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The Revenge of Glint

February 25, 2014
By Glint, Orlando, Florida
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Glint, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Madness is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push.

Author's note:

I Worked really hard but this is only a sample, I will finish it some time in may.

Glint was a commander part of the EUNP corps and he was very loyal to his work, He never failed a job or quit one, until one day all was lost.

“Attention all units this is not a drill” went captain on the very top of his lungs, Marines got to their cruisers and some into the night of dawn. “LET’S GO MEN” went Glint in the boom phone and Glint immediately went over to the bridge for instructions. Captain Millap turned slowly around the room and saw me and Xzavier walk in, walking over he said in a booming voice “He-Ey how have you guys been.” I shrugged replying just a few years in the Spartan training camp that’s all.” Xzavier didn’t mind the conversation and walked over to the insta-meal station and got himself a snack. By the time he left Glint looked at Millap in a confused look, “What’s up with him?” Millap replied in a happier mood, “I just bet he was hungry from that long of a trip, that’s all.” Millap looked at me with a bit different of a mood, “Now onto business, the enemy fleet is trying to control alpha point but that would mean they have complete contact with earth.”I looked at the map at a worried look, “we are outnumbered easily, five to twelve.” Millap had a worried look on his face then took an ease and looked at Xzavier walking over.

“Anyway that was three years ago, I now have lost most memory of them now.” Elise rubbed Glint’s shoulders in a firm grip replying “Don’t worry you will see them soon I hope.” Walking to the window I put in a sad reply “I do not think that would happen any time this century.” Elise had wondered and had to ask, “Well what happened to them that makes you so sure?” Glint was cold on the inside from the thought but Elise was his A.I. so he knew she would find out sooner or later. Glint walked over to the chair by the balcony and sat down “Well I guess you have the right to know.”

I looked at Xzavier and said in a sarcastic voice “Hey fatty get over here we are making plans.” Xzavier walked a bit faster over to the hologram table and said in a different tone then usual “Hey I am not fat, just very husky.” Glint and even Millap cracked open and laughed from that one. Millap had a sadden look in his eye’s from where I have only seen once before, Millap coughed and walked over to the planning table. I had followed and asked in a quite tone “Ey what happened back their?” Millap looked at me in a bad way saying “I… I am dyeing.” I was terrified by the sound of it but I had to know how he was dying. Xzavier hobbled over here and asked in a pretty loud tone “Well I am off to kick some Alien BUTT.” I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “well then who’s the happy one now, let’s get going shall we!?” Millap stood up and replied “Yes we should get going.” Walking to the Vulcan we all were pumped for the mission that was coming up and they took off for a planet in sector 13.

When we had arrived the place was already a massacre when we got there. Xzavier ran towards a trash can and puked. Millap said in a worried tone “Get your helmets on because we are not in the friendliest place in the world.” Xzavier and I both put on our helmets quickly and scouted with a couple of areas. “This place was a blood bath like holy s*** how does something like this happen when there are no signs of an attacker.” Replied Millap, Xzavier got pretty angry and punched the wall; there was a perfect imprint from the punch to. Xzavier looked up and said “my sister was on this squad.” Millap and I both got scared from that because the last time someone tried to hurt his sister was two years ago and that guy is still in that hospital now, but the thing that wondered my mind was that he only found her helmet and a keychain. Where did the body go? All of us continued on to the next sector but it was the same, blood bath with no bodies. Xzavier turned and looked forward and saw something “Ey guys let’s check this area out because I kinda saw something” Millap and I both where thinking if he had gone mad but we followed. As we walked over we all crouched down and saw that his sister was still alive but was being kidnapped in those very seconds. Looking over I didn’t see Xzavier, but of course when I looked up he had already snook onto the ship so I had followed. Xzavier told me in an angered tone “there, we will meet up their” I looked at him and I replied “why?” Xzavier looked down at the keychain he had and said “meet up with me their soon, ok?” I nodded and Xzavier pushed me off the ship saying “Farewell” I walked towards Millap saying “hey let’s get going” Millap replied confusingly “What was all that about?” I sighed and walked towards the extraction point saying “He is now a lone wolf.” Millap was darned by those words.

