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The Unknown

November 21, 2011
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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“Come back here Ember,” I looked around my shoulder my poofed out blond hair with random pink highlights were covering my view of one of my friends.

“Why should I answer to you Alex? Give me one good reason?”

“Because I know your secret,”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“You are a vampire,” I turned by blue eyes blazing at him. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and a stupid looking smirk on his face, his baggy pants low, and his black shirt blowing against his body in the breeze.

“I have never heard anything so ridicules in my life,”

“That’s the thing, you died and became a vampire, for all I know you could have been around since colonial times!” I walked up next to him, our faces inches apart. “You won’t go in the sun, you won’t talk to any other people except me and Ashley, plus your two other sisters and your adopted brothers and sisters,”

“I’m sorry I like to spend time with my family,” I hissed turning, I felt the touch of his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m telling,”

“Go ahead no one will believe you,”

“So it’s true,”


“Don’t lie to me Ember,”

“Why would you think I’m lying?”

“Because I know you’re not telling the truth,” I popped up my black jacket as rain started to drizzle down from the sky.

“Good-bye Alex,” I turned and walked away, my feet stopping in the puddles into a house deep in the forest out of the town. My house I shared with my adopted family and my two actual sisters live there is secret. The house is made mostly out of windows and well of course wood. It was a rather open house that I never want to move from.

I walked up the cobble stone path at the front of the house, in other words the top of the hill. (Our house goes down the back of a large hill, its three stories housing just six people, what can I say vampires take up a lot of room.) I twisted the handle of the door opening it showing the inside.

Normal white furniture lined the front of the living room with a flat screen hanging from the wall, a coffee table in the middle of the room. I took the hall way past all of the pictures of the past years with my brothers and sisters. The first picture was Newton, the oldest besides our adopted mom and dad. His brown hair shagged over pale white face, his dark brown eyes shown that he was fierce, but his playful smile made the picture goofy. Under the frame on the wall was his name and the year his birthday and death-date. “Newton Blake-July Eleventh 1899 to August Twelfth 1914” This shows when he was born a living human (1899) and when he died when our father turned him into a vampire (1914) making him fourteen when he disappeared and went under his new name, Newton Blake.

The next picture was the second oldest, his biological sister, Lauren Blake. Her brown hair was over her face showing she was growing out her bangs, her frown was cold but her blue eyes seemed welcoming to some people making her an attraction at school. I read the plate again, as normal when I came home before my older siblings. “Lauren Blake-September First 1900 to September Twelfth 1914” She was born a year after Newton, but she didn’t die until a month after when Newton begged our father to turn his dying little sister into a vampire, she lived under her old name Lauren but she change her last name like her brother to Blake.

My favorite of all my half brothers and sisters was Brighton, she long black hair, her white eyes showed mystery along with her bright red lips standing out brightly from her pale skin. “Brighton Blake-Unknown 1900 to October thirty-first 1915” Brighton was born god knows where, but she found my mother and father on Halloween, her guardians had just been killed, she was scared for her life, my father took her hand, he knew her since she was born, and pleaded him to turn her into a vampire.

The next picture on the wall was Tyler, his blond hair was frizzed out like normal, and his almost clear eyes showed that he wasn’t one to mess with. “Tyler Blake-December fourteenth 1901 to January fourteenth 1919” Tyler was blind soon finding that he was in love with Brighton they started dating, this wasn’t my father’s intentions when he found Tyler walking the streets after almost being eaten by one of the “savage vampires” or “classics” as I call them.

The last one before my two biological sisters was Kim, her brown hair was long enough to touch the floor and her face was almost angelic compared to the rest of us. “Kimberly Blake- October eleventh 1903 to January fifth 1919” Kim is Tyler’s younger sisters who was found in a New York looking for her brother, soon Tyler felt it was time to go back home and live with my mother and father, but since their real parents had died and he was taking care of Kim it was only fair that she live as a vampire as well.

After is my oldest sister Shelby, her long blond hair fit nicely in layers over her face, her blue eyes bright and happy, but her smile was killing but attractive to guys at their high school, since I’ve heard the many stories of her turning down the humans. “Shelby Blake-March second 1904 to January eleventh 1920” Our real parents never saw it coming the day she was put in the hospital and never came out.

Lydia was next. Her brown hair was long and full her dark eyes always varied in color and she was my closest sister. “Lydia Blake-April first 1905 to February twelfth 1920” Lydia found Shelby after the week of her “death” the only option was to turn Lydia into a vampire as well, but that was our father’s job, since he was the strongest out of all of us because if he kept bighting we all would surely be dead.

Then there was me. Ember Blake, the youngest, the smartest, and the one that was the most understood. “Ember Blake-November twenty-fourth 1907 to March seventh 1920” I was the last vampire excepted into the large family. Our father could tell that I was a natural born vampire that wasn’t born as one. When I found Lydia packing her stuff after she “died” I wouldn’t let her leave the house until she brought me with her. The burn of a vampire’s bight will pierce your memory forever; my death from the poison was fast and accurate. Our father commented that I was strong and did not cry I was not scared.

Our mother and father however died from a disease a week after my death. Then I walked by our father’s picture, “Grayson Blake” he was born a vampire, or as we call him, born dead, and when you are born that way you age rapidly along with the humans but once you find your true love you stop aging, all and all we never die, until we are utterly ready by our god and goddess, Nyx and Hades.

The last single picture of the wall was Marie Blake, Grayson’s wife, they have yet to have children but when they do, who knows. “Marie Blake-July twenty-fourth 1896 to August fourth 1900” She fell madly in love with Grayson and would do anything to stay with him, she would go to the end of the world for him, she loves him so much.

At the end was the family picture; Grayson and Marie sat in the middle of the black couch sitting up in the loft, Newton was standing next to Lauren with his arm over her shoulder behind the couch, lining the sides were Brighton and Tyler on one side, Kim on the other side with our dog Shepard, in the front all three of us, Shelby, Lydia, and I lied on our stomachs with our hands holding up our chins, our elbows digging into the carpet.

“Looking at the family again Ember?” I turned at Grayson’s mystic voice. It didn’t startle me as much as it did when I first became a vampire; I came to enjoy him sneaking up on me every afternoon after school.

“Yes, I just don’t want this family to ever end, you know?”

“You are the sweetest thirteen year old Ember,”

“Hey I’ve had almost ninety-three years to get it right,” I smiled showing my fangs.

“I remember when you died, you weren’t scared,”

“Why should I be, my father, Andrew, tot me to be fearless, then nothing or no one would hurt me,”

“That is a good thing to teach your daughter, I wish my father could have tot that to my younger sister Avery,”

“Dad, Alex is getting suspicious,”


“Me being a vampire, I mean all of us…”

“Alex is a smart boy,”

“He threatened me today about telling the press,”

“Who will listen to the boy, I am the cities greatest doctor, they are really going to believe that rumor,” I nodded.

“You are right, but I don’t want to take any chances, I don’t want to die from that, I rather have Hades pull me down to the underworld,”

“Never say that Ember, I rather not do that, just be burned alive,”

“Why did you name me Ember, I wasn’t born with the name,”

“I didn’t think your birth name suited you, Ember shows much more of your personality in my opinion,”

“Me too, but why name Shelby, Shelby, and why name Lydia, Lydia?”

“I think you can answer that yourself Ember,” I nodded looking out one of the windows, there was troops coming to the house. “Ember, go to your room now, stay out of the sun,” I nodded running down stairs to where my room was, on the second floor. It was the one closest to the exit into the dark forest, it viewed the city our one window and the forest out all the others.

“I am not a vampire sir, would I be working with medicine and blood if I were a vampire?” I heard a shot, knowing that shooting couldn’t kill a vampire. I ran up the stairs and looked at the troops.

“What did you do to my dad? You monsters!” I yelled, going over to my dad reaching into my pockets, as I leaned over him crying I injected a vile of blood so he would bleed and a sleeping serum to make him fall into a deep sleep until the troops left.

“I guess he’s not a vampire, but what about you, explain the dates on the wall, you were born long ago,”

“It’s a joke, can’t you take one?” One of the guys shrugged.

“How did you get in the orphanage then?”

