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not yet finished

December 19, 2018
By stevenbills, Vancouver, Quebec
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stevenbills, Vancouver, Quebec
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The author's comments:

just a way to show some characters

I stood looking out the train window looking at the forest that was to the side of us “ hey jackson you feeling alright”?

I looked over at samantha her dark green eyes were looking directly at me as she kept a straight face her short black hair held her sunglasses up

“yeah i'm fine thanks how much longer do you think we have”?

“About another hour” I looked over and saw that austin woke up he put his glasses on and stood up to stretch he was the tallest here his blonde spiky hair almost hitting the roof of the train car he always wore a black suit his glasses glare when he looked at me.

“ why are you so impatient anyways we got invited to stay the night at a castle and your only thinking of how long the ride is”

“leave him alone not all of us can fall asleep for an entire four hours whenever we feel like it” said sam as she kept her straight face “alright whatever i don't know why you think you can threaten me anyways shorty I can throw you around” samantha punched him in the gut and put her sunglasses on and moved to the seat next to me “your not standing so tall now are you huh”? Austin stood still for a second holding his stomach he looked up and said “alright sorry for calling you short” she just sat there and leaned on my shoulder. “Try to calm down you guys we still have another hour of this so let's try to get a long please”? “Finally you shut them up”

The author's comments:

idk what im doing

we  all looked over and saw that josh was also awake “couldn't sleep with you f'ers talking” he said in a calm voice he lifted up his baseball cap and looked at me “why did i go with you guys again i could be home or at one of your houses taking your shit while your gone” “why did you accept my offer then if you didn't want to go anyways”? I said while i looked back him he smirked and said “I couldn't leave you alone with these nutjobs all day could I what kind of friend would I be” the train stopped and the conductor came out and said “you'll have to walk the rest of the way up there's no more track”. Josh stood up and grabbed his bag then he nodded us over and we all walked out the train I tried to see if I could see the castle past the trees but all i could see was the sun starting to set Josh led the way he seemed to stand taller than he actually was his black hoodie always covered up his hair and he always seemed to look up or straight at people he always looked confident he stopped and turned “what's wrong”? Samantha asked josh turned around and jumped at her “boo” samantha jumped back and hid behind me josh sat there laughing with his skull mask on “I can't believe i actually scared you with this” he took the mask off and started walking again “come on man let's just get to the castle” i said while i walked in front of him samantha tried to punch him on her way past him but he moved away and almost made her fall “you gotta be quicker than that sam” said austin laughing from behind us she got up and just walked to my side. We arrived at the castle and we say a man waiting there for us he was wearing ragged old clothes but looked very clean he had scratches everywhere on him he spoke softly to us “you must be the guest well then welcome to the castle” he opened the door and waved us in “hey jackson don't you find it a little weird that a homeless guy was waiting for us” whispered austin I nodded and kept walking forward “so now what do we just have the whole castle to ourselves” sam asked “I guess so they said we would theres 5 bedrooms they said so none of us have to share” I said as I started walking up the stairs the castle didn't seem very gothic in fact there was rarely anything in there that was black or even a dark shade I overheard josh shouting “I call the master bedroom” and then I saw him run up the stairs and dive into the room that I was next to.

The author's comments:

its not finished

(perspective switch to josh) I landed directly on the bed it was soft the blanket was red and fluffy there was a big window that showed the moon starting to rise over the balcony that accompanied the window. I looked back at the bedroom door and saw jackson standing there with his big poofy brown hair he had a concerning look on his face “you need something want a cookie from the train or something” I said “wait did you really steal from the train” I threw a cookie and a loaf of bread at him “what did you expect from me man they had some nice stuff” Sam walked to the side of jackson “hey jackyboy your girlfriends behind you” sam turned bright red I couldn't tell if it was out of anger or embarrassment “were just friends josh” sam said walking away flipping me off. “You should probably go check on her dude” jackson just flipped me off and walked away “well glad to see that were all still friendly with each other”. I looked around to see

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