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UltraViolet Storm

May 23, 2012
By Beatifull.Black.Frostbite BRONZE, Maynard, Arkansas
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Beatifull.Black.Frostbite BRONZE, Maynard, Arkansas
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What dosnt hurt dosnt kill me, but will only make me stronger -unknown

Author's note: I love re-writting the supernatural world.

I sighed at my reflection in my antique mirror. My hair was a midnight purple color, it wasn’t dyed but that’s my cover story. It was so dark it was practically black but you see the purple when the light hits it just right. It was slightly wavy and brushed my hips as I walked; it formed a half circle around me. It stood out against my white as snow skin.
I had a heart shape face, wide big doe eyes, which instead of brown were blue violate color. They were framed by long thick lashes, which brushed my high cheek bones. My skin was unnaturally smooth and flawless. I had a small nose and pale pink lips. The only problem with my skin was my Mark.
It was elegant and bold secret Angel Script, and it was my name. The symbols and beautiful lines and curves went from my temple to my cheek bone. My name is Ultraviolet Storm and I am a Pure Blood Angel.

Chapter One: Secrets
I dabbed carefully at my mark with base and foundation, making sure not one part of it was visible. I went to a human school and having symbols and things on your face doesn’t mix well. Believe me we’ve tried. Plus having purple hair and blue violet eyes screamed, “Hey! Look at me I’m not normal.” And as a bonus a name like Ultraviolet Storm.
When a Pure Blood Angel is born, either their mother’s or their father’s Race or Element name is passed down. Mine is storm so I had got my mother’s. My mother and I are part of the Storm or Negative Energy Race or Element. My father is from the Earth so his is Grass. No matter what we do not choose are names we are born with them.
Today is my sixteenth birthday. Most Angels have their wings and halos by now. I still haven’t been Changed. Halos are not little circles of light that you see on pictures and statues, the envelope our whole being like an aura. I will get that when I have devolved all my powers.

I glanced once more at my reflection. I wore white leather jeans, a dark blue off the shoulder shirt, chain belts and my black combat boots. I put in three stud hoops in the side of each ear, and a gothic blue and black cross in the cartilage of the right one.
“Violet! Come on sweetie you’re going to be late for school!” Friends and family call me Violet because well… Ultraviolet’s a mouth full.
“Coming!” I called back, grabbed my bag and bounced down the stairs. My mom glided into the den. She wore a black and purple plaid business suit. Her Mark was proudly shown on her beautiful face. Angels wore their Marks uncovered when around other super naturals and Angels.
Most people would think we were safe because of being an Angel. Well were not, we are constantly hunted, for food, power, and God only knows what else.
“Love you Violet. Have a good first day.” Something about her set my nerves on edge. I studied her carefully. Her usually flawless face had worry wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows. She looked as if she hadn’t been sleeping well either, her usually gray blue eyes looked, dark and stormy.
“Mom? Is something wrong?” My voice concerned. My father had come in on our exchange and their eyes meet briefly.
“Of course not. Now go on before you’re late.” My father said. I frowned deeply and turned on my heel and turned the knob on the door. “Oh and Violet?” I stopped halfway out the door. “Happy birthday.” I smiled. I jogged out onto the sidewalk.
The grass was still wet from the earlier rain, the droplets shown lightly with the mourning sun. My back tingled as if someone was watching me. I decided to ignore it. Then a tree beside me shook and two of it’s limbs wrapped around me. It pulled me against the trunk. I laughed.
“Come on Devin. We’re going to be late if you don’t stop playing around.” I twisted and tried to get out of the hold of the tree Devin had taken over. At first it had tightened its hold on me then with an airy sigh I was released. I brushed myself off and turned to look at the tree. Devin made a show of making a carved version of himself in the tree sticking his tongue out at me.
“Very mature.” I rolled my eyes. The tree shook with a chuckle from Devin and he appeared. Devin was an Earth Fae or Fairy but he hates it when he’s called that.
“Oh come on! We can miss today and go any other day and it’d still be considered our first day.” He pouted at me. I playfully smacked his arm.
“Were not skipping.” I said sternly.
“Fine.” He sighed dramatically and I rolled my eyes. As we walked I heard slight mummers of the Earth to Devin. I might not of been in the Earth Race or Element but I still heard them after being around Devin with so long. He stopped at a patch of bushes.
“Wait.” He said and went into them. I sighed, probably went in there to do his “businesses”. I was looking at the clouds which were clearing up from last night, when he had come back. He held out a red and orange tiger rose to me. My eyes were wide with surprise.
“Happy birthday.” I took it carefully into my hands careful not to get pricked by the thorns. I gently stroked the fully bloomed petals and put it in my hair.
“Thank you.” I hugged him. “But were still not skipping.” He sighed shaking his head.
“I know.”