“My mom and dad died when I was…nine…they were shot and killed…Grayson found my sisters and I…he welcomed us into his home…and you…and you…” I sniffed “…almost killed him you monsters!” (Let me tell you, I’m the best actress I know.)

“Calm down its ok, we just were told by Alex that you and your family were vampires,”

“Why would you think that?”

“I thought you would say that,” I looked, there was an old lady in a wheel chair that looked familiar but I wasn’t sure. “This is my niece claimed dead in nineteen-twenty along with her sisters, you are here I know it…your name is…”

“I don’t know who you are, I was born in nineteen-ninety-eight, November twenty-fourth,”

“That’s her, they’re vampires! Look at her teeth,” My eyes got bigger. I walked, if I ran they would know I was a vampire because of my speed and agility.

“She’s my niece, I know you know Kara Parten, your mother!” I turned, it pained me (not really) to say this, more than you could ever imagine.

“I never heard that name in my life,”

“Get her please I beg of you, just for questioning!” I looked at the door, Newton! (This is weird I’m usually never happy to see Newton.

“Who are these people Ember?”

“I don’t know Newton, they came in and shot dad,” I tear streamed down my face.

“Why did you shoot my father, are you out of your right mind?”

“Are you a vampire?” The troops asked.

“If I was, I would probably be gone right now trust me.”

“How would you know so much about vampires?” Newton leaned down and to whisper in my ear.

“Go now…warn the others they’re walking through the forest right now, return tonight at nine sharp…go!” I nodded knowing if I said another word that Newton would probably have a bigger chance in being killed. I walked out the front door and ran as fast as I could to my family.

“What are you doing here Ember, you should be at home doing homework,” Lauren smirked, I knew how much she didn’t like me, but I also knew how much she cared about my grades. (I know weird.)

“We can’t go home, troops are there someone spoke out and told the troops we were vampires, they shot Grayson, if we come back…we will probably all be tortured because they probably wouldn’t be able to figure out how to kill us anyway,”

“Is it true Kim?” Tyler asked; I always knew that Tyler has the up-most trust in me. (Yeah not really anyone but Brighton and my two other sisters like me, not including me two parents.) Now Kim had the sense of reading peoples minds, seeing into their memory, and telling if they were lying or not. Either way she would still be able to tick me off, or get me in trouble, leading to ticking me off.

“Yes, we must go back, maybe farther into the forest, up in the trees,” Kim sighed looking back at where home was and where they were.

“Probably a good idea,” Shelby agreed turning around, Lydia stayed behind as the family walked on, so that we cold talk, like we usually do, since I’m the runt and she’s the odd ball, lets just put it that way. (Yes I know, you would like Brighton and Tyler would be up for the odd ball tidal, nope, Lydia got that tidal all wrapped up in an odd ball wad.)

“We need to find Marie, Shelby won’t help us because she’s in with the cool part of the family right now, come on, I’ll tell them, they won’t care and lets go!” I nodded, Lydia ran forward to tell the rest of the family (like they cared). Soon enough we were off, leaping from tree to tree, being careful to look like birds instead of vampires. (The next time you see something jumping out of a tree that looks like a bird, and it’s far away, that’s probably a vampire.)

Boom, a sense hit me; I had the urge to go back home. One side of me wanted to listen to Newton, but seventh sense was kicking in (I can see into the future, don’t judge. Plus I can make people do what ever I want, but that’s beside the point.)

“We have to go back to the house Lydia,”

“Didn’t you say…?”

“Yes I know what I said Lydia we just have to go before it gets that bad!” I turned around mid-leaps going right back to the tree before. I heard Lydia following close behind. Hopefully Grayson hasn’t woken up yet and hopefully we aren’t too late, for our grand finally of the night.

Chapter 2
Crash and Fall

“I thought you were going to listen to Newton for a change!” I heard Lydia yell in the background.

“Now when do I ever listen to Newton, he didn’t tell me to go far away,” I smiled, and landed onto the cobblestone pathway without a sound. I saw two other troops who spotted me.

“Hey you!” They were sidetracked.

“Yes,” I cocked my head, Lydia got in front of me, I pushed her to the side.

“Are you Ember Blake?”

“I don’t know are you Wilson Henning?”

“Don’t play with me, you’re the freak of nature we’re looking for,”

“Excuse me?”

“Leave my little sister alone!”

“Yep they’re vampires,” One of the troops whispered. Lydia hissed, clenching onto my hand and ran inside.

“Newton!” I yelled. “Newton are you alive?”

“There she is!” A troop came up too me and my sister, showing no signs of me being a vampire I kicked him in the groin (in other words that crotch), he fell to the ground crying.

Marie was home but they figured out how to kill, Grayson was already dead, burn in hot holy water and fire, next to a metal cross. Marie and Newton were tied up sitting in the fake blood that came out of Grayson.

“We figured out how to kill you,” One troop snarled. “But we need you alive, just you,”

“Over my dead body,” I hissed looking over at Newton. “You mess with my family, you mess with me,”

“Listen you can still be saved Ember,” Another troop spoke out.

“I don’t want to be saved, I’m not hurting anyone, you have no right!” Lydia held me back; I got what she was saying by her soft touch.

“Grayson turned all of you into vampires, your crime is not taking it to the grave,”

“You know we kind of did, you’re the one not barring it alive,”

“Get her boys,” I hissed. I looked one of the troops in the eyes.

“You won’t hurt me,” I hissed, and the troop stopped in his tracks. I turned to another troop, “You need to go back from where you came from,” The man turned and walked amusingly out of the door looking like he had a stick up his butt. The third one stopped before I looked at him. “Return to your commanding officer and call him and or her a pink bellied chicken,” My voice was colder than dry ice, the man turned and walked out the door like wobbly Jell-O.

“You are a vampire!” The head of the troops claimed.

“No (cuss word of your choice that goes with this sentence),” I turned and my family was gone, I smiled.

“So, how has your day been?”

“Come here you little!” I ran out the door, landing gracefully onto the grass three stories down, I continued running until I came to where I found my family, they were in our second home that we made deeper into the woods, with pretty much all the same stuff of a large, and when I say large I mean large, like three story house size, tree, that doesn’t stick out and looks just like a regular tree. I pushed open the back door covered by a fallen down tree branch that couldn’t be moved.

“Lydia? Shelby? Mom?”

“Thank the higher power you’re alright Ember,” Marie ran and hugged me.

“I’m fine really mom,”

“We need to move,” I nodded looking over at Lydia, she had on scrape across her cheekbone, but that’s because of the trees I think.

“We can’t move, or it will show that we’re vampires, we need to move back into our house, and go to school tomorrow,” I sighed, as much as it pained me.

“Ember’s right, if we move, that will just make us wanted even more,” Lydia sighed.

“Fine lets go,” Marie sighed walking up the spiral staircase to tell the others. We were soon walking into the house; it didn’t seem the same, without Grayson. Lydia and I got stuck with the job of putting our father back together so he could be buried. (That was Tyler and Newton’s job.)

That night when I slept I dreamed about the last moments I had with Grayson, him talking to me in front of the pictures, me being his favorite child. I knew I had always been his favorite, because I was the one meant to be a vampire, like him. I rolled over, my ear cot something outside my window. I sat up putting my hair back with one of the rubber bands around my wrist. I reached for the sliding glass door handle, soon pulling it open. I stepped out into the cold on the balcony.

“You were so close in dying today Ember,” I heard Kellen’s, one of the popular guys at school voice.

“I wouldn’t be talking werewolf,”

“Come on, you know what I mean,”

“Sadly I do, but let me tell you something Kellen,” I turned to him, in the dark, my night vision kicked in so I could see his smirking face even more clearly. “I’ve probably been around longer than you. Werewolves die quicker than vampires, vampires normally never die, because there is many of us, and we age slowly. The question is why do you keep wanting to see me?”

“We’ve been friends for a long time Ember, in secret, long nights playing games through the forest, talking about random things, all when I was a kid, and all when you were thirteen,”

“I know, now that you are “other” than me, what do you want?”

“I wanted to see you tonight,” I raised my eyebrow. “Plus to give you this,” He put his arm around my waste and pulling me closer to him. I looked up so my face didn’t squish into his chest. My eyes got bigger as our lips touched, my eyes became huge, looking into his eyes, his eyes snapped shut pushing harder against my lips. I pulled away.

