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January 25, 2016
By iambatman1234, Boise, Idaho
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iambatman1234, Boise, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not care about those who talk behind your back; their behind you for a reason."

Author's note:

I hope that people will be able to enjoy a classic good vs evil story. I love to write stories about my life and then translate them into an epic fantasy novel. I write how I like to read and hope that others can take away ideas from my novels!

The bell rung, finally, how can someone live with seven hours of torture. It’s even spelled out like this, seven cruel hours of our lives, school for short. Every kid screamed, what can I say, I squealed like a chipmunk. The room turned into a gigantic riot, the door being filled with kids bursting into the hallway. I pummelled my way through the mob and into the crowded river of people flowing out of the school. I just followed the wave like most kids, I heard screaming though, coming from the lockers as the next victims succumbed to the pits below. I’ve been trampled over before, I feel bad for those people, but I think to myself “do I really want to be them.” Then the flow stopped, a log had blocked the way. There was talking up ahead, but it was so faint because of all the chatter in the crowded hallway. I could pick up some of the words though “Jimmy . . . Surprise . . . Nothing to see . . . Don’t tell . . . Fun.” Jimmy: they must be talking about me.
Suddenly, the motors started clicking again and the crowd moved forward. When the first ray of sunlight hit my face I cried. It felt so good I held out my arms like I was on top of the world and...*Whack*, I stumbled down the steps as I had forgotten about the crowd with an agenda behind me. I grabbed my backpack and binder and started walking on home.
I swung the door open and threw my backpack on the ground, in my head I was singing symphonies because it was Friday and the final day of school. My mom came around the corner and said “You’re home early.”
My reply was as casual as it could be: “This is the time I always get home.” I went into my room, put on my earphones and watched a movie. I woke up in a different place than my bedroom. I sat up on a sandy beach on a tropical island. I looked across the horizon and saw many of these islands, it was an archipelago. Suddenly a man touched my arm and said “Hi, I’m Bill.” I don’t know why, but when I woke up panting and sweating, there was still some daylight coming through the cracks of my window. I was so lightheaded and dizzy and I felt like going to sleep again, I yelled out “Mooom!” No reply. This time louder and longer “MOOOOOOOOOM!” she ran in my room with a baseball bat, almost breaking down the door while rushing in. She looked at me with her stern hazel eyes,
“What do you want.”
“Water, please.” For a split second, it looked like she was going to whack me on the head with that bat. She turned around and walked towards the kitchen. She came back and started asking me why I screamed like that. I explained my dream and how when I woke up I was sweating. She said, “For starters, I turned up the A.C., and secondly, you can tell the future...partially.” I had a sigh of relief, but then I whipped my head so quickly that it cracked.
“Did you just say I could tell the future?”
“Partially,” she replied “you’re going to an archipelago, but it is populated, and is known as Hawaii!” My jaw dropped and I leaped and touched the sky...almost.
My house was a disaster the next day. I had been scavenging for everything I wanted to bring on the trip. My suitcase was packed and I had my action glasses on. I hopped in the car and my dad drove me to the airport. I looked like a 97% boss walking down the passageway to customs, the other 3% was at fault by my mom and dad  just standing by me. My mom was in her Hawaiian shirt with flowers on it, and my dad was wearing the most embarrassing shades, and to top it off a sombrero. I felt embarassed to the touch, but I shook it off and continued my epic slow motion scene. We absolutely flew by customs because of a nice security guard and went on to our flight.
“All passengers of flight 3706, please board now, departure is in 10 minutes.”
The loud noise from the ceiling woke me up. Wait where are my parents? I looked to the left and right of me and started panicking but then my dad grabbed my arm and took me to the boarding area. He started laughing because of how scared I was, he leaned down and told me. “Look here son, mom and I are not going with you. We have business to do. Instead, we are letting a tour guide be with you the whole time., Is that alright?”
“Why, why can’t you stay with me? Please don’t leave me.” I said, a worry in my voice.
“We’re  not leaving you, We’re just not going with you,” my dad said with an angry tone. He stood up and started walking, but I stopped him, grazing his arm.
