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Legacy of Dawn

July 2, 2012
By Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
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Author's note: This will be a series for more information visit the website. http://legacyofdawn.webs.com/

“Incredible.” I said gazing into his big blue eyes.
“So you like it? Tudor asked with his lush short hair floating, whipping his ears in the night wind.
“Of course I do it is perfect. Much like tonight.” I sighed.
I spun around in joy. Never have I been this happy. Even the ones who spite me have came to my chambers tonight in congratulations. I looked back at the beautiful sapphire incrusted amulet Tudor gave me. Its silver shimmering under the candle light. The sapphires as blue as the waters of the off shore sea.
I turned to him. He stood staring happily. Retreating in embarrassment, we both shied away from one another. I looked back up to see him, straight faced, tall standing, and walking closer to me.

He seemed to glide across the balcony. It was stunning. His white tunic trying to clasp his masculine body as the breeze blew it about. Even the dim candle light could not betray my sight. He was gorgeous. And to think I pretended all these years to care nothing for him, or anyone for that matter. I do not know if this is my mortal blood that urges to embrace him, but I will fight it.

Still in a trans, the feeling of fingers caressing my arms grew more and more real. Was he making an advance toward me? I asked myself.
“Would you like to see how the amulet feels? Just to see if you truly like it.” Tudor asked.
I nodded. I wanted to say something else to him, just to say something. My mouth shook.
“Are you alright?” he asked withdrawn.
“Yes just nervous.”

To my surprise he laughed. “Good, that makes two of us.”
Really? He was nervous too? I sighed in relief. He put the freezing amulet around my neck.
“You look like a true Goddess tonight Lumina.” He hummed.
“Thank You.” I looked down with a blush.
Heroically I stood tall. He chuckled, his low monotone voice sounding across the room.

I walked to my mirror. Standing in awe I thought I truly do look like a Goddess.
My red amber hair intensifying the white dress I wore. My freckles covered by makeup, my emerald eyes gleaming and this silver amulet shimmering like a star.
“Uh hmm.” I looked to Tudor. He bowed pathetically.
“May I escort a young Goddess to her awaiting crowd?” He reached his arm out to me. Taking a breath I said “Of course.”
He held my hand and lead me out of the room. We swung our arms and gracefully glided out of the hall to the court.

Flower petals fell from the tops of buildings surrounding the court. Music filled the air. My friends, teachers, fellow Gods and strangers all clapped for me as we entered. Floating lights and the scent of peaches and citrus hovered about. Suddenly it seemed all of the happiness disappeared. The joyful cheers and laugher became silent. As we twirled across the court my eyes meet that of Akantha’s. In her eyes I saw only one thing. Hate.

She put on a fake smile and applauded me. Fear began to overtake my senses.
“What is wrong Lumina?” Tudor asked leaning towards my ear.
I said nothing. He turned to see Akantha’s deathly stare.
“Do not be afraid she will only stare in jealously.” He humored with a grin.
“Tudor how can I be so bold when she stares with eyes of a demon.”
He shrugged. “Yes, but from what Minithe has told me she always looks that way. Just look closer at her. What do you really see?”

I looked back at Akantha as she spoke among the others. Her pitch black hair studded with jewels and gems of all kinds. Make up pressed on to her face. Over baring amounts of Kohl lined her eyes. Her rich purple dress hanged from one shoulder. Its length ended at her ankles. The embroidered gold design ran across the hem as it did her cape. Her sandals matched her dress perfectly. To perfectly. Why is it she changes herself so much?
“You see how miss lead she is. Thriving on the belief that appearance is life itself.” He said still dancing with me. We enjoyed our moment of bliss in each others arms.
“I see the impossible has happened.” Interrupted a familiar voice.
I stopped in our motion.
“Minithe!” I hugging him with all my strength, like a child grasping its mother. I sighed overjoyed. Tonight could not possible go wrong. My best friend, my beau and my sisters are all here to celebrate. Unfortunately while though Minithe managed to slip away.
“What do you mean the impossible?” Tudor asked crossing his arms.
Minithe had a sly smile about his face.
“Our dearest Lumina has become one of us! A divine student!” He shouted. Mounting his bulky arm on my shoulder and lifting a challis with the other. Others joined him as he made a toast.
“I do believe it is about time my peers! True recognition is now where it should be, upon the small but strong shoulders of Lumina. A toast to her success!”
The crowds roared in response.

