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The End

June 11, 2019
By anigrib_20, Buffalo, New York
anigrib_20, Buffalo, New York
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The End follows a young person as they learn the truth of ‘the end’ in a series of flash-forwards.  Little by little, the short glimpses of the future will come to form a complete depiction of humanity’s end on Earth, ultimate extinction. The protagonist goes about their normal life, but throughout a few days they receive all of the flash forwards. Even as others insist that the visions are simply due to fatigue, or that they’re dreams or hallucinations, the protagonist insists that something about the visions feel too real. They allow themselves to believe the depiction, carrying the weight of the knowledge along with them for years, they assume the apocalypse will never occur in their lifetime. We fast-forward 15+ years, they are still going through the normal daily routine with knowledge of the end. However, in the middle of normalcy and routine mediocrity, they experience the first vision in front of their very eyes. The stage play ends as the protagonist realizes that the end was much nearer than ever anticipated. 

Enclosed are three excerpts of this piece.

Ani G.

The End

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