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Omorfia Fyta

January 8, 2020
By Madsmo, Springville Ut, Utah
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Madsmo, Springville Ut, Utah
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Author's note:

I wrote this with my friend, Bee. Some of the words are greek for there personalities such as names of characters, and objects.

Omorfa Fytá

1-  If you’ve ever wanted to be a royal… think again. Vasilissa was in her room soundly sleeping. Vasilissa was a fair princess with very long auburn hair and tan skin. As a young princess she thought of life as nothing but easy and careless. Nobody thought of the royal family as unfair or austere, they respected and enjoyed the way they ruled. She loved her family more than anything and wished nothing but to one day rule the kingdom of Kastro as queen. 

Her father, the king, had yelled at her for the first time ever at how a queen should act. She dropped sauce on the floor and made one of the maids to clean it instead of her. He sent her straight to her room for an early bed. She wept in her pillow trying to be quiet for her father thought she was sleeping. After crying for a long while she drifted off to sleep. Vasilissa hadn’t ever had a care but this felt like a weight on her heart wrenching it lower and lower. Why was father so furious? She had wondered.

That night she had a nightmare. It was the most furious thought; she had ever had. Her pounding heart was ticking like a clock, and she stumbled to a dark hole that was so deep it was pure black, and cold. The whole was big and getting bigger till I couldn’t crawl away fast enough. It devoured Vasilissa. She woke up in a cold sweat and caught my breath quickly. Vasilissa laid there in bed trying to sleep but in the back of her head the thought of that hole tattooed an image of that one hole in my head. I stayed up all night that night thinking, and thinking. 

16 years later…

2- The banquet starts in 10 minutes! Vasilissa need to hurry or else she would be late. She had a family dinner, and everyone was waiting on her, Vasilissa knew that tonight was going to be all about her. She walked down in her sparkly pink dress, “You look like a future queen!” Father said with a happy tone. 

“Oh,” Vasilissa said, “thanks it's really nothing”. Vasilissa tried to play it off as the fact that her father had just said those words.  Vasilissa looked down hoping for her mother's opinion, as she walked in the room.

 “You look great Vasi” said the queen. She she smiled sweetly then groaned in pain looking at her pregnant belly. Regaining herself, she looked at Vasilissa“try to impress, this is a huge moment for the kingdom”.  Vasilissa looked down and twiddled her thumbs.

“thanks that helps” She whispered sarcastically, no one heard her.

“They’re here!” Dad yelled from the spiral stairs. Vaslilssa was on the balcony thinking, thinking of the dream. She had it for the millionth time that night.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet all of you,” Vasilissa said in a sweet voice “and what would be your name prince?”

“Agapi, and may I just say that you look beautiful in that dress of yours.” Agapi and Vaslilssa were just looking at each other the whole time going off in conversations. “ So Vasilissa what do you think?” 

“About what?” Vasilissa said pretty confused. She thought and thought but couldn’t figure out what he meant. 

“Haha,” she laughed blankly “never mind, I get what you mean now.” Vasilissa really had no clue what was going on, but she felt like she needed to clear whatever up.

“So what do you think?” Vasilissa said getting upset with him “Could you be a little more specific for me please?” 

“Oh yeah sorry, about the marriage, What do you think?” Agapi looked over at Vasilissa and gave her a smirk. Vasilissa gave a little fake smile back. “I think I am going to get some fresh air outside, excuse me.” Vasilissa left the

table leaving the question hanging.

3-They are finally gone! Vasilissa rejoiced on the inside as she excused herself from the dining room. Vasilissa ran up to her room, and face planted into her pillow. “What a weirdo” she said out loud. She thought about how off focused she had been that night so it wasn’t entirely his fault. The prince, Agapi, had been so awkward trying desperately to catch her attention. It didn’t phase the princess though she wasn’t impressed in the slightest. Her mother always said she was fickle in that way. 

