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dracolyte , trovian adventures book 1

February 28, 2020
By Anonymous

So before you go through this story I have one for you that actually happened. So in this game called trove I now play as the dracolyte class instead of lunar lancer because of what I said “you think you're cool because you have a dragon well you're not because I am a dragon” that is what I actually said.



Chapter 1: lunar and dracolyte 


“So class now that they are gone we can start with a sacrifice with that gray skeleton of yours'' said d. that's my teacher that doesn’t let us talk unless we started a ritual and everyone in this school cornerstone except the tomb raiser hate and that is how my little dragon almost got sacrificed because he got fat from my staff. So yeah I want to go to my cornerstone but can I no the teacher has the only key oh wait no “hey lunar you got that duplicate key”? “Yeah”said lunar. “Then let's go to my cornerstone,I really have to check on my crops so?” I said “dude we always go there, you go to yours and I’ll meet you at their got it?” said lunar. So now what happens, I go to the trovain police station with lunar because he wanted to help me with watering my plants and when I walk into my cornerstone I see my teacher wrecking them so I get on my mag racer and ride it till I’m at the police station and show them the footage “we knew mrs. darknik was up to something, all the chloromancer’s crops were destroyed by the exact same skeletons” said officer derp 1. “How the heck do you her name” I said “well she's a prisoner that escaped from here ''. alarm alarm alarm alarm all units dispatch alarm alarm alarm alarm” said the computer alarm “fgfjersfgrejheghregmeryhkermsgj” said officer derp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 … 2 million. “Pick up the phone pick up the phone pick up the phone because there's a call for you” my ringtone “yes who is this you call---” I got cut off by “hello I have your friend lunar and I am forcing to do things come and he dies stay and he may not die wait one minute to meet him in an arena. 

Chapter 2:trying to burn me


“Burn” “no” burn” “NO” “BURN” “NO” “BURN” “NO” “BURN” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo” I scream “ SHUT UP BEFORE I STAB YOU” said a random but very thick yeet hole “no” I said “lunar throw your grapple and I’ll burn the cage and you grapple ok” I said “ got it” said lunar. We failed and shadow tower. I stay back and get some loot and then I fight the boss with help and get some cool shadow gear. Then we go to my house and my plants are back. 

Chapter 3:What I learned 


“Whip his dragons till they die skeletons” said Mrs D and than starts to chant *roar* “palashein ,za’hadden,scintilla you came thank you” I said in amazement “you guys stop the ritual and I’ll save my dragons” I said “bachalachamachala bachamakala” ritual to summon the derposauraus rex (aka derpyo rex) I said in such very rage but than I see that I am balefire “nevermind yeeeeees, but I thought that you hated me” I said “actually your my favorite student you never get in trouble with me and same with lunar who’s now a lunar legoniarre” said Mrs. D. wow “now my staff creates balefire which means I can finally use my balefire binder yes”. I said with very excitement such very happy. 

Chapter 4: balefire



Now everyone thinks I’m new but then I tell them that I’m draco but now my name is beast it's so cool. “Hey beast” said yeet hole “hey” i said in a weird way to officer derpony’s child. So now it’s so cool that I get respect and so does lunar now I feel like a chill warrior with all these little guys who want to be like me it gives me this responsible feeling and it’s a good feeling.next I see MR. BUTTCHEEK and he is not a mr. ok he was named that and he hates everyone butt (heh get it) he’s the teachers pet and that means HE IS A BIG THICK UGLY BUTT FACE SNITCH that's right. And he’s hated by all, online, school, home, everywhere everyone hates him for snitching and everything he does is to work or snitch, worst he snitchs to the principal for being uncivilized people, he hated me until he saw me he said “ you are now my (surprise warning if you want to skip this because you don’t like surprises than I understand you don’t have to read this suprise ok) fri……..en…d that was hard to get out of ----” “ your mouthhole I know you HATE. EVERYONE. THAT. LIVES. ON. THIS. PLANET.” I said in an annoyed tone and he got all scared and said “I have friends I don’t hate everyone” yeah right in my head “well SHUT BEFORE I BURN YOU” I said. 


To be continued.

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