“Will you at least tell me why... I don’t believe that your work could be more important than this,” I said to him, starting to get angry myself. 
“Fine, you win,” my dad said “There were some nice gentleman who came to our house, he gave us this ticket and told mom and I to meet them afterwards.”
“Can you show me these nice people?Please Dad, I would like to meet them,” I said enthusiastically.
“No! Now please stop bothering me and get on the dang plane alright?” this time he was enraged. I whimpered and started crying in my head. My dad never talks to me like that; why now, here in this airport. I looked to the guide by the desk and sneered. She looked like such a nice person, way too nice for my liking. “Hi! I’m Jessica, welcome to Alpha Airlines. Is this your first time flying?”
“No, shut up. I’m not in the mood for talking, not now, not here, not anywhere…” I looked around the airport room, pretending to be a spy. It was fun to tease Jessica, even though I knew it was not the right time to joke around. She jumped back almost startled to my response.
“I’m sure talking like that,” Jessica said, “is not going to help our relationship.”
“I don’t want a relationship with you, you are nothing but a guide here to help me,” I said. Just like that, she gave me the most ferocious look and picked me up and dragged me onto the plane. She plopped me in a seat and buckled me up like I was a child. How dare she, I thought, but I didn’t protest. She grabbed my bags and put them in the overhead bin and then left.
Well, that went smoothly. I sat back, and put on my headphones. I started thinking back to my parents... it just didn’t make sense. “How dare they” I said under my breath. I decided to get comfy and rolled my seat back. Staring out the window, I drifted into thought. This is going to be a horrid trip.
Waking up, there was a strange feeling in my gut. I looked outside the window and saw a wing with propellers and a blue sky. I sat back down. Much to my surprise,  the plane shook rapidly. I thought it was turbulence, but it didn’t stop. The swooshing was terrible, left and right, up and down. Then someone screamed in the aisle behind me. “The wing is on fire!”
The captain blurted over the radio to stay calm. Everyone was scrambling for their stuff. I was sweating and panting, I was frightened, we were losing altitude fast, I bet I could jump it. My heart was pounding and falling into my chest, it was hard to breathe. Where was my guide? All of the sudden, the c***pit door flung open. The two pilots and some flight attendants had parachutes on. I recognized one.My guide. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed the chairs for support. She then caught a glance of me and gave me a childish smile. How could she! They all started walking up the aisle with wood in their hands? All of them wacked people out of their way with the wood. Making it, they opened the side hatch, my guide blew me a kiss and jumped, just like that. They left a bunch of people to die on the plane. My face started puffing up with tears. “Noooooo!” I cried, the tears rolling down my face. “I don’t want to die!” It hurt sitting on the plane and watching us roll down to our death, every last minute I remembered, looking out the window I remembered...the moments were beautiful, having ice cream with my mom and dad, feeling the cool drop of melted goodness hit my tongue, laughing and giggling with my aunts and uncles in the living room. Christmas eve dinner, enjoying the roasted ham and bread, and opening the presents on Christmas morning...
Then I was drawn back into the real world almost instantly. I had to let go. The hatch was still open when the wind speed ripped the plane in half. We had almost crashed into the water, but just in time, I grabbed my seat as a whole aisle of people flew out and started flying away like ducks in a hunter's sight. The wind brushed my face hitting me, punching me. I couldn’t hold on any longer, my hands were too sweaty, this was it, the judgement hour has begun, survive or succumb to the pits below. Just then a man came out of the seats and held his hand down.
“Grab my hand, we have a chance to survive,” he said. I looked at him with my teary eyes and started pulling myself up, up, and up. I started to move my hand towards his. I looked up and a big metal plate was falling.
“LOOK OUT!” I yelled. He didn’t move in time, a decapitated body was up above me, the blood oozed onto my body, I screamed so loud that I’m sure Russia could hear. The body fell off the ledge of the seat and started falling, just then I noticed how close we were to the ocean floor while looking down at this dead man’s body. I looked up again and a suitcase hit me flat in the face. 