Before I knew it I was smiling again. Tudor nudged my arm with his elbow.
“Congratulations again.” He said staring off into the dancing crowd.
I coil my arms around his. “No matter what happens tonight I would choose you.”
“And I you he said inching closer and closer to me.”
Ignoring our moment Minithe galloped away after some passing girls.
“And at long last!” Thundered Zeus from his and the other Gods marbled platform. “My daughter Lumina has taken yet another step towards her godliness. However time for what you really wanted the Ceremonies!”

An even louder scream left my audience.
“Lumina please step forward.”

Nervous beyond my wits I began my way through the crowd. A hiss came to my ear as I approached the stairs.
“You shall be nothing more than the daughter of mix blooded harlot.” * The hiss became a scream. I looked to my right , the source of the paining noise came from no one less than Akantha. I stopped in my travel. Both insulted and agitated I trailed off in her direction.
The feeling of a hand stopped me.
“Dear sister if my sight does not betray me your father is over there.” My sister Malia shouted trying to overcome the crowd.
“Come, come. Divine Ceremonies only happen once in life time. I think.”

In her excitement she began dragging me along. I could not help but laugh. Only in her fourteenth year and she could drag me about with ease. I looked to her as she pulled me behind. Her curly brown hair reminded me of mother. Her honey brown eyes glistened with purity or maybe a bit of wine. She always almost look like a full Goddess. But tonight was different. She wore simple clothes, a broad collar of gold, a few gem studded bracelets, and of course her snake band that wrapped around her arm. Half Greek and half Egyptian, but all pride in both parts. She wore it well.
Her voice interrupted my thoughts. “Go! Go Lumina!”

One foot in front of the other I went up the stairs. All of the gods rose to me. We bowed to one another. All sat but Artemis, Zeus, Aphrodite and Hades. Artemis stepped forward.
“In reward to her training, her heroism, and her purity Lumina has truly earned this!”
I looked to Artemis. Her hazel eyes sparkled with a motherly pride.
“I pride her like a daughter of my own. And so she shall be gifted with these cuffs of brass, enchanted with crystal from the Aquarian realm!” Fearsome cheers left the crowd.
“My they serve you well.” She whispered to me. She knelt with a bow. I could not hold myself back. I embraced her in a triumphant hug. Her eyes grew large with embarrassment. Zeus and the others laughed. Eventually, moments later Artemis hugged me back. The crowd cheered. I allowed Artemis to sit in her throne.

Now only my father stepped forward.
“Lumina,” he said casually. Squeezing the life from me he hugged my thin body. “This day brings me much pride. Although I have only been in your life a mere twelve years , those are years I shall cherish. And so I present to you this channeling halo, which will enhance your ability to control your magic powers. Also this copper corset will allow you to deflect and harness any attack from an opponent. This gift was specially crafted by Minithe son of Ptah and Iras.”

My eyes wanderer the crowds looking for his face but to no surprise it was covered by a large challis. Zeus now handed me the gleaming metal items. I held them high as if in victory of a won battle. Warriors shouted and cheered. I put on my new equipment. I almost looked like Athena. I turned to her and saw only a slight smile. With Hera sitting beside her I cringed. Her glare seemed to burn through my soul.

My attention was stolen by Aphrodite. She tapped me on the shoulder. I bowed in response.
“Now for my favorite part!” She shouted to the audience. The males of the crowd hooted and hollered. She seemed to stand taller at the sound of if. I knew what to do I gave her my hand as I had seen before. She held it gently. A gleam caught my eye. She wore some kind of necklace. It looked like from its end hanged a trinket. Hard to see it however. It was basically covered by her blonde hair and part of her silky red dress which wrapped all around her. She began a spell in Latin. The crowd grew silent, not a breath was heard. The petal throwers stopped so they could see as well.
“Go into these worlds and find her consort.” She chanted. Now raising her hands above her head they glowed a bright red aura. She then placed her hands onto her heart. Cupping her hands the aura glowed brighter until it sizzled away. Now opening her hand I saw a two small creatures. They appeared like a sort of letter or symbol draw onto paper but, walking among Aphrodite’s hands. She blew at the little beings, making them float from her hands. One glided toward me. I reached my hand out. It landed and crawled about my hand to my wrist. It let out a squeal of some kind. In response the other creature repeated the sound and hovered toward the crowd.

People gasped as it passed them. It disappeared among them. The being on my wrist glowed a bright white. A similar glow sprouted from the crowd. An intolerable pain struck me. It spread from my wrist to the rest of me. I felt a blaze, as if all of the angry souls in Hades realm crawled under my flesh. Aphrodite and Hades back away.