All of a sudden, she heard the heavy footsteps of the pregnant queen trudging up the stairs. Everyone was getting ready for the birth of the new princess. Vasilissa stood up immediately preparing herself to “look like a princess” when she arrived. She knocked on the door and walked in with that perfect poster of hers, even while carrying a baby.

“What happened tonight Vasi?” her mother said, “I thought you two would have been perfect for each other”.  Vasilissa groaned at her mother's persistence. She looked at her mom until neither of them could hold it in any longer, they burst into laughter over the awkwardness of the prince that night. 

“Mom please don’t make me go off with him,” she continued “I don’t think I could stand him” She looked down and both of their faces went serious. Vasilissa’s mother had always loved her, but the answer that came out pained her to say.

“Vasi…” she said, “ I don’t think that I can change things you guys have been betrothed since birth, and if we don’t do this our kingdom will go into poverty. Vasilissa’s face went white. With your new sister on the way we need to get things done that we won’t have the time to do with a baby in our hands.

“No!” she exclaimed, “I can’t… please” she said a little more quiet than before. 

“Spend some time with him Vasi! You might end up liking him a little more”. Vasilissa looked down and groaned

“Ok! Fine!” She smiled and hit her mom lightly with one of her pillows.

“Oh, it is on!” They hit each other aimlessly, careful not to hit the baby, until neither could stay awake any longer and went to bed. 

4- The next morning Vasilissa woke up to find her mom in her room

“Oh good morning there” Vasilissa said to her mother.

“ Hey! You need to get dressed young lady, you have a busy day today” Vasilissa was confused but she didn’t think much of it. Her mom has always bugged Vasi to get up and going in the morning but today was different. 

“Vasi are you ready?” Her mom called for her. 

“Be down in a moment!”. As soon as Vasilissa was done she walked downstairs to see her mom just standing there and she knew something was up. “Mom what’s up” Vasi asked confused. Her mom just looked at her and said, “ There is someone I want you to spend some time with.” 

“No!” I exclaimed, “I think I know where this is going.” Vasi was sure Agapi was going to be there. 

“He told me to tell you to meet outside” Vasi just glared at her and went outside. Vasi waited and waited for Agapi to come. While she was waiting she was practicing what to say to him when he comes, because she didn’t want to make it awkward like last time. 

“Hello princess, You are looking beautiful as usual.” Vasilissa looked into the distance and saw Agapi, standing there with a bright gold pin attached to his uniform. 

“Oh hello, you look good also I guess.” Vasilissa’s words slurred out of her mouth not making sense. “So, where are we to go this afternoon.” Vasi asked him smoothly. 

“Vasilissa, you have nothing to worry about, and If you think my arrival was something, you have another thing coming”. Vasilissa, and Prince Agapi rode on Agapi’s horse. “Isn’t she a beaut!” Agapi said. 

“Yes she is!” Vasi said right back. They rode, and rode into the dark deep forest. “What is this place?” she asked confused “do you even know where we are Agapi?”.

“Yes I do, it’s just we are little further than I have ever been” Vasilissa stepped off the horse and gave her a rub, then she walked away exploring like she had never been outside. 

“Vasi, are you ok?” Agapi continued “We can go back if you want”.

 “Are you kidding?” She questioned. “This place is Amazing! I just have never felt so free. You see at home, my parents are always pushing me to be the best, and well I love them but I just am not ready for all this. So I am not really the perfect princess you think I am.” Vasilissa looked back at Agapi, and he just was smiling through her ranting.

“Vasi You don’t have to be what everyone else wants,” Agapi said, “you do you, you have to be the one that makes that decision, not them.''

 “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter,” she said defensively, “I should just keep my thoughts to myself”. “It’s my decision.” Agapi turned at Vasilissa and looked away. 

“Well do you want to go home?” Agapi asked hesitating.

“How far does this go?” Vasi said not answering the question. Agapi looked at her.

“I beg your pardon” Agapi said to Vasi “I don’t understand”.

 “Oh sorry, I mean how far does this forest go?” Vasi wondered. 

