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The Necklace

August 22, 2019
By haleyyy, Anniston, Alabama
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haleyyy, Anniston, Alabama
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"I should have burned this place down when I had the chance" -Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin

Nothing I did went right. The prank, the proposal, the application. Everything, just ruined. I was just walking home and BAM! This man comes crashing in saying he can solve all the world's problems, including mine. I was such a fool to believe him, why am I such a naive girl? He danced, but he called it a ritual. He did this “ritual” and said that once he was finished, all my problems would go away. He never mentioned that my existence to my family, friends, boyfriend and everyone I have ever known would forget me. Was I the problem in my life? Was he giving me a curse or a blessing? How could this get any worse?


It all started in my bedroom this morning. I woke up, ready to conquer the world. Application to college in one hand and the proposal for a school dance in the other. I was so psyched to see all my plans fall into play. The Future of Me was just beginning. Once I got to school, handed my application to my counselor and went to class, I saw Bobby. Ah, Bobby. The person in this entire world that I get to connect with. The only man alive that is not only my best friend but also my best boyfriend. Yes, you heard that World. Bobby and I are for life. School finally ended for me at 4th period. So you would think that I’d go to work or go home before picking up my little brother from school, but you’re wronger than wrong. I left my car in the senior parking lot and walked around the busy town and stumbled upon a necklace that some old lady must have dropped when walking down the sidewalk. I tried to see if anyone was walking away from me in both directions. Huh, no one. I guess it’s mine now.

Studying the necklace with a keen eye, I saw the engraving on the back of this beautiful gold rose necklace. I’m sure someone is missing it or has realized they had dropped it by now. But, the engraving had a name, and shockingly enough. It was my name. Like the necklace was there on purpose, waiting for me to find it. My first instinct was Bobby. He is such a klutz and a forgetful person that he must have dropped and forgotten he had it. I texted him once I found it and sent him a picture of it. 

Bobby: Uh Babe? Where did you find that?

Amanda: Here in the street. I figured you’re the one who dropped it. I love it, babe! Thank you so much.!!

Bobby: uh, well I didn’t get that for you so. I guess it’s your lucky day. Ha. It is pretty, though. Wish I got it for you now.

Amanda: Wait… So you didn’t get it? Like at all? Never once had a thought about it?
Bobby: Nah man. I was just gonna get you a new smelly thing for your car.

Amanda: Bye Bobby

Bobby: See ya later

Then my next thought went to another person named Amanda. It is a common name so, it’s not that dumb of a thought. I continued my walk down through the town finding my neighborhood. As I was walking towards my house. This strange man in a top hat and a magicians suit, all black, appeared out of thin air and right in front of me. I had a jolt of surprise and just walked past him. He tapped me on my shoulder and once I turned around and seen his face. I was shocked. He was just smiling at me. Big eyes, big smile, long bony fingers still on my shoulder. I shrugged them off. “Um, is there something I can help you with, sir?”

“Oh, no. But quite the opposite. See Amanda, I know that you have troubles in your life that are causing you great amounts of stress. I know that you are frightened and worried about that application and for the dance at school you proposed to your principal.” He had a smug grin on his face and he pulled something out of his suit’s coat. A walking stick. He tapped the walking stick against the ground three times and I swear. I heard thunder rumble over us.

“H-H-How do you know my name? How do you know about all this? All about me?” I was stuttering faster than I had ever before. My hands were shaking and felt clammy. My face wasn’t as strong as I was wanting it to sound.

“Why Amanda, that necklace darling. The necklace told me everything I needed to know about you.” His smile widened and his eyes drooped closed. The necklace? What neckl-. Oh! That necklace! 

“This is yours? But it has my name on it.” I was starting to feel very agitated with this man.

“Why it is not mine and it is not yours. The necklace is an owner of its own.” He tapped his stick against the ground again and most thunder roared. 

“Wha- What do you mean?”

“Why this necklace only comes when someone is in a crisis. A predicament. Having problems.”

“I don’t have problems. I am fine as I am.” He reached over and touched necklace that hung at my neck. My heartbeat pulsing faster the long his hand was there. 

“Well, I can help you. I can make all these troubles go away.” His smile turned up to his eyes and I saw a glint of sparkle in his smile. 

“What can you fix?” I was thinking over and over again. Why? How? What? He looked me dead in the eyes and I thought I was being hypnotized. The words left my mouth before my brain could process what they were saying “Do it. Make the troubles go away.”  

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