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March 23, 2017
By TravelingLibrary BRONZE, Gustine, California
TravelingLibrary BRONZE, Gustine, California
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Asylum, as defined in the dictionary, is an institution offering shelter and support for people who are mentally ill. In the small town of Wayward in Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was used for many years as a place where the mentally ill or criminally insane were sent to as an effort to help them live “normal” lives within the brick walls of Waverly Sanatorium. After 61 years of being open and dealing with patients the doors finally closed in 1961 do to an escaped patient, who told authorities that they were running test on the patients. When authorities arrived at the sanatorium the doors were nailed shut and the whole county police department was called out surrounding the building. 4 hours…. 4 hours was all it took for those cops to finally break into Waverly. Once inside all that could be smelled was the scent of burning meat and smoke coming from rooms.  The cops ran inside going room to room trying to find somebody...anybody to arrest or rescue. In every room a body, in every room, a bloodbath. After a week of investigations by the local forensics team, the case was (and still is to this day) known as one of the worst unsolved massacres in Kentucky. 

Zachery R.


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