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Nightmare In The Mirror

July 8, 2012
By DarayaNicole, Bradford, Ohio
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DarayaNicole, Bradford, Ohio
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Author's note: This story is based on a reoccurring dream of mine. And I hope that the rest of the people who have nightmares see that they aren't alone. And I get my inspiration from real life things that I have lived through or seen. And other then that I just let things come to me and try to relate them to something I have gone through in life so I can describe it better. I hope you all enjoy my story. Thanks!

The author's comments:
It's the only chapter. Because It's kind of a short story.

I was sitting there ,all alone, in the hard oak rocking chair. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I was in a daze. There was a bright red light pointed at me. All I could manage to say was “ Why me? What did I do? Please don‘t do this! Stop!” Then I screamed “NO!” And the red light flashed ,bright in my eyes, as if it was taking my picture. Suddenly I was surrounded by beautiful sunset clouds in the sky. I felt like I was floating. And in front of me stood a full body mirror. I found myself fixing my hair and make up in the mirror. When abruptly it started to rain, thunder, and lightning furiously. As I turned to look back in the mirror my reflection no longer copied me. My reflection stood there terrified and looked at me straight faced and scared and said “NO! Run, hide, he is coming for you! Please hide!” The mirror flashed and my reflection was gone. There where my reflection once stood was a tall mysterious man dressed in all black sweats, shoes, and hoodie. I tried to look for a face but could not find one, just an empty dark space were his face should had been. I tried to run, but suddenly he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards him. I flinched as I felt a burning pain all over my body as he dragged me through the mirror. I was surrounded by red steamy clouds and the sounds of screams, moans, and horrifying shrieks. I tried my hardest to fight back but it was as if it had no effect on him at all. I couldn’t even nudge him. The pain was becoming unbearable.

He pulled me into a dark room where I could see nothing but a red crack of light under the door now growing dimmer as I was dragged further away. I kept asking and begging “Who are you? What do you want with me? Why are you doing this? Please let me go!” But he did not reply just snickered. I started to cry with fear that I would never again see my friends or family. Finally the dragging had stopped and he let go of my hair. He left me in the dark room ,paralyzed with fear, as he walked out of the door and disappeared into the steamy red clouds. I ran to the door hoping he simply forgot to lock it behind him. I pulled on the door but to my dismay it was locked. I started to cry thinking there was no way out and everything I had fought for was for nothing. Then I saw someone dressed normally and with hope of help I tried to scream for them. But as I opened my mouth I could feel cold hands around my neck. I stopped and sat down scared of being choked. He released his hands from my neck and grabbed my hair again. I held onto his hands trying to pull myself up hoping to ease the pain in my head but it only seemed to get worse! I left go and kicked at the ground trying to stand up but it was as if there was no ground below me and my feet just fell through the clouds. I started to quietly pray for all my friends and family and apologize for whatever I did to deserve to be there. The dark man must have heard me and pulled harder on my hair and I winced in pain. We had now left the dark room where he had first taken me and I was once again surrounded by screams, moans, shrieks, and red steamy clouds. I became dizzy and tired. My arms fell to my sides and my legs gave up kicking as my eye lids fought to stay open. When the dark man noticed my struggle to stay awake he poured chloroform onto a rag and stuck it over my nose and mouth. I tried to fight smelling it but I was to weak and weary to fight him I simply accepted it, smelled the rag, and fell into a deep sleep.

I had a nightmare that I was back at my house in my bed and the dark man was standing over me. Then he got on top of me and put his hands around my neck. Incase I was to try to scream. When I felt like he was choking me I awoke from the nightmare that had now became a reality. I was again being dragged by the dark man. Suddenly we stopped and he threw me into a dimly lighted room. My head hit the ground followed by my arms my head had started bleeding a little bit and I sprang my wrist. I looked around and noticed red liquid on the floor beside me, blood. And as badly as I wanted to scream in horror I resisted and silently whimpered to myself, scared of being choked again. I then sat in the farthest corner with my body pushed up against the wall to get away from it and tried my hardest to fight back tears and sobs. I stopped and took a deep breaths in and out. I then focused on were I was and began to hear moans, groans, screaming, shrieks, and cries for help coming from the rooms around me. And even in the distance I could hear faint screams and shrieks! I became overwhelmed with fear and worry that I wasn‘t making it out alive. My whole life I had fought fear and came out strong. But this time I was weak there was no fighting this. It was the end of the line! I wondered and wondered what I could have done to get where I was or why I was there!

As I sat in the room I thought of way I could fight the dark man! But I came up with nothing, he was to strong and powerful plus without food or water I was far to weak! Even at my strongest I couldn’t take him I wouldn‘t even be able to nudge him! I began to get frantic as I thought of my family and friends again. I didn’t know if they would just write me off as dead or look for me! But I had no way of knowing. I then heard what sounded like a chain saw starting up and then the sound of paper ripping followed coming from the room about eight doors down followed by a scream. I only imagined what they did to her. All the screams and ripping sounds continued and they seemed to get closer and closer to my room. I was the only one in the whole building not screaming. Maybe it was because I didn’t think of what was going to happen to me. At this point I didn’t really care and I knew that screaming and crying wouldn’t make them let me go, it wouldn’t weaken the dark man, it wouldn’t get me out of there, and it wouldn‘t make me any stronger. I knew I was screwed but there was nothing I could do about it anymore but sit and accept fate. The worse part of it all was the waiting and thinking of what they were going to do to me. Maybe slowly torture me, rip of my finger nails one by one, or just finish me off quickly like the others. But if there was one thing I did know I wouldn‘t beg, I wouldn‘t scream, they wouldn‘t get those kind of reactions out of me! It almost made me go insane. My eyes darted all over the room looking for anything to defend myself with. But there was nothing. I didn’t know what they were going to do to me or when but what I did know is that I had no control over it.

