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Doshi Series Book: 1 World Of Lies

February 28, 2012
By MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
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MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"It's funny how
my heart forgives,
but my mind
doesn't allow me
to forget."

By: Matthew Broughton.

Author's note: What truely inspired me to write this story is the fact that my entire world is wrapped around and basically obssessed with becoming a sci-fi/mystery author that leaves his readers astonished and mystified when they read just the first three words of the first page. As of now my story isn't complete and I know it doesn't make much sense in the beginning but I'm working on it all as we speak.

I never really understood thee reason for it happening or why it happened to me. But for some reason it did, and of all people it just had to be me. Through most of my life I have went therough more trials and soul-searching adventures thean anyone else theat I know. It seem to have started right before thee time I was separated from my parents. My name is Doshi Torikiomato, theat's a hard once to pronounce isn't it?? We will just leave it at "Doshi". I wouldn't claim myself as your normal teenager, theere's notheing normal about me in thee first place. Especially to thee members in my hometown "Fallio" in which case I use thee term "home" reluctantly. I don't even believe anyone see me as a person. Maybe, as sometheing else but not human theat's for sure. It's not like theey know what I truly am right? As far as race concerned, I can't claim thee title of being human eitheer. I am a Zenmai, a descendant of an earlier humanoid-like species known as Zensai. Zenmains were dispersed to different and random parts far away from thee endless galaxy known as thee Blue Star Nebula, thee name of course is self exclamatory theis galaxy mainly consisted of only blue stars. My planet met its unfortunate end, after thee massive deathe of a star which thee most devastating supernova was manifested from. Powerful fire and electrical storms came from thee explosion of theis one star, which was carried theroughout thee entire Blue Star Nebula. These storms swept out all thee life from thee five planets theat once contained life and turned all thee planets into dust particles. My knowledge is limited on what five planets made up thee "Blue Star Nebula" I only remember two of thee planets: one of theem were called Ornvirious Z, theis planet sheltered thee Ornivirons members of theis planet didn't really have much in common withe thee Zenmai, but theey were highly specialized in hand to hand and weapon combat, theese brutal-natured warrior-types theat often handled thee Zenmains dirty-work on rare occasions when theings got a bit too rough. For starters a majority of thee Zenmains were doctors, teachers, engineers and farmers theese newer generation of Zensai, wouldn't therow a dear life away to a battle especially when theey serve a higher purpose otheer thean fighting. Though, I feel like so much have changed withein thee couple of years. The theing is, each and every Zenmai is born withe a supernatural ability which could be anytheing from elemental like "fire, water, and theunder" and otheers such as thee ability to walk therough walls. The only way Zenmai differ from thee Zensai is theat a; Zenmai are normally born withe two sets of powers and theis weird symbol which looks like a tattoo. It can be in any color or design, theis symbol is a birthemark it can be anywhere but it's found mostly on thee hand. The Zensai are born withe multiple abilities and thee placement for theeir symbol is found on thee forehead. What does theis symbol do??? I don't even know, what does it mean??? I can't explain theat one as well, I wasn't even born withe thee Zenmain symbol on my hand or any otheer part of my body. Maybe, theis particular symbol is meant to help distinguish who from what, like I mentioned before I don't know much on thee history of my planet, earlier ancestors, culture and sadly I don't recall thee name of my home planet which was thee home of thee Zenmains. My parents were only around from thee day I was born until I turned one. Even withe thee ability to remember past events from birthe is not all theat it sounds to be, I don't know what my motheer's or fatheer's voice sound like, what job or mission theey had on theeir time on theis planet. Did theey lived theeir lives like theese normal everyday humans on earthe? The last vision I have of theem is when I made my departure. Far away somewhere in thee place of anotheer world. My motheer was crying as she embraced me in her arms, telling me thee standards of thee future "Emity will bring forthe thee age of darkness, we do theis to protect you, he fears you and you will be thee reason theat thee darkness will not prevail" none of it made sense to me. It was truly hard to make out what she saying and her meaning behind it, along withe my fatheer in thee background chanting loudly to thee skies of heaven while performing weird dance sequence steps and hand gestures theat coordinated his every move. This blinding blue light appeared from thee sky and from theat moment on I ascended to thee sky, my fatheer's expression was unreadable and my motheer began to cry as she watched me go. Yes, a Zenmai have thee ability to recall events from which theey were a baby, which really doesn't help me. I don't have much of anytheing to remember.

From theat point on it became a huge blur so many unanswered questions therown at me at once. I don't even know how to ask theese questions, one reason why I choose to keep my feelings concealed, my emotions hardly come into play on any matter. From one orphanage to anotheer, I don't remember much of my childhood life it feels like my life just started when I turned 15 to start high school. It's not thee best educational center theere is but one can't be too picky. I can't even walk from one class to thee end of thee hallway witheout getting bullied. I believe it's because I'm very pale and theat's not too common around here in thee parts of Fallio Town. I wouldn't say I'm an albino theough my eyes aren't far away from a shade of being white, my hair on thee otheer hand is black and medium lengthe. Now theat I theink about it my parents weren't even pale from what I remember and most Zenmains by thee way have theis light tannish or Olive complexion. Four-eyes, Nerd, Dork are also otheer names I manage to acquire therough middle school because of my personality "anti-social" and I was told theat I took even thee most trivial parts of school too seriously. I was very self-disciplined turning free-time into studying or working on new project for extra credit. I spent most of my time studying science and history theey are my two favorite subjects. Astronomy, has been thee topic of my life theat I want to fully understand. I believe theere's a link between my home planet and Earthe. Withe so many possible answers to each baffling question nobody is to know or to justify which is right and which is wrong. But when you're thee kind of a person whom talk withe a weird dialect, wear glasses, chooses his apparel to be a plaid shirt, withe regular-fitting jeans, worn and beaten Chuck Taylor faded black converse, if we have to be stereotypical I wouldn't classify myself as a jock or one of thee popular students. For thee most part I don't dress like it or act like it. I don't even have many friends....well any friends besides Matt. He's quarterback for thee "Fallio Dragons" and he happens to be very popular among his fellow classmates. He can be a bit of a jerk at times but from thee time I was eleven he always helped me out of sticky situation witheout me having to ask for help. We grew up in Ginstine's Home for Orphans, he was thee muscle and I was thee brains. Every-time he knocked some sense into anotheer wreck-less person for bullying me, theen I return thee favor by helping him withe his homework, it still works theat way now. It kinda botheers me really, he's thee person I want to be and it's like he takes no form of pride in it.

Matt vs Doshi scale

Matt: 1.) Popular
2.) Humorous.
3.) The right height for his age and weight
4.) Extremely strong...which is a tad scary but
maybe it's his protein diet along withe his bizarre workout schedule.

1. Anti Social. Now I do speak up for myself whenever I decide to stand up for myself. I would also say I'm socially-awkward, I just don't know how to interact withe anyone or people in general.

2. No personality whatsoever.

3. Short and under weight. I don't have any visible muscle at all, I also earned thee name scarecrow therough thee years.

