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May 24, 2021
By ayshablake, Tooele, Utah
ayshablake, Tooele, Utah
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Long ago, evil sought to destroy everything. Since then, things have changed.

Esta and her friends have always lived a peaceful life until now. While celebrating a holiday together, they find an ancient artifact that turns their lives upside down and sets them on a journey to find the source of evil and destroy it before someone else can use it for evil.

Faelan wishes to return to an easier time when life was understandable. After being washed up on an island in the middle of nowhere where nobody speaks his language, he's determined to get back to where he started. The only problem is, he doesn't know where, or when, that was. 

An outcast society lives in secret haven faraway from the rest of this. They have something so powerful that it causes them to live in hiding for fear of being caught and hunted forever. 

Aerilus is the story of how something that happened ages ago resurfaces to cause chaos yet again, and how different people from across the planet will respond. 

Aysha B.


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