I just fell, in the air, floating almost like an eagle soars. The stars got bigger and the speed was faster. I noticed the body of the stranger and cried. I tried to fly, it was worth a shot just to flap my arms. Then I hit the wake of the water combing in the sea as a basketball goes in a hoop. This was it, the end. I drifted farther down into the abyss, and I wondered to myself: Can I cry underwater? The memories came back, but these ones were foul. “Jimmy, nothing but a nerd,” said Todd, “come on, up with you scrub.” I leaned up bruised and beaten, just to be hit back down. The memory faded and a knew one came to mind. “Another detention Jimmy, you know the rules.”
“But sir, it was Todd! He was the one bullying me, not the other way around,”
“What evidence do you have?”
“Easy sir, I have bruises, two black eyes, one even swollen shut. Todd only has one red spot on his arm and a scrape on his knee.”
“Nonsense, Todd is my son, I know him, you threw the first punch but he fought back. Jimmy... you have to be strong.” This memory faded away. “Be strong...” the words echoing in my head woke me up. I waved my arms, screaming in pain, but no one could hear me. I kicked for my life, I was struggling and then I found a piece of plywood. I grabbed it and it lifted me to the surface. I hit the top and gulped the air, the seagulls chimed in a squawking sound. The smell of the ocean made me want to go back down. A wave rolled me over. Then, a piece of wood caught my attention, no not wood, a raft. It was a blowup raft with people in it.
When I got a closer look I gasped, it...it was the pilots. They were having a meal from the first class dinners, roast chicken, and green beans. I swam up kicking as hard as I could with my plywood. I grabbed onto the yellow raft and pulled my head up. They stared at me with innocent looks. “Please, I survived the crash, may I please join your raft,” I said. They just stared and then the pilot stood up, grabbed a piece of wood and threw it at me. I ducked into the sea and thought to myself “How...why,” I rose again and grabbed my plywood and the new wood the pilot threw at me. They drifted away into the open ocean, like a rubber duck in a lake. I lay upon the two pieces of wood and rested, I didn’t want to move, not at this time. I grabbed for my headphones, but they weren’t there.
When the ocean grew old
A plank was found
Floating adrift to a lovely sound
almost like a river
trying to find it’s way to its leaving
of the old hallway doors
but in the end
a storm was a brewing
and the time was growing slow
the chance for survival was now
but showing logicality
can wood beat a nest of bolts
striking its very floors
and when the wind rises
and the water roars
who will come out the winner.

The skies darkened, almost like the shade of my future. I can’t carry on like this. I still lay there with my legs spread out wide when a grain of sand caught my eye. It was so small, it was like an ant next to an elephant. I jerked my head up to take a look; it was an island. I sat down on my two pieces of wood and swam, kicking my legs like a propeller spins. The roll of thunder startled me and then the rain came down. I had to go faster if I wanted to make it, faster, faster. “COME ON!”
I pushed my body to the limit. Panting and wheezing, I hurled my body for the final stretch. Then thunder filled my ears. My body froze; the pain struck all over my spinal cord. The electricity zapped my body, it came from the water. The pain was so agonizing, I was paralyzed, every part of my body. Minutes went by before I was released from the cage that withheld me from moving.  I started up again but was slower than before; I wasn’t going to make it. I needed more time! There was no light anywhere, and it seemed like I was getting farther away from that little grain of sand.
I stared at the sky and a circle of light appeared, it brightened and shed hope into my body. Then the bolt came trickling down, I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. Nothing, what happened? I couldn’t feel the rain, but the sky was still dark and the rain was behind me. Then I saw it, the shimmering beauty that saved my life... a dome, a force of energy. I sat back and relaxed, I enjoyed watching the storm that threatened my life. Then slowly a image started appearing across the dome, a sunny day in paradise. The sky was blue and there was no rain or lightning. My mind was playing with me, I knew it. I’m in heaven right now ain’t I. I lay my head against the wood and went to sleep, sprawling my body into the ocean.
