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September 5, 2011
By kasakitsune, Hope Mills, North Carolina
kasakitsune, Hope Mills, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
A fox’s bark
Its deceit and lies
A mask hides much
Beneath its guise


It’s 2154; 10 years after a chain of reactor meltdowns in China destroyed almost every living creature in the world. Demons possess the bodies of both the dead and the living in an attempt to overthrow a natural balance that has existed between two different souls for millennia.
A group of survivors have created a village just outside of Philadelphia where they are attacked by demons on a daily basis. One of the survivors, a man named Victor, is forced to enter a pact with one of the demons who claims to be their ruler, the same demon who killed his would-be-fiancé eight years prior. Can he come to terms with the woman who murdered his lover, or will he let his grudge be the end of the world ?

Casey A.


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This book has 3 comments.

on Sep. 27 2011 at 10:01 pm
I like the story although it bewildered me at some parts. I especially like the prologue with all it's colourful & descriptive words. I've been dying to say this - cool story bro :3

HI HI said...
on Sep. 17 2011 at 4:49 pm

other than being constantly slammed against walls, i found it rather intersting


meme said...
on Sep. 13 2011 at 4:06 pm
I get lost at like... the 2nd chapter... But overall I like it. Seems like a zombie movie playing in my head. Very well done. : D