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The Murder of Molly Davidson

February 26, 2015
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Author's note:

Well this story came to me in a dream, and it was so good that I thought I'd write a book about it, so I could share the story with everyone. I hope others will read this story and enjoy the mystery of Molly's killer, and some of the plot twists.

Hi, I´m Demetri, and today I´m going to tell the story of how I lost my friend, Molly Davidson...

It was a really hot summers day, I was at my school yard, and I noticed that almost every was sweating because of the weather. Everybody wanted to go home; it was a Friday, and it was our day to have fun; the fun had just begun. The school yard was really crowded; it was as crowded as the London eye.

There were so many people leaving through the gates; while others remained and waited for their friends. There was so much sweat dripping down my face. Each drop fell as fast as a raindrop. As I was about to leave through the school gates, I heard somebody call my name. They said ''Demetri, Demetri! We finally meet again''. I ignored the voice behind me and continued walking. I was too tired to talk to anyone; I was dehydrated, and lightheaded, and I desperately wanted to go home.

I was about to make my journey home as I stood by the dirty bus stop. The bus was finally here; it couldn´t have been so near. As the bus slowly approached me, I felt a sting in my arm. I asked myself could it be that I got stung by a bumble bee?  I felt such a strong and agonizing pain. It took me straight back to when seven,and got stung for the first time. I remember running indoors after getting stung.

I rushed back to school and went to the medical room, hoping that someone could help me even though it was after school. I saw a fair haired woman sitting in the office chair. She asked me sympathetically ''Are you alright there?'' I nodded hesistantly and demanded for a plaster. She said ''No, no, this won't stop the pain, let's see what else I've got here''. Then she asked ''Oh sorry, what's your name?'' I replied saying ''My name is Demetri''.

The office lady told me she had to leave the office for ten minutes, she forgot she was on duty to mind the school yard as it was after school hours. Meanwhile, I just put some cold water on my arm to ease the pain. The pain still didn't go away. The pain felt like someone had jabbed my arm with the sharpest needle. I needed to stop this pain somehow...

I glanced to the other side of the office and saw some cotton balls. I grabbed one because my arm was bleeding, and also to ease the pain; for some reason there was no tissue to be found. I wanted to be gentle, so I put the cotton ball under the tap, and closely watched the two drops of water from the tap fall as slow as the tears upon my face. I tried to hold it together, but the pain was unbareable. I slowly placed the cotton ball on my arm, and surprisingly, the pain drastically disappeared!  I was so relieved.

As I looked around the office, I looked out of the window to see the office lady running back to the medical room; looking as if she saw a ghost. She rushed inside the medical room and said, ''Demetri, you better come quick, it's your friend Molly.'',''Molly Davidson, she's dead!''. I remember being completely speechless; I didn't know what to say or do. I felt like someone needed to pinch me, because this didn't seem real at all. It seemed like a terrible nightmare that I had trouble waking up from, but this is reality.

I ran back to the school yard; all I could see was an ambulance van, and three police cars. I was devastated. I blamed myself for her death; I asked myself if maybe I was there; if maybe I didn't go to the medical room; I could've stopped whatever happened to her.

Molly was my best mate. We didn't always see eye to eye, but who always agrees with what they're friends have to say right? We fell out for a while, but then I got to know her, and I realized that she had a kind heart. Who could've done such a horrible thing?

It was the next day, I couldn´t sleep, and I could hear sirens for the entire night, it wasn't until 4am that I could finally go to sleep. I could've tried to sleep, but I just couldn't stop thinking about her death. All I could think of was of Molly and how she died. I didn't understand it. It didn't make any sense to me. The question is, what was Molly doing outside my school yard? Her school is like four miles away from mine, so why would she be there? That is what I needed to find out.

At 4am, I finally drifted off to sleep, and I had a dream about Molly. There she was outsde my school yard standing by the gates, about to cross the road, and then from the left side, a large bus comes; so large that I couldn't see Molly anymore, then as the bus moves away, I saw Molly on the pavement outside the gates. I woke up in shock; I was hyperventilating. It all seemed so real..