The waves crashing against the shore awoke me “Hmmm.” I sat up with the beauty of being on an island, the trees swayed around in the wind, it reminded me of the old fan in my backyard. I was still half asleep when something touched my arm, I flip flopped around rolling into the ocean because of how startled I was. The tide swept me up and pushed me right back into my position. Standing there was a tall blonde man with an eye-patch. “Sorry, for startling you mate,”
“It’s ok,” I replied. “What's going on here.”
“Well first of all the name’s Bill.”
I passed out. I awoke in a thatch house on a bed, well at least I thought it was. Bill walked in and sat next to me, “It’s okay, a lot of people do that when they first get here.” I just now figured out his strong Australian accent “The dream you had, was I in it?”
“Wha...what dream,”
“Oh come on mate, the one where you woke up on an Island blah blah blah.”
My face lit up with surprise,“How do you know about that.”
“I’ll explain later, but for now answer the question mate. Was I in the dream you had?”
“Yes okay, why does it even matter?”
“This isn’t good at all,” he said “listen to me here mate, you best stay put if you know what’s good for you, this ain’t your typical island routine here matey,”
“I can’t move, so that’s out of the question anyways.” He left ignoring me on his way out. I laid still and waited for hours; this isn’t going to work; I needed food. I tried to stand up, slowly crawling up on my knees. There wasn’t anything around me for support so I had to try by myself. Up and down I went, panting and puffing like I was sick. There was a faint knock on the door; I looked up and noticed that the thatch door had a lock on it. Weird wouldn’t Bill have a key to open the door?
I stared at the door for seconds. I cautiously moved my hand closer to the knob, it was like a horror movie. The machete ripped through the door and I flung backwards, I tried to quickly hide under my covers like an average person would. I could hear the whacks of the machete breaking down the door.
“Twenty years Bill, do you even remember what place this is? I’m here for the boy and you better let me at him,” the mysterious voice sounded so raspy and deep, almost like what you would expect from  Blackbeard. Whoever this person is, his voice was filled with such rage that it could send Sir Ranulph Fiennes into tears. The slashing seemed to be getting stronger as was his yelling.
Finally I sat up and screamed at the door “you’re wasting your time; Bill isn’t here and neither is this person you’re talking about.” The slashing stopped and a series of scary chuckles started flowing through the machete cut hole “ha ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha, HA HA HA HA HA! Bill hasn’t told you; what a buffoon. ha ha ha! You’re that person, HA HA HA HA!”
“I know you’re lying; you can’t fool me. What’s my name then...Blackbeard?” The door flew against the opposite wall; dust gathered in the room taking my sense of sight and smell away from me. A shiny black boot stomped on the floor entering the room.The stranger entered the house and turned his head. There were scars everywhere on his rough face; his beard was long and came to his chest. He was bald, but a black bandana covered his shiny head. His clothes were ragged, almost like a stereotypical person who was marooned. He took two long strides; the ground rumbled beneath his feet; he was almost seven feet tall. His shadow made the room almost completely dark, he stood over me and the mountain chills hit my cheeks, he was a peak of colossal height.
“The name’s Joseph Jolly Pearl, Captain Pearl to you there boy, and don’t you forget that.” My mouth was a desert as the great shadow moved closer.
“What, cat got your tongue, Your name boy.”
“I told you a long time ago Joseph, get away from my bloody house” in the doorway Bill stood tall and mighty “leave this boy here alone, if you don’t...well, you know what’ll happen.”
Captain Pearl raised his machete and took a chop at my head, Bill lurched his hand forward and sprawled his fingertips across. The machete stopped inches away from my face, it started moving closer to Captain Pearl, then with one swift motion Bill forced the machete into the wall, he then did a swiping motion and it pushed the Captain straight into the other wall. Defenseless he stood up and held his hands in the air.
“I hope you suffer in the pits of hell,” Captain Pearl stated as he spat on Bills feet, “this isn’t the last of me you three-eyed peg leg.”
Bill grabbed Captain Pearl’s shirt and threw him out of the house, the cracking of the fence made me sure that he fell below. I stared at Bill with furiosity.
“You let Captain Pearl almost kill me,”
“Do not call him that, call him Joseph, he doesn't deserve being called that stupid name,”
I still stared at him “You have a lot of explaining to do Bill, it would be better if you started now.”
