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The Night of October the Tenth.

January 11, 2019
By apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
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apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
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Author's note:

My name is Aiden P. I also wrote another peice of writing that's called Tap Tap. This one is one of my favorites works! It's bloody, dark, and utterly terrifying. . . and I hope you enjoy reading it. 

It had been a damp, bitter evening on the night of October the Tenth, 1998, as rain dampered amongst the houses steel roof, sounding nearly like tragic bolts, and as heavy thunder echoed throughout the houses halls with unwieldy quivers.

Mr.Warren, who was also addressed as Credence, had befuddled gravely through the back porch, as he widend the door lushly and left it gapping against the dull, crisp darkness, as the scent of rancid vodka traced about the house with a raw odor.  

The quintess seemed to have jolted amongst his skin, and he knew now that his family was away in farless slumbers. He halted towards the lowly luminous kitchen, and scrambled along his knees, his mouth bare and in desperate desire of shots of some vigorous liquor in desire of an a knife.

He felt the intriguing taste of assassination advance about him- so fresh and brand that he became nearly overwhelmed by the considerable amount of furor that now almost, but not quite, consumed his conscious.

But, it seemed it wasn’t all the drinks that had cusped him towards the edge of utter madness, but what he felt was the lavish sense of something of a demon thriving about him, that he found no restraint or purpose of such thing.

But of how or when the demon had then parted with him, he or any other may never thoroughly know- but it was told that it was an oddly intrusive, and heinous sort of spirit- something that had been told to act on the prays, and demands of the fallen angle. Lucifer.

As the demon was left utterly unacknowledged, which who had never walketh the earth in human form, but only by the mortality of others, and whose never sensed the impression of utter love.  

Had this been true, only one may determine, for he was drunk that very night and one may never know. But what had been Mr.Warren, was utter pleasantsy, and affableness but in exchange was taken for an insulting and imperceptive man, who was commonly known to have visited the bar intown consistinally between the hours of seven and eight.

He widend the bottom kitchen compartment with slight efforts-, as the raw, bare blades of nearly every extent gushed from amongst so with soft clatters. He seized one of his own desire, one whetted and long, and faltered across the hall to meet his beloved, sleeping wife who appeared to be draped amongst his bedroom mattress.   

He wavered across the room with odd movements, where the blade still in tightly grip of his palm, and eyed Adele slumbering against his cool, clean sheets. She had reeled along her right side and awoke, and then mounted to her knees as soon as she noticed the glossy knife leaned by her pale face.

“Wakey wake, honey,”he spoke intrusively, as his eyes bored against hers that seemed now broad with horror.

“Credence,”she stuttered, as she felt her mouth suddenly grow unpleasant and bare, and as the gooseflesh frothed against her cool skin. She became utterly terrified by this man, knowing now this Credence, the man before her- was not her husband, but something truly and unspeakably different.

She leaned for the telephone, and-

Credence rose the blade above his damp, revolting hair and gashed the knife amongst her chest, as warm, oozing blood leaked about her, staining the mattress and belotching her goan with a shade of dark red. The knife had slit her chest in a most distressing, and unsettling matter, as she strangled on the clots of blood that now streamed from her rawing throat.

Adele widend her mouth harrowingly, and sensed the scarlet liquid drenching her lungs and then fissured from her cool, pale lips. Credence recklessly released the blade from across her chest and dried it amongst his shirt, with a sense of accomplishment and self pleasure of the thought of first hand murder.

Clots of bleeding foam and cotton gushed from her chest, and spurred across her nightgown with a rancid scent. Her eyes deepend to a duller shadow, and soon her groans became only silent, and so were her breaths.

She laid their, sprawled about the bed, weeping with the sweet, compelling scent of blood. The red, seeping liquid soothed through her whitened hands, and blemished across the wooden boards.

The curtains beside her bedside breathed into the wind viciously, and let in a bitter, cool wind that bleaked at his skin.  

He leaked the knife from her draining chest, and faltered across to the hall, as the bulb flared amongst the rooms until it abruptly shattered in a tapering sound.