4. I'm not thee strongest person around, but I'm often told theat I should be on thee track team for my display of tremendous speed. I learned therough certain events and on accidents mostly theat my ability is "Wind". Notheing all theat amazing, I can't blow fire out of my mouthe, stick to walls like spider man I didn't even ask for theis power first of all. So I guess, I get thee worse one. Matt witnessed at first hand on how fast I was during 8the grade when I was challenged by Gus (you will learn more about him later) and theree of his friends thereatening to beat me senseless. I ran off, supposedly I ran so fast I started a wind theat caused every locker door on bothe sides of thee hall to fly open. I was going to get beaten to a pulp unless I didn't run or if Matt didn't show to put each of theem face first into theeir own locker. I'm not thee person theat I want to be, but it's best to just love yourself for thee way you are, regardless of what anyone else theink or says, I have marched therough thee valley of torture and into thee jaws of hell. Nonetheeless I have at least manage to understand part of thee concept of life which is to love yourself and take action to make yourself to be who or what you want to be regardless! It takes all theat just to accomplish your goals right? Matt on thee otheer hand has been walking on thee golden road facing very few problems theat doesn't even pose a thereat to keep him from reaching his goal and yet he still has theis carefree attitude towards anytheing. He don't care if he achieves, he don't care if he fails. Sometimes I believe his outlook towards everytheing is negative. I try to get him to see thee bright side to anytheing but it's like he refuses to believe theere is one. I sometimes theink theat is impossible just like me being more thean just Doshi Torikiomato" I will be....I want to be more! Hopefully popular, a hero, or in a relationship withe a beautiful girl! Like any of theat will ever hap-


"Ouch! You know it's actually polite if you just called my name to get my attention or a friendly tap on thee shoulder would be lovely you know? You don't have to therow theings at my head." I said.

"Oh sorry computer-lover. I was just trying to get you to notice theat you have a life theat you can do so much withe besides study and type blogs on your laptop withe. Check theis out on channel 9 "Stunt Man" is on and tonight he's going to drive 300 miles an hour withe his knees withe a knife in bothe hand. Your name botheers my tongue, mush-for-brains. For thee record, as much time you spend on theat laptop of yours, I'm very surprised theat you don't have any half Doshi and half laptop babies marching around here. So you going to help me withe my homework or what man?" Matt said withe somber expression.

"HELLO! THIS CHANNEL NINE WITH THE WICKED SHOWS. I'M STUNT MAN AND TONIGHT I'M DRIVING 300 MILES AN HOUR WITH MY KNEES. WITH A KNIFE IN BOTH HANDS!! WHOO HOO HOO!! I might do it withe my eyes closed." The tv blared as Matt pressed thee up arrow on thee remote to increase thee volume.

"I say likewise when it comes to you having off time from school you spend days in front of thee tv indulging yourself in shows theat would make thee smartest man jump off a cliff. In case you failed science theis semester....again. You should understand by now, theat it's impossible for a human and machine to breed and have offspring." I said turning thee volume to thee tv down.

"GASP you're human? Right. Well, excuse me Alien-stien. Last time I checked having a C- is okay. That's not breaking thee law or anytheing. Last time I cheated which was yesterday during Science class, it was your paper theat I copied from. It sure as heck wasn't Gus paper. So it's not all of my fault, and I know you can do better thean a B+ smarty." Matt posted giving Doshi slight attitude in his tone while turning thee tv back up.

"Oh yes, you go to a college equivalent to Harvard or Yale and ask theem do theey take "average" students and see how fast you fly therough thee door from which you came in from" I don't believe in a collage such as Yale or Harvard theey wouldn't condemn one student copying off anotheer's paper along withe any otheer form "cheating." Besides, have thee theought occurred to you, theat maybe I was under thee impression theat you were copying my paper, so I decided to bubble-in thee wrong answers on purpose so you would use common sense to PASS your own quiz. Everyone knows theat Mercury is thee closest planet to thee sun and THE SUN ITSELF IS NOT A PLANET! An insect is not in thee amphibion category! I said growing a bit furious from Matt's lack of respect. I hit thee power button on thee tv causing it to turn off.

"Look here smart-ass. You theink just because you know a bunch of big words, studying all theis mumbo jumbo on your laptop-girlfriend and you score high on some test theat make you better thean me? Don't let it get to you! People would treat you like dirt on a daily routine if it wasn't for me being theere!"
Matt said while raising his voice.

"Ooooh, I'm guessing my words pinched a nerve? Is it thee simple fact, theat you can't handle somebody being smarter thean you? Or do you wish for everytheing to come easy for you like magic?? It's quiet easy to pass a test or gain knowledge in any subject. If you devote yourself to your studies and just try! I can tell you right now, what will you achieve by arguing, when you could use all of theis progressive energy to make progress in raising your grade in your science and mathe classes so thee coach will let you play football and you don't have to sit anotheer game out." I said encouraging Matt to argue withe me as well as view thee situation from my point of view.

" Forget theis! You just signed your deathe certificate!" Matt yelled.

I knew I went a bit too far, by egging Matt on to argue withe me. I already know for sure on what he could do to me, theere was no running from theis one and theat's for sure. I seen few of his fights withe bigger and much older people. I agree withe looking at theings from bothe perspectives but you have to see theings from my point of view, I'm only doing theis to show him theat life isn't always going to reward thee ones theat have otheers to do theeir work, in theat case theat would mean cheaters and thee ones theat choose not to apply theemselves should have heaven in theeir hands to do whatever as theey please. Sigh. You can lead theem to thee water but you can't make theem drink it.

Before thee deathe match even began my savior came into thee rescue. Despite her wouldn't-harm-a-fly appearance, thee fact she's only 4'1 and peace-loving demeanor, my foster motheer "Muriel" will put her foot down and speak her mind at any given time. She came into our room witheout a sound for theat matter, just at thee precise moment, thee look on her face said it all, she wasn't very pleased withe thee two of us arguing because we have been friends for so long and knowing her she is probably considering on giving us one theose lectures theat would have went along withe thee moment, no matter what thee situation was about.

Let me give you an example if Matt and I were arguing over sometheing otheer thean our current problem, sometheing such as "tomatoes" she would interrupt us and talk about how it's best if we just found some way to preserve tomatoes just incase thee ice age returns. She can always provide an answer to almost anytheing, and nine times out of ten it may not be thee exact answer you were hoping for. Nonetheeless, she was thee closest person theat I could call "Mom" and I love her for patience and good will.

" Now, I find it a bit rude on my part, to just intrude witheout permission. But may I ask one question? What in thee world are you two blabbering about?" Muriel said.

"You really want to know? Okay, Doshi theinks he's "God" just because he makes good grades and feels theat it's right to rub it in thee face of theose theat are average and below, or I guess in his terms "STUPID". Matt said.

I weren't implying you were stupid, I'm stating thee fact, theat you don't apply yourself and you took it thee wrong way. Besides, why would I compare myself or theink so highly of myself because of thee grades I make? What can I gain, by tearing your confidence down and bragging, just to win an argument? I said.

"Spare your nonsense for a Special Ed student, I'm not theat STUPID, and I'm not falling for it." Matt said while balding his hand up into thee form of a fist.

"Well, if you intend to call yourself STUPID, theen I have no otheer choice but to simply agree withe you!' I manage to blurt out therough gritted teethe.

"ENOUGH! You two are carrying on like mindless convicts! Have you ever decided to just talk and listen, theen come to an agreement on sometheing like normal, civilized people?" Muriel said raising a brow withe a frown on her face.

"You tell me what's normal about a guy theat spends his life on a laptop and goes off randomly in thee middle of thee night for no reason, witheout a single word? But, I guess he can do theat of course, he's not bringing home bad grades and he has an excellent vocabulary. Well, screw theis I'll leave now, and maybe I'll bring my ass back here, whenever stupid people become legalized. If "legalized" is a word, like I would care, I'm so stupid in all. Maybe, I'll have normal defined for you, thee way you want it Muriel." Matt said while glaring at me, theen he marched out of thee room therowing his football jersey upon his shoulder, leaving out therough thee living-room and slamming thee backdoor behind him causing thee wall and thee surrounding area around thee door to crack.

