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The Heart of King Travis

December 11, 2016
By fantasyfanatic, Overland Park, Kansas
fantasyfanatic, Overland Park, Kansas
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This is the story of a girl named Arden who wanted to set things right in her home kingdom, Pleamonte. When she was younger, her mother disappeared and her father left...or at least that's what her aunt Tremaine told her. She was raised by Tremaine and her husband, Vince. They never treated her quite right, which lead her to fantasize about her parents constantly and paint pictures of the ideal life.

One day, Travis, the king of Pleamonte, spread news of a sort of contest he was holding at the castle. The best would become the advisor to the king himself. Wanting to make something of "miserable" Arden, Tremaine sent her to the king's camp. This began Arden's dramatic and dangerous journey.

Grace M.

The Heart of King Travis

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