I looked at my bedroom window from my bed, and I could see that the sky was a dark blue. I reached out for my phone under my pillow to check the time. It was 5.30am, and I had to get ready for school, so I got up, shut the curtains, and switched my bedroom light on. I went in the bathroom, and had a bath. The water made me feel relaxed; so relaxed that I fell asleep in the bathtub. I had a dream there and then, but this time it was lovely.

It was 5 years today, Molly and I went to the park together when we were ten years old. She used to love sitting on the swings. I remember sitting on the swing next to her as she closed her eyes. She used to sitting on her swing, close her eyes, and imagine that she was swinging in the sky. She had such an imagination.

I remember watching her brown hair blown by the wind as she swung on the swing. That day it was so windy. It was so windy that even her fringe got pushed back by the wind. Sometimes Molly and I argued, but then we made up, because we knew that our friendship was special and was worth fighting for.

I don't think I'll ever understand this. Now when I close my eyes, all I see if her face hovering above the sky. I see those beautiful brown eyes looking at me from the sky, and smiling at me. Then as I'm about to talk to her, she dissappears in thin air. The thought of that was upsetting.

I woke up in the bathtub, and my phone sat on the mat next to the bathtub. It was 6.30, I didn't know I slept for an hour so I had to get ready really quick. Time really flew by while I had that dream. I wanted to go back to that dream place. It was so peaceful; I couldn't believe I would never see Molly's eyes again. The thought of that made me want to cry.

I'd just got of the 191 bus, and I walked to my school. As I entered the school, I noticed that everyone was staring at me and smiling. It was weird, I didn't know why they were all staring. I knew that something was going on. Confused to why everyone was staring at me, I went to my class.

I looked through the window on the door, and I noticed that the corridor which led to my classroom had a powerless light bulb. I went through and the only light I could see was from my classroom straight ahead. I walked into my classroom and sat down. I didn't feel too good; I was sleep deprived. I didn't get enough sleep.

Miss Lewis said ''Demetri, are you alright?''. I replied saying ''Yes Miss Lewis, I'm fine'', ''Just a bit tired that's all''. She got up from her desk and sat on my table. She said out of sympathy, ''Demetri, you can go home''. I was confused to why she said that. She then said ''Look I heard about what happened, and its awful. That's why I'm letting you go ome; I know how close you and Molly were. I said ''No Miss Lewis, it's okay, really''. She smiled, then went back to her desk.

I was still really tired so I thought some water would wake me up a little bit. I bent down and grabbed my backpack off the floor, and as I was about to take a sip from my bottle, I heard a knock on the door. I turnt my head to look, and my bag dropped on the floor off my lap. As I went on the floor to pick it up, I saw a black shoe before my eyes. I looked up, and I saw what appeared to be a policeman standing before me.

Earlier today in school the policeman asked me to come with him to the police station. He said he was sorry that I had to experience this on my own; the death of my friend, and that he just wanted to ask me a few questions then show me some CCTV footage on the day Molly died.

I was shaking so much, I was nervous. I didn’t know what had happened to her so I didn’t want the footage to be brutal or disturbing. The policeman asked me a couple of questions about Molly, and how we met and etc. I told him that Molly and I met 8 years ago at my cousin Dexter’s birthday party. We were just kids then.

He then showed me the CCTV footage and I saw myself in it. I was so confused. I was walking out of the school gate, and there Molly was… right behind me. I had a flashback and I remembered that someone behind me was calling my name; at the time I didn’t know it was her. I got really upset with myself, because there she was, and I just ignored her. Maybe if I’d talked to her, she could’ve lived.

The policeman said ‘Let’s cut to the chase’. He said he was going to arrest me. He thought I could’ve had something to do with her death and I told him that she was my best friend, I couldn’t do something like that. He said anything I said could be used as evidence. I kept telling myself this wasn’t happening. If this got out, people at my school would think I murdered my own friend.