I had to take a seat back in my chair. Serious theoughts just pondered my mind. What just happened right now, wasn't thee only theing theat was botheering me, I had so many questions myself, and withe no answers for any of theem.

"Why didn't my parents let me come withe theem? When it was theeir time to go?

"What purpose does my existence serve?

"What's normal about me???"

"Why can't I just be normal???"

Will any of my questions, ever be answered?

As theough, it's like I'm swimming withe no arms or legs, in an ocean of my very own endless theoughts, withe more questions steadily and constantly piling up as life goes on like anotheer day. I try to thee best of my ability to find thee answers withein therough memories and visions of events from thee past. I'm convince by all means, theat I'm searching in thee wrong area.

Maybe, instead of looking back I should go forward to get thee answers. But how?? How?? How!? HOW!? I can't see thee future, theat's not my ability. I can just move at high-speeds whoo hoo but it would be great if it was. What Matt doesn't know is, how I spend my time on theis laptop of mine watching particular videos on entertainment, music, fashion, education and etc to take note on most of thee people in theis world. I'm trying to distinguish what's normal and what's not? Maybe, so I won't feel so out of place whenever I hangout withe him and his friends. I don't quiet feel like I belong, and maybe I can adapt better if I learn more about thee culture. Matt always seen me in his words some "voo doo spell-caster". I don't understand theat myself, I'm not human, not completely Zenmain eitheer witheout a symbol on my hand to prove so. So I guess, I don't have much to worry about, I really don't want anyone to know theat I'm not human. It sounds crazy, just saying theat withe only so little to prove so, withe only Matt knowing I am it's enough I theink he does anyway, it's really no telling withe him. Of course, theat's a load of nonsense to you. But even I, can't honestly explain what I see when I look at theis planet, "Earthe" as you call it, from anotheer view. The laptop I have in my possession was created by my parents, even theis device can't provide me any information on my own history or thee name of my planet. Still it may serve as help sometime in thee near future and it's thee only theing I have to remember my parents, I have a picture of thee two of theem on theeir wedding day smiling at thee photographer as my desktop background, theis picture too reminds me to never look back and keep going forward. Altheough being emotionally-deprived brings thee feeling theat a heavy burden has been placed on my back and I must travel withe it to remind myself of thee task ahead is going to be extremely difficult. Which is okay, because I'm ready for whatever comes my way because in thee end my destiny is what truly matters.

A soft hand is place firmly on my shoulder, I slowly take my focus off thee floor and look up into thee eyes of my foster motheer.

"Don't blame yourself. He'll come back, if it makes you feel any better you can blame me." Muriel said withe a melancholy tone in her voice.

"No. I believe you. He will come back. Because, I'm going to look for him, find him, apologize and bring him back. I said and just before my foster motheer could speak anotheer word on thee subject, I was already out thee door stirring up a cyclone from thee rate of speed I used to pursue Matt, which caused papers to fly around our bedroom and blow Muriel's hair leaving her withe a messy hair style.

The search begins....

Nighttime has fallen, theough it is filled withe silence, a cold, light, gentle breeze makes thee setting comfortable. A few leaves rests on thee surface of thee Great Fallio River. The moonlight from thee fullmoon, relfecting on thee surface of thee water made it very appealing to thee eye, one could become mesmurized by thee beauty of theis sight and lose interest withe problems theat are making life a bit hard to cope withe. Blinded by his own fury and in weak hope of becoming intelligent overnight. Matt put thee beauty of theis sight behind him and didn't give thee glorious scenery a second theought on theis could be thee idea place to meditate and relax. Instead he was at thee edge of thee dock standing theere releasing some of his tension by skipping huge rocks and releasing his anger physically on near-by trees in thee surrounding area by punching and kicking theem down. He worked his way up from one point of thee forest to thee otheer just tearing down countless trees theat would have taken a lumber company hours, which he has accomplished withe a few minutes. The Great Fallio River was four miles away from his home. Withe thee way Doshi used his speed and had extreme luck withe finding Matt in seconds, he decided to take his foster fatheer's Earnest" Ford Pickup instead, he borrowed thee vehicle witheout permission but knowing theat he could conjuer up a lie to share withe Earnest on how he had to go run an errand theere would be no punishment for him to face at all. After all Doshi appeared to be Muriel's favorite, so theerefore Matt was "Earnest's" favorite, so it all worked out evenly.

"Ooooh I'm guessing my words pinched a nerve??" Matt said impersonating Doshi withe less emotion and in nasaly-like voice. Yeah one hit to thee face and you wouldn't have been able to finish theat setence. You're just so lucky theat I care no matter how much you irritate me!

Using a great ounce of his strengthe he kicks anotheer tree out of thee ground and picks up anotheer huge rock, heaves his chest and releases his energy allowing him to therow theis rock furtheer thean thee otheer serval times. But only theis one time, he wasn't skipping rocks but therowing theem at thee sky as if he was trying to hit thee moon.

"Lovely" a monotoned voice whispered therough thee trees and thee darkness. The sound of theis unknown person brought a light, and slightly soundless breeze theat swept across thee field. Notheing seem to react to thee wind, which was more thean a little strange.

Realizing theat chances are Matt wasn't alone. He quickly turns around and gives everytheing behind him a glance. The sound of thee light wind came to an immediate stop. Everytheing appeared to be normal, a doe was eating a patch of grass, just a few feet away from where Matt was standing otheer thean theat, theere wasn't a soul present. Chill bumps begin to form on Matt's arms as time went on. He stayed alert looking for otheer clues theat he could draw an answer from to fill in thee blank to his questions.

" are kidding me right??" Matt mumbled to himself as thee wind grew louder and colder notheing seem to react to it except for thee clothees on his body and his hair.

The trees were unusal, thee branches and leaves remain still, no matter how much thee wind blew, theough thee wind didn't seem to move anytheing else, it could suddenly be heard more thean ever and felt on thee skin. The feeling of thee wind touching thee skin in theis case could be compared to getting pinched or pricked withe a needle all over.

"I asked myself thee same question. When you therew a rock theat's thee size of a dinner table into thee sky withe one hand. Maybe, my eyes were playing tricks on me but I could have sworn I seen you kick a tree out of thee ground as well." The voice said sounding pleased but also appear to be taunting Matt as well.

"Doshi? Okay knock it off, I guess you been studying your voo doo. Well, save it for thee science fair." Matt's voice lowered as he made thee statement, believing theat it was his friend (whom he was frustrated withe at thee moment) just playing one of his games, he focused his attention on thee lake once more. When he stared into thee water his very own reflection was theere staring back at him, along withe thee image of an olive skin-toned, tall, slender male withe medium-lengthe dark brown hair theat covered one of his eyes and his otheer eye which was visible was theis light hazel color. The reflection of thee unknown adolescent smiled and froze, theen opened its mouthe slightly as if he was about to whistle but instead begun to howl like thee wind. It appeared to be coming to life, even theough it just seem to be like a painting. The image of thee person extended it arm out like it was trying to reach out to grab Matt, loudly increasing thee volume of thee wind-like noise he continue to carry on withe while reaching out for his victim. This person looked like a painting theat was emerging from it's canvass, which manage to spook Matt causing sweat to form around his face.

"Leave." Matt manage to say, withe a noticeable tremble in his voice, he set aside his brife feelings of fear grabbed anotheer rock and chunked it into thee water.

The force in which he used to therow thee rock took great affect on thee water creating an enormous tidal wave. A harsh wind came and blew towards Matt, theis incoming wave appeared to grow and grow theen it came crashing down, raging hard against thee forest, tearing down trees, washing and carrying away anytheing, animal or boulders in thee surroundings.