“I’m a vampire remember Kellen, not a playmate werewolf for you, what about Kara?”

“I like you though,”

“Kellen,” I stepped back into my room. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school,” I sighed closing the sliding class door. I turned on my bedside lamp taking out my computer. I clicked on the Face-Book icon, my profile coming up with a picture of me after I got my pink streaks in my hair, with Ashley Dumont, her brown hair hand one red streak in the front along with her nose pierced.

She was oddly on. I looked at the clock, one in the morning. Well that was normal for Ashley, sneaking on her mom and dad’s computer that late at night. After a minute of being on she logged off. (She must have gotten caught.) I typed in Kellen Carta-He’, his page popped up with him and his little sister Samara Carta-He’. I scrolled down to who he was interested in; there was my name and a link to my page, Ember Blake. Then there was who he was dating, which was Kara Bird (who is forced to marry). I clicked on her link.

Kara was a close friend of mine when we were little, she just didn’t take risks like Kellen. Her new picture was her and Kellen inches away from kissing. I clicked on her photos; a picture of Ashley, her, and I at the Staples Center in California came up. Smiling I read what Ashley posted.

Ash Dumont: OMG Katy Perry was so good that night! I can’t believe you got us tickets Kara!

That was amazing because Kara never wins anything unless it’s rigged. Her father let us go all the way to California with her Uncle Emilio. We listened to Katy Perry all night at the Staple Center. It really wasn’t a very long drive to California, since we live in Susanville California. Now if you know where Susanville CA is and Los Angeles CA is, two different parts of California, long drive but it went by really fast in my opinion. I started typing in one of the bubbles.

Ember Blake: I know right Ash! That was so much fun! We should go again when Lady A comes in May I think…I’m pretty sure!

I hit post; it loaded faster than normal, so I clicked on the right arrow. Up popped a picture of Kara and Kellen again, but this time Kellen’s arm was around Kara, he didn’t look happy. (I don’t think you would to if you were being forced to marry someone who’s just a friend.) I looked at the comments; there was Kara’s comment as the first one.

Kara: This is me and my BF we are supposed to get married right after high school because that’s part of our Indian heritage I guess…

I feel so bad for Kara, having to marry Kellen. Kara has told me so many times how she wanted to move out of Hoopa Valley so she wouldn’t have to ride four hours to school leaving her home for two weeks at a time and going home to be on independent study for two weeks.

I clicked through her pictures and then I clicked through Ashley’s pictures. I finally typed in Shelby’s name and found her picture was her and boy standing at the stage of a concert her and her friends went to last week and it wasn’t one of the musicians. I scrolled down to the caption she put.

Shelby Blake: I can’t believe O’Connor asked me out! I love him so much! To bad my family doesn’t know! They don’t check my face-book anyway…loosers…J

I scowled at the page, I knew something was up with her, she couldn’t share her life with her two oddball sisters, so she shared it with her two older sisters and probably Newton and Tyler. An evil thought came into my mind, I knew I couldn’t make her speak up because my power to make people do what I want works on everyone and everything except vampires. I have no choice. I started typing and posted my thoughts on the matter. I was so going to tell Lydia tomorrow.

I finally felt like I needed to sleep, so I shut down my computer, setting it in the drawer in my dresser and closing it so no one would find it. I turned off my bedside lamp and soon drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

I woke up in the morning to Shelby in my room, staring at me like she was going to eat me. (Ha-ha funny joke.) I sat up, I felt stroked my hair down, it was in a knot as usual.

“You went on face-book last night,”

“Lets not start a war this early in the morning Shelby,” I sighed getting up out of bed looking over at the clock, it was eight in the morning, thank the high powers that it was a Saturday.

“You posted, and I quote, you think we don’t care about you or something Shelby? I can’t believe he is the reason why you aren’t talking to us.” Shelby crossed her arms leaning back in my desk chair.

“And your point is, I think you underestimate your runt little sister,”

“Why do you and Lydia call yourselves those names?”

“Because no one talks to us, not even you anymore, face it, life is like school now, there is a stupid popular group, which you left us for, and we are the leftovers waiting to be finished off by the stupid werewolves,”

“Don’t look at it that way Emma,”

“Ember,” I scowled, I hate it when I’m called Emma, I mean it’s not a bad name; I just don’t want to be called it.

“Ember sorry, I just find that I get along better with Brighton and Lauren,”

“Yeah but you completely ignore Lydia and I,” I walked over to my bookcase looking for the latest book that I bought.

“I’m not trying to, I’m just busy with Brighten, Lauren, and Kim, plus I’m busy with O’Connor,”

“Does he know you’re a vampire?”



“He’s the one who called the troops, but he apologized after,”

“That doesn’t matter Shelby! I can’t believe you would do something that stupid and idiotic! People would expect me and Lydia to do something like that,”

“I think that’s just in our genes,”

“Must be, ask Newton he knows,” I scowled taking out my large book I bought a couple days ago.

“Ember you’re being impossible, I’m just hanging out with our sisters, they are pretty much my age,”

“BS, Kim is one month older than me, and that’s closer in age?”


“I know you’ve lived with Lydia and I for longer than your fair share, I get it,”

“Ember, please, stop, I found a boy I think is the one, I think I’m going to turn him tomorrow,”

“Shelby Blake, that was Grayson’s job,”

“I know, but now it’s my turn, I have to be strong,”

“Do you really want him to go through the changes of being a vampire?”

“I’m in love with him,”

“What if it doesn’t work out?”

“What if your stupid looking hair catches on fire?” I waked her up side the head with my book, then thrashing the door open.

“Get out Shelby!”

“You’re kicking me out of your room?”

“Yes, its my room not yours I have the right to kick you out now go,”

“You don’t scare me,”

“You don’t scare me either pyro,” Shelby got up giving her stare. “I’ll tell everyone your room will be freeing up, or to make room for two more,”

“You think I’m pregnant,” I looked at her budging stomach.


“How did you know?”

“Last night before I went to bed, when I was walking down the hall, I saw you taking the test in one of my visions in Lauren’s bathroom,”

“What time was it?”

“Five-fourteen P.M.”

“(Insert a cuss word of your choice that you would say.) Please don’t tell mom!”

“She’ll figure it out, but I’m telling Lydia,”

“Fine,” I smiled.

“Now get your pregnant, butt out of here,” I made the pregnant part extra loud so that in a matter of seconds our mom appeared at the door.

“Shelby Blake!”

“I didn’t say a word,” I shut my door, letting Shelby get yelled at. I walked in my bathroom and got dressed putting on my flower skirt that was mostly dark but had washed out rose peddles scattered printed on top of the dark green color. I put on one of my random gray shirts and my black jacket.

“I want to be a vampire with you,”

“I will try my best to hold myself, I am sorry if this will hurt you,” I dark room showed with the white bodies of Shelby and O’Connor. Shelby bit into his neck, his scream pierced my ears, I felt myself step back into the bathroom wall. Shelby did the right thing and let go before she got to addicted to his blood; He sat not breathing on the floor, his body sprawled out. Shelby breathed, in hope that he would wake up. O’Connor woke up a minute later, his new fangs shinning in the dark, and his skin pale, his eyes shinning.

I appeared back in the bathroom, rather please with myself. I teased my hair making the curls look better. I walked out of my room with my shoulder pack taking out my cell phone. I texted Ashley, she was waiting at the park with Kara and Kellen, as usual on Saturday mornings with Kellen and Kara were there.

“Bye,” I sighed waving to the rest of my family sitting in the living room. None of them even noticed me except for Lydia who waved back. I looked around for Shelby but she was still probably explaining herself to Marie.

The only sound that was around me when I walked out into the foggy morning was my feet slamming against the ground through the forest. I soon was out of the forest and onto the street. I walked along the highway until I came to the Susanville Park. Ashley was leaning on Alex, Kellen and Kara were sitting as far away as they could from each other on the same bench.

“Thanks Alex,”

“For what?” I raised my eyebrow. “Oh that no problem, I don’t want you to die Ems,”

“Why would she die?” Ashley asked; her eyes got more curious.