“well nobody knows, I don’t think it does end to be honest.” Agapi told her. 

“What do you mean? Vasi continued “There is an end for everything” Vasi said to him. “Vasi ok here is the thing I do know exactly where it ends, but you have to make me the biggest promise ever” Agapi looking at her with a serious face. “Of course” Vasi told him. 

“Well you see, there are these 3 rocks, teleios, Ishyros,” he explained “and chariand each of them help people with things if they are worthy”. Agapi said “But I have never been so far so I don’t know if it is actually true or not”.

 “Then how do you know about that, did you make it up or something?” Vasi asked interested. “Haha, no” Agapi chuckled. “My dad told me a story before when I was pretty little and that’s how I know” Agapi said that him and his men once rode out there. It practically took 2 days to get there but it was worth it. “Because at the time my mom was pregnant with me, and she was really going through a tough time with me, so my dad wished on 1 of the rocks, that everything will go okay with the child birth. And well here I am.”

 Vasi looked at him with fascination. “Woah” Vasi let out ranting about how cool it was. 

“Yeah I guess so” Agapi said. Vasi and Agapi rode back to the castle. 

“Thank you Agapi, tonight was fun” Vasilissa said blushing just slightly into her shoulder.

“No problem princess.” He said with another dumb smirk. 


“Hi guys!” Dad yelled to give me and mom a signal. Vasi ran downstairs, “Oh,” she said surprised to see Agapi and his family. Vasi looked at her dad.

“Agapi and his family were invited to dinner tonight.” Mom said out of nowhere.

 “Oh perfect, well then what are we waiting for?”. Vasi seemed to get a little hot and nervous.

 “I need to go step outside real quick” Vasi felt really sick, all her anxiety was really getting to her about the proposal. 

“This is delicious” Prince Agapi said. 

“Great, I am glad you like it” Mom continued “Now has anything happened between you guys?” Prince Agapi looked at everyone freezing to answer those words.            

“Um well why would you guys think that?” Agapi said to her right back. 

“Well, please tell me because I don’t know whether I should give the crown to Vasi or her sister” said the queen seriously. “If you are to marry her, I need to know what kingdom you are to rule” She said with food in her mouth.

 “What sister?” Agapi continued “Vasi doesn’t have a sister, right?” Agapi looked around. 

“She is going to have one soon.” Mom looked down pointing to her stomach. 

“Wow congrats!” Agapi went on “That’s weird Vasi hasn’t told me about it yet. Agapi said to the mom. 

“Well yeah, she is nervous because my birth with her went a little rocky,” she went on “She doesn’t love to talk about it”.

5-  They went on eating for a while and the queen made a grunting noise as she grabbed her stomach were the baby was. “Oh!” she yelped.

“Are you ok?” Agapi said helping her out of her chair. 

“The baby,” She grunted “She’s coming!”. Agapi shouted for the king and he took her to the court physician. “Get Vasi!” she yelled to Agapi “I need her!”. Agapi called for a knight to go find her outside and tell her the news! When he got to her the moment she heard the news Vasilissa took the horse and rode up to the castle and quickly. She arrived demanding to know where her mother was giving birth. They said that she was up in the physician’s facility. Running like a bandit was chasing her she was almost there.

“Arrrrrrggggggggghhhhh!” She heard her mother scream in pain. It only made her run faster. She got there and saw her mom in the bed laying there and the physician holding a little baby girl. My father on the other side of my mom with his hand on hers and tears rolling down his cheeks. 

“Dad!” I said with my attention focusing on his tears “Are you ok?” I said my breath getting faster. “Dad!” I said louder tears forming up “What’s wrong with mom!”. He just looked at me, walked towards me, and hugged me.

“Your mother…” He said with every part of his voice breaking “She’s… she’s gone Vasi.” Vasilissa looked up at her father frozen. 

“No!” Vasilissa screamed and pushed her father away running to the queen “Mom, mommy, wake up!” Vasilissa’s tears were coming out as if someone opened a dam and unleashed the water all at once. 

