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Dare Days

June 2, 2017
By MissZillions BRONZE, Classified, Other
MissZillions BRONZE, Classified, Other
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"Fill the paper with the breaths of your heart."


Not even in her wildest dreams did Katherine thought she'll brought to another world, where sorcerey is rare but element yielding is everyone's speciality. Where monsters roam around freely, but warriors are assigned to kill them. And for those warriors, there are special schools, Impere Institute being one of them - a place where Katherine is invited.

But that's not all. After going to a different school in a different world in a different galaxy, things start to go more crazy. She learns that from milennias ago, future tellers had predicted some kind of 'Dark Days' to come, when an evil soul will rise and take over the world. And when the Protective Sword goes missing, Katherine suspects those days will be soon. And guess what? To prevent causing chaos, a warrior is given the dangerous mission to bring the sword back. And the warrior was Katherine Aeliana de Costa Amica von Aldrich - yes, the same Katherine we've been talking about.

(This book is recomanded for the fans of Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia, Celeste Academy series and such)

Famita Z.

Dare Days

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