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Juvenile Palsy-76

July 2, 2022
By julianna_213 BRONZE, Seoul, Other
julianna_213 BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Hidden in the underground bunker from The Inspectors.
Takes place in a futuristic, complete-pandemonium world ravaged by a virus no scientists have ever seen. A 35% infected teenager with his detectable-grammar-mashed-up-speaking-inability rummages through the long-lost history of science and discovers the cause of a highly infectious virus amongst teens aged 13 to 19.
Dear Reader, you've seen time-traveling, I'm sure. But ever thought of visualizing and seeing back or forth in time? Dear Reader, we humans have become slaves to something around us. Perhaps you are being controlled, eaten, devoured... and you, yourself never noticed it.

Julianna G.

Juvenile Palsy-76

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