“Vasi…” Vasilissa’s father put his hand on her shoulder.  Vasilissa ran all the way to her room crying the whole way. She sat there laying in bed feeling dizzy. She cried hard into her pillow. She couldn’t control herself; then something happened that no one expected. A flower came up slowly at the edge of the bed. Vasilissa got up, and watched as the flower grew up in size. Vasilissa looked to her other side and another flower shot up out of the mattress. Vasilissa jumped off the bed, and when she did the flowers died and shriveled almost immediately.

 At this point she was bolting away trying to get away from the growth that shot up under her feet. Tumbling out the door of the castle walls she ran to the forest. Soon, she was deep in the forest undergrowth. Vasilissa couldn’t run any longer. She stopped, sat down, and started to cry. The harder the princess wailed the faster and thicker a circle of vines grew around her. Eventually, she stopped crying left with no tears. She just sat there staring at nothing in shock. 

All of a sudden, the vines and flowers she had around her got tourn open by a sword. Vasilissa stood up and moved away from the sharp blade, and everything around her collapsed in shriveled piles. Standing outside of the dead corpses of plants was Agapi. Being the first person there she, like a child, ran and embraced him. Agapi grunted in pain and on his left shoulder grew up a very small daisy.

“I am so sorry!” Vasilissa said a little embarrassed with the situation. “I didn’t mean to I-” Agapi cut her off

“ How did you do that?” He said flicking the flower on his shoulder.

“I don’t know!” she let out “I just…”. Vasilissa burst out in tears and started to hyperventilate. Mint and flower plants popped up all around her. In amazement Agapi sat watching the plants pop up everywhere.

“Calm down!” Agapi said, “It’s making the plants grow faster!”. Agapi grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. Vasilissa felt calm when he held her hand, it made her stop panting and smile. 

“Let go!” Vasilissa screamed pulling away immediately. Looking down realizing how rude that sounded. “Sorry,” she said, “I just don’t want another flower to grow on you…” Agapi smiled, scratching his head. For just a moment they locked in a long stare into each other’s eyes. Slightly chuckling Vasilissa looked down and blushed.

The two started to walk to the little hut that held the kingdoms’ wizard. Vasi hadn’t seen him since she became sick many years ago. They went to him if they needed help and he would usually happily oblige. They knocked on the door to the very old hut. A middle-aged man answered the door surprised to see the princess. 

“Your majesty” the wizard said on one knee bowing down. He showed them in and asked why she had come. 

“I need to know what to do about this…” she said touching one of his tables making a vine sprout up. Shocked he looked at her and told her what to do.

“You cannot rule a kingdom like this princess!” The wizard exclaimed. He thought for a second “Go to the great rocks!”. I looked at him thinking of the legends of the rocks that her father told her when she was little. “He can solve your problems” The wizard said ushering them out and told them they had to hurry. Vasilissa barely squeezed a thank you out before he closed the door

Vasilissa looked at Agapi sadly. “ I should get going,” she said, “I guess that this is goodbye” solemnly going to hug him but remembering that she probably couldn’t without growing a shrub on his shoulder. Vasi tried to walk away when Agapi stopped her.

“Stop princess” He said looking at her “I’m not letting you go anywhere without me”. He did one of his dumb smolders and handed her a flower. Vasilissa carefully took the flower and said, “Fine”. Vasilissa laughed gratefully “I guess you can come”. He smiled and trotted to her side.

6-The wizard was pacing back and forth in his hut, thinking of how useless they are with the queen being gone. “ We can totally do this, we just need a little something to tell them that.”

The wizard was trying to think of how they could rub it in their face without saying their whole plan. Meanwhile Vasi and Agapi had been riding in the forest for two days now and nothing has come up.

 “ When is this ever going to stop, we have been going through this dumb forest forever!” Vasi was getting frustrated. “Vasi you have to control your temper or els-”

 A flower grew on the horses’ harness, the thing that Vasi and been tightly gripping.