Suddenly the door flung open and hit the wall behind it, it was the dark man. He slowly walked across the room to me. And even without a face I could tell he was looking at me with a smile and eyes that were squinted in knowledge of what he was going to do to me. We just stared at each other silently for at least three minutes while the screams surrounded us. I showed no fear or sadness, just out on a strong face but I was scared out of my mind. He then grabbed my hair and drug me out of the room as I kicked my hardest at the floor I don‘t know why I did it didn’t do anything but hurt my heels and make me even weaker.! I couldn’t help it! I was scared and I didn’t want to die, I wasn‘t ready to die! He then took me back to the dark room where I had been first! He left go of my hair and flung me into another hard wall. I got up and ran franticly towards the door but it was locked and sealed shut with wires and chains! I instantly stopped and put my back to the door as I fell to the floor no tears just the knowledge that I now KNEW I was going to die. I looked at the dark man but he showed no mercy.

He came back over to me and went to grab me by my hair but instead I ducked and walked myself over to the table. He pointed at the table as to tell me to lay on it, so I did, he began to strap me to the cold metal table. He strapped my arms and legs down with metal and leather chains, it hurt my wrist more then anything because it was still sprung from him throwing me earlier. I fought and fought him but it was no use. He then strapped one belt around my waste and chest they were so tight I could hardly breath. He then attached wires to the metal chains on my arms and legs to an odd looking machine only yards away from me. He then put a rag in my mouth to stop me incase I was to try and scream anymore. I still whimpered but now tears ran down my cheeks one after another and I sobbed, knowing I was going to die. I watched him turn the machine on and start up its engine as he watched me out of the corner of his eye. My eyes grew wide because I then realized what was going to happen to me. I was going to be electrocuted. I then just tried to sleep so I wouldn’t have to be awake when the first shock hit me. But the dark man saw me relaxing and gave me a shot and suddenly I no longer felt tired. I felt energized and fully awake as if I had just ate a whole pound or more of sugar. He let out a short laugh. He did it because he wanted me to suffer every moment of every shock he was about to give me.

As the machine was warming up he left the room. I tried to spit the rag out and finally I did! It landed just beside me on the table. I tried to gnaw at the leather chains and wires so that I could somehow get free. Then I realized that he had the metal chains wrapped around my wrists and neck. I wasn’t getting out of there and I now knew it. And just like before I just accepted the fact that I was going to die and laid on the table, limp, and tired of fighting back but not getting anywhere, tired of getting no answers, and tired of waiting for him to just finish me off. I didn’t want to cry anymore, I was getting a head ache, so I just whimpered. I had fought with all I had and now I had nothing left. I watched the machine and the door wondering how much longer I had to live. I thought about screaming and even though I didn’t want to give that kind of power to the dark man I did want to show him he may have beat me and tortured me but I still have the will and heart left to scream so with every last ounce of energy I had I screamed at the top of my lungs. My head throbbed as the scream came to an end.

The dark man came through the door the instant I stopped screaming. I then heard the machine beep three times. Then I heard him laugh. I knew a shock was coming and finally I got one shock. It felt like being stuck with a million hot tacks all over my body. I just grinded my teeth and jerked back and forth. Then it stopped. The dark man was beside me I could tell he was grinning. So with everything I had left in me I said “ I may be over and I may die now and today, but at least I get out of here. While you, ya you, your stuck here! In this hell hole!” Then I spit on him. He then snarled at me. I knew I got to him because at that time he hit the machine again an another shock went through me. This time the shock was far stronger. I felt my heart beat less and my blood boil inside me. I could feel teeth chipping as I grinded them harder and harder fighting back the screams. Finally it stopped. The dark man was furious that I had yet to scream. So I smiled and laughed very faintly. I knew the next shock was going to kill me but I would hold back my screams but I didn’t know how much longer I could last the pain was now unbearable and I could feel my heart ready to burst inside me.

And there it came. Slowly as if trying to torture me I could see it crawling up the wire , death. My eyes grew wide with fear. Then it hit me. This time it was the worse then the first and second shock added and times by ten. I felt my heart slowly stop, my blood cells one by one explode inside me, all of my organs one by one evaporating, my mouth filled with blood and sweat. Then with my last seconds of life as hard as I fought it back here it came. I screamed so loud I felt my ear drums burst my voice strained And while my body was shutting down I felt every inch of my body in pain throbbing as if still being shocked. I then laid there while my body shook and twisted as it tried to fight to stay alive even though I knew I wasn‘t going to. Then I died.

Then I woke up crying, screaming, sweating, shaking worse then ever. I will never forget the nightmare in the mirror it is now a part of me and so is the dark man. Sometimes I feel like he is still watching me. Because now every night when I close my eyes I see his “face” and I have that nightmare. Its like he never wants me to forget him. And I don’t think I ever will. I can feel his eyes on me everywhere I go, every time I close my eyes, and every time I blink. I cant help but feel like he is always there, lurking in the shadows.


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