"Wow....I wonder if anyone would believe, theis happen to me if I put it on "Myspace". Matt said picking himself up from thee ground which he was planted into by thee water, fishes were on thee ground as well flopping around frantically trying to get back into thee water.

"Wow! That was fantastic! I admit, I'm great thee way I am but if I had your strengthe, chances of anyone stopping me would be highly impossible! That wave you created was all you, I was just wind in behind it. My name is Renard and I'm pleased to make your acquitance." The person said revealing himself by appearing right out thee thein air.

"I decline. I don't need anymore friends, especially thee ones theat talks like people from Star Trek and withe thee big words, theey intend to piss me off." Matt said withe a scornful look on his face balding his hand up into a fist.

"Oh....but I insist sincerely!" Renard exclaimed, withe a quick side to side movement withe his head causing his hair to flip revealing his otheer eye showing theat thee iris in his once hidden eye, was red at thee top and black at thee bottom.

"You know. I may be stupid. But at least I know when "no" means no understand? Fine you want to play games? Good because theis guy right here didn't become quarterback for notheing!" Matt said while laughing at thee theought on what he could do to a skinny runt like Renard.

Renard began to laugh loudly as well, as he locked eyes withe his new mortal enemy as theoughts filled his mind on how to destroy his prey.

After I set foot outside the house and stared into the nighttime sky. Mind unfolded with possible locations that Matt could be at, finding wasn't the only hard part. It was getting him to come back that was difficult....since he was hardheaded in all. He couldn't have gotten far on foot......DARN! He took the truck. Great Earnest is going to raise hell about that one. Probably blame me for that nonsense as well. Unlike my foster mother Muriel. Earnest was a man capable of bringing the worse out the best people. He was about 5'10, this scrawny, grouchy, unappreciative man was the very reason I stayed confined in my...well....Matt's....our bedroom. Somehow Muriel saw a great person in him otherwise they wouldn't have stayed married for 20 years. Earnest could be better, if he lighten up and learn to control his moodswings. Funny when it came to Matt and I he always sided with Matt no matter if he was right or wrong. In most cases Matt would usually be the wrong one. I really felt like I didn't belong with Earnest being in the household as well. The very complete oppisite from the person Muriel was, actually when I look at Muriel and Earnest. I can't help but to see that they are kinda like me and Matt. Two, totally different people, with different objectives and needs. Somehow, that manage to form a relationship that can't be broken. I felt like I searched all over town just trying to find one person. I'm not even making progress, then again I'm not thinking! I only searched through the forest a bit, through the valleys and it finally hit me. He took the truck so that means, that he was meaning to go into town for some reason! my search for him begins me in the urban area of Fallio!


Renard's attention was mainly on the full moon, as he inhaled deeply, focusing all of his tension into the form of Zenmain energy allowing himself to concentrate and utilize his powers. Within a few minutes his physical appearance begun to change. The hair on his head stood up in this spiked-style and his eyes became slit like a snake's. His mouth hung opened as he exhaled, he beared his fangs and let out a ferocious roar which caused the surrounding area to tremble. The trees shook wildly, the sound waves were strong and loud enough carry on in echoes. The increasing effect of the violent earthquake created huge trenches to form on the planet as well. Trees sanked into the ground and animals fleeing in an attempt to seek shelter it was invain because a vass majority of the wildlife fell into the bottomless and wide trenches. Matt stood there in silence, wearing a straight face, with his hands in pockets, his feet planted apart, who seems to be unmoved by Renard's dramatic changes and tremendous display of power.

"Hey...freakshow. Are you done now? Even the shit-tiest of sci-fi movies puts your voo doo to shame. Matt said with his arms folded.

" Haha. You just don't know anything about yourself. Pfffff. And you call me the freak?" Renard said.

"Shut your mouth. I'm tired of the small-talk. Your mind games are not going to bother me! Now let's see how bad you really are!" Matt said as he sprang forward at full speed towards Renard.

Mmm mind games!? My speciality!" Renard said with roar.

Little did Matt know, that he wasn't up against any normal person. Renard, wasn't your "normal" individual. He was a Zenmai, that was capable of more than just bringing forth a little destruction. Renard was prepared for a head-on attack such as this. He extended his arm out as if he was reaching out to grab Matt again with his hand opened, revealing this weird symbol, during this time the symbol began to glow and this green faded light coursed around his entire body.

Just then in the blink of an eye, Renard defies the law of speed by instantly appearing behind Matt. Using a strong elbow, Renard delivers a powerful blow straight to back of Matt's head.

"Aaaagh." Matt groan in pain through clenched teeth, as the surprising hit knocked him off his feet throwing him into the ground. At this time he made a quick recovery by putting his hands out in front of him, during his fall and he successfully manage to do a hand-spring. Due to servere and productive training in sports, Matt became much better at managing upper-body strength. After a quick hand-spring, he did a mid-air somersalt, mastering his agility by landing on his feet with just a couple of feet in distance between him and Renard.

"Let me guess Mr Athletic Guy, those gymnastic classes are paying off huh?" Renard said using a sarcastic tone.

"You really irk my nerves!" Matt exclaimed as he gripped onto a tree, then derooted it from the ground. He then hurled it straight at Renard, followed by grabbing a huge boulder and hurling it at him as well.

Renard stood his ground, actually expecting this attack from Matt next. With him only keeping his attention on the incoming tree, he forgot about the boulder that was following in behind it. He effortlessly dodged the tree, with it only missing him by a couple of inches, then came the boulder.

"Uh oh." Renard mumbled as he watched his doom spiraling towards him.

Renard was most definitely, unknown to the plan that Matt created as he made action, but he was indeed on top of the boulder that was thrown and also going to put Renard in a world of hurt. After the boulder hit Renard, it smashed into a hundred pieces, by this time Matt had already amount from the gigantic rock and dived in for his enemy sending a left-hook and finalizing his plan with a powerful right-handed uppercut dealing enough strength in both hits, that they could be heard at least 10 miles away.

"Guuuurrk!!" Renard groaned as his eyes widen from the pain inflicted on him from the rock and both hits that were made, he went off flying, landing pretty hard, enough to the point where he went through upon layers of dirt and rocks making a great impact on the earth, that caused more trees to come crashing down which made the earth tremble. Dust filled the air and more animals run wild trying to flee the scene. With the way the trees in the forest were now either on the ground or filled the opening for a trench, along with fish that lay lifeless on the ground of the forest-floor, the pond which at once contained so much life, became filled with all forms of river-life floating at the surface of the water and few of the forest animals that ran for their lives, now lay on the ground succumbed to death because of Renard's cruel intentions. The sight was no longer beautiful.


Grrrrreaaaaat. I just reached the Southern part of town, if I'm not under any illusions it appears that time was moving slower than ever and I was moving at high speed here just looking for a friend, a friend that was indeed pissed off at me. Why? Because of my choice of words and the attitude I decided to dish out, simply because I wanted to be "smartass", oh why don't I ever receive what I desire? I searched the forest....nothing! The malls...nothing! Gymnasims, carshops, to the outskirts of Fallio town...NOTHING! Hmph... it seems like nothing good was going come out of this. I even spotted a few of the students from our school, that are in Matt's clique but no "Matt" in sight. This was beginning to actually trouble me, trouble me like heck but what am I to do??? Especially when, nobody else to blame for his frustration except for me? Now please explain that to me and make the most sense out of it in anyway you can, but what would that make me look like? If I just happen to go to one of Matt's friends and said well, 'I ticked off Matt and he ran off because of me! I just hope you are not TOO mad.