“Figure of speech Ash, I was going to tell her mom that she was dating Burns,”

“Well Alex, we all know that’s BS,” Kellen smirked at me. I shivered thinking of last night when his warm lips met with my cold lips.

“He just wanted to get me in trouble because I kind of popped the bubble at his house about him and Ashley,”

“Alexander! I thought we were going to tell our parents at the picnic next month!”

“I didn’t tell them, she just popped the stupid question,” Ashley looked at me with rage in her eyes, but behind them I knew she was bluffing.

“Sorry Ash, look I can’t spend all day here, its been really hard around are family right now,” I sighed. “Last night the troops came in and ended up killing my dad,” I sniffed. “You all are going to laugh though,”

“What, your adopted dad dying isn’t funny, Ems,” Ashley sounded cold; she was just having one of those days I think.

“Shelby’s pregnant,” I stepped back, everyone jumped up from where they were and crowded around me.

“Shelby, like perfect Shelby, Shella-Bya!” Kara shrieked jumping up and down.

“Weren’t we all expecting this at some point?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah since we were like in sixth grade!” I smiled, remembering when we moved back from Washington to California, I just started middle school over again, and made friends with Ashley, even though I’ve known Kara and Kellen since they were really little.

“Who did she get pregnant with?” Kellen asked bluntly looking down at his nails.

“O’Connor I think,”

“There is no one named O’Connor here,” Alex looked at me like I was crazy.

“Last name maybe,” Ashley assured him, kissing his cheek. My phone buzzed, the text was from Lydia.

Lydia: Come home now there is something going on, don’t bring your friends that won’t be able to help.

I sighed looking up to my friends. “I have to go, something happened at home,”

“Good luck,” Kara smiled.

“Want me to come with you?” Kellen asked I shook my head.

“Bye, chat with you tonight, midnight as usual?” Ashley smiled.

“Yep if the thing that comes up doesn’t completely rip me apart,” I smiled.

“See you Ems,” Alex waved. I didn’t look back to see my friends start talking without me. I walked along the highway into the forest. When I was out of sight by the rest of the human population I started to run as fast I as I could, around trees and through ditches.

“Hey that was fast, it only took you two minutes,” Lydia smiled walking me back inside.

“What happened?”

“Shelby ran away, and the troops are coming to split us up because they think we are being abused, they think Marie’s a vampire, they think that we are her next meal,”

“That won’t happen,”

“How do you know, they are coming tonight,”

“I know, I saw it this morning next to my vision of Shelby turning O’Connor into a vampire,”

“Yeah about Shelby, she’s been pregnant since three months ago,”

“What, what happens if you have a half human baby in your stomach for that long?”

“The baby will be fine if she keeps drinking more than her fare share of blood, so the baby get most of it,”

“Where have you been?” Marie asked hugging me tightly.

“I was at the park, that’s were I am every Saturday mornings,”

“They want to take all of you away from me, and Shelby, I don’t know what to do with her, but what they want is you mostly Ember,”

“We have to go then, back to Washington,” I gulped, meaning new friends, new life, still trying to cling onto the old one we left behind.

“No, they’ll find us there,” Lydia sighed. “Remember last time?” I remembered to well; they thought Grayson was hunting humans and that I was a freak of nature.

“I think I know where we can go,” Marie sighed. “Back to where I grew up, Tennessee, it’s the only way, a small town like this will forget about us easy,”

I nodded sadly. “We need to move today, or at least prove to the town you aren’t a monster so we aren’t spread around the world,”

“They are coming tonight to put in spy cameras in all the rooms,” Lydia moaned, she hated surveillance, it was just a way of showing that no one trusts anyone anymore.

The rest of the day went quietly. I snuck outside to sit in my tree looking out of the city limits. All was quiet; life seemed peaceful until the police cars came. I climbed the “human way” down the large tree and over to the police.

“Why are you here?”

“Surveillance little girl, we want to make sure your mom isn’t hurting you ok,” I talked to me like I was two when I am over twice that age.

“I’m thirteen not two first of all, and do I look hurt,”

“She could be a vampire,”

“I have lived with her since I was a baby, she has not hurt me or my brothers and sisters. We are moving to Tennessee, I would like if we could forget about this incident, and for you to tell your commanding officers that signs show that no one was being beaten because you are the most trust worthy officer,” The officer/troop’s back became straight and his eyes wide open.

“Yes ma’am,”

“Now please, leave,” The officer got in the car, the other one came out to talk to me. I raised my eyebrow. “How may I help you?”

“We have to put these camera’s up,”

“Will the charge be dropped?”

“Yes if you let us get these cameras up for one day, then you can do whatever you want,” I nodded, come with me. I looked back at the man in the car, still staying put like I wanted him too.

“Hello,” Marie sighed walking toward the officer. “I see you’ve met Ember,”

“Mrs. Blake, I presume,”

“Why yes, the children are all in their rooms, even the troubled one,”


“She…has some issues to work out with her boyfriend right now,” Marie put it, there is just some things you just don’t want to tell a police officer in this kind of situation. “Ember, go in and talk to Shelby for me please, she won’t talk to me,” I nodded walking to the stairs. I stepped down two flights of stairs to the bottom floor where Shelby, Brighton, and Lauren’s room were located. I took a left to a white door with gold lettering pasted on the door Shelby. I knocked on the door.

“Go away Marie, I’m going to still be seeing O’Connor and there is nothing you can do about it,” I cracked the door open, and peeked my head in.

“It’s me Shelby,”

“Go away Ember, you’re the one who started this, now the whole family thinks I’m a slut,” I walked in and shut the door behind me. The room was white and covered with tacked on posters and pictures of her and her friends. I sat on the bed with her; I felt the brown sheets that were smooth, carefully stitched into bumps on purpose making it look more old fashion.

“Shelby, remember when we were little and I ran off,”

“Yeah, I still don’t understand, why did you run away, mom and dad were spoiling you?”

“I don’t like to be spoiled rotten Shelby, you followed me out to the lakes and somehow persuaded me to come back home, I don’t know how but you did,” I sighed. “I know I held a grudge for a week or too, but I forgave you after my punishment was over,”

“I know, but this isn’t the same, the way the family looks at me differently now,”

“Listen, come with me so we can talk more in private, the police are here to put cameras up in every room.” Shelby nodded whipping her wet face. I opened the door for her; we soon were out in the cold air sitting in my tree over looking the city line.

“You don’t have to be nice to me now,” Shelby sighed. “I know what you think of me,”

“No you don’t, Shelby, I have to live with you the rest of my life, until you and O’Connor get married,”

“I know, we are probably going to live happily ever after right?”

“I don’t think there has ever been a vampire Cinderella, Shelby, but you can see how that works out for you,” Shelby laughed and felt her huge stomach, it didn’t look that big this morning. “Packing on the layers?”

“Yeah, but now I don’t care,”

“Girl or boy?”

“I don’t know, we’ll see,”

“It’s going to go well,” I sighed, she looked at me lost. “You turning O’Connor, just one thing before you do, what is his real name?”

“I call him O’Connor, but his real name is Jackson O’Connor,” I smiled.

“Thanks I can sleep a little better tonight,” I turned to look her in the eyes. “No matter what, Lydia and I will be your biological sisters, forever and ever, you will just have to live with us,”

“I never had a problem with you and Lydia, well sometimes Lydia because she’s a little odd,”

“No she’s not you just haven’t talked to her much,”

“Well, not many people like Lydia because she just sees the world different,”

“That’s a good thing in some cases,” I smiled. “She sees more of the human life, I think she wishes that she could die, she sees the world as depressing now,”

“So she’s not happy?”

“Yeah, she’s alone, she hasn’t found an odd guy yet, and life is lonely for her. I don’t have anyone because I’m thirteen, technically speaking. Once I age a little bit maybe.”

“Lydia always seems happy around Newton,”

“That’s because she likes Newton because he’s kind of odd, he just doesn’t see it, and the family drama isn’t helping,”

“I’m sorry, I just fell in love,”

“I would love to say it’s not your fault but I can’t,”

“Thanks a lot Ember,”

“Come on I think they’re leaving,” It started to get dark outside. I ate dinner outside with Shelby, Lauren, and Kim because of the cameras. I was soon in my room on my Apple Computer. I looked up at the camera and then back at the computer. I hacked into the camera’s taping set and set it for me sleeping, tossing and turning for at least three hours.

