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March 9, 2014
By thefranzpabilona, San Juan, Other
thefranzpabilona, San Juan, Other
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"Impossible is spelled, I'm-Possible" - Jasper Pyrite (Republic)


In a dystopian future, the Earth's seven continents merges into the super-continent, Astron. Divided into four nations, the Northern Republic, Southern State, Western Colony and the Eastern Territory. All nations are governed by the Astron Union and its president, Matilda Amethyst. The Astron Union soon gets alarmed when a Coup d'├ętat arises. The New Republic whose mission is nothing but to bring down the Astron Union and all its members. Before the New Republic does anything in damage, the Astron Union recruits the four nation's possible indifference. All candidates must undergo a competition process that would determine physical, mental and emotional weaknesses. Those who failed to meet the Astron Union's standards are set home. The last man standing and his squad claims the victory of being the ultimate indifference. The fate of the Astron Union is hanging by their fingertips. Will the Astron Union succeed? Would the New Republic claim victory?



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