 “Oh no! I am so sorry, I forgot about that.” Vasi looked at Agapi and Agapi just chuckled. “What?” Vasi asked.  Agapi looked at her and chuckled once more.

  “It's just, I am glad to have you in my life because I have never had and princess do what you do.” they both looked back because they thought they heard voices, and horse stomps. 

“What is that?” Agapi looked back again and saw lanterns. “ Get down! Agapi whispered “Go behind that rock and don’t make a sound.”  Vasilissa looked at him and did what he said. Vasi went behind a rock and ducked down getting her gown dirty.

 “Agapi, what are we do-”

 Agapi cut Vasilissa off “SHH!” He shushed loudly “They are right there”. Agpi was right across from her behind a bush. “Come on, let's go! They have to be around here somewhere. The knight in shining armour said passing them. Vasi was so scared the rock she was touching was turning into a whole forest of flowers. 

“Ahh!” Vasi whispered to herself. “I can’t be scared I can’t be scared I can’t!” Vasi rolled herself and waited for all the men to pass. 

“Where did they go?!” the wizard said walking the opposite direction. Agapi crawled out from the bush

“Woah, that was a close one.” Agapi said thinking that just happened. “ Ok let’s keep moving we have to get there.” Vasi started walking. “ What do you mean we can’t, did you not just hear them they are after us.” Agapi disagreed. 

“We have to go back apparently the wizard set us up.” Vasi looked at him and gave him a serious face.

  “You can’t just turn back now Agapi,” She went on “You decided to come with me, and now you have to keep your word” Vasi looked at him and Agapi looked away. “I am not going on this quest just for me.” Vasi continued “This isn’t about me, well it is but not just me”. Vasi looked in his eyes with exhaustion “Don’t you want to help me, our kingdom is nothing without my mom,” she corrected herself “I mean the Queen”. Vasi took a breath and looked at him.

  “Yeah I do, I want to help you the whole way there,” Agapi continued “and we are not useless, I mean yeah we are not the best without her but we can do it!” Agapi looked how much more they have to go “C’mon we have three rocks to get to!” Vasi looked at him and they both smiled.   

Agapi and Vasi had both been walking for a long time when night rose upon them. “Vasi,” Agapi said, “stop I can’t see a thing, it’s too dark to go on” Vasilissa stumbled tired but kept going without a response. “Princess stop!” Agapi said firmly freezing in his path. This time Vasilissa turned around. 

“We have to keep going my kingdom is in danger and my father can’t rule!” she said, “A broken king can’t-” she cut off choking back tears. She just turned, and kept trudging through the overhanging branches. 

“You will be no good if you are tired, princess!” Vasilissa finally stopped. They set up camp were they stood, and went to sleep to tuckered to talk. That night she had a dream that she had every night, the one with the hole. This time Agapi was there, yelling desperately for help. Like every night she awoke when she got devoured by the hole. Luckily, it was already morning by the time I awoke. I looked up in my cold sweat to find corn grown up all around me and Agapi making us breakfast with a bird he caught.

“Princess,” he said looking at me with a plate prepared “are you ok?” he asked concerned. Vasilissa held it in and said she was fine. She was not fine. While they ate they got on the topic of her “powers”. “When you get upset things seem to grow,” Agapi said “When you’re calm things don’t grow”. 

“That’s true,” she said continued “things seem to grow when I’m upset”. Immediately she thought of her mothers death, but then remembered how the flower died when she left it. “Hey,” she said with a better mood “The plants die and stop growing when I stop touching them!” she looked over trying to grow something at least a little flower, but she couldn’t without being frustrated.

“But,” Agapi said “how has the flower on my shoulder not died?. He laughed looking in her eyes “maybe you’re always with me” Agapi was truly in love with Vasilissa. “We are almost to the rocks” He smiled and grabbed her hand. No flowers grew up, she was finally calm, and happy. They rode far and finally got to the lake were the rocks were to be. 