We made it a couple of minutes before the bell was going to ring and took the last two partner seats. A woman about the age of twenty five came in. She had dyed red hair and dull blue eyes. Her eyes flittered across the room landing on Devin. A flirty smile spread across her thin lips.
“Hello class. I’m Ms. Sky.” She put a lot of emphasis in the word Ms. “Welcome to Geometry-“ She was cut off by a knock at the door. She opened it; a man about in his early thirties was at the door. He had deep brown hair and reddish brown eyes.
Devin stiffened and hissed. For a quick moment his glamour went down, showing his true form. White long hair instead of bleach blond, gold instead of hazel eyes, and a pale complexion. His gold wings were black tipped and had black veins running through them. He quickly recovered. I wasn’t shocked by his appearance when we were alone or with family we didn’t have our glamour up.
“Can I help you?” Ms. Sky asked the man dazed. He smiled at her.
“Yes I’m looking for Ultraviolet Storm and Devin Fae.” Devin and I stood and walked out of the classroom.
“What are you doing here?” Devin demanded.
“You two know each other?” I asked and was ignored.
“I told you I would return on her sixteenth birthday, which is today. And I’m also here for you. You are a year over due Devin.” Devin put me behind him.
“Over my dead body.”
“No Devin. It’s time we told her.” My parents were suddenly in front of us. Devin’s face was full of shock and concern.
“Hello Mrs. Storm and Mr. Earth. Shall we take this to a more privet place?” My parents nodded stiffly. Suddenly we were in a office, with black furniture and a red plush carpet, with matching curtains and décor. The man sat down at the desk I front of the window. I sat by Devin.
“What’s going on here?” I demanded. I wanted answerers. My mom looked at me tears in her eyes.
“Violet, honey.” She took in a deep breath. “You’re going to an academy.”