He took me to my cell. I was in tears. I got accused of murder and I didn’t know what to do. I just prayed to God that I would get out by the morning miraculously

somehow. So I went to sleep, woke up in the morning and a policeman said I could come out of the cell. I was so relieved. I wanted to know the latest on the murder investigation because clearly they didn’t release me for no reason, so the policeman came to talk to me again.

He said that he saw a young man following Molly the day she died because there was another CCTV camera by our school. In the footage, the policeman saw me going the other way to get the bus, and on the other side Molly going home with someone following her.

I was glad to be released, but I was also shocked that a man was following Molly. I wanted to find 0ut who killed her so they could be put to justice. I knew this would take time and I would have to be patient, but I’d do anything for Molly, anything.

Later on another policeman drove me to an estate where Molly had once lived with her father. Molly’s mother died when she was just a little girl. I wasn’t sure if Molly’s father had received the news yet, so I went there to tell him and to my surprise, as I got out of the car, I saw MURDER posters everywhere with Molly’s face on them. I was startled, and annoyed because Molly wasn’t just a victim, she was a lovely person.

Her posters were plastered at every inch of the estate, and I even saw people putting them on dry lines. What has the world come to?

I went to Molly’s door and knocked it, then suddenly I heard loud crying. Molly’s father opened the door, and I could see that he was very sad. He invited me in. I said I was sorry for his loss, and that if he needs help with anything at all, he can count on me. He thanked me.

As Molly’s father went to get me a glass of water, I looked around the living room. There were many pictures of Molly, and even her mother too. Her mother’s name was Maria.

All of us wish Molly was still here with us, but one thing I’m glad about is that she and her mother are now together. Everything happens for a reason, and I know that one day I will meet my friend Molly again in heaven.

Molly’s father came to me with the glass of water in his hand, then he said ‘Hold on Demetri, I’m getting a call’. His facial expression changed so quickly and the glass fell straight out of his hand. I asked him what happened, and he said that the detectives at the police station have news about Molly’s whereabouts the day she died.

Molly’s dad drove me to the police station, and we spoke to detective Lucy Hettingale. She said that the day Molly died, she went to her local GP, and then it’s possible she came to my school; Everson High looking for me.

I thought that was true because of the CCTV footage of Molly behind me. They said Molly was crossing the road and a speeding car hit her. They had CCTV footage to back this up.

That wasn’t all. The funeral director told Lucy that Molly had a lump in her left breast. It seemed to be cancer; so Molly had a tumour and she didn’t tell anyone. Maybe she was afraid and didn’t know what to do. The detective said that’s probably why she went to see her GP.

I was shocked because Molly was 16 years old, how could she get a cancer tumour? It didn’t make any sense to me. The detective said it was probably because of genetics because both of her grandparents died of cancer, and so died her mother Maria.

Molly died because of a speeding car. It was unfortunate, but atleast she didn’t have to suffer from cancer. I wouldn’t be able to take it all in. I love her to bits and I couldn’t watch her suffer like that.

Molly’s father took me back to the estate, and we had noticed something had changed. Most of the posters put up about Molly were gone. Someone had took them down. Then we heard a sound. We saw a man with a hood with many posters in his hand. He then put them in his black car.

Molly’s father and I looked at each other, and we knew what this meant. Why else would someone not want those posters up? Only Molly’s murderer wouldn’t want them up, because if they are up, people might come forward about the case; which could cause problems for the killer.

We thought it was too risky to be seen by the man, so we both hid behind a shed near the estate, and we waited for the man to drive off a bit further, then we followed him.

‘I think we got our man’ said Molly’s father. I said ‘Everything always works out for the best’. I said that because Molly’s killer needed to be put to justice, period. Molly was a wonderful and sweet girl. She had her whole life ahead of her, and it wasn’t fair that a stupid man had to take her life away like that; it’s simply not right, that’s why we had to catch him.

As we drove, we noticed that the man had stopped in front of a grocery store. No one was in the car, so to make sure the man couldn’t escape, we punctured one of his tyres so he couldn’t drive away.

We then called the police on the man we saw. The man came out of the store raging. As soon as he saw us he dropped his shopping bags on the floor. He saw Molly’s father and noticed their resemblance. He knew why we were here and he tried to run off.