I typed in Face-Book. My wall came up showing that Ashley and Kara were on. The chat bars automatically went up.

Ash Dumont: Mom and dad gave me the computer this afternoon so I can go on when ever!

Kara: Hey what happened?

I started typing.

Ember Blake: Awesome

Ember Blake: The police were thinking about taking us away from Marie, they think she’s a vampire.

I sighed. The chat went on until two in the morning when Kellen showed up at the sliding glass door. I snuck out to meet him. His eyes showing brightly in the dark sky, it was almost scary to see two moons on a face instead of one moon in the sky.

“So, want to start again, I mean with the kissing?”

“Kellen, please, Kara is yours, you are not, I haven’t found that person yet, and I have a long, boring life ahead of me,”

“Come on one more kiss,”

“I can’t, even though it would be in your favor before I leave,”

“You’re leaving?”

“Kara didn’t tell you, the only way we will be safe in secret is in a new state, meaning we are moving to Tennessee, in a large house out in the forest close the boarder between, Mississippi and Alabama.” Kellen put his hand on the side of my face.

“I love you Ember Blake, and I always will,”

“I wish you didn’t say that Kellen,” His other hand went around me back, he pulled me closer to him, our lips touched, I could tell the burn of my ice cold skin hurt him this time. I put my head on his shoulder.

“I don’t want you to go Ember,”

“I don’t want to, but you can Kara belong together you’ll see,” I kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll talk to you on Face-Book and Skype. I bit my bottom lip and walked back into the dim lit room, shutting the sliding glass door. Kellen left, oddly a tear came down my face.

I shook my head, trying to shake of the feeling; I put my computer back in the drawer on my bedside and turned off the lights. I fell fast asleep, not even bothering about the stupid cameras. Tomorrow was going to be better I hope, if the falling and crashing stops. Tomorrow is Sunday, and tomorrow is the day we head out to Tennessee on a plane, finally we aren’t driving. I was leaving everything here except my computer and a couple of my life items. The house would be the same when we came to visit in the summers. Truthfully, I’m not looking forward to moving tomorrow.

In the morning everyone packed up their stuff. I took one bag filled with my life items, and my computer, plus some of my books.

“Ready to go?” Marie asked getting in her BMW Bug.

“No, who am I riding with?”

“Well Shelby, Lydia, and Newton, I’m taking Kim, and Newton will be in the same car as Tyler and Brighton.”

“Tyler is blind remember he can’t drive,” I sighed.

“That’s why Brighton is driving with her learners permit,” I didn’t see how this would work, but what do I know?

I got in the navy blue SUV next to Lydia, Newton was sitting in the front seat, Shelby was driving. I took one last look at our house as we left.

“Come on don’t be so sad Ember,” Newton smiled. “At least we won’t be hunted by the cops anymore,”

“You won’t miss any of your friends?”

“Remember Ember, I don’t have any friends, you’re the one who is friends with the enemy, and the humans,”

“You have to understand them from their point of view, Newton,”

“Come on Ember get real, they just want to kill us,”

“Only one of my human friends know that I’m a vampire, and I didn’t tell him, and he didn’t tell anyone else,”

“Speaking of human,” Lydia butted in, “Where is your human Shelby?”

“He’s not coming, he was turned into a vampire, and well didn’t want to listen to me, he turned into a monster,”

“Well this can come back and bight us in the butt,” Newton sighed looking out his window.

“How so?” Shelby asked turning the corner so the GPS could get signal to take us to Tennessee.

“Are you really that stupid Shelby?” Lydia whispered, I knew since she was one of the more peaceful family members she wouldn’t say anything bad out loud. She had the power to heal anyone and anything, because that’s just her nature.

“Shut up, all of you!” Shelby pulled over, the sound of the GPS sounded.

“Recalculating, recalculating,”

“Lydia get in the front please so the children can get in the back, and watch their movie,”

“What I’m older than Lydia!”

“You are acting like a two year old vampire now get in the back,” Shelby pushed Newton out of the passenger seat allowing Lydia swiftly to move to the seat. Newton soon was seated next to me and the TV was down. We were watching Cinderella of all DVDs.

“Seriously Shelby?”

“I know but this is the only one we have that is age appropriate for Newton,”

“Why she’s younger than I am!”

“Yes, but since she’s a young vampire she’s going to start aging next year along with Kim till twenty, like us, because it’s the year of the bat, then we will stop aging forever, you on the other hand will age but still have your personality,”

“You are so mean Shelby,”

“You know only a child would say that,” I smiled looking out the window.

“I’m a man, Shelby,”

“So you say,” Shelby continued, I reached for my iPod and turned the music on high so I wouldn’t hear the bickering across the country. My phone vibrated with a text.

Ember: SOS

Ashley: I don’t want you to go, I’m sorry I can’t help. What’s happening?

Ember: Newton and Shelby happened…

Ashley: I’m sorry, what are they bickering about now?

Ember: If Newton’s a man or not.

Ashley: We all know that he’s not.

Ember: Of course, so how’s it going with Alex?

Our texting went on for hours until it grew dark and Ashley had to go.

“Done talking to your human friend Ember?” I smiled because I still had my earphones in, even though they weren’t playing music anymore, but he didn’t know that. I pointed to them mouthing I can’t hear what you’re saying. I ripped the earphones from my ears.

“Are you done talking to your human friend?” Newton said slowly but loudly. I rolled my eyes.

“No I just stopped looking at my phone because it died, humans sleep, and young vampires sleep, unlike you, Shelby and Lydia, you never sleep anymore, I do, because I’m young like that!”

“Newton leave Ember alone so she can get some sleep,” Lydia scolded throwing a pillow at him.

“Why should I, she supposed to not sleep,”

“I’ve been for the past what ninety or so years, I don’t know I’ve lost count since my death date!”

“Ember, now you are just fueling him, stop, go to sleep.” I nodded, taking the pillow from Newton.

“I don’t trust you,” I looked into Newton’s glowing eyes; he smirked and looked the other way.
“I’m not cannibalistic Ember, and if I hurt you in anyway, I would never hear the end of it from Shelby, and I have a feeling I will be near her for a very long…time,” Newton gulped looking at Shelby’s eyes reflecting off of the rearview mirror.
I tried to fall asleep, but every time I would try and drift off we went past a streetlight, and I really don’t like sleeping in light. I sat up and reached for my laptop. Newton was watching another movie and Lydia was reading.
“Can I drive next?” Lydia whispered, and Shelby just shook her head. I started up my Apple; on my desktop there was a picture of my group of friends at the park. I looked at the clock on the side of the Apple computer; it was two in the morning, to early for Ashley to be up. I went on Face-Book anyway. None of my friends were on, so I clicked out of Face-Book and went to it took a while for it to load since every time we moved the computer had to hook onto a new Wi-Fi server. I decided that it wasn’t worth it so I got off of the Internet and played some pinball.
“Go to sleep Ember,” My sister scolded when she noticed I was up. Newton was still mesmerized by the small TV screen that hung from the sealing of the SUV.
“But I’m not tired,”

“Really Ember? Go to sleep, now please, or you will be really crabby tomorrow, trust me, I have lived with you longer than any sister should have to,”

“Gee, thanks,” I smiled closing my computer and putting it away. I put a blanket over me and stretched out my legs onto Newton’s lap, I took the position of laying face down on the pillow, then turning my head so I could breath, soon putting my arm in front of my eyes so they didn’t have to hit the light.

I could tell already this would be a long drive to Tennessee. All of the days went by the same, a new place, new blood, and new movies to watch. We finally made it to a large house in Chuckey Tennessee. It was beautiful; there were arches in the front of the house going around the corner. The garage was rather large that could fit to cars. The road was cracked, but never the less you could drive on it. There was a large upper level of the house you could see from the ground. The windows were arched as well. There was two front doors, one leading into the parlor and the other leading into a large living room it looked like.

“I guess this is our new house, the only thing that we’re missing is Grayson,” I sighed thinking of my father, it was hard enough to loose a father that didn’t seem to care, but a father that cared, and loved me more than my original dying just didn’t seem bearable in my mind.