“Danny? Danny?” He bellowed malevolently, as he held the blade across his chest, as the scarlet exuded along the carpet and gashed about his shirt. The rain bruised against the roof, sounding like claps of gunshots, as the lightning glared through the window and illumined the hallway with a glaring light.  

He lashed at the door of the bedroom of his son, as it whipped amongst the wall with a slight echo, and edged towards the bed where is son slept, as he gaped about the bed to see a slight shift of movement from beneath the sheets.

He rose the knife and ached with an unyielding, drunken gash, and moments after had faltered amongst the floor as his head throbbed with an extricinating pain.

Amongst the sheets awoke his son, heaving a great breath and stood from where he slept and widened his eyes to gaze across at his father, who if hadn’t been drunk, seemingly would of had murdered him while asleep.

A terror, so brand that it galvanized Danny and veiled him with only fear and dread, as his breaths came with some efforts, and the thought of the blade piercing across his neck only made him quiver in fright!

He stumbled against the headboard and hitched in breath, and tossed his knees about his chest and gazed amongst his father, as his clothes seemed to have been blemished in warm scarlet, while the knife weeped with the rancid smell of raw, innocent blood.  

Credence now grinned against the floor as he struggled to attain his balance, as the thought of Vodka and other sorts of liquor bored amongst his mind as the demon that possessed him now became more manipulative by the moment.

Danny now jerked the sheet tightly against his scarce face, as his terrified eyes peered out from the soft, blue fabric and gazed across towards his father, who lay nearly unconscious amongst the floor with an ghastly, but slight grim spurr across him now, as his shadowy eyes became faint.

“Daddy,”Danny whispered weakly, straightening himself as he beamed before his father who strained with redness.”Daddy, is that blood?”

It seemed practically unimaginable for so much blood to be blurred amongst him now, of such darkness that it didn’t seem quite probable.

And the fear that he thought had devoured him only took a tal, as he he felt his heart grow reckless, much more fleeing and tirdsome then it had been before, and his head throbbed excruciatingly.

“BLOOD!” His father wailed, as he cusped the edge at the blade at his son, and felt is gash across his leg as he awed in agony, as an unsettling pain swelled amongst him.

Danny mangled against the ground and shuddered across the door to hear his father's outlandish laughs cross his mind in the most gruesome ways, as an uncontrolling fear surge through him.  

“Danny! Come here, son! Come to daddy!”

His father's movements were heard approaching him from behind, as the rain now increased and as thunder blared across the house and nearly moments apart, were the glossy blares of lightning.

His leg ached with a discomforting pain as the blood than silted from the dark, soft carpet. He gawked from behind and saw his father, his face now bleaking in a horrid appearance as his grueling smile widen to a suppressing extent.   

The door to the cellar had now bared to let in a bitter darkness that cusped towards him at a revolting corpse, as soft whispers spoke from amongst the dullness in an inconceivable tone.

The sling against the bulb jolted from either end amongst the cool blackness, as the stairs, which noe appeared narrow and rather bleary, and now blurred against his eyesight and made him quiver.

He fled within the basement without a moment to reckon of doing so, hearing the stairs groan beneath his feet by any sense of pressure or strain as it echoed against the cool walls. Utter blackness blinded him, as their seemed to be bundles of shelving and dressers across the room, as he leaned towards the light and snapped it on, and saw it suddenly flare and diffuse amongst the ground and left him it complete blackness.

The cool cemented rawed at Danny’s bare feet, making him shudder as the looming shadows that taunted his insides, as the unpleasant, tingy taste of fumes gushed about him.

“Danny! Come out, Dan. Listen to your father, now!” The voice was relentless and harsh now, as the sense of liquor grew upon Credence much more drastic that it had been before, as the demon that acquired him seemed to be at near reach of his soul. Getting closer. . . And closer. . .

Danny winced about the empty room as horror nearly consumed him, and lowered himself beneath the stair well, thinking to himself quietly please god- and he left it at that only. Oh please god! Oh god! Please- oh god!”

