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The Meat

January 19, 2017
By Anonymous


I feel the soft cold breeze whipping against my face. Feel the grass crawl up my legs. I lay in the massive field watching the clouds pass by. Staring at the bright blue sky. Seeing the sun glimmer through each white puff. I can hear birds chirp and fly past me flapping their wings rapidly. Realizing that this was real. This was life. This was the world. 500 years ago. Today, all of this is a dream. Just to feel grass is rare. Seeing the sky blue is rare. Seeing white clouds is rare. All of world that was green has now perished. The life. Into ruins. Into resources. Into space. We used this world to the last inch. No room left in the world. Now people think its a waste to have plants. To have trees. To have natural life. There are approximately 1,000 trees left in the world. Only the rich can own these. Only royalty. Only the leaders. Even wildlife is rare. Now every animal is captive. Enclosed in fences or factories just for their meat and resources. Each generation passing down the same story about how green the world used to be.
“BEEP BEEP BEEP” I hear the speaker crackle, then a rusty voice of a man. “Your time is up. Exit to the door in the back.” I look around and see everything stop. See the clouds stop and the birds and the grass. Then it starts rewinding. Observing the birds flying backwards and the clouds go the other way then blackness. Darkness. That's when I saw the door. I started walking towards the door. I reach towards the knob and open the door to the real world.
Glancing around at the people. Looking up at the brown sky. 500 years ago the world I live in seemed like a nightmare. On the planet I’m standing on. People used to work together as a community. Each person raising a family to watch it grow and to see their kids go off to help the world. But one day everyone started to realize that where we live will soon perish and die. Thus making everyone unsteady and uneasy. People started looting and nations started turning. Then each nation took out each leader one by one leaving the wealthy in charge. Now they run us. They act like they own us. And that's just how it is. Another factor that caused the world I am breathing in was over population. The world started growing from 7 billion to 9 billion and onwards, all the way to 20 billion.


The Meat

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