Elise walked towards the computer and ordered room service and left. Looking down I thought I was a goner over and over, then opening the door I was someone familiar. It was Millap! I ate some crab with him asking how he had survived the sickness he had, in a quick reply he said “I found an antidote.” I looked at him wondering what type of antidote and asked “what kind of antidote could have possibly done that?” he replied about two seconds after eating a bit of crab ”Elixir.” I was shocked “How did you get your hands on that???” he replied “The military gives it out to the retired ones or ones who have done a great deed.” I shook my head and replied “Ok then, well I best be off to the sack” Millap walked out with the last piece of crab, I didn’t like him for doing that one.

By the next morning I started watching a TV show called the universe has talent when Elise walked into the room saying “hey come on I want to hear more.” I tried to ignore her but then she smacked me saying “HEY, start talking.” I looked at her replying “and if I do not do so?” she got a tad bit angry and replied “what do you think.” I was kind of scared of the thought so I asked where I left off and she told me so then I continued.

Millap and I were heading back to the ship when we looked at the ship Xzavier boarded and we saw him toss his sister out before the ship crashed, quickly Millap and I both ran over and grabbed her and took her to the frigate. Millap was quit worried about her as the same of me. She woke up looking at Millap saying “Admiral, SIR” Millap looked down saying “Aides soldier.” She started crying when she looked at me asking “where is my brother?” Looking away I replied “He’s gone, he died saving you.” She continued to cry. Moments later we left the room but I had noticed that Millap left a gift for her. After leaving we went to the break room discussing this incident and Millap had never looked that angry in his life, His eyes where clenched while his fist was tight then he hit the table and walked off. Later on I asked him “I know he was a great loss, but you whimpering about it 24/7 isn’t going to bring him back.” Thinking to myself if I had said the wrong words at the wrong time but he looked up while wiping away the tears “Yes Glint, your right this is what he would have wanted.”

Two days later I was called up to the bridge by Millap, “we have a distress call on sector two and I have selected you to take care of it, I will have a squad help you In this one.” Looking down I noticed he threw away Xzaviers dog tags and profile records. I leaned over and grabbed his dog tags and left to debriefing. Walking in I saw Millap putting on a battle suit, “Hey, you’re going in battle?” Millap nodded “Yup, I am not letting another die.” Both of us walked to our pods and waited for the countdown to start. “Hey Millap, let’s grab a burger after this ok?” Millap nodded and started the countdown. On the intercom “5…4…3…2…1…Launch” while going down I noticed in another pod was Xzaviers sister, I pulled her up on intercom and asked “Where you promoted?” she replied “Yah, like five times in a hour into this squad.” Changing the station to Millap’s “Hey, nice promoting skills.” Millap made a nice chuckle and replied “Yah, well I got the power to do so.” I nodded and chuckled and turned off the intercom before landing.

When we arrived, I noticed Millap had a much larger pod then mine and Elise’s combined. So when I walked up to him and asked “Hey, not cool you got the fancy pod.” Millap shrugged his shoulders and started walking towards the rondevue Elise started after him and I followed after. A while later we found a roaming bus that had crashed and only one survivor, only problem he was missing both of his legs. We helped him out but when doing so he called us ‘monsters’ I asked “what’s the matter soldier, you having a nightmare?” he shook his head replying “No sorry I didn’t know it was you Glint it’s just that everyone I look at looks like a demon or some sort.” Millap walked over and gave him some of his coffee and asked “Now what happened here?” The soldier was clenching his fist as if he was pissed off saying “Those bastards killed everyone, Th… the others were split up in the middle of it then sprayed stuff in our faces and now everyone I look at looks like a demon.” Both Millap and I walked back towards the truck mumbling “who are they?” the soldier asked “sorry I couldn’t hear you please repeat that.” I walked over and asked in a calm tone so I didn’t freak him out “Who did this?” he looked down and opened his palms and he had a camera, handing it to me he said “I do not know for sure but these pictures will tell you.” Looking down I was scared of who I saw, Mr. Discreetnet himself.