“Are you still sore about that Ember?”

“Aren’t you?”

“He turned me when I didn’t want to be turned, he wasn’t my favorite person in the world,” I stared at him, I was happy to get out of the car. The sun was on my skin, and it burned, I didn’t care though, it felt better than sitting in a car with no lights. My skin turned a glowing pale like normal.

“Ember, remember, we aren’t living in a forest, we are living on a busy street, you can’t sun yourself whenever,” Shelby warned giving me an umbrella, “You’ll burn,” I walked onto the porch with Lydia, the sound of the screeching bugs were so loud, I had to cover my ears.

“You will get used to them Ember no worries,” Marie smiled pulling the house keys from her purse.

“I miss California,” I sighed as Marie opened the door.

“I think you will be more at home here Ember,”

“I think you might be wrong about that one Marie,” I sighed looking around the house.

“Well, your room is upstairs to the left, the bathroom is in the middle separating your bedroom from Lydia’s, on the other side of the second floor is Shelby, Newton, and Tyler’s room, down stairs is Kim, Lauren, and Brighton,” Marie announced proudly, “I get sleep downstairs as well, in the parlor.”

The furniture was already inside our rooms, I had to fix it, it didn’t seem like home. My room wasn’t long and lengthy just not as wide as I would like. A new trundle bed set on the left side of the room, a wooden dresser to the right of the room. At the way very end of the room was a window looking out over the side lawn.

“My room is way bigger Ember,” Lydia smiled walking through the door.

“Hey I’m the youngest, I get the short end of the stick remember?”

“Come on, my room is barely filled, I need to find a couple couches, a coffee table and a couple book shelves. You just need to get the book shelves.”

“Thanks, I miss my book shelves at the California house,”

“This could be a good thing you know,” I sighed. “Tomorrow is our first day of school, and Kim is in all of your classes!”

“I was hoping that she was in none of my classes oh well,”

“Come on you don’t like Kim that much,”

“It’s not that I don’t like her, we just don’t see eye to eye, she’s more of a horse back rider and I’m well more of a fighter if you will,”

“They can go together can’t they Ember?”

“Don’t ask me,” I sat on my bed cross-legged reaching for my computer case.

“By the way we are all going furniture shopping in an hour, we can spend up to a thousand dollars each, like usual, and just collect as we move on in life,”

“Isn’t that how it always works?” The Apple Computer started up quickly, noticing they had just hooked up the Wi-Fi I went on Face-Book. We were three hours ahead, and it was one in the afternoon, so it was ten in the morning there. All my friends were on and they all automatically started a chat room with me. I noticed that Lydia left, so I was mostly in peace.
I took a picture of me with my cell phone and uploaded it onto my computer, then posting it on Face-Book.

Everyone out there missed me at school. I missed even the bully that took my lunch money one year, the next year I ripped his head off by telling him off. Kellen and Ashley were the two that missed me the most. I was going to miss Kellen sneaking up at my sliding glass door every night before I went to sleep, and I missed chatting with Ashley at the same time every night.

An hour went by and we all piled back into the cars. Except I was in the same car with Kim, Lydia, and Lauren since we were all close in age, and Marie wanted us to ‘bond’, plus she was concerned that Newton and I might have another fight in the car again and make Shelby nervous.

It took an hour just to get to Wal-Mart. We rented a moving service to move all of our new furniture from the store home. Shelby got the most because she was getting two bookshelves and everything for her baby. I couldn’t help but feel watched at the store. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and when I looked into the person’s eyes I could tell that it wasn’t a person.

“You’re new here aren’t you?” I squinted.

“Go away werewolf,”

“Wow you are quick…I mean for a vampire,”

“Don’t you have some deer to kill?”

“Don’t you have some blood to drink, and not look at furniture?”

“Why did you come up to me anyway?”

“Tennessee isn’t a place for vampires,”

“And it is for werewolves?”

“You better leave,”

“Or what, you’ll get your pack leader to give me the peace stick?”

“No, we will kill you,”

“Vampires don’t die,”

“Not unless they’re killed,”

“Boy you are bad at death threats, so, see you around I guess, unless you go to Chuckey High,” I looked into his bright yellow eyes, that were only yellow to the vampires and other mythical creatures.

“Nope, middle school,”

“Really, you had to tell me that,”

“Just watch your back vampire because no one is going to watch it for yours or your family because Tennessee is made up of werewolves, like New York is made up of vampires, we don’t go there, and you don’t come here,”

“I guess we are just courageous like that,” Lauren appeared around the corner, her brown hair in a ponytail, her growing out bangs parted over her left eye.

“How many of you are there!”

“Go alert your tribe I guess, because there is a lot more, oh no invasion,” I said a sarcastic as I could.

“Mom!” The werewolf jogged away, his long black hair flowing behind him.

“What just happened?” Lauren asked pretending to help me with my new desk still wrapped neatly in a package.

“Apparently this is werewolf territory population more than half, every vampire that comes in this state is killed by the werewolves,”

“So they’re just going to have to live with us,” Lauren smirked as we walked outside pretending to pant by the Wal-Mart employees helping us move our furniture.

“We could have helped you girls,” A guy that looked about my age smiled.

“It’s ok, we are used to pulling our own weight,” Lauren smirked; she didn’t have a very high tolerance for humans.

“Really because we don’t want you girls to break a nail,” The other one sighed.

“Listen you-,” I pulled back Lauren, her eyes started to turn red, and I started hearing her thoughts. (That ability doesn’t come around much.)

“You are right, girls don’t work as hard as guys do,” The guys nodded smugly. “Because we get the job right the first time its done,” I smirked and walked away with Lauren who was laughing her head off.

“I can’t believe you used that line Ember!” I smiled thinking about when we were bored one day and decided to hang out. Well we ran all the way to Oregon and found a store that had a magnet that said Sure men work harder than women, because women get it right the first time. I personally think that, men, women, boys, and girls work that same pull the same weight. Just when people say their better, I make them wish they never uttered what they uttered.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, my memory is still strong after all this time,” I smiled bowing sarcastically, going back to get some stuff from the school supply isle were the rest of the family was. There were already three carts full of school supplies and stuff for our rooms. I picked up a poster book, some picture frames, and a new camera and a SD card. The rest of the money went into school supplies and a swivel chair, at least for me.

We drove home talking about what was going to happen now that we knew the population was mostly werewolves. When we arrived at the house an hour later. We had no problem picking up the furniture and moving it into the house.

I ended up sitting in my room until there was a knock at the front door.

“Ember come down stairs please!” Marie yelled from down the stairs. I noticed I was the only one upstairs, so I ran down without getting the others. There was a woman at the door with the guy I saw at Wal-Mart.

“These people are our neighbors, I was just introducing them to the rest of the family since they don’t want to come in,”

“Oh course they don’t,” I smirked.

“Please can you keep Heath company while I talk with his mother?”

“Love to but excuse me for asking, why can’t this be Kim’s job?” Marie gave me the look to do what she commands, that she would explain later. “Come on Heath,” I sighed walking out of the front door.

“So that’s your mother?”

“You promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Hey you know I’m a werewolf, here werewolves get punished more than vampires, but ironically we still live here,”

“So friends?”

“Yeah, whatever, but if you do anything, the slightest movement toward hurting my family, it’s on vampire,”

“Fine deal,”

“You seem tense,”

“Your dog powers kicking in?”

“No, just…is Mary your real mother?”

“It’s Marie for one this Heath, but no, I wasn’t born a vampire,”

“Really, I was born a werewolf,”

“Vampires are usually made from venom not birth, because we live longer than werewolves do,”

“True, but still, I was just wondering,”

“It’s fine, at least I have my two older sisters living with us,”

“Are they vampires?”

“Yeah, I’m the youngest vampire in the family, that’s why I got the job to hang out with you, frankly I think you would like me better than Kim, because Kim isn’t like me at all.”

“I don’t really like vampires…what’s your name again?”

“Emberson, but call me Ember,”

“That doesn’t sound like an old name,”

“I picked it when I became a vampire, when you turn into one you can choose your new name, I really didn’t like my birth name,”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“Nope,” I stopped mid-step.

“I know where they are!”

