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I'm Staying

June 12, 2011
By Jacy-Lee PLATINUM, Stonington, Connecticut
Jacy-Lee PLATINUM, Stonington, Connecticut
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What would you do if you died? Freak out? Pass out? Throw up? Jason Angelus has been dead these past 200 years, and now faced with the prospect of returning to Earth to try and save a boy with an important destiny from taking his own life. However, Roseton High is a little different from other high schools, as Jason soon discovers. Caught in a lie and trapped between two warring sides in an unearthly war, Jason must find a way to save his charge, conquer the looming threat of a bloody and pointless battle, try and save a girl destined to die and figure out a way to stay on Earth to be with the girl he loves... who's also the girl supposed to die.


I'm Staying

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