Luckily as he ran, a police car pulled out in front of him. The policeman said ‘I’m arresting you for the murder of Molly Davidson’. ‘Anything you do say could be used against you in court’.

The police took the man away and Molly’s father and I smiled at each other. What we wanted had finally happened. We knew that locking the man up wouldn’t bring Molly back, but atleast he would serve his time.

It was the day of the man’s trial. Today was the day the jury would decide if he was guilty, or not guilty. The judge came in, and the trial started. The judge welcomed us all and said; ‘Hello, I am Sandra Livingston, and I’d like to give my deepest sympathies to Molly’s family, and friends’. She then said, ‘Right, let’s begin’.

I looked at the man and he appeared to be crying because of the fact that he would go to prison today. I was glad he was crying because he deserved it for killing my best mate.

The judge then spoke and said ‘So, Eden Lenwall. On May, 16th 2014. Molly Davidson died from severe head injuries. We believe that you were responsible for her death. Please tell us what happened that day. After that, the jury will decide if you are guilty or not, proceed.

Eden spoke and said ‘That day I was drunk, I was hallucinating, I was all over the place. I remember seeing Molly walking out on the road. I didn’t know what she was doing, it was dangerous because I was still driving’. The judge then said ‘Eden, are you suggesting that Molly Davidson took her own life?’. Eden said ‘Yes your honour’.

Molly’s father was outraged at what Eden had said. The judge then said ‘Eden, this is a very serious assumption, and if we find out that you’re lying, you will be punished, do you understand?’. He said, ‘Yes your honour.

The judge then said ‘Today we will all be viewing some CCTV footage from the day Molly died. This CCTV footage is from 3.35pm on May 16th, 2014.

I watched the CCTV footage and I saw Eden driving very fast. I then saw Molly on the pavement by the bus stop, then suddenly she just jumped in front of the car and fell down. I then saw Eden’s car turn the other way, away from her body.

Molly’s father and I were shocked, and so were the whole jury. It had appeared that Molly took her own life, but the question was why?

We all took a 30 minute break from the trial, then we all came back in to sit down, and Eden Lenwall was pronounced not guilty. He was a free man. No one got arrested for her death, and this got me furious. Someone had to be responsible and someone was. Who was that someone? Her. She killed herself.

At 7pm I went to Molly’s father’s house and we talked about Molly and why she could’ve killed herself. Then I thought about something. The detective told us that Molly had a cancer tumour so then I thought maybe she killed herself because of that, maybe she was scared and wanted to put an end to it.

It was a bad choice but I see why she did it. As a little girl Molly had to see her mother Maria in pain from cancer treatment, and I think she didn’t want to go through the same thing. Molly probably felt like her mother because the cancer.


Molly’s father and I both did our own little toast to Molly, then later we looked at her old photo album and there were so many pictures of her. She was beautiful, just like her mother. We then watched a video tape of Molly when she was 7. She used to do gymnastics and we watched the video. She was really good at it. She looked so cute with her little white teeth and her yellow shirt and blue shorts. She was so adorable. She will truly be missed.


April 5th, 1998 – May 16th, 2014

It was the day of Molly's funeral. Almost all of her family attended. Everything went perfect and just before we buried her I recited a poem I had written just for her. Here it goes:

Molly, you left this world too soon.

You will be missed dearly.

By your family, and your friends.

Even though your life on earth came to a tragic end.

Your life in Heaven has come to a beginning.

I know you are there dancing with your beautiful mother, and you are waiting for us.

I want to let you know that we all love you, and one day we will be there with you.

God bless you Molly, and goodbye. I'll miss you.

The funeral went well, and as they took Molly's coffin out of the church, the people who attended sang the song 'Dilemma' by Nelly & Kelly, because that was Molly's favourite song, and even though it wasn't a church song, we all sang a different version which sounded more 'church like' for Molly.

Goodbye Molly, I know that one day we will see each other again, and I can tell you what I've been longing to tell you. It's that, I LOVE YOU.

The End

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