I remembered Discreetnet for one thing only, his betrayal. A long time ago it used to be four of us, Me, Millap, Xzavier, and Discreetnet. Only one problem, that man was a faker from the start. The man had destroyed our only space base on mars and had infected the 1000 population there with the infection, there for we had to blow the planet up, unfortunately it didn’t kill the infection, it just spread it out. Now I am wondering for these next few months I will be able to kill the bastard.

Stepping out of my room I told Elise “Hey I’m going on a small get away.” She sighed “Is it because you don’t want to talk about it.” I looked down holding his Xzaviers Dog Tags firmly and walked out. Later I was found be Elise when I was hitting the sack, so eventually I had to continue the story but I put it in my favor “Hey, if you want to hear more come back another time because I am trying to remember it all still.” Elise knew I was lying from the start of that sentence and slapped me right across the face saying “Stop lying, your bad at it.” I so didn’t want to hear that at the moment but noticing I had no choice but to continue on with the story so I leaned upward and replied “Fine, but you are not going to talk about this to anyone got it?” Elise nodded heavily like she was sticking her Tung out waiting for a treat.

I continued down with the picture and I noticed something, I had remembered that I always saw Discreetnet with a little badge on the side of his arm but in this picture it was taken off or missing. I walked off into the truck and Millap walked over “Hey what did you see in the picture?” I looked up saying “Discreetnet.” Millap wasn’t shocked he looked down but I had to tell him about the badge “But, I do not think that this is him.” Millap was confused and had to ask “How so?” looking over and pointing at the badge missing point he replied “Odd, but still don’t get your hopes up” going down to the truck we hoped the last marine into it and rallied Elise to bring them to the medical bay. Not too long after we saw some of the infection, just sitting there as if it were killed but I looked up saying “HELP ME!!” in a scratched up tone but I noticed something, he looked like Discreetnet but I didn’t think it was him until I saw the badge in his shoulder, I called Millap as fast as possible “Quick get over here.” Millap walked over and saw Discreetnet. Millap replied “Yah well it looks like he wanted to take a swim in the infection.” After he aimed his weapon I yelled “Stop!” Millap looked at me as if I had the virus myself, I pointed saying “He tried to contain the virus; look he was trying to seal it so maybe the copycat did that to him.” Discreetnet said in a low voice “Thank god” I shut the infection vault and walked off with Millap and me carrying Discreetnet. Loading him into quarantine so he can be decontaminated, now I wonder if he can tell is anything.

The author's comments:
I will be Re- Posting this but with ten more chapters next time and by then I might be finised

Going down to the debriefing room I noticed something odd with one of the soldiers, he got kind of sick and started puking, minding my own business I walked to the debriefing room. Millap stood up saying “Okay, we have a rally point set on the location of the moon where we saw the infection and we will check it out and cure it, MOVE IT!” Millap grabbed his rifle and gear and started towards the pod for drop, stopping him I asked “Hey, you ok? Your looking bad.” He nodded as if he just got a cookie and he walked off replying “I’m fine but I need you to do us a favor and don’t worry about it.” Walking to my own pod I noticed a gift on my seat, setting it aside for when I come back I loaded up with my shotgun and pistol and gear into the pod and shut the hatch. An hour later I had noticed that we were set off course because there was no beacon for the rally point on the moon that we were on. Looking up after I landed I saw Millap’s pod, asking him in a questioning tone “Where are we?” Millap looked up replying “Galdeon, where the infection started.” Sighing I walked over and noticed no infection “Uh what do you mean start because I do not see any.” Millap punched a weird rock and it became into liquid, the infection was hardening. Due to it hardening that means they will be harder to kill, Millap replied “Not If I can help it.” He held up this tank of a blue liquid and threw it down a hole, the moon started shaking and rumbling then stopped. Seconds later this little creature came out then more and more. I noticed Millap chuckling so out of curiosity I asked “Hey what’s so funny?” he looked at me and replied “well can’t you see, we just killed their master that is why they flee.” I laughed a bit then we returned to our pods and continued to the next mission when we returned.