“Where are they?” Vasilissa said. “I knew it was just a legend” she sat on the ground then the water shook. It was the most beautiful thing Vasi had ever seen. Water droplets fell up to the sky, and like in slow motion stayed there. Mist rose from the water making everything around them turn bright, and magnificent. Up from the water rose three rocks. It was beautiful. Everything had such a manner of peace Vasilissa fell to the floor. Vasi looked over to Agapi who stood in amazement with a tear rolling down his cheek, and stars in his eyes. 

“Young princess,” the tallest rock said in a quiet tone “We know of why you are here, and we can help”. Another rock spoke “Take the path,” they moved to reveal a bridge to a small island.

 “What am I to do?” Vasilissa said still on the ground. 

“You shall know when the time is right,” the last rock said guiding us to the bridge. Without even questioning it Agapi grabbed Vasilissa’s hand and together walked to the on the bridge leaving whatever they had before. “Wait Vasilissa!” a rock called “Tread lightly for the wizard, Kako, is following!”. The rocks vanished into to the water once more disappeared and they walked on holding each others hands.

After walking for a while Vasi was going on, and on about the Kingdom and how her dad is gonna have to run the kingdom. “What is my father gonna do without the Queen?” Vasi asked yet again. 

“Let’s not talk about that right now, we should try to get are minds off of it for awhile, plus we are almost there” Agapi said. 

“You are right,” she rabbled “sorry it’s just I don’t know how I am going to cope with this” Vasi said choking back tears.

 “You know it's ok becau-” Agapi got cut off.

  “Look, we are here!” Vasi went on happily “I am so happy, I feel like that took 3 years.” Vasi said sarcastically. “Hold on a sec, I know what this, I recognize this from a dream I have been having recently.” Agapi looked confused, but didn’t ask. “Can I tell you something Prince. Vasi went on “I need to get something off my chest that I have been keeping in for awhile.

 “And what would that be Princess?” Agapi went on “ And by now it’s to the point where we can trust each other, ok?” Agapi questioned.

 “Yeah of course, okay so when I younger I have had this dream where I have been devoured by a big black hole” Vasi went on “ And it never stops it’s the exact thing.” Vasi stopped.

 “ So, what about it.” Agapi kept going “ Why do you bring this up.”

 “ Well because this I think was the hole. It looks exactly like it. The only thing that wasn’t here was “ Vasi took a pause then continued “ You.” Vasi looked at him and looked away.

 “Oh” Prince Agapi went on “ Well at least you recognize it, maybe you should go explore it I will stay here.” Agapi said to her willing to. 

“Ok fine, but stay here, I will be right back. Vasi went to go discover the hole while Agapi was leaning against a tree, getting specks of dust on his uniform waiting and waiting. While with Vasi she was in amazement!

 “ Oh my gosh, this is so real!” Vasi was running and jumping in the grass. “ La la la Yippee!” Vasi let out “ I feel amazin-”

 Vasi stopping and leaning over a great big black hole. Vasi breathing intensely while leaning over the hole. “ I almost fell in!” Vasi was so worried that there were flowers that were growing on the sides to where she caught herself. She ran back excitedly to tell Agapi everything to see he was not there.

 “Agapi” Vasi kept on yelling desperate for an answer. “ Where are you?” 





“Agapi!” I scream starting to panic. I run and run through the island as everything started to seem familiar. Vasi is sprouting bushes, vegetables, flowers all around as she is riddled with panic. Everything around her looked so recognizable, every single twig, every bump in the dirt. Ignoring the fact that the whole scenery was familiar she kept pushing through looking for Agapi. 

Finally, she saw it. The note trying to blow free but stabbed into a tree by a rusty old dagger.

  Surrender the throne or pay the price. Your “love” is in my care. Come and maybe I will spare your meaningless lives. You have until it starts to rain to find us and save your prince.  

She ran. Vasilissa stopped looking at a rose bush knowing that she had seen that before. Her dream! She realized she had dreamt of all of this before. She looked up and calmly stood in silence waiting for it to happen. 