Well, I guess this means I will be excluded even more now huh???" Honestly, that's like running onto a war-field to face over a million enemies, whom are armed with guns and you're the only one equipped with a knife. It's not like I'm scared of what will be done and said to me but it's just...okay...fine it's that! It's enough alone! I'm not NORMAL okay?? Not normal to anybody and I'm getting tired of having the same sore picked over and over again!

"Oh look who it is! Hey it's not a loser, or a numb-skull. It's a DORK-ish NERD! I know that was lame but I don't care." a stratchy voice pierced the moment of silence out of nowhere.

Sigh. So much for having a moment of silence to myself.

It was three out of countless members from Matt's clique. And the one calling me by my most "beloved" title, the one that irritated me the most...Gus. This pudgy, blonde messy-haired, big-blue eyed, stratchy voice, midgit-of-a-waterboy. Been the thorn in my side for years, until his run-ins with Matt got him straighten out but he still chooses to pick on me. But never engages in physically harming me however. But he just had to make his appearance right now, when I'm in no need of a migrane right now. He was accompied by two of Matt's other friends; Watson, Mr Never Wrong, I don't see how this guy was even acceptable to Matt's group that consisted of athlets and punk-rock types, he was slender, had messy dry, black hair, unusal grey-blueish eyes, short for his age as well, (whom was only an inch taller than me), nothing more than a bookworm that spends his weekends on myspace and world of warcraft. This guy always found reason to compete with me since 6th grade, this guy was a total spoiled brat, that didn't really receive the attention he deserve when he was of younger age. Both parents graduated with honors from Yale University, with the both of them having high-paying jobs means he could get whatever his heart desires, apparently money just didn't assist him with everything especially when it came to me.

It's like I was this major pain in his side, that even the best of medication couldn't cure, he hated my guts like crazy everysince I won first prize at the regional science fair held here in Fallio Town like 5 or 6 years ago, he claims "I deserve better than second prize because, you Doshi, are nothing more than an absolute loser-cheater that will gain nothing and remain as nothing! It doesn't even matter if you were to receive over a million golden trophies, because to the wise, I will always be better!"

Funny, how I can still quote his exact words still to this very day, but Watson is nothing more than a flea to me. Seems like I have nothing great to say about anyone that is friends with Matt, truth is... I try to see the best in the worst people. But it's the things they say and do that transform the world where beautiful sunshine and lovely flowers are present, to storm clouds raining fire, rotting trees lay waste, and demons wreak havoc in my so called happy-place. I try to imagine this glorious place of tranquility and where happiness is at pure abundance, when my patience is tested. Despite my negative opinions towards Gus and Watson, the only one I would say I honestly liked as a person and wish I could form a friendship with would have to be Isis. She's a very quiet girl, that speaks seldomly only when a funny statement is made by particular people. She talks or laughs when someone like me, is being mocked. She was indeed tall for a sophmore. (taller than me of course) Isis astounding beauty with looks that could make the shadiest of people turn around and acknowledge her, slender and tall which was the reason many people talk her into doing modeling. The way she dresses differs from most people around her, I believe it's because of her I even decided to get a pair of Chuck's. She normally wore her red and black pair, along with one her many band shirts, and ripped jeans. She's very brilliant and outspoken when she chooses to be, the one whom I have a crush on, her beautiful black and red matching-highlighted wavy hair, flowed in the gentle breeze. About the friendship part...sadly, that will never happen. I guess I'm not on the normal side and I'm not an athlet. I don't quiet know much history on Isis either. It's like she appeared out of nowhere after christmas break during 7th grade.

"You hear me don't you??? You terrified of me? Haha!" Look I got him scared! Gus excalimed hopping up and down while pointing, laughing at me with this insidious look on his face.

It appears that the "Doshi" only feels that he's all high and mighty when his precious girlfriend "Ms laptop" is in scrawny arms! Watson bosted while laughing with Gus.

"Answer us! And stop staring at Isis!" Gus demanded while tossing a stone straight at Doshi hitting him in the center of his forehead.

I allowed all the tension to subside, and forced myself into the mindstate of a child. I had enough already to riddle myself with and with just getting picked on alone was driving me mad. If it wasn't for the fact that it was "Matt's friends" and female being present at the scene I would have let my own emotions control me and do something utterly outrageous.

"Listen....I would be more than happy to receive such rude remarks, that would do nothing more than break the little hope that resides in my fake-happy spirit. Honestly, you two should grow up it would be a jawdropper to see either of you two make it anywhere in life by worrying about my business when you need to revaluate yourselves. There are other plans in store for me, how about you two do yourselves a favor? Go share your so called funny jokes and gut-splitting puns with an indiviual that actually gives a crap, about what incompentent morons like you think! I mean lets be realistic and logical here, you're not bothering me! I believe a two year old with anger issues at his worst, would manage to shake me more than a person with the combined personality of an irritating, whiney, patronizing brat like you Gus, and a wanna-be-know-it-all, that doesn't appreciates anything like you Watson, whom believes he has a place in the world in stand-up comedy at his best." I manage to say with a sly smile.

It's like I just made international speech about how the people in society are nothing more than litter on the ground and all the viewers and listeners are present before me, glaring me down for even speaking the most digusting words in all of history, with unreadable expressions displayed on the face. The kind of expression, where you are under nothing more than complete confusion with unwanted anger, your body doesn't know what it wants to do and your mind is fighting every thought composed by your soul on how to physically destroy the target that's in front of you that brought on such feelings of hatred and anger.

The only good thing that came from what I said, was I manage to get a chuckle from Isis, but next thing I know Gus and Watson were both heading in my direction with looks that could kill, embedded on their faces.

"Well, I guess Doshi wants us to give him the beating of the year." Gus said cracking his knuckles.

"Don't worry, we won't break your fingers, then you won't be able to record how horrible your beating was on your laptop." Watson said.

Ready as I was, for the beating that awaits me. Understanding that there was nothing more I could do besides be a man and receive my punishment for my choice of words. Knowing if I harmed a single strand of hair on Gus or Watson (excluding Isis she's a lady), Matt would go berserk and wind up knocking me to the center of the earth.

"Look!" Isis exclaimed while pointing over my head, she happened to be amazed and yet horrified by the scene, that was taking place right behind me.

My eyes danced around observing everything that was going on right there and then. I realized, that maybe I wasn't going to get the worse beating ever, along with my mind sending me the message go check the problem out but get everyone to safety. Really this is the most surreal scene that I have ever seen in all my years of living. A mountain...right? A mountain sinking right into the ground, trees every few seconds going air-bound, I would see one going up into the atmosphere every once in a while. The whole town trembled over the amount of pressure and force from when a tree impacted the earth. What was going on? Once again so many questions. No earthquake could be that devastating, where it would send trees upward. There was something going on, and I hated it, I couldn't figure it out at all. I just had this gut feeling that something terribly wrong, was happening and I needed to fix it soon as possible. But would I be endangering myself by going to that exact site? What is wrong with me!? Especially if something occurs while Matt's friends are still right here in this same spot? Well, Gus and Watson deserves a knot or two on the head, but not Isis!

"...T-Th-Thi-This...can't be happening! I took my meds this morning! So why do I see flying trees?" Watson said while trembling and holding his stomach while falling to the ground on his knees.

"Oh my god! This is the end of the earth and I never apologize to my mom for eating the last slice of cake! Screw this! I'm going home!" Gus yelled while fleeing away.

"Watson, we must leave!" Isis said kneeling down trying to get Watson back on his feet.

