get them this is the only option. 

“AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” someone was chasing me. I could hear their footsteps. “Click clack click clack click clack” I was looking inside the room and examining it and looking for clues when I heard the sound. THE UNUSUAL PART WAS I HEARD A LONG SCRAPING SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WAS DRAGGING A CHAIN AGAINST A chalkboard. I was so scared. I was afraid it was jane coming to look for me and punish me for coming down here I shivered at the thought of being chained up and slowly being tortured. I ran to the other side of the room and found a door I tried the handle it was locked. I searched the room and found there was a staircase that leads upwards it was my best bet. I sprinted up the stairs. My footsteps echoed loudly on the steps. I winced as the steps creaked and squeaked loudly. I reached the top of the stairs and turned a corner. It led into a dark hallway lined with torches I ran down the hallway as fast as I could but the click clomp of the footsteps still followed. THE footsteps WERE COMING CLOSER, CLOSER, CLOSER… Someone with a voice that was very familiar shouted my name loudly but I ignored it and kept running. The voice called me again this time very close. It called again right on top of me now so close that... A HAND GRABBED MY SHOULDER... I screamed and kicked… my foot hit the target beautifully...

“OoooooooooWwwwwwwwww!” I turned around sharply and gasped as I realized who I just kicked. I was staring straight into the eyes of a very, very, very, angry friend. “What in the world was that for!!!” “OmG, I am so sorry I did not realize it was you. You know I lash out at people who touch me when I’m scared!” “Well, I’m sorry I was just trying to show you my fake shackles that I got from the gift shop when you ran.” “Sorry, Simone.” ‘It’s okay Roxie.” “So anyway, what is this place it gives me the heebie-jeebies.” Simone shivered. “Wait how did you know I was here.” “I don’t know. I rang the doorbell and a very beautiful lady answered the door. She led me through the house asked if I was here for the tours blah blah blah and then told me not to go down here but I was bored because she had to leave and go on a phone call and anyway I went down here anyway and I saw you so I ran to catch up to you but you ran away so I chased you so here I am.” “Okay, that’s strange because that same thing happened to me minus the chasing part.” “Hmmm...that’s strange she didn’t come looking for you and she didn’t mention you when I was with her.” ‘Hmm.. that is strange.” “Yeah.” “Hmmm…” “Okay, well we can’t find answers by sitting around asking questions we don’t know the answers to let’s figure out where we are and we will go from there,” Simone said. “It appears we are at the end of the hallway and look there is a door. Let’s go inside.” I walked over to the door and opened it. The door was black and dust and was stained. Simone looked at it with a raised eyebrow but said nothing as we both walked inside the room. The room was huge and circular in shape it had a very tall ceiling that seemed to go up forever. There were shelves filled with weapons and ladders that went up to reach the higher shelves. There were desks and chairs with metal chains attached to them. “some kind of armory,” I mumbled. “Yeah, It appears so.” “Wait, Simone, Felicity, and Josephine?” “oh! I told them I was going to go look for you to show you what I got at the gift shop and they said they didn’t want to come along so I just left them to finish their shopping so I could go find you and here I am.” “Oh, okay, let’s look around.” There were shelves were full of many different types of weapons. There were longswords, longbows, spears, battle-axes, katanas, maces, gladius, scimitars, ballistas, war hammers, knightly swords, flails, ranseurs, pikes, zweihanders, bardiches, caltrops, shurikens, horseman’s picks, Hunga mungas, triple daggers, chakrams, uriums, lantern shields, and Sodegarami. I looked closely at the nearest shelf. I looked at the weapons and gasped when I realized that There was blood on most of the swords and daggers on that shelf. There was a metallic smell in the air. The smell of blood. There was also a faint dirt smell a smell of old people and museums. It was dust. It smelled like blood and dust and something else but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Achoo.” “Bless you.” “Thanks.” Simone was examining something on the door. Simone leaned in and blow on the door. Dust flew into Simone's eyes and face and she broke into a coughing fit. “Simone omg are you okay?” “Yeah...cough...cough ...I’m...cough... Fine... cough... cough.” “You don’t sound fine.” “Cough...Cough...Ugh.. just continue what you were doing.” "Okay." A few minutes later I heard a squeal. "Simone are you okay?" "Yes...I think I found something." "What is it?" "This is not an's a torturing room.

"WHAT!!!" "Yes, it says so right here in Latin - " "You understand Latin?!?" "Yes, I took a special class in school and another separate class out of school." "Cool." "It says torquente locus which means torturing room in Latin hmm.." "What?" "It appears to say something else..." "What?" "It says In hanc sententiam vestram coram vobis praeparet..." "What does that mean." "It means you will die in this room prepare to face your doom." 

"Hmmm..." "What is it, Simone." "This one looks recent." "How recent." "It looks like it was etched into the door a few minutes ago." "But that's impossible!" "Not impossible I was chasing you a few minutes ago maybe someone wanted to have a little fun and prank us by looking up Latin and writing this on the door." Simone turned and screamed as loudly as she could "HAHAHAHA VERY FUNNY YOU HAD YOUR FUN COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF YOU LITTLE COWARD!!!!!!!!!!" "Simone-" "COME OUT!" “Simone-" "COME ON OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF!" "SIMONE- STOP! YOU ARE GOING TO WAKE UP THE DEAD! CHINA CAN HEAR YOU! HEY CHINA CAN YOU HEAR HER BECAUSE IF YOU CAN'T THE DEAD SURE CAN!" Clomp clomp clomp "What is that?" "HAHAHA, YOU CALLED ME AND TOLD ME TO COME SO HERE I AM HEHE."

 A beautiful woman with a torn dress and scars on her face that looked recent walked into the room. She smelled sweet like roses but there was another smell an old, dusty, smell that smelled like death. There was a sort of darkness about her. "Who are you?" “Don’t you recognize me?” “I do,” Simone answered. “Hello, Jane.” "Hello, Simone." 

“Hello, Roxie.” Jane waved. “So you do remember.”Of course, I remember I never forget just like I didn’t forget the precious information Simone gave me when we were talking earlier.” “And what information is that?” “that you are here for a fun little field trip and left your friends at the gift shop to do their shopping,” Jane said with a smirk. When jane saw my jaw drop she smiled even wider. “but don't worry I paid them a little visit as well and it wasn't a very pleasant one either.” “What else do you know about us?” “I also know that if you don't do as I say and give me what I want they will experience each one of the little torturing methods that I have in store for them up my sleeve." "Please, why are you doing this." "Because ..I'm a monster and that is what monsters do." "What do you mean you're a monster." "I mean what I said and I said what I mean I am a monster I am not human if I have lived this far and survived all these years. " "So what you are saying is that you are not alive either." "Nope. Why? Is that a problem? You won't accept me as a human just because I am not one? Well, no matter I never wanted to be human anyway. is there something special humans are supposed to do anyway? No? I thought so. Anyway, I need to prepare my little friends for the torturing ceremony and gather some friends of my own."
And with that Jane turned on her heel and left Simone and Roxie to star at the space where she was standing and gasp in shock and think at all they had just heard and think about what they were going to do next.

The woman left taking her unusual scent with her. I realized that this whole time her chest was not rising or falling to indicate that she was breathing so either she was good at holding her breath and talking at the same time or she was as dead as she claimed to be. "You know what we have to do now right Roxie." "Unfortunately yes, yes I do know what we have to do next." "And that is…?" "And that is... we have to go save our friends from Jane if it is the last thing we do." "I agree." "Let's go save our friends...and get answers along the way if we can."
To be continued...

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