When we got back everything was normal except for Millap, he coughed up blood. Getting him to the hospital I noticed I still have not opened the gift that he gave me, after visiting him I returned to the pod room grabbed the gift then walked to the hospital bay and opened it in front of him and when I finished unwrapping, I saw the most beautiful knife, it was a gator knife. I looked up at Millap in a happy tone “Hey, I do not know what to say, I love it thanks man.” Millap grinned and fell asleep. About an hour later, second in command came over asking “Can I see Millap in private please?” excused myself and left to my room and attached the knife on my leg so if I ever needed it. Almost forgetting I saw a card with the gift but I didn’t see that before, opening it I saw a note that said Millap will die. Quickly thinking when he guy was puking before we went to that one mission and second in command walked in and asked for privacy, I noticed the infection got on board. Running as fast as possible I caught James in the act before he killed Millap, quickly pulling out my gator knife I threw it at his head then ran towards the bed and pushed it away from James body. Millap woke up asking “What’s the hell is going ON!” I looked at him and replied “James tried to kill you and possibly the infection might be on board.” Millap sighed and replied “well I want a new room.”

After a while Millap had me personally guard his room, plus he wanted to chat. "Glint I need you to go to sector 13 and see if the infection is still spreading, Elise will guard my room for now so go on." I questioned this action but I thought it would be smart to check the 13th district because that is the largest city in this galaxy, Correndale. While on the boarding ship for my trip to Correndale I met a small little robot who was ordered to “assist” me in this mission. Wondering I had to ask “Hey drone, who gave you the order to assist me in this mission?” the drone printed out a sheet of paper and it read FROM COMMANDER: DISCREETNET. I had figured as much so I turned the speaker on the drone and said to Discreetnet “Hey I’m guessing you wanted to tag along but you couldn’t because you are injured so you sent this drone.” The drone printed another piece of paper saying MAYBE. So I got onto the ship with the drone and waited for takeoff, Putting my seatbelt on and helmet I prepared to launch. I looked out the window before I launch and saw the most beautiful planet in sector 13, I thought only kings lived there when I was a kid but now I know something is wrong with that beauty because it was all an illusion.

I had walked out of the bedroom I was rudely interrupted on trying to sleep and Elise started stomping towards me and said “Hey, tell me more please, Just a little more of the story?” I smirked and looked at Elise “Sorry but no, I cannot do that for you because I told you to wait till tomorrow so yah.” Quickly she got angry so I started running away and ordered a new room and hid inside, locking the door of course I thought I was safe. Moments later I heard her bang on the window so I ran out of the room and got my old one back. Finally Elise had cornered me when I got in my room and she demanded more of the story and so I told.

We had finally arrived onto the planet and already It looked beautiful to the eye but to the mind it was filled with infection and I already had that In mind so I kept walking on with the drone. As I walked on I started to hear footsteps behind me so quickly pulling out my pistol I aimed yelling “Who’s there!” and no one had respond to my words so I turned around and kept walking but after a little while I started to notice something, we had been walking in circles for 13 minutes. Yelling at the drone “Hey why don’t you have a GPS HUH!” then I kicked it in some anger but noticed some greenish brown goo inside, so I looked at it straight in the eyes then placed an explosive on the drones and continued walking but I had an Idea since we were walking in circles I stuck a tree branch in the ground then continued walking and never found that branch again, so all I know now is that I’m not walking in circles.

Later on I contacted Millap “Captain I think I found a paradox of some kind.” Moments later he replied “HEY! Where the hell do you think you are?” I replied “sector 13 why?” it took him a while but he replied “but for me it says you are in sector 291, Two galaxy’s away!” and in shock of course I said “I am going to try and g…” stopped in my tracks I looked back and I saw something metal constructed a whiles back so I ran back towards it and saw it was a teleporter, so immediately I ran over and activated it and teleported back to the base, then I got suspicious because the max limit for range is 100 sectors and I just teleported from 291 to the 3rd sector. Running to Millap immediately I explained what happened and he was astonished replying “Is that so? Well then were going to have to send a team with you to check that sector but with a teleporter on a buggy for a way out of that planet.” I honestly thought it was a great Idea until we tried it.

