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Run Away

November 6, 2019
By Anonymous


This is the ninth time this month to move to a new school. I thought that this move would be different because we lost the chasers 3 months ago, but little did I know, it was gonna be the craziest move yet...My name is Everlee Havenway and I’am from a little town in Michigan called Petoskey. Growing up I would always hear my parents arguing whether or not to run or to stay put to see if they would find us. My mom, being a parent wanted to stay put so I had the chance of a normal life, and to grow up in one town, but instead I grew up in 11 different towns. I got my looks from my dad with a long and narrow body, with long black hair that falls behind my shoulders. I’ve never been normal, on my 12th birthday I got a backpack and a good pair of running shoes instead of a barbie doll. My parents never told me why we are running, they just say there work “requires travel”. We moved into our new apartment yesterday and I attend my first day of school tomorrow.

First days to me are like going to the dentist. You feel sick waiting for the day, and then once you’re there you want to hurry and get the day over with. I arrived at Riverdale High School and I noticed all the groups, we got the normal jocks, nerds, gamers, but the one thing that wasn’t there was the “mean girls”. I just thought that they didn’t want to get there pretty little hair all messed up from the faint breeze that was going through the sweet morning air. You could tell that the school was fairly new from the perfectly painted building and the big “Welcome to Riverdale High” banner at the front of the school. I walked into the office and told them who I was and that I needed my schedule, so they made me take a seat while they made me a new one. I look over to my left and I see a tall, thin boy who seemed really interested in who I was and didn’t think twice about walking up to me and saying, “You new here?”. “Uh yea, I came from Michigan last weekend.” I couldn’t tell if he was actually interested in me or if he was just bored sitting in the office. “Ms. Havenway, your schedule is done,” said Mrs. White. “Thank you,” I replied. I left the office and made one last look of the strange boy who was very interested as to why I was new. I never caught his name but I hope I never have to run into him again. 

My first class was math, which is very fun to me, because growing up I always had to count the can goods we left in our trunk of the all black s.u.v we drove around. Math has never been a problem so I got into the ap mathematics class. I walk in and I could feel every bodies eyes turn and face me. I gave Mr. Pointer my schedule and he introduced me to the class and told me where my seat was. *tap tap* I turned around to see who kept poking my back and what do you know the guy from the office was sitting right behind me. “Nice to see you again Everlee!,” he said. “How do you know my name, who sent you?” I don’t know if somebody was playing games with me and knew my past or if somebody actually sent him. “It’s on your paper, and who would send me?”   “Oh and nobody I’m not sure why I said that.” As I turned back around to finish my math problem I feel another tap on my back. It started to get on my nerves so I acted like I didn’t feel anything, but boy would this guy not stop poking me. “What do you want, I’m trying to do my work!,” Everlee said. “I just wanted to see if you needed help, because you were grabbing your hair.” “No I’m really good at math I learned this from my old school.”

What seemed like an eternity it was finally time for lunch and boy was I hungry. I decided to get a burger with only ketchup and cheese and some curly fries with a bottle of water. I started to walk out of the line and I realized I had nobody to sit with. You can add that to the list of things I hate on the first day of a new school. I walked around three times hoping somebody would be kind enough and ask if I wanted to sit with them and boy was I wrong until.. “Hey Everlee come seat with me!” She was a curly headed girl who was sitting by herself with canned tuna. I sat down and introduced myself and she kept asking me all these questions like “where did you come from?, are you liking your first day?, have you met any cute guys or thought anyone was cute?.” My mom prepared me for these types of situations. “I came from Michigan, I like it so far besides this guy that seems to be everywhere, and no none of the guys here are my type.” We sat there for about twenty-five minutes and this is what I learned from this girl. Her name is Cammy Sancheiz, she likes Auston Bash, she doesn’t like pickles or carrots, and some of her favorite hobbies are stargazing, crab catching and eating, and you can’t forget about yodeling. 

I went home after lunch, because of a “family emergency”, but I knew what it really meant. “Honey I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but they found us again… we are leaving Wednesday morning and are traveling to New Orleans.” said dad. “Dad I’m tired of running from these people. I didn’t do anything why are they chasing us?” I said. Then he went on and on about how im not old enough and how just from me knowing about the mean in black suits, I could get hurt. “Dad I’m fixing to be eight-teen your going to have to tell me sooner or later”, Everlee said. He kept babbling for another 15 minutes about how it was too dangerous for me to know the real reason why we keep on fleeing to different cities and states. I’m not gonna let my family ruin my happiness anymore. I’am an adult now which means I can handle anything they throw at me. My mom gave me a hot cup of tea and all of a sudden my eyes started to roll to the back of my head and my eyelids began to slightly fall, until I drifted away.


“Mom I’m scared!”

“Just close your eyes, it’ll be okay baby”

(To Be Continued)


Run Away

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