Chapter Two: Academy

I stared at her, betrayal clear on my face, I shot up.
“What? How could you guys! I refuse to go!” My voice was rising and my mother clung to my father sobbing. I stomped my way to the brown doors, it was looked.
“Let me out!” I demanded turning to the man at the desk.
“Who are you?” I hissed. I’ll admit it was hard for me to be rude and mean sometimes but if I got mad enough I pulled it off rather nicely.
“My name is Mr. Lomes. I am the academies head master. And I am sorry Ultraviolet you have no choice but to go to my academy, the forms are signed.” He snapped his fingers, and a packed of papers appeared in thin air with sure enough my parents signatures on them. Tears sprang into my eyes, but I refused to let them fall, I knew pride was a sin but I couldn’t let the last of mine go. Devin came up and hugged me from behind.
“I’ll be there too.” He said trying to cheer me up.
“Yes, Mr. Fae will be there as well, he managed to convince us last year to wait for you. You two will be in separate years though.” I nodded stiffly. “You don’t need anything but a few personal items, you will get new cloths and things you need when we get there.” Once again I nodded.
“Your mother and I have already taken care of that sweetie. We put your bathroom items and accessories in a couple of suit-cases.” My father’s eyes bore into mine pleading for me to understand. I didn’t and I didn’t want to.
Devin and I stayed silent on the way to his house. He hadn’t packed yet, so I offered to help him not ready to face my parents. I picked up a pair of boxers off the floor with my thump and for finger.
“Clean?” I asked. He snatched them from me.
“Yes.” He threw them in the case. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I sat on the bed and twirled the rose he had given me a couple of hours ago, when my life was normal and I didn’t have to worry about anything but the usual.
“You knew about this?” I whispered barely meeting his eyes. His eyes narrowed and he let his glamour lift, letting himself relax.
“My parents told me a few months before my birthday. So yes I knew, but I refused to leave before you did.” I smiled at him he was forgiven. There was a knock on his door, his dad came in.
“It’s time to go.” His voice husky and he looked older than he was. We walked almost robotically to the car. I took one last look at the life I was leaving behind and fell asleep on his shoulder.
Someone was shaking my shoulder gently. I opened my eyes to take in my surroundings. We were at a pit-stop.
“Good you’re awake. Now go wash that gunk off your Mark.” I sighed and got up stretching. I washed my face, my Mark slowly coming visible. After I was done I swiftly walked out of the store, my hair covering the left side of my face. I stayed awake the next couple of hours, watching the trees go by. It was 12 o’clock and I was starving.
“Welcome to Moon and Sun Academy. We made it in time for your forth hour class. You two are in the day hours classes; sense you can handle the sun. I put you in the same lunch and physical education class sense you two are so close. I will take you to your forth hour class which is physical education. Your bags are going to be taken up to your rooms so don’t worry about them. When we get in there I will assign you two partners who are also your roomies ok?” We nodded, man this guy could talk.
We walked down the classy hallways and stopped at a couple of metal doors.
“Here we are.” He opened them and as if someone had pushed an off button everyone stopped what they were doing and went quiet, their eyes on us. A man jogged up to us.
“Mr. Lomes sir, you couldn’t have warned me about us having two new students?” Mr. Lomes smiled at him.
“Sorry Rob, this is Ultraviolet and Devin.” He gestured to the both of us.