A scream much like my own but, deeper escaped from someone in the crowd. Falling to my knees in agony I looked to the observing crowd. People were shoved aside by some force of man. I now saw Gorleneus. My center became weak and cold. No! It can not be him! He is not the one I wish to remain with for eternity! I screamed in my mind.

Gorleneus approached the stairs. For some reason he paused. It was then did I realize the pain had began to reside. Gorleneus turned away from me leaning down it seemed he reached to lift something. In his grasp my eyes laid upon Tudor. Overjoyed I tried to rise. I fell back to my knees. Reaching my hand out I saw a symbol crested my arm, much like a tattoo. However upon sight I saw instead of ink or paint it was light. Gorleneus dragged Tudor up the stairs. I began to crawl to him.

Someone had grabbed me and drug me to my feet.
“Stop, get off me!” I shouted turning to my stranger.
“Lumina be calm sister it is only I, Lunamersa.”

About to fall yet again I clasped her satin blue dress. She too looked amazing. Against what seemed to be her tradition her black hair was down, long and flowing. She spun me back around to get view of Tudor. My other sister Ariez jumped onto the platform. She lifted and brought Tudor to my side.

In triumph Aphrodite grasped both of our hands lifting them into the air. Our wrist illuminated together with matching symbols. The crowd hurrahed and cheer. Again the flow of petals and music filled the atmosphere.
“A perfect pair! The first in many years. Let us rejoice with the continuation of our festivities! ” Aphrodite shouted to the drunk and overjoyed crowd. “Take them to whomever’s chamber is closest.” She whispered poorly.

The smile on her face was rejoiced. My sisters took us back to my chambers. Lunamersa sat me in my padded chair across the room from my bed. Ariez laid Tudor across my bed. Looking at the ceiling he grin and muttered to himself.
“What is it you said?” Asked Ariez with a crooked smile.
The pain had completely ended now. In unison we all sighed.
“Where is Malia?” I asked Ariez as she and Lunamersa began to slink out of the room.

Ariez chuckled and left the room. I looked to Lunamersa for a response.
“Where is my oh so overcurious sister?”
“Lumina where do you think she is?”

I shrugged.
“Faris, of course. Her little beau to be.” She too left laughing.

My eyes shut for a few minutes. I later opened them to see Tudor staring at me. He now sat upright upon my bed.

“Come to me my bride!’ he shouted opening his arms to embrace me. He lifted me up and swirled around my room. Wrapping my arms around his neck I asked.
“What now?”
Looking into his eyes I felt our connection stronger than ever. I could feel his every breath. His strong beating heart. And his intense stare. We leaned closer and closer until we now were nose to nose. My every breath was quaking.
“They are awake!” Shouted Malia hopping about the hall.
Tudor chuckled and again looked upon me amorously.
“Well! Are you going to kiss her?” Malia taunted.
As Tudor went to ask her to leave Faris appeared.
“Malia is this some sort of game were, we spy on the newly decided consorts?” He entered the threshold and came to see Tudor and I. He turned so red. It seemed as if all of his blood rushed to his face.

Grabbing Malia’s arm tightly he growled.
“Why did you not tell me they were in here?!”

Seeing he truly was embarrassed she folded her fingers through his wavy black hair gazed, into his eyes and whispered to him.
“My apologies darling I forgot to mention.”

The anger in his face melted away and he released her arm. They gazed upon one another, their stares seemed to with hold words from me. It was odd. A strange feeling surged through the air. I looked to Tudor. He too seemed struck in curiosity and concern.

A deep sigh left Faris as did the feel of eeriness in the room.
“You are forgiven.” He said.
“Good, never am I to anger you.” She said with a warm smile.
“Unfortunately that is inevitable.”

Their laughter chimed.
“Well are you going to kiss him!” Tudor shouted to her.

Faris crossed his arms and glared at him.
“I may.” Malia said with a unruly grin.
Faris uncrossed his arms and smiled.
“Let us return to the party.” He muttered pressing his nose to hers.
“Fair well!” She shouted as they ran down the hall.

The echoing of their footsteps down the hall insured they had left.
“We probably should return to your ceremony.”
“And what if I do not wish to return?” I questioned with crossed arms.
“Well then..” he said withdrawing from my sight. “I will have to carry you back!”

He scooped me up and clamped me against his chest.
“Coming princess?” He asked as if I had a choice.