“Show me O’Connor, show me where the half blood is!”

“Yes master!”

“I will send a fleet along with you,”

“Trust me master, I will not fail you, my mate will be safe though correct?”

“Yes Shelby will be safe, the monster however that is growing inside her will not,”

“Um…come inside with me?” I took Heath by the wrist.

“What happened, wow you are weird,”

“I’m the only vampire in the family because I can see into the future, make people do what I want them to, sometimes I can even read minds,”

“What did you see?”

“Well my sister, she got pregnant by a human…I know,” I looked at his face, he look discussed, “Well she turned him, and he went to the “bad side” if you will, and he’s going to kill her baby, and probably her as well,”

“Wow, eventful,” Heath said dazed as we ran through the backdoor, into the kitchen and up the stairs.

Shelby was sitting on her bed with her knees toward the ceiling.

“Ember, get out of my room please, I’ve been stuck in a car with you all week long,”

“It’s about O’Connor,”

“Is he ok, did he get himself killed or something, please tell me he’s alright,”

“He’s fine I guess you would say, he’s coming to kill the half blood baby that’s in your stomach,”

“No, he wouldn’t do that,”

“I’m sorry,”

“You’re predicting this!”

“No I’m not you know my visions are painfully accurate,”

“No, no, no!” Shelby cried.

“Please, it’s not good for the baby,” I tried to calm her down.

“No, no, no, I don’t believe you, O’Connor loves me, he promised he would come back when he got his head straight,”

“He’s a monster Shelby,”

“No! Get out Ember, I never want to see you again!” Shelby threw a pillow at me, tears streaming down her red face. Heath was watching from out side of the door.

“Um…should I be concerned,”

“She doesn’t mean it,” I sighed. “I know she doesn’t, she has told me that before when I was little and turned into a vampire, and then again when I told one of her boyfriends to go jump off a cliff.”

“Awe, you won’t do that to me would you?”

“No, I getting quite fond of you actually, want to hang out, or do you just want to go home, I bet your mom has left already,”

“No, I am actually quite fond of you too,” I smiled.

“My room?”

“Sure,” When we entered my room he seemed in shock.

“This used to be my friend, Delilah’s room, you made it look better than it really is, but what’s with the bed?”

“Um…well…vampires under the age of fifteen have to sleep,”

“Interesting, so you have been sleeping all your life?”

“Pretty much, but so have you,” He looked into my eyes again.

“You were friends with werewolves that’s why you’re so interesting to talk to,”

“Yes, I don’t think you know of that tribe though,”

“Where did you come from?”

“Susanville California, they live in a reservation, but don’t go to school there,”

“I might know them, I have some cousins over there,”

“Kellen and Kara,”

“I know Kara, she’s my cousin, but I hear that she’s supposed to marry Kellen?”

“Yes, Kara isn’t in love with the idea,”

“Interesting, well I better let you get off to sleeping, since it’s getting dark,”

“Nice to meet you Heath,”

“You too,” He squinted, I smiled, he walked out of the door, and down the stairs. I felt like falling down, I would never think that was going to be falling for a werewolf; at least I think I’m falling for him.

Marie came in later with a hot cup of milk; I saw in her mind that she thought I was tense.

“Ember, did it bother you to be around Heath today, even knowing he was a werewolf?”

“No, I kind of like him,”

“Ember, it is very hard for a werewolf to turn to the vampire side you know that, you should just be friends with him like Kellen,”

“Please don’t remind me of Kellen, Marie,”

“Right, remember, your father was better at these talks than I was, and am,”

“Marie you don’t have to come talk to me,”

“Shelby told me about your vision, she thinks you’re lying,”

“Why would I lie, that is like the last thing I want to do to my sister at the moment, she’s almost ready to deliver,” I looked at the blinded window.

“I don’t know Ember, she’s scared I think, she just doesn’t want to share it,”

“Should I go talk to her?”

“Sure, holler if she’s trying to kill you,”

“Hey you have my word on that one,” I smiled taking the hot milk and walking across the creaky floorboards over to Shelby’s room.

“Shelby?” I cracked open the door. She was sitting in bed that was really unnecessary, watching Wheel of Fortune. There was no answer, even though I knew she saw me. “I thought you would like to know,”

“What that my boyfriend supposed to be husband is a monster, you might get your happily ever after with…what’s the werewolves name?”


“Yeah, I see the way he looks at you and you look at him! Why can’t I get a happily ever after? Instead I get a dead-beat boyfriend, and a baby that is coming soon because it is taking the vampire side and growing quicker by the minute!”

“Shelby, I know you’re scared, about what might happen to your baby, I just thought I would warn you,”

“Ember, I don’t need you to watch my back, I’m grown, I should know! You just need to butt out! Go away Ember, I never want to see you again, I’m serious!”

“You don’t mean that Shelby,”

“Get away, get out!”

“Shelby, I’m sorry, please!”

“Get, awe…the baby,” Shelby screamed, I ran to the door.

“Marie I think its time!” I hollered down the hall. The whole family was up in Shelby’s room, except for Newton because he gets faint just watching animal channel when a baby giraffe is being born.

Lydia held Shelby’s right hand, and I held her left hand, as she pushed the baby out of her and into the world.

“I think there’s one more,” Marie cried, I knew how hard this was for her, since she wasn’t the doctor in the family.

“Twins?” Shelby shrieked. Two minutes later another baby came out. I came into the room with a baby in a blue blanket, and Lydia came in with the baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

“Congratulations Anna,” I smiled, calling her by her real name felt weird, it seemed like forever since I’ve called her that.

“Ember, I’m sorry, it was just, I believe-,”

“I knew you weren’t serious Shelby,”

“So you got a baby girl and a baby boy, the girl came first,” Lydia smiled.

“You knew?” Shelby looked at me, when I stepped back.

“I knew yes, but if I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise like you wanted it to be, it is always better to pretend like you know nothing when you know it all,”

“Love you Ember,”

“Love you to Shelby,”

“What are you going to name them?” Lydia asked sitting on the side of the bed.

“Well the girl will be…um…”

“May I make a suggestion?” I smiled, knowing that she would pick this name.

“How about Alyce, spelled A-L-Y-C-E?”

“I love it, Alyce Marie Blake,”

“Now what about the boy?” Lydia asked smiling down at both of the babies, they both had golden eyes. “They both seem like they took the vampire side instead of the human side, which is good,”

“Yeah, um…how about Carlisle Grayson Blake?”

“Love it,” I smiled, knowing that she would pick that name, since it was our real father’s name, but I doubt that she remembered that.

“So Alyce Marie, and Carlisle Grayson, beautiful,” Lydia smiled. All the sudden Shelby’s eyes got bigger.

“O-O-O’Connor!” We turned around to a man that had golden blond hair that was frizzed over his ears; his golden eyes were sparkling with the will to kill anything in sight. He had a black ripped up shirt that showed a small six-pack, his jeans had holes in them, and he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

“Newton!” I yelled, standing back over by Shelby.

“We need to kill the monsters!” O’Connor hissed.

“Over your dead body,” I hissed, Newton ran in the room with Marie, Kim, and Tyler in the room.

“Don’t you understand, vampires must die, they are not pure!”

“Then what are you?”

“I’m a believer, a vampire that wants to die, all must die to make this world pure,”

“You are crazy O’Connor,” Shelby stood up, she winced in pain, she still hasn’t healed from giving birth, it would at least take two more hours.

“No, you are crazy for thinking that you can just stay alive, and rule over people, to hide and secret! You should come out with it!”

“O’Connor, we are just like regular people, we just drink blood, and live forever,”

“I never asked for this Shelby! Never! I was so happy to live through life without the pain of killing my family! The pain of dying, the venom still in me!”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Marie reasoned, she looked back at me, with hope that I could control his mind. I nodded with the will to try.

“O’Connor, did you want to be a vampire?”

“Yes, what does that have to do with anything?”

“You should be thanking your girlfriend, for bringing you fully into her life. You should be proud. O’Connor, look inside yourself, even though I don’t know you, this is not the real you,” O’Connor’s back straightened but he didn’t look like he would obey in the eye.

“You don’t understand, you are just a dumb teenage girl,”

“And you aren’t a teenager?”

