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The Last Pledge

April 28, 2019
By WinInterrupter, Cupertino, California
WinInterrupter, Cupertino, California
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As a charismatic prodigy, Lance draws admiration from his friends, parents, and most of all, his little sister.

On his birthday, World War III breaks loose, and his parents become the first victims. Lance breaks down, but he must fake a brave face for his friends and sister, who still revere him as their savior.

With his sister, Nicole, and the last of his friends, Lance plunges into the army. Young and afraid, Nicole enlists on a promise that Lance would stay with her. Then, they are separated. Lonely, Lance continues to do what he always did best: fight for the top. But this time it costs lives, and it’s unexpectedly cruel, especially when he packs up the bags of his dead friends. A terrifying realization dawns on him. What if he’s now the villain? How far would he go to sacrifice anything for victory?

Mentally conflicted, he manages to become his country’s first super-soldier. During training, he meets John, a foreign super-soldier whom he quickly befriends. During the world’s most dangerous mission, he finds Nicole beside him, smiling brightly just like all those years ago. Ultimately, with help from John and Nicole, Lance manages to not only save himself but also the world.

Richard L.

The Last Pledge

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