“Violet.” I corrected, shaking Rob’s hand. He smiled and shook Devin’s hand.
“Christopher!” Mr. Lomes shouted, a Shifter with red hair and blue eyes stepped up. “You are Devin’s partner and roomie.” Christopher smiled and shook Devin’s hand and he returned the smile. I had a feeling they were going to get along just fine.
“Ultraviolet. You are going to be partners with River.” A Pixie walked up shyly, she had cropped short, white hair, and hazel eyes. She shook my hand, smiling at me. Some of the girls who were clearly preps or want to be glared at her. I was going to like this girl. Mr. Lomes nodded at us and walked out of the room.
“My name is Coach Rob, we will get you two your gym uniforms and then we will start." River led me to the locker room.
“You want me to call you Violet too?” I nodded grateful. She studied me. “You are skinny but you have an hourglass figure like me.”
“Then let me try one your size but longer shorts because you know.” She nodded and laughed. She handed me a pair of black shorts and a black shirts with a moon and sun on it. I started taking off my cloths I didn’t feel self-conscious around her for some reason. The outfit stuck to me more than I liked.
“I know I don’t like them either.” I looked at her shocked, could she read my mind? “Some Pixies feed off of emotions. But I’m not trying to.” She hurriedly added. I chuckled lightly, and put a hand up.
“It’s fine.” Her face became relived, and smiled. After putting my original cloths in our locker we went out. Boys stared at me lustfully, their focus on my legs, chest, and butt. I did my best not to pay attention but it made me feel uncomfortable. The preps either giggled or glared. I resisted the urge to pull the shorts lower to cover at least a little of the legs that they reveled. River took me back to Coach Rob. I put my hair in a long pony tail.
“Nice tattoo!” A girl shouted. Devin stepped next to me.
“You have some tissue hanging from your shirt.” I called back sweetly. She looked at her chest and blushed knowing she had fell into a trap. Half the class snickered.
“Ok everyone we will start with laps then dodge ball.” I smiled I loved dodge ball and here I didn’t have to go easy. Coach blew the whistle and we started running. I ran in-between Christopher and Devin. After a couple laps River joined us. We asked basic questions until my legs were begging to be stretched more. Devin caught my eye and we nodded.
“Hey guys we’re going up a little.” They nodded, and me and Devin went up to the very front our legs stretching out any pains or aches. Sports and running were one of my favorite hobbies. Devin took a step in front of me, a grin on his lips. I went up ahead of him. Soon enough we were in a race to be in front of each other. We dodged the other runners, without missing a beat. We soon had all our laps done, but we were still going.
“Give up?” Devin asked tauntingly, and boy was that a swell idea right then. My legs were now throbbing and aching, begging me to stop.
“Never.” I shot back. My blood pounded in my ears, my feet verily touching the ground. We almost stumbled to a stop at the same time. We bumped fist as a truce.
“Mighty competitive aren’t you?” Coach asked us we grinned at him.
“We push each other to our limits.” Devin said, I nodded in agreement. Our breathing slowing, as was our pulse.
“You two ready for dodge ball?”
“That’s our favorite game.” We answered grinning. He put us on the same team, bad move.
“Back to back?” I asked.
“Always.” The whistle blew and a ball automatically flew at me. I dodged it and it was caught b Devin. I bent up to sweep up a ball and threw it at a group of girls huddled together. It hit one in the chest. We finished off the ones that were huddled together. Pretty soon it was just us, a preppy Nixie, and an Elf. Elves weren’t short, like in stories. Devin hit the Nixie right then and there. I threw one at the Elf; it hit him right as the bell rang.