I just smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. He carried me through the threshold of my room. Into the maze like halls of the palace quay we swayed. The dimly lit halls glowed with warmth. However, heat radiated from Tudor’s body much stronger than the warmth of the humid night air. Approaching the ceremonial lights and music. I paused in my bliss. Before I could tell what I truly was thinking about Tudor put me down.
“Fear nothing tonight. What has been done is done. No decision can be changed by anyone for we already bare the crest of consorts.” He explained.
I looked to him confused.
“Please, just tell me what troubles you? Is it the crowd? Is it the time of day? Akantha?”
My heart sunk at the sound of her name.
“Why is it you fear her so Lumina.”

I stepped back. Leaning on the wall I sighed.
“Please just tell me my love your nervousness pains me.”

Pains him? I thought.
“What do you mean it pains you?”
“I will tell you, but only if you will explain to me what it is that makes you fear Akantha.”

I crossed my arms and looked to the stone plated ground. With a whisper I began.
“When we were young I was to wait in the arena when the melee classes practiced. I used to love it. Especially when Lunamersa was training with you or Akantha. It did not trouble me until one day when the two of the were training. Akantha struck Luna. I might not be a shadow walker but, I had watched long enough to know she had fought without honor. After training Athena treated Luna’s wound. I confronted her once Luna and Athena left. She grew furious with me. She took a dagger and pressed it against my throat. I was only of my twelfth year. This was when she was in her fifteenth. I looked into her eyes the blackness seemed void of all she used to have as a mortal girl. I shook in fear, when she saw this she smiled and released me.
She said. “You understand immortals can kill each other.” And she walked away.
A few years after that incident came her Divine Ceremony. You may not have known this but, she believed her consort was going to be you. And…”
“Me? Why would she believe it was me. This makes no sense she hates me. I thought her heart was still loyal to her consort…” Tudor stopped in his words.
“Wait, what did you say about her consort. At her ceremony one was not found I remember because, that was the first day I saw the darkness in her eyes.”

I folded my arms in curiosity. My stance must have won his tongue for he began to explain.
“At one time she did have a consort. They grew up together in Egypt.”
“Will you tell me their story?” I asked looking to him. He seemed hurt, cold as if his heart stopped beating.
His eyes turned to me.
“Not tonight Lumina. Now then we have a Ceremony to finish.”

Again he held my hand and we slithered through the crowd. Zeus shooed away the servants with a wave as we approached him. He then stood. The loud singing and music of the joyous party became silent.
“I now ask you remain silent for the last part of Lumina’s ceremony.” His voice boomed across the court yard.” He returned to his seat.

My uncle Hades rose from his throne. His thick brown hair twirling around his ears. His black robe pooling on the ground like demons blood. Coldness left his stature. But warmth filled his eyes. Uncle was much kinder than others knew. He approached me. And from his ever present scowl I saw a flash of teeth. My heart grew heavy with warmth. He smiled.
“Lumina,” he began.” In honor of your father and on behalf of the sisters of fate. I shall be the one to grant you your immortality of youth.”
Immortality? This is not to be. Not until I have completed one of the trials of Olympus as some of the others had. What is this? The sisters of fate have already seen me fit to be granted my eternal youth. The audience bursted into heated debates and hateful words. As the angered crowd flustered among themselves my uncle waved for a slave to bring him something. A servant girl rushed to his side with an item on a silver platter cover by red clothe. He looked to the girl as if with his eyes alone he order her to wait. He paused and looked to the crowd.
He whispered. “Silence.” In some unknown way of the gods his whisper turned into a roared. People clasped their ears and looked to us.
“Now then.” He spoke with a satisfied smile.
He unclothed the item on the silver platter to reveal beneath it sat a challis. It was made of crystal and lined with brass. Gems embedded upon its surface were oddly shaped and colored. In its center a thick liquid shifted.
I gasped. Blood of Ertsilos the Infernan princess of dragons. The only of her kind to align with the God’s of the Human Realm. This all became so real so fast. My studies have taught me well at least. My melee and magic training has broken and built me stronger. But am I ready for this?
“Lumina.” My uncles voice interrupted into my shaking thoughts.
I looked to him. He held the challis out to me. Graciously I brought it to my lips. My sight gazed into the translucent amber colored blood. My breath blew waves across its surface. I closed my eyes, tilted up the challis and my tongue was met by its bitter taste. I opened my eyes. Everything seemed sharper, closer, louder, clearer. Feeling the amorous glare of my love I now looked to Tudor, who stood behind me. His smile out lit all of the stars and moon above.
“You may return to your celebration!” Hades shouted to the glaring crowd.