The movements of heavy boots came to from across the stairs, as dust hewed amongst the the widen creaks and shrouded upon him irritatingly.

He clapped his hands over his eyes and gasped, as he heard the keen blade wind against his father's hand as if it were a club. Credence now bored across the cellar floors until his grimace altered to a broad beam of the sense of felony.

“Murder,”spoke his father grimmly, as he busted at a fine dinning chair until it laid impaired amongst the floor, making Danny jolt.

He gaped at his father as he passed across the staircase with his knife slitting against his fingers, as the eyes of an assassin grew amongst him.

He stumbled by the staircase, as the shade slowly drained from his face, as he felt his pulse beat amongst his ears, barriering all sound as unblemished frights engulfed him from breath, as the fine hairs across his neck straightened in attention of the rest of his body.

Credence gazed amongst the darkness, as the feeling of self dread lurked upon him now, as his chest and along with nearly every muscle within his body seemed to have defered, as his hands quivered in an uncontrollable matter and as his mouth went startlingly dry.

“Daaaannnnyyyy,”breathed his father heinously, as his voice trailed across the cellar in a low tone, as he passed from the staircase to the furnace.

Then, the hole overhead of Danny began to groan and sob, and then suddenly- a dark, bristly rat mangled from the narrow gape with slight efforts, as it’s hind legs thrusted against the bend, and then flattened amongst Danny’s head with a soft, hollow thud.

Danny clapped his hands over top of his mouth to constrain a ruthless cry of terror, as the rat mounted from his shoulder and lurched across his knees as it’s nails grazed against his skin.

He jerked the rat from him his skin and about his side, and then- rats, so many that he couldn’t quite accept to admit that it was imaginable for it to be happening, but rats began to flood through the burrow and diverge in incidental directions across the floor.  

They seemed to have appeared to be along in a foot length, where few of their fur had been striped from their skin and scuttered about barrenly, as their arched tail winded from themselves as their black, white eyes deepend into a duller blackness.

“Danny! Come out son! Daddy won’t ask you again.”

They pounced across him with heinous glances, as their teeth, which happened to be a few, seemed rather sharp as their eyes were quite vast as in correlating amongst his own.

The rats leaped within his hairs and about his clothing as he felt his red, bruised eyelids slick with tears that then deluged across the cement in utter silence. His breath then became shortened, as he sensed his stomach throe harrowingly as the brutes writhed and lured along his distorted clothes.

“Rats,”he muttered lowly to himself, as he gawked amongst him in utter disgust.”Rats rats rats rats!” They nipped at his skin as he felt a surge of pain and disgust go about him, as they thronged along beside him and creeped along his legs loathingly.

“Danny! Come out, now! Now! NOW!”

Credence now leered across the cellar to what appeared to be the sense of a blaring madness and furor inflate amongst him.

“Please, please please,”Danny whispered.”Please go. Please go. Go. GO!”

And he had. The cellar door sealed to a close, as Danny, to only what seemed moments apart, gasped gravely and weaved from his bare heals to gleam horrifyingly amongst the scene before him.

The rats now were ingesting themselves gorely, as they loamsomes bodies now befuddled about one another, as their crisp, warm blood spewed across the flooring and the serve odor of utter death deluged about his senses.

Danny shuddered at this, and beamed amongst the room to distinguish a wooden bat that laid within the accumulation of olden sheets and dressers, and wrenched it from it’s position as it stagger against his hands with a slight breeze.

He was now terrified from his very wits! Dark and gory images blared across his mind, as death seemed to brew amongst him in the most ghastly of ways. But someway, if it were through the works of god or of courage, he had managed to vanquish the terrible fear that thrived within him, and shifted the knob with a soft groan.

He gaped into blackness, as most horrible blackness that blinded oneself in a flare, as he raised the wood upon his shoulder as he lightly inched amongst the carpet that fell silent against his bare heels.

He then reached the kitchen and gazed across it with utter fright as he peered about, his mind now stiffend for anything he might see. But. . . There was no one, only the shattered cabinets and the heavy taste of liquor.   