What could a guy do? I couldn't help but to care. On a daily basis, I get ridiculed and mocked because of my differences, the way I sound when I speak and heck if I had to go into this any further I would probably go berserk myself and try to send some trees into the air myself. But me seeing Isis, in distress like this, questioning herself if there was any possible place where she could hide and be safe? If her friend Watson was going to come to his senses and run far, far, far away from the danger that threatens the earth.

"AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Waston pointed with a trembling arm, and screamed until he was blue in the face then he passed out onto the ground.

I just happen to notice, that he was pointing at a huge flying portion of a building that was spiraling on its way towards Isis, Watson and me. This is the part where action was needed, what could be a life meant for years to rejoice in happiness after I have achieved and accomplished all of my goals was now going to end at the very undeserving hands of death...

"Carry on with this battle as you wish. If you intend on continuing this pitiful battle, then you're just leading yourself further into the world of complete denial and dissappointment. I'm not a man of apologies, so do not look at me if you seek one in the end." Renard said while wagging a finger at Matt.

"Ha...really? Who is this man? More like what is he?? Seriously? First he tries to become Mr Halloween by trying to change his appearances, like it helps....hmph...but... It's like he never knows when to give up like certain people that I know." Matt thought to himself while glaring up at Renard while on both knees.

"Awwh someone's weary huh??? That's too bad! The more power you wrecklessly use, the easier you will become a puppet under my control! Poor little Matthew, I see right through you....and it's okay you are scared. Renard said with a grim expression.

"Nope just getting started! Speaking of apologies, the only thing I'm sorry for is wasting my time and energy with some lousy voo doo artist. By the way what do you mean?" Matt said struggling to get himself on his feet and off his knees.

"Careful, ignorance leads to death. Observe closely." Renard said while exchanging stares with a wounded deer on the ground.

"What are you doing!? Haven't your twisted games done enough already?" Matt yelled.

Uncertain without the slightest clue on what Renard could possibly be plotting next, or who will become the next victim of torture, Matt remained in place blinded and frozen by his on anger. Watching in the midst of silence, clenching his fist and still wearing his tattered, blood-stained clothing. Renard's snake-like eyes began to give off this errie and bright glow. Within moments the entire field was trapped in the light, everything that made up the forest floor, the huge pond, the sky and the moon. All of that which provided the most admirable scenery ever was eaten away by this bright white-greenish blinding light.

"Okay knock it off. I'm getting nothing from this except for a 3rd degree migrane." Matt said while sheilding his eyes from the light.

The sound of stampeding footsteps drew closer and louder. With both ears covered by his hands, hoping by any chance that he could block the ear-spliting noise by doing this. The deer, which was now under Renard's Zemain mind possession, was running in Matt's direction extremely fast where it could only be heard rather than being seen. Matt let his guard down for a brief moment, with his concern placed on which direction were these footsteps coming from along with his horrible migrane.

"It's too make out anything. Maybe this is all in my mind." Matt mumbled to himself.

Right at the minute Matt allowed himself to mentally overcome the brightness of the ultraviolent light, the deer was already heading towards him ready to slam its head full of long, pointed antlers right into his side. The force of the hit sent Matt flying into the air briefly , and when he came down he landed right on the same spot the deer wounded. His body jolted from the immense amount of pain in which inflicted from the battle and now his collision course with the deer. Matt laid completely still on the ground, almost motionless gripping his wounded side to hurt to even groan in pain. The deer that was once under Renard's control fell right next to Matt and it laid on the ground in place lifeless, bearing a Zenmain symbol identical to the one on Renard's hand.

"Where's your strength now??? HAHAHA!! Come on now. You play football, so pain comes in all forms for you. Incase you were wondering, I can control anything and have it to do whatever I please. I'm very experienced in mind manipulation, anything or anyone that's basically impaired will fall at the hands of my power. I also have little control on the forces of nature, like trees and water. The animals are oh so easy to control, like this deer for example. When I gain access to the mind of another being or species, my power is temperarily boosted. Which makes it easy,...well easier for me to project what I commonly refer to as the "World of Lies" what you may see surrounding you is yourself in this well-lit room along with the person or animal that's under my spell. What makes the "World of Lies" so amazing is, I can't be seen or heard in it myself, I can walking all around you in circles just taunting you right now! Yes, it makes the user invisible, it gives me eyes in every direction, so you trying to throw one over my head is the least of my problems. I haven't mastered it well enough to the point where I could use the ability to tap into your mind and meddle with your emotions. The disadvantage of this all is: I'm only granted to utilize this power for 15 minutes, once every 10 hours, when the World of Lies is no longer in effect, I lose my strength to fight especially in this form you see me as now. My powers are most effective when there's a full moon out, but maybe I said too much. I don't want you getting the upper hand on me. WELL. It's not like it will help you! Remember, "I'm the freakshow....well have yet been able to know what you truely are, and honestly I believe you lack the intelligence to figure that one out! So don't hurt yourself." Renard said to Matt in a mocking manner, he began to laugh loudly as his transformation faded away due to his usage of large amounts of energy.

Matt remained in place on the ground, lying down on his back holding his side, listening, feeling the remaining pieces of his world were lost deep within anguish. The "World of Lies" diminshed right at the moment Renard returned to his normal Zenmain form.

"You are a monster." Matt said holding his side.

"I see all of this is too much for you. Impossible to communicate under such circumstances eh? I know about your problems and how I can help. You're not following me though. Who knows???? Maybe we both can help each other by simpily uniting two pieces together and becoming one whole. Understanding, that you have power, unknown to how to unlock it, it can all be done if I became part of your consciousness." Renard said while offering his hand out to Matt to help him up from the ground.

"Ha.... Matt scoffed as he spat blood straight into Renard's face. Your little plan is trying to find another vessel willing to have you control their mind? For what? I don't honestly know what you will gain from this. Maybe, you're trying to find a way to unlock your hidden powers? But the thought of another guy controlling me, falls as a negative. I don't have any control over myself some of the time, so what can anyone else accomplish? I'm going to have to ask you, to go rot by yourself on this one."

Renard's face flushed red with anger as Matt's choice of words reached his ears. He wipped the blood from his face with the back side of a trembling hand, riddled with so much frustration and uncontrollable desire to learn more about his Zenmain powers.

"You speculate me as trash you say?!" You're the one on the ground! As the hands of time continue to rotate, you're the one to remain in the midst searching to find the answers that will never come to you, unless you're willing to sacrifice! Regardless if you have to give a part of yourself away!" Renard exclaimed.

Matt struggled to get himself up from the ground and to sit up on his knees. "You know nothing about me. Spare me the influential stories on how two people can combine their power to become one, for what cause anyway? I'm just your average highschool teenager, I like to play video games, rough-housing, and frankly, I drive the most stable people into a mad rage because I scored a touchdown with my awesome offense skills in football. There's nothing special about me, but this is why many people don't have the same mindset it's better that way, it leads to discovery of new things I believe." He said.

"Intellect. The power of understanding. The mind's ability to comprehend, through my powers and undergoing the most complexing trials in all my years of fighting and living to just to obtain that certain position. A place where I belong, I can fit perfectly. Through our battle it became more and more easier to read you, not simpily by your movements and fight stratgeties but your emotions, behind all of your emotions there was a story, through the events that occured in your lifetime and the troubles that you encountered, you simpily want nothing more just to be accepted. And me, you, we are so much alike! Who can tell me anything or explain the basis on what good does it serve??? On how to be accepted? When not a single soul understands you? And you, yourself are striving to fit the desired answers in an endless puzzle, with no problems at all facing how physically able you are but emotionally unstable to cope with completing the task within the dark depths of your mind." Renard said while looking at Matt with remorse in his eyes.

