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Project G.A.D.O.H

January 30, 2022
By fzhang BRONZE, Singapore, Other
fzhang BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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When the Shintaku told them they were bound to save the world, Shelly and Dana knew they were given a pivotal responsibility. The only problem was that they did not know what it meant, or rather the point of "saving the world" when their world was a joyful and safe paradise.

Until it started disintegrating into ashes.

Their frail resistance against the Puroguramu, the gigantic, merciless robots built for destruction, was pathetically negligible. It did not take long for them to realise that the power of two young girls was far too inadequate to bring back their loved ones and to fulfil their destiny.

Was the prophecy mistaken? Were they, in fact, not the chosen ones to begin with?

Or was there something else in them waiting to be discovered?

Pověz tajemství života.

Tell us the secret of life.

Yanjia Z.

Project G.A.D.O.H

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