He turned the corner, his heart thumping recklessly and his head throbbing in brutal agony, as he beamed along the shadowy hallway as the thunder glared about the hall’s, and moments following, a sudden gleam of lightning.

Uneasiness and utter dismay arose amongst him now with an aching apprehensiveness that arced his stomach with an strainsome feeling, as an bitter coldness grazed across him.

He had winded the corner once more, and beheld amongst his eyes something horrifying! The dull hallway had been been weeped in the rancid sense of terrifying blood.

Where once laid a lushy, soft carpet had now been displaced by a dreary, dimmed scarlet that felt to make oneself sicken in dismay at first glance. And where once were alluring walls with frames of all sorts, now gushed with a bidding, and most somber rose of utter contemptibleness.

It seemed nearly a terrible sight to lay your eyes upon, but neither did he glance away, or nor did he wince, a he now sensed the surge of fear and trepidation shudder from about him, as his eyes lay pierced from amongst the corridor, where he could vow he beamed about his scarce reflection that had displayed briefly, and possibly awry, glimpse of an keen blade from upon him.

He glanced from behind and saw now the looming shadows of the cellar reach his senses, as the whispers from within the blackness came to ear once more, but yet again, inconceivable. And all seemed rather silent in a most troublesome quite matter, as the viscous redness seep softly amongst the floorings and against the walls and from about the door’s.

His pulse now thudded steadily, and deeply amongst his throat, as sweat exuded along his bounded constraint of the bat as he whispered to himself,”God, Oh god- oh god- oh god, oh GOD!”


His father frisked from within the bedroom gashed the knife against the wood of the bat rather scarcely, as Danny let out an agonizing wail of terror, as he belted the wood against his father's head with a clamoring thud!

“Ahhhhhhh!” Credence cried, as he flattened along his side with an aching moan, as the blade clattered against the floor as warm blood drained from amongst his head and blotched his clothing with deep scarlet. The wooden bat was now blurred in the blood of his father’s, which stentched in an odor of utter noxiousness.

The demon had now accomplished his fatal end. It swelled imperceptibly from Mr.Warren and then galvanized the life of another, as the corpse of Credence now bleed from the gushing red that oozed from the side of his forehead, as a grin laid across his face with a vile glare.

What he saw before him now thoroughly horrified him in utter disbelief. He had accomplished murder of his father with only a strip of wood of doing so, where as a bloody blade that now seemed dried with gore had once been against a hand of a murder, whereas now, a stranger.

Danny lowered the bat amongst the floor briskly, and fled into his mother and father’s room to find it bare of itself, as the sheets his mother had suffered upon flare with a bright rose.

But, her remains of her weeping corpse seemed to have faded out, but her soul happened to be amongst the very bedroom of where she perished. And forever it will. . . Danny took no consideration of this, as he leaned for the bleeding phone to dial the numbers of 911.

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This book has 7 comments.

on Mar. 23 at 12:42 pm
Happy-Ending-101 BRONZE, Fairfax, Iowa
2 articles 0 photos 4 comments
i love the detail. this is amazing

on Mar. 23 at 12:42 pm
Happy-Ending-101 BRONZE, Fairfax, Iowa
2 articles 0 photos 4 comments
i love the detail. this is amazing

on Mar. 1 2022 at 5:18 pm
915359MiguelF, El Paso, Texas
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
I like how the author includes dialogue between the characters, leading the reader on throughout the whole story. One improvement, however, could be to add more detail on how the whole story came about, and how it all led to that situation. Also adding extra detail to the little things could make this story more thriller.

apeeke BRONZE said...
on Apr. 26 2019 at 9:05 pm
apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
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apeeke BRONZE said...
on Jan. 24 2019 at 8:59 pm
apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
3 articles 0 photos 30 comments

cojo said...
on Jan. 20 2019 at 9:10 am
cojo, Buna, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Really good! And really scary! This is a must read

apeeke BRONZE said...
on Jan. 19 2019 at 4:28 pm
apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
3 articles 0 photos 30 comments
So good! And so scary!