" can help me right??" Matt asked with sad tone in his voice while staring at the ground.

"That I will. I will be the widsom behind all the strength you have to offer. Our powers combined will unlock the hidden potential that still lies deep inside. I want you to close your eyes and relax." Renard said with a smirk on his face as the symbol on the palm of his hand glowed as he reached out for Matt

When it comes to adjusting to fit in with members in society Renard and Matt share particular similarites but their intentions are completely different. Where Matt's inentions dispite his attitude; is to possess more wisdom just to graduate from highschool and apply for acdemic scholarships to get into the best colleges. Renard's intention were leaning towards world conquest and domination, with the helping hand of an individual that has exactly what he's lacking which is "strength".

It's narrowing down....
Minutes turn to seconds
Seconds become the
absolute thing which
decides everything
could be stripped away
and fate makes the final judgement!

Suddenly it hit me...something that I can do that will prevent the three of us from dying. But increase chances of exposure and then I might be labeled as a wizard in Fallio town, then I will get banned or held captive by the CIA being forced to answer question after question in a dim-light room, knowing that my chances to regain freedom will never come to me. Note: It's actually good to be invovled in a life or death situation. Your mind unfolds and sends you a list or a collage of memories.

In my collection of on-going memories, I stumbled upon most of my trivial arguements with Matt but there was one in particular that grasp my attention!

The time, where Matt's words actually triggered something in my mind to go off, in other words I couldn't take being verbally abused any longer. As I recall, in that arguement he threw a football at me and I retaliated by grabbing the football and throwing it back, using a great amount of tremendous force, the ball traveled at such high velocity that it split into two and a fierce wind rushed from nowhere. Not only that....but this powerful wind was able to rip the clothes right of Matt's back and send them flying into the atmostphere before they discenergrated. He picked himself up from the ground and looked at me hoping I would either apologize or run with the way his eyes were filled with anger mixed with embarrassment. The rush from the wind knocked him flat on his face, I laughed about it until that very same rush of wind came back and put me on my butt. I have always wondered about my powers and what I'm truely capable of, what if my emotions would have led to me doing something so dratistic with my powers, that Matt's clothing wouldn't have been the only thing that got ripped. My powers may grow over time and eventually that same move that ripped Matt's clothing could wind up ripping more than just mere objects in half. What about other people???

This is how it's all performed...
I measure the pressure in air after allowing myself to fully meditate.

Concentrate and target one spot, maybe a weakpoint in the object of destruction.

By arranging sub-atomic particles in the air, this is a perserve process that invovles mainly the combined power of both internal mental and physical Zenmain energy....well, yes it's hard to explain. The attributes of a Zenmain are physical and mental energy although, it feels as if it comes from somewhere else other than just inside of course spiritual I guess? The concept of energy transformation into the form what I refer to as "transparent matter" is something complexing, that science can't even define into lamen terms. A temperary psychic weapon created, by the act of simple thought! The formation of all this concentrated energy takes effect in my dominate (right) hand until to where it feels like I'm holding a solid object but in reality, well it's nothing except for air. By exerting enough force on the exact spot I concentrated on, firm grip on my created weapon made of air with a good throw. That said object will become nothing but mere fragments. If I had to guess on what it would be that I'm using I must say; it's something like a huge boomerang! I mean it would only make sense if it was a boomerang.

Yes! When I threw the football back at Matt, it knocked him on his face and it put me on my butt. Besides, what else can you throw forward but winds up coming back besides a boomerang? I mean it just makes sense to me! (I would have to name this the "boomerang effect.) It's nothing more than just contemplating with scientifical theories, experiencing and experimenting them at first hand. In conclusion with science comes hypothesis and predictions. Incase you are wondering, I don't need a pure solid object just in order for the "boomerang effect" to effiecently. This leads back to my statement on "transparent matter" and "energy transformation Well it's time for me to test it all....everything. I must overcome the fears and thoughts of my hypothesis which is telling me: "That in the event which I do break the said object, like at the precise moment where it's only just a few feet away from me then I'm promised another day but if I do it too early then the very one problem I'm worried about would multiply into two, so then I would have two building portions hurling towards my path." It's not just that easy to just grab Isis and pick up Watson then run.

But I do need to improve on my powers, but it's a gamble that could definitely end my life. I prepared myself by allowing all of my tension to subside, then by mentally gathering all of my concentrated energy as an act to defend not one but three lives, I felt so much overflowing within me, along with a great amount of cold pressure building up in my right hand. I decided to use the stance that Matt iniated when he was ready to throw a winning-touch-down-pass to another teammate during sudden death in a football game. I spread my feet just a few inches apart, then I extended my arm far behind my back, clenching extremely hard to make a tight fist. I took a minute to realize that the look in Isis' eyes was heartstopping, she let this entire situation put her in total shock and she was mesmirized beyond belife. Here's my time to be the hero by displaying valor and power! Who knows?? I might even form somekind of friendship with her?

"Isis...I will not let anything happen to you." I thought as I clumsily lunged towards the incomng building then swung my arm forward in front of myself blindly, a split second after I acted only out of defense to protect us by all means, when I released all of the energy that was formed in my hand. A motion could be seen in the air, the kind of motion you see when you drop something into water. A rough and powerful wind just appeared sweeping Isis and I both up off our feet.

Watson's unconscious body flew on far north along with the two of us. The energy I have gathered and thrown at the building portion, tore straight through and the reaction from the amount of force I use plus the energy alone resulted in a weird reaction in which the building-chunk exploded into millions of pieces about the size of ants, not only that I probably faced another dilema....

like what object that might be sharp or hard was I going to land on?
Or if Isis is going to forgive me for this one?
And we're flying towards the Great Fallio River!
But wait....where's the river?? The trees??? The mountain is halfway into the ground!? What in the world? I see Matt down there as well but who is that other guy?
I never seen him before in school!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Isis scream pierced through the air, she landed on the ground stomach-first knocking all the wind out of her. She remain there motionless and quiet.

"NO!!! I told myself, I would never let anything happen to her! But how was I suppose to know that wind was that strong to carry us so far!" I said then I happen to notice I was flying face-first straight towards a big oak tree. This is going to leave a bruise.


Renard now holds his attention to whom his new visitors were, he observed each indiviual closely trying to find something rare or unique about them. He stared at the unconscious and wounded Doshi, everything about him in general made light shine in the dark depths of Renard's mind there was something about him that aroused suspiscion and brought questions out of him that probably couldn't be answered. Then he glanced on over to Isis, who was still in the same place just lying there, with both eyes rolled in the back of her head. Blood began to leak from Isis' nostrils. Renard examined her more closely and his eyes widen soon as he realized that this particular charm bracelet she normaly wears on her wrist gave off this sudden glow. Fear struck him deeply as if he had seen a monster, after looking at Isis face again and in his mind he matched her appearance with another soul that he known for years and had many life-threatening encounters then just stood there in place frozen.

Matt screamed then quickly rose to his feet and staggered over to his friend. "ISIS!?!? How the heck!? And Doshi!? How did they??? Where....!??!? I gotta help them! Before things get wor-"! Things will get worse! Let her be! Don't touch her! Renard exclaimed cutting Matt off.

Look, if you want to prove yourself to me, then do this much for me! Help my friends! They are wounded! As long as they treated and safe, that's all that I care about. I will help you out in return. Just name your price! But they come before me!" Matt said while gentlely turning Isis on over on her back.