The author's comments:
I will be adding more chapters in june

As we waited for it to go it finally went but it only took Elise not me nor Millap. Later after the event I was eating the rest of her lunch and we kept walking hoping to find the teleporter, as we kept walking Millap turned around “Hey, didn’t you stick that branch back into the ground?” replying sure fully “Yah, why?” Millap looked down replying “well I think someone else is here.” I looked down and surely enough it was a small hole where I had thrown the branch and there was a wire, snapped right where I had thrown it “Talk about dumb luck.” Millap glared at me and then we continued onwards to find another teleporter hopefully.
Finally when Elise was not looking I ran out of the room and locked the door with my key and ran down to the elevator and went to the roof to finally relax, but when I did come up here I noticed she didn’t find me so I went to sleep. By the time I woke up I was back in my room but Elise had handcuffed me to my office chair and told me to continue and so I did that.
After about 20 miles of walking we thought it would be a good to take a break, so we had sat down and made sure it was safe. Millap grabbed a branch off a tree and started drawing in the dirt and told me the plan “Ok we are going to head back ok?” looking at him with a smirk “Really now, I thought we were going to j off.” Millap made a click noise and we started to head back

Two days later I find myself babysitting this little guy. “Millap where not babysitters like what the hell man!” Millap shrugging it off and the infected smiling “You know Mr. Glint you are not so bad.” Oh god now the infected has taken a liking to me. “u…umm please tell Millap that.” Cracking the best fake smile ever. “but I can’t he’s mean.” Omg no way he just dissed him like that, although I’m not going to disagree with him because he really did just trap him and point a 42 at him. “now that is kind of mean little one.” Millap looks at me in disappointment “don’t friend the enemy and plus he won’t be with us for long.” Wait he’s leaving where are we heading, ugh Millap you tell me nothing. After we arrived to the mothership the infected form is put on a leash and is lead to the testing room, for intelligence reasons. “alright Elise that is it I’m stopping here it’s midnight and I’m tired un cuff me now.” Elise agrees but subsiding having to eat with a couple stern stairs. Walking to my room I am nearly puking from seeing something that would haunt me for life, Sein is in half rushing to the medical ward, all I’m told is a hunter sliced him in half. Later that day at 22:13 I watched Sein die in the surgery procedure. “Dammit. *sob *sob* you shouldn’t have gone out to the damn trip.” A couple of days are as fast as a motorcycle on a bikers birthday and Elise is barging into my room without a doubt or regret. “Hey Glint wake up I want to know more!” Geeze this is getting tiring. “after breakfast.” Elise gets a little ticked on why that thing again. Walking over to the diner I have gotten myself about a pound of eggs bacon and sausage. “Now this is a soldiers meal!” Elise is as much of a smart ass as always “Yah get fat off those too!” As you can tell I’m not impressed from this remark but laughing it off was the best choice of action. “are you sure, get me a Milk from the Diner lady and we’ll talk.” Elise is more than happy to fulfill this wish so with this time I finish my meal. “Here!” First she calls be fat now she brings me a basic gallon of milk *face palm* I’ll never understand this woman “aright let’s talk in the room for hearing purposes. Walking over all I am reminded of is Sein.

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Glint said...
on Jul. 18 2016 at 2:23 pm
Glint, Orlando, Florida
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
Madness is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push.

The next 5 chapters will be submitted next month.

Glint said...
on Aug. 21 2015 at 10:55 am
Glint, Orlando, Florida
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
Madness is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push.

Running a little late on the working of the book

Glint Guest said...
on Feb. 8 2015 at 1:55 am
I will continue this summer. It will be 10 more chapters

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I like it when will you continue it?

on Mar. 11 2014 at 11:56 am
I love this story, It shows true potential