I cursed silently and went to the locker rooms. As I was changing I was suddenly surrounded by preps. I raised an eyebrow, at them. One with flat blond hair stepped forward, their leader I’m guessing.
“Listen here newbie. I run things here, you are just the shiny new toy but in a week you’ll be old news.” I rolled my eyes and pulled off my gym shirt. A couple of preps gasped, I looked down I was wearing my dark purple and black bra and my belly button piercing. It was a blue crystal with a black metal cord wrapped around it. Faint lines showed were my abs was.
“Quit staring.” I snapped. “Unlike y’all this is all natural.” I pulled on my shirt and walked out. River came out howling with laughter.
“You heard?” I asked pretty sure she heard, she nodded.
“Come on its lunch time.” I nodded. Devin and Christopher jogged up.
“Lunch?” He asked. I nodded and he fist punched the air. I hated all the looks and stares we got, I was going to lose it and Devin could tell so he would occasionally give my shoulder a squeeze. In the line a Shifter came up to me.
“Hey. I’m Shawn.” He flashed me a grin, River rolled her eyes she moved her teal wings with purple veins and they hit his face. He glared at her and quickly recovered. I nodded getting a tray of food. The lunch lady saw my Mark and took my tray away replacing it with a different one. I looked at it suspiciously, it looked normal except for the slight shimmer. A couple of bottles of colorful liquids were on the tray.
“It’ll help you.” I nodded. I grabbed some grapes, Shawn followed me. I wanted to tell him to get lost, but thought better of it.
“Why don’t you come sit with us?” He asked as I followed Devin to a table of our friends.
“No thanks.” I said and kept going. He grabbed my hip, gently pulling me back toward him.
“I insist.” He murmured some-what seductively, I shook my head but my head was foggy and I wasn’t thinking all the way strait. He gently started to tow me toward a table. Then to my rescue Devin was suddenly there his teeth bared and pointed his eyes pure black no iris or color. Shawn scurried off. We walked to the table.
“It’s ok. Shawn can manipulate minds. Since you haven’t changed yet you can’t block it.” River said I sighed. Christopher looked at my food.
“Your food is shiny.” This got a good laugh from us. I looked at the three bottles of liquid, a gold bottle, a red one, and a purple one.
“Try the purple one first in matches your hair.” Christopher said. I unscrewed the lid and took a swig and almost threw it across the room. I couldn’t see straight and my head throbbed. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples. I finally opened my eyes, they looked at me concerned, I shook my head and took a drink of the gold, and it sent tingly sensations through my body and cleared the throb in my head.
I felt energy waves pass through me I really liked this one. The red seemed to sooth any negative atmosphere around me forming a cocoon of calm and happiness at our table and the others seemed to feel it too. I took a mental note ‘purple= bad red and gold=good’. After lunch River took me to our dorm. Everything was red, black, and silver. My bags were on a black four poster bed and the comforter was gorgeous. It was mixed shades of purple. It reminded m of a storm-shot sunset. I could practically feel the violent winds and the thunder; I could see the flashes of lightning. I stroked the silky sheets. Black and purpled throw pillows were at the top. Suddenly a black enveloped was on it with my name in silver letters in the most elegant handwriting I’ve ever seen.

