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Water in the Fire

May 26, 2011
By Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
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life isn't passing me by, it's trying to run me over!


Prologue: Riki Woods is not your typical teen worker; he works at Brifly, an organization that tracks down the unusual. You know when you get the feeling that something is watching you, or hiding in your closet? Ya, monsters… yup, they exists. So does all the other lies you have heard. The legends are true, the UFO’s are true, mostly everything is true. But, the biggest ie ever is that the monster in your closet will come out and he will come to attack. So Riki does what he most, he goes down and hunts them, protecting mankind from the world of lies.
Enya lavender is what would seem like a normal teenage girl, but she holds dark secrets and is anything but normal.
So what happens when one might find the truth about the other, what happens when secrets are dug up? When one is the predator and the other the prey. A world you would never imagine, people with powers you thought were lies and undercover agents watching the monsters inside your closet.

Zaza W.

Water in the Fire

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