“Ahhh!” there was a scream and she smiled cleverly remembering Agapi’s screak in her dream. She knew what awaited her, the hole. She was greatly scared as the sky’s darkened. It was close to raining, she needed to get to Agapi. The wizard was very popularly known for keeping to his bargens, and he would follow through even if harsh. She followed where she had heard the scream but it was hard to tell. She had been running for a long time, and was not getting anywhere.

“No!” she started to cry as she fell to the ground. “I need help!” she shouted “I don’t know where to turn!”. She lad on the ground in fettle position just crying with all hope lost. Suddenly a light glowed down in the dim light. 

The queen stood over head of her. With a flower in her hands gliding towards Vasilissa. “My love” she said bringing her up. Vasilissa sprung up embracing her 

“Mommy!” she said with tears running fast down her face. “I missed you” she laughed with her still crying hard. “How are you here moth-” Vasilissa got cut off by her mom. 

“You must hurry Vasi” she said wiping her tears “I will not be here long, and you must know where Agapi is” she touched her head and the image of the hole came into her mind. “Go, Vasilissa he is in grave danger” she said letting her go. 

“No,” she said desperately “come with me!”. Vasilissa cried looking into her mothers eyes. 

“The rocks have sent me for a short amount of time” she said hugging Vasi making her only cry harder. “Vasi,” she said looking down ashamed “I have the gift to”. She bent down to the ground making a beautiful white rose, her favorite. She smiled looking at Vasilissa “Be queen I know it’s hard trust me,” she continued touching Vasi’s face “You can do it take back the kingdom, help your father”. The queen with a tear rolling down her cheek said “Now go Agapi needs a little saving”. 

Valissa smiled, still crying and said “I love you mom” she embraced her and watched as she slowly disappeared into the air. Vasi new what she must do. She had practically memorized where the hole was from her dream. It was near this big palm tree, so she looked around seeing if she could find it. Bingo! There it was not far from here. 

Something alarmed Vasi, a rain drop fell to her shoulder. “No!” she said running faster. Finally, she was there she shouted “Hey!” yelling for Kako. In seconds he appeared behind her with Agapi. Agapi had a huge bruise across his face, and a swollen lip bleeding just a little. Vasilissa gasped, covering her mouth at the site of Agapi’s face. “I am here give him back!” Vasilissa shouted in Kako’s face that carried a stupid smirk. 

“Not just yet, princess” he snapped his fingers and Agapi went from on the ground to above the giant whole. He held out a contract stating the crown of the kingdom to the attacking kingdom. “Sign it or your prince goes into the whole, which will send him to a long painful death” he said actually laughing at his upper hand. 

“Fine!” she screamed “don’t hurt Agapi, please!” she grabbed the contract out of his hands along with the pen. That was the moment where she had to chose. She didn’t know what to do, but then almost as if her mom came down and whispered in her ear she knew what to do. The paper started to grow vines, they crumpled up the page, and when she let go it shriveled. She bent to the floor growing a long, thick vine that seized Kako hanging him just under Agapi so if he fell they would both fall. 

“Now take Agapi away or you get crushed and dropped!” She said struggling to keep him up. The wizard just looked at her glaring eyes with fear. 

“Okay, Okay!” he stammered, but almost as if someone flipped he started laughing, hysterically laughing. Then he snapped and let Agapi fall on top of him making them both fall to there death. 

“No!” she dove to the ground releasing her vine down into the whole. She sat on the ground crying with her vine hanging into the whole. “Agapi” she wailed crying and crying. 

“What?” Agapi muttered climbing up the vine that was left in the hole. They both ran to each other. They kissed, and Vasilissa knew she was in love. Vasi knew her mom was watching, because then up grew white roses all around. 

Agapi and Vasi came back with Agapi’s men and Vasi’s powers. They eventually took the kingdom back and Vasilissa happily married. From then on, that kingdom was a beautiful place. They loved it there and the whole kingdom told the story for years, and years later.




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