The author's comments:
I will add more as soon as I can. It's kind of hard without internet but ill try to add at least once a week

Chapter three: Silver Shadow
My name is Silver Shadow; I am your mentor and consoler. You will see me most of the time in the night hour’s sense I am in the Night Hour classes. You will meet me tonight by the gate at eleven thirty, I advise you to be there no latter or earlier. The night is a very dangerous time for a day creature, Yes this means you will be going back to your dorm in late hours. I will do my best to make sure you have your full eight hours of rest.

“Who’s it from?” River asked trying to see over my shoulder which was sort of a problem since I was a good three inches taller than she was.
“My mentor, Silver Shadow.” She froze and her jaw meets the floor. She stared at me dazed for a moment then practically makes my ear bleed from shrieking.
“Your mentor is Silver Shadow!” I resist the urge to cover my ears.
“Yes, who is he? What’s the big deal?”
“He’s the hottest guy on campus, that’s what!” I frown at her; great by tomorrow everyone will know this and I’ll get even more attention than I did today. I was practically a loner I didn’t like attention. “You’re so lucky!” She finished her day-dreaming rant that I had missed.
“I guess.” I sighed, still frowning. I looked at the clock it was four thirty, plenty of time until dinner and a whole lot of time ‘till my meeting with Silver Shadow. Then I remembered something.
“Hey will you go shopping with me?” I asked River. She smiled and nodded.
“Sure let’s go ask headmaster.” She walked effortlessly through the halls, which I would have got lost in alone. I followed silently, taking in every detail of my surroundings. She knocked on a door.
“Come in.” He sat at a desk, very calm and looked non-busy as most headmasters of huge academies would be. “Hello Ultraviolet, River, how may I help you two on this fine afternoon?”
“I was wondering if we could go shopping for my cloths and things.” He glanced at the clock.
“Ok, be back before dinner.” He wrote something on a note and gave it to me. Then handed me a credit card.
“Six grand.” He said simply, my eyes went as wide as saucers and my jaw landed on the floor.
“Sir, I don’t need that much-“ He cut me off.
“Every super natural is paid different. The Council or High Court has a member of every super natural. That is how much Mr. Winds is paying for you.”
“Oh.” I couldn’t say anything else.
“Though if you need anything else for your room you’re free to get it. Here is a letter from him.” He handed me a white envelope, I took it, folded it, and stuck it in my back pocket.
“River I’m calling your mentor to watch over you and Ultraviolet. I can’t call your mentor because he’s a Night Hour student and is sleeping, Ultraviolet.” A pixie with long copper hair, a heart shape face, and hazel eyes came in. She had silver wings with orange veins in them, she smiled friendly at us.
“Hello River and you must be Ultraviolet. My name’s Criss.” I smiled back and nodded.
I looked around my eyes darting from here to there, trying to inhale the scenes before me. It was a really big city; I was from a small town in Missouri. River smirked at me, the mall was huge!
“You’d think you haven’t been to a mall before.” I smiled sheepishly. “You haven’t? Wow.” Criss nodded in agreement, a slight blush stained my cheeks. I kept a little conversation with River, Criss was really quiet. River took us everywhere, I snuck away to get a few CD’s and books. My arms were sore from all the bags we carried, I was sure River raided every store in here.
“We should head back; it’s almost time for dinner.” Criss said. We nodded in agreement and we piled into the car suffocating with bags. We made several trips from the car to our dorm to get everything. After the beds were covered in colorful bags we started putting stuff up. I had got four Bing-Bag chairs, one black, one with black and white circle sketch designs on it, one that had a black background but was covered in neon splatter paint. I put my favorite by a dark purple reading lamp I got in the corner; it was black and had a red and black gothic cross design on it. I had also bought a lap-top with the same design on it, and an internet chip.
My closet was now full of tops, pants, a few skirts, leggings, belts, and shoes. The bell rang just as we sat down; we groaned and went down to the dining hall. Once again the lunch lady gave me a certain tray. One liquid was hot pink, and one was red. I drank the red one which seemed to send tingling sensation trough my body. The other seemed to calm negative atmospheres around me. Shawn glared at us and mumbled something to his group. Devin scooted closer to me, I sighed this was going to be a long dinner.
I took a deep breath and started walking to the gate; it was now eleven fifty, since River wouldn’t let me leave without something “decent” to wear. So I was now wearing black combat boots with little chains and crosses on the side of them. A black skirt which was a little roomy so three layers of rough black and purple fabric could fit under it, and you could see it. A black spaghetti strap shirt and a chocker with a black and purple gothic design moon on it, which matched the belt I was wearing.
I stopped at the gate looking around to see if anyone was there, no one. I stood there rocking back and forth on my heels for a couple minutes. I saw a dark figure at the edge of the woods. My eyes narrowed trying to see it; it stepped out into the moonlight. I held back a gasp. It had red eyes, and stitches were a mouth should be. It was suddenly in front of me.
“Youngth.” It hissed, in my head and caused me to freeze. Then my brain started again and I started stumbling away. My back it the gate. It reached a white, pale, scarred hand toward me. It touched the middle of my forehead, and everything seemed dull. My common-sense was telling me to scream, but I couldn’t find my mouth. My eyes were opened but I only saw black. Then its red eyes appeared in my vision, so bright against their black background. I felt as if I was being drained of my life. My legs trembled threatening to buckle beneath me.
“Scompirie!” A voice shouted. But it sounded as if it were shouted at the end of a tunnel. I saw a flash through my black vision. My knees finally buckled beneath me as the last bit of my consciousness faded. I gave into it, willingly.