We both had a troublesome smile on our faces. He tightly grabbed my hand and we ran off. Following him around the Palace Quay into the garden we began to slow.
The light of candles no longer lit our path. Only the glimmering light of the moon allowed us to see. Tudor clasped the sides of my face with his boxy hands. His palms brought my cheeks forward. He kissed my forehead. The warm smell of soaps left his tunic. I wrapped my arms around his waist, twist my finger tips through the fabric that hanged from his tunic.
“Lumina,” He said in almost a sorrowful voice. “Do you still wish me to tell you about Akantha’s consort?”

A Chill filled the warm night air. Suddenly an ever present scent of jasmine swept past us. I had forgotten completely about that. I shook my head.
“No, it seems to trouble you. Let it remain to be seen.”

A sigh of relief left him.
“Good! I would hate to dampen such an amazing night.”

He put his fingers through my hair, tussling it around. A strong feeling of love and joy seemed to surround us. All but in the darkness of the garden. As we embraced I looked around. Thick bushes and tall orchid tree smothered the land. Yet still the scent of jasmine pierced my senses. The God’s of Olympus do not use jasmine nor grow it in there presence. I released Tudor. He looked upon me with shear love. Quickly his expression changed once he saw my concern. The silence of the garden had and eerie feeling. The absence of noise seemed to signal me something was wrong.
“Come!” he said happily.
This caught me of guard. Can he not feel this obvious evil lurking among us. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the garden. Again we returned to the party. People lay on the ground overcome by alcohol. Some people danced about. My father and the other Olympians were no where to been seen. Trash and some clothing littered to ground. Empty challis’s clinked and clanked as the night wind blew them about. Tudor continued to pull me through the crowded court. Finally we return to the sleeping chambers of the palace quay. Through its halls we walked briskly until we reached my room. He slung me inside, looked behind him and closed the door. He paced back and forth pressing his hand on his forehead. A cool breeze floated in between the curtains he ran across the room and slammed the doors to my balcony closed. I sat on my bed scared, shaking in my core. Frustration began to build inside him. He released it with a heavy breath. He sat down in my patted chair. Worry covered his face.
“Lumina,” he murmured. “I almost killed someone in that garden tonight did you realize that.”

Fear consumed my body.
“What do you mean , there was just you and I.” Then it hit me. Was he going to kill me, his love, and his consort for eternity?!

My face must have exposed my fear. He slide across the bed and held me against him.
“Please do not be afraid. I just thought you should know.”

I leaned my head on his broad chest. He wrapped his arms around me and sighed.
“Someone was watching us in the garden. I did my best to stay calm and not alarm you, but when you began to investigate who ever it was, was prepared to attack. As was I.”

Someone was watching us. Who, why? Why were they prepared to attack us?
I wished to render some information, perhaps to help us identify our follower. I looked up to him. His ever joyful blue eyes now remained still and filled with anger.
“There was an smell in the garden that seemed foreign.” I said sweetly, hoping to calm his tension.
“I know I smelled it as well. Greeks don’t grow jasmine. So it must be one of the children of Egypt.” He spoke. Tapping his fingers on each other he pondered.
“We have an advantage on our side who ever it was did not know we were aware of their presence. So, let us see.” He crossed his arms and looked to the floor as if the answers he searched for lay upon it.

I to fell into the mystery of the night. Who would follow us and why were they so bold. Think Lumina, think! Ok jasmine used in Egypt, also more of a feminine scent.
“Tudor do you believe jasmine is more the scent of a woman rather than a male.” I asked curiously. The reality of my question did not sink in until he looked at me. His vibrate blue eyes seemed dim with worry. I crossed my arms angrily.
“You do not believe I can protect myself?! I am a divine student! I have mastered my mage skills and I have obtained swordsman skills as well. Yet you think I am defenseless?!”

He wrapped his arms around me tightly. The warmth of his body calmed my anger. His breath blew the hair off my neck.
With a sigh he whispered. “No, I do not believe you are defenseless. I believe you are in danger.”
“Well then, we need to find out who it was.”
“No,” he muttered. “We need a plan. Meet me in the garden tomorrow when the sun grows late but is still lit. Understood?”

I shook my head in approval and he kissed my forehead. He refused to leave my side that night even though we had lessons the following day. I pulled out the frame set of a long couch for him to sleep on . He signaled me to stop, so I did. He walked over and lay beside me on my bed.
“Good night my love.” He whispered in my ear. His words melted in my mind as I drifted to sleep.

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