“Listen, these children cannot be stopped, they could kill you right now!” O’Connor reached for ones throat, Newton ran toward him, slamming him painfully into a wall. He came back, his eyes in a destruction mode. Brighton closed her eyes, turning invisible, putting her hands on my shoulders.

“Take the children I have a plan,” I nodded walking quietly to the babies. Shelby handed them over willingly probably already knowing Brighton’s plan. I walked quietly down the creaky stairs, and across the road. I ran to the only one I was sure I could trust which was Heath. He hid with me down in his basement. Mean while part of my mind was still in the room with my family.

“O’Connor please!” Shelby was stuck against the wall, black blood streaming down from an incision of her leg. “I’m sorry, you need to please tolerate the pain!”

“No, my master has tot me everything I know at the moment, how to kill, that is what we are made to do Shelby!” My spiritual body turned to my family member; they were all on the ground healing slowly and painfully. Lydia managed to stand up quietly behind O’Connor.

“Heath,” I looked over at him, he gripped my hand tighter. “I trust you to look after my sisters children and my body, while I finish this spiritually,”

“How will you do that?”

“Just guard my body and don’t let anyone except your family come into the basement,” I kissed his cheek, and closed my eyes. I was gone.

I became solid in the room where my spirit was. Lydia looked over at me; she kicked his legs so hard that he fell to the feet of Shelby. I went and looked over him.

“He shall of no recognition of this day, he will be the perfect vampire, but still be himself that he was before, he will be aware of his past, but he will want to change, his human mind is showing I can only do this now!” I placed both of my thumbs on his forehead, breathed in, and out.

“Come find me, I’m at Heath’s house,” I sighed. “It is done, we are safe for now,” I closed my eyes blacking out.

I reappeared in the basement. Heath had put my body on the ground trying to resuscitate me. His mouth was on mine, he jumped off to the side to allow me to sit up.

“I thought I lost you Ember,”

“I’m fine, I’m a vampire remember, we just don’t die, only if our number is called by Nyx and Hades,”

“Well that could be any time,”

“No, you need to read up more on vampires, I am unique, having the power of the mind, my father thought I got these powers because I cared about people, controlled people in cuteness, and wanted to be everywhere at once,”

“Interesting, so you weren’t dying?”

“Nope, all it is now is a memory, a dark haunting memory that O’Connor won’t remember,”


“I can take away memories, but only to humans, his human was showing, as you could call it,”

“Well I think I can grow to love it,”

“What do you mean?”

“I feel that when I’m around you, I want to be around you forever, you are that pleasant,”

“Do you know how old I really am?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care, all I know now is that your age at the moment is thirteen, and that I like you,”

“Oddly I like you too, but it can’t be unless one of us wants to turn into the other,” I shrugged, one of the babies moved to the side.

“I would turn into a vampire for you,”

“That’s more painful for you, I say we should date first before one turns into the other, how ‘bout that?”

“Fine, so will you date me?”

“Are you crazy, didn’t I just say I wanted to date you,”

“So would that be a yes?”

“Yes!” I hugged him. He put his arm around me and smiled. The candle blew out as the basement door opened.

“Hey Ember, thanks for saving us,” Kim smiled walking down with Lydia.

“Is Shelby ok?”

“Yeah, she’s fine, we just came to get you, the rest are still healing from the fight,” Kim smiled picking up Carlisle.

“I can’t believe Shelby named her baby boy after dad,”

“I know, Lydia, but she probably doesn’t remember him,” Lydia picked up Alyce.

“Well do you want to hang out here, it looks like you and wolf-boy have a thing?” Kim asked starting up the concrete stairs.

“I’ll come home, text you or see you on Face-Book, or we can just walk to the bus stop tomorrow,”

“All three sounds good, Ember,” Heath smiled letting go of my wrist. I smiled.

“Alright, I’ll text you when I’m going on, I usually go on at nine to eleven,”

“Ok, see you then I guess,” I walked up the steps gracefully after my sisters.

The author's comments:
The End of this book. I just have one question for you. What do you think Ember and Lydia's real names are before they turned into vampires?

I walked up the stairs to Shelby’s room. It was already cleaned.

“Thank you so much Ember, Lydia, everyone,” Lydia handed her Alyce and Kim handed her Carlisle.

“You know, Shelby,” I sat down on side of her bed. “Why did you name Carlisle, Carlisle?”

“I don’t know, ever since I became a vampire, I wanted to name my first boy, Carlisle,”

“Do you remember our really father?”

“Yes, I never liked him, he never loved me as much as he loved you and Lydia, plus he was always gone, what a horrid father he was,”

“Do you remember his name?” Lydia asked.

“No, mom always called him Kyle or Carl as I remember,”

“His name was Carlisle,” I puffed out the words slowly and warmly.

“No…that…can’t be,”

“You loved him, I know you did Shelby, you ran to him whenever he came home,”

“I know, but…”

“We love the name, it fits him well Shelby,” Lydia assured smiling at the baby boy.

“It does,”

“Where is O’Connor?” I asked looking around.

“He is down talking to Marie, they working out some issues so he can live here with me,” Shelby smiled.

“You forgive him?” I asked coldly.

“Love comes in strange ways and does strange things Ember, like you and Heath I see are going to be falling in love,”

“You would know,” I smiled, knowing about her matchmaking powers. “Well good night I guess, its about nine now, holler if you need me,” I smiled.

“You would know already if I was going to be hollering for you,”

“I know but it’s the right thing to say,” I smiled. All seemed at peace, it was one hectic first day in the state, but I could see living here. I walked in my room and closed the door. I took out my computer. Face-Book came up, all of my friends were on, and one friend request was up from none-other-than Heath Black. I accepted, all of my chat bubbles soon came up; all of my friends from California claiming that they missed me.

“Good night again Ember,” Marie smiled peeking her head through the door.

“Good night Marie, is O’Connor staying here?”

“Yes, until he finds a place of his own, he doesn’t want to live with Shelby, he wants to live alone for a while first then come back if Shelby will allow him,”

“How could a person like Shelby, a matchmaker end up with a jacked-up boyfriend like that?”

“She thought it was the right thing to do I guess,” Marie smiled.

“Get some sleep, while you still can, so that means off the computer,”

“Just a few more minutes, Ashley, Kara, Kellen, Alex, and Heath are on,”

“You and Heath I hear really hit it off,”



“Yes, we kind-a did,”

“I’m happy for you, I saw how you looked at him when you both formally met,”

“Good-night Marie,”

“Grayson would be so proud of you,”

“I know,”

“Ember did you know he was going to die?”

“Yes, and he did too, it was just a matter of time,”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I shrugged.

“I didn’t want you to worry,” Marie nodded and shut the door. I knew that she wasn’t going to forgive me for a couple days, but that comes with what I didn’t say.

I finished talking to my friends telling them I had to go to bed because Marie was really ticked and I shouldn’t get on her bad side anymore than I already have. I ended up turning off the lights and texting Heath until midnight. I fell asleep.

“Do you Herman William Black take Emberson Danielle Blake as your wife forever and for always?” It was when we were both twenty, I saw Heath and I standing at the alter, no one else there except our closest friends and family.

“I do,”

“Emberson Danielle Blake, do you take Herman William Black to be your husband forever and for always?”

“I do,” I was in a beautiful white dress, my blond hair clipped up.

“You may kiss the bride,”

I woke up to Heath sitting on the side of my bed, the window wide open.

“Ok how do you and Kellen do that?” I whispered.

“It’s a werewolf thing,” I squinted at him.

“Fine, so why are you here?”

“What did you see?”

“What do you mean?”

“As I hopped through the window you were saying I do,”

“It’s nothing, I just saw a little bit into the future it’s fine,”


“Do you really want to know or do you want life to be a surprise?”

“I rather it be a surprise,” Heath smiled.

“Me to, but the gods didn’t want mine to be that way, I think they wanted me to be a know it all,”

“I’m glad you are,”

“Yet I didn’t see you coming,”

“Wow really, the all powerful you didn’t see me coming,”

“I know, I know,” I smiled. I slid over under my covers, Heath shifted to lie next to me, I put his arm around me and kissed me on top of my head. I looked over at the window; there were two golden eyes, staring right at Heath and I.

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