I groaned loudly, my head pounding and my ears rang. Something tickled my arms and legs almost like something was caressing them. I opened my eyes slowly, my vision still blurry. A dim light seeped through my cloudy vision. I tried to sit up but something held me down.
I looked down at my body and almost screamed. My body was covered in thousands of tiny shadows, some of them moved or slithered on my body. I tried to break free but they held tight.
“Relax, they won’t hurt you. I merely put them on you to keep you warm.” A cool and collected voice said. The shadows slithered off me and disappeared, I sat up. I noticed I was about a foot in the air, on thousands of shadows. They shifted in a chair to my body as I sat upright. I swallowed hard.
“Where are you?” I asked my voice raspy.
“Here.” A boy’s or more like a man’s voice said. I looked in the direction of the voice. He stepped out of the shadows, so I could see him. He looked about 19 or 20. He had shaggy black hair that brushed the tape of his neck, and feel into his eyes on a certain movement.
His eyes studied me as carefully as I studied him. Is eyes were a sterling silver, framed by long eyelashes. He had sharp angular features, high set cheekbones, and a full mouth. His skin was a very fair, ivory color. I saw a line on either side of his neck, giving me the conclusion his mark was somewhere on his upper back.
His structure was long and lean, but you could see the mussels through the dark blue shirt he wore. A black cloak swished as he walked, he also wore a pair of black pants and combat boots. His expression was calm, and then I noticed his halo. Black, my eyes widened.
“Are you Silver Shadow?”
“And you saved me from that…..that thing?”
“It’s a Soul Seeker, and yes.” I processed this information.
“You’re a Gothic Angel.” I stated more to myself than him.
“Yes that is why I’m a Night Hour student. I help protect this place.” I froze for a moment, Gothic Angels were much respected, Pure Blood Angel or not. I put my fist over my heart and bowed my head, he grimaced.
“Please don’t do that.” He requested politely, but an edge to his voice. I looked up at him slightly confused but nodded.
“Thank you Silver Shadow.” He offered me a tiny smile, but it disappeared as quickly as it came, I almost thought I’d imagined it.
“You’re welcome Violet, and please call me either Silver or Shadow. Either one is fine.” I looked at my surroundings, or at least tried to. As I turned my head, dizziness flooded through me and a pain shot through my head. I started tilting sideways, Shadow grabbed my arms and the shadows formed into a bed again. He laid me down gently and grabbed something out of a bag.
A bottle containing the purple liquid, he opened it and reclined me up gently and put it at my lips.
“No.” I moaned.
“Drink.” He ordered, I tried to glare but my vision was making it look as if he was everywhere. My lips parted and I waited for the disgusting liquid. It was warm and sweet this time. My eyes fluttered close as it ran down my throat. I drank until he pulled it from my lips.
“Earlier it-“
“Your body repulsed it because it found no need for it.” He cut me off, closing the bottle and putting the remains into the bag.
“Oh.” I looked around again without the dizziness and pain. We were in cave, but there wasn’t any opening. A light was supplied from somewhere. Then I saw a small waterfall and spring in the back of the cave. I stifled a gasp, the water seemed to glow, lighting up the cave.
“What’s that?” I asked in awe, still looking at it.
“It’s a sacred spring.”
“It’s so beautiful.” I said softly. I tried to take in every detail of it. The rocks around it were coated in light green moss, and vines traveled up the wall around it, silver flowers, and buds hung lightly from it. I shivered slightly, and hugged myself. Little shadows wrapped themselves around me, warmth seeped through me.
“Thanks. River wanted me to wear something “decent” .” He shook his head lightly.
“What was that you said…?” My voice trailing off.
“Scompirie. It’s like depart.” I nodded “It banishes and kills the Soul Seeker.”
“Wow. It’s like living in a Harry Potter book.” I chuckled.
“Are you ok?” He asked. I nodded, and tried to stand up but I was wobbling.
“How long was I out?”
“A couple of hours, you’re lucky. You haven’t Changed yet so you’re not fully able to protect yourself. But that’s what mentors are for, to help you learn and develop the skills you need for when you do.” I smiled.
“That’s the most you’ve said all night.” He glared at me, and I just smirked.
“What time is it?” He glanced at his watch.
“Two o’clock.” I sighed; river was going to be worried. He got up and gestured me to do the same.
“Let’s get you back. Meet me at the gate tomorrow night eleven thirty not eleven fifty.” I rolled my eyes slightly embarrassed. He placed his hand on the wall and an opening appeared. I gave him a questioning look, he just smiled softly. We walked out and the sudden rush of wind caused the shadows to constrict slightly. We walked back slightly, it took us about an hour and fifteen minutes, but we both seemed so deep in thought we didn’t notice.
“I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He said. I nodded and he disappeared, the shadows that had kept me warm before followed him. I shivered glancing around and ran back to the dorm.

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