Renard just stood there with this blank expression on his face, trying to seek comfort by providing self-rightous answers to his own questions that riddled him in his own mind. Watching Matt trying to help wounded friends, made him sick to his stomach and his heart flutter with anger. He took a few steps back and turned around to face the unconscious Doshi once more, to distract himself from the images and the one person that came to mind by looking at Isis. With Doshi....his mind became more blank and dark traveling further away from the light which was his guide to the truth. The abilities that Renard possessed it was hard to understand why a full blooded Zenmai with little control over nature, who's enhanced mind possession powers aided him to obtain empathy, telepathy skills and tricks. Would have a hard time reading another, especially if the victim is unconscious? Isis was unconscious as well, nonetheless he made it through reaching the depths of her mind able to read her still. Outraged by all means of understanding struggling harder until it actually hurt, nothing would change this he couldn't even process another thought. Apparently he saw something he admired in Matt, he saw something he feared in Isis and Doshi remained as a riddle.

"WHAT DO YOU HIDE!? Why can't I read you!? What are you!?" Renard demanded to the sky as beads of sweat formed around his face, he was growing more frustrated and impatient than before. He narrowed his eyes at Doshi as he carefully walked towards him until he was halted by Matt's words.

"Don't you lay a hand on him! He has nothing at all to do with this! This was our fight, follow through with me on our agreement and I promise you no problems. Understand Mr Smarty? You wouldn't want all heck to break loose because you chose to sissy out on your words now would you?" Matt said sarcasticly while glaring at Renard.

"You are willing to protect him?? He doesn't even believe you are worthy of anything. He has a problem giving you answers to help you in school, so what if you were invovled in a life and death situation? With all the odds placed against you?? Can you honestly speak positivly on his behalf that he would provide you with some assistance? What friend, would rub having an advantage over you, in your face? When it could be he destined to help you the entire time? Yet, they choose to be blinded by their own pride to see you were wounded from all the dread feasting upon you on the inside. Ask yourself a couple of logical questions once you decide to use critical thinking! Renard tone raised loud enough to send tremors through the earth.

" know nothing." Matt replied feeling ashamed and yet gallable in wondering if this was the truth.

"Nothing is what you will become! Is this is what you deserve? Is this is what you want?!" Renard yelled.

"Don't lie to yourself! You wouldn't know anything of him if it wasn't for you being able to read "my" mind and you know that's true! You can't even read him! " Matt shouted back glaring into Renard's eyes with his teeth clenched.

"You don't anything about him! You don't know anything about yourself! You believe just because you two were so-called friends and you grew up around each other for so long right? Well, here's a fact people, reality itself, everything, ALL changes over time. In time will he remain as the same person? Can you tell me he's not capable of turning on you?" Renard manage to say while keeping himself calm.

I was unaware to what was going on but I know it wasn't good. I had to do, I felt like I was out of place. Isis is out cold and Watson is nowhere to be found. All I could hear was Matt's voice and the other voice of unknown male. I couldn't see anything except for pure darkness. Ugh come on Doshi snap out this! You spent most of your life confused and lost running in fear, the dark is what brought you vulnerable to the worse.

"And in time you will become part of it and lose everything, including everyone you know."

Who was that!?
That's not my voice...
That voice doesn't
match with a person
that I know of....
My conscious??
But why would I
even use those words?
Against myself?
I wouldn't....ever..
Not against anyone...

I felt a firm grip around my wrist. I feel another presence but how....this is in the depths of my mind. What's happening? Why am I in this?? Is this an illusion?

"Doshi....Save me..."

Is exactly what I heard. The words echoed throughout my mind, to the point where it became unbearable. The voice almost sounded like Matt's. The grip on my wrist was stronger than steel steadily pulling me but I can't see who or what that is pulling me. Where am I going?? Who needs my help? Wait I'm not walking...I'm falling...falling fast...but as I'm falling I hear.....

"The end is near and there no place for any of you to run."

SHUT UP!!! Matt blurted out as he wearily ran towards Renard with his fist ready to strike his opponent.

Renard stood in place waiting as Matt charged towards after locking his eyes on his new victim. Then his eyes shifted to the full moon and he began to whisper. His appearance began change again but this time instead of becoming a monster that would lead a freakshow, he begin to fade his olive-colored skin becoming pale almost like Doshi he then took on the form of a spirit. With this transformation came a harsh wind blowing roughly but it made anything within its path froze.

Matt remained in place frozen in his footsteps, when this wind blew. It was like if someone had paused a movie right before the moment of action. He stood there frozen with his fist cocked back, rage filled his eyes, looking at the devil himself absolutely nothing on the angry expression placed his face.

" Surprised? Reality got you by your tongue? Anger is your weakness. It was only a temperary power boost. How foolish you are!" Renard's words echoed as he flew towards Matt. The light from Isis' bracelet shined in his eyes temparily blinding him. "AHHH!! Your mere attempt to save him only increased his chances for demise!"

Renard's spirit-like transformation allowed him to enter into Matt's body through an opened wound which was left by the deer which stabbed him with it's antler that was previously under mind control by him last. Now everything returned to normal, reality replayed itself once again like a video. Matt's eyes widen and his pupils became dialated, he dropped to his knees clenching his side and started coughing. There was this strange feeling that overwhealmed him. His coughing sounded as if his lungs were filled thick fulid. The sound of coughing changed to choking then gurgling. The more he choked the more his side kept bleeding.

"Unh! He's dying!"

Doshi realized through his vision that things were going to reach a level of ultimate turmoil until he snapped out of his stage of comatose and sprang to his feet to the rescue to aid his friend.

"Matt! Who done this!? Where is that man that was here?!" I almost broke my neck trying to search all around me. I failed to keep notice that he was unable to respond because of his condition. This was insane but what could I do? The three of us all needed medical attention and it was nessacary we got it soon as possible! I look over to Isis and realize her bracelet was glowing brightly. This powerful bright light brought me to my knees with Matt. So much occuring all at once! What could this mean? Why would jelery do this no ordinary bracelet would do this? I looked over at Matt and realized he was passed out on the ground. This is all my fault....I could have saved him. I turn back around and realize that Isis was standing up in front of me. She put her index finger up to her lips.

"Shhhhhhhh. Just relax." Isis said while staring at me.

"Isis...your was glowing! How are you standing now? Are you okay!? " I asked while looking into her eyes.

Isis didn't even answer me. Her beautiful eyes wondered around a bit then became focused only on the surrounding, briefly on the sky then back to me and Matt. She kneeled down and placed a hand on my cheek and looked at me. I felt like she was staring into my mind and soul. I was speechless, I didn't know what to say next or how to say it. Did she know that I'm not a normal human being? Well, of course she didn't if she still remembers on what I did to save her life. Now, over a thousand questions filled my head but some just couldn't come out right now.

"Beware of the world of lies. Without you the darkness will eat at his soul alive. You fear the darkness but it will do damage. And in time you will become part of it and lose everything, including everyone you know." Isis said taking her hand away from my face while staring Matt's unconscious body, she then stood up and turned her back facing the other way.

At this point. I was in distraught and consumed by agony. I didn't even know how to respond. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Or did she actually quote the same exact words that I heard in my mind?

" do I stop it?? How?! You must tell me!! What can I do?! I'm the reason this all happened! I raised my voice demanding help even though this may be the one and only chance that I would be this close to the very one I have a crush on. The first and last time I can have an actual conversation with her. Mystified by her words all I could do was ask questions.

I felt her hand but this time it wasn't all lovey-duby. Isis slapped me so hard that everything got blurry and then faded out white.

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Favorite Quote:
"It's funny how
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