“Fine then” he said “First let me ask you a question, were you in a plane crash?”
“Okay, do you think plane crashes just happen out of midair, a wing just magically coming on fire?”
“No, not at all, but what does this have to do with why we are here,” I stammered.
“Everything” he chuckled. Unexpectedly, a blue light streamed across the window. The whole house shook, every critter that lived here scurried into every nook and cranny. There was a zapping sound and some strange language. It almost sounded like a high squeal with melodic notes flowing across it.   
“Quick I don’t have time to explain, follow me mate.” He rushed into the fire place and disappeared into dust, I stuttered and stared at it. Ugh, this keeps on getting better, what’s next a sacred race of unicorn devoted to a tribe of savages. Then I closed my eyes and ran into the fireplace, I kept on running for a long time, then ran into a wall. When I opened my eyes I was in a basement with one little light hanging overhead. “I forgot you’re new to this mate,” Bill said, he was in the corner sitting on a stool. Turning around I noticed the details of the room, there were scriptures written in a strange language on the wall, there were pictures of strange creatures, space crafts and great wars were chiseled onto the wall into such great detail, it was astonishing!
“That man there would have taken you mate, and drenched your soul of its power, then he would have had everything you’re made of.”
“What is so special about me, I don’t get it, and still what is this place?” I wanted so many answers from Bill. He turned around and then told me something I couldn’t bear
“Your parents are dead!”
“No! I don’t believe you, they are back home,” I exclaimed!
“In their graves” Bill said “those people that they talked too...well mate... they are our doom, Kyr’Xxir are what they’re called. An alien race that was born in experimentation, they came down in their spaceships and made an archipelago some three thousand years ago, they set up a rig that would destroy any incoming vehicles. This machine made sure four people survived.”
“Wait, stop! I’m the only one that survived the crash,” I said rudely interrupting him.
“No, the pilots and others survived. Don’t you remember?”
“But Bill, that makes five, five survivors?” I said
“Wait, you’re right” Bill said “this means it’s true,” he mumbled the last bit under his breath.
“What’s true, what’s going on here.” suddenly I burst out into tears, I couldn’t handle it. The plane crash, my parent’s death. “Whhhhy? Why does it have to be me?” I screamed at the ceiling.
Bill leaped and slapped his hand over my mouth. He took me into a corner and started listening around us. I still was crying and remembering the memories, then I remembered the hatred. All my dad did to me the last time I saw him. The tears stopped and a hearth of fire was  a reminisce in my eyes. I sprawled up and started sprinting for the fireplace, Bill swiftly moved his hand and it took the flame out of the logs. I crashed into the stone, but I stood back up. Suddenly, dust particles started flying from the ceiling and the same strange language was heard, but one sound caught my ears “3...2...1...Now!” It was in english? The ceiling fell down and a barrage of people came with it. Bill was shoving every single person against the wall with a swift motion of his hand. The people looked almost exactly like Captain Pearl, except for they all had their unique hairstyle. Bill took up one of the swords and started fighting every single one by himself. He jabbed one with his sword then threw him against another two with his force push, he jumped over swords jabbing at him left and right, and then he was cornered nowhere to go. They put a spear to my throat and started closing in on Bill. Bill gave me a glance and then winked.  He jumped in the air, his eyes turned bright green, and then he held out his hands and a storm of green lightning bolts started shocking every single pirate person who stood in the room. They were screaming in terror as they frizzled up into ashes.
I sat up and looked at him with questionable eyes, I had to get away from Bill. I jumped for the broken bricks trying to sprawl my body on top of the ledge. A blue bubble appeared around me and started drifting me downwards on the ground.
“Why do you even try,” Bill said
“Try what?” I said sweating and panting
“To do anything!” he replied “after all you’ve gone through... most people just give up.”
I spun my head around slowly and stared at him “I’m not most people.”
I glanced up at the broken ceiling and almost thought of myself, a beautiful piece of work holding a strong foundation together, and then collapsing on to the ground beneath me.

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