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November 22, 2013
By Eleasia Fleming, Mcdonough, Georgia
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Eleasia Fleming, Mcdonough, Georgia
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Author's note: i love to star gaze so i thought that it would be nice plus i love playing super mario galaxy so i got inspiration form that

Ever since I was little I dreamt of flying through the stars. Every night I would dream of flying on a spaceship exploring and watching anything and everything. I use to star gaze and let my mind wander. I loved dreaming and hoping and wishing, but I am not a child anymore. I know how naïve I was, how foolish I was, I was just setting myself up for disappointment.
It is the last day of school, and I am finally going to go to high school. I close my locker for the last time in middle school, and it feels great. I grab my book bag and walk out the door with a smile on my face. I walk down the street and stop at the crosswalk. While waiting for the light, I see my friend on the other side of the street.
“Lizzy!” I yell, but she doesn’t hear me. The crosswalks finally said” go” so I scurry across, but just as I am about to get completely across I heard a noise. I look up at the sky and see a strange shape coming my way. CRASH! The object slams right into my head and I fall to the ground.
“What in the world is this?!” I look down and see a strange looking blob emerge from the dust of the broken concrete. When the dust completely clears I discover a pale blue looking star the size of a small dog. I back away from the mysterious thing keeping a puzzled look on my face. After a few minutes I finally get the courage to get closer to examine the object. I lean in and touch it; it was soft. I hear a bunch of honking behind me, so I pick up the plush object and walk back to the sidewalk. It is strangely warm. I put it in my empty school bag and continue to walk down the street to the house.
I close the door behind and walk into the kitchen.” Hey mom, I’m home,” I say as I walk past mom washing the dishes.
” Hey sweetie how was your last day of school?” she asks. I reply “Pretty well, I guess. I’m finally a high school student!” I say with a smile on my face. I look over at my bag and I see it move a little. I quickly grab my bag and say, “call me when dinner is ready,” then scurry up the stairs with the bag slightly shaking in my hand.
I slam my room door close and quickly drop the bag and hid behind my bed. The bag wiggles for a while but then it stopped. When the coast is clear, I slowly slide to the bag and pull out the object. I didn’t realize until now but it looks like it has a face. I take the object and lay it on the floor. I wonder what it is. I have never seen something like it before it seems like it came from outer space. It lies there still for a long time. Before I know it the street lights come on and I heard someone calling my name. ”Sweetie, dinner’s ready,” mom yells from down stairs, “We are waiting for you.” I sat for a second and come to the conclusion that it will be ok just to leave it here since it has been lying dormant for some time. I hurry down stairs, hoping it will be ok. I hastily slide into my chair next to Lily and started eating.
Mom gives me a funny look but continues to eat but Lily puts her fork down and looks straight at me with a worried expression. ”Sissy be careful. You will get a tummy ace!” she exclaimed. I slowed my pace until she was satisfied.
After dinner, I help mom with the dishes, put Lily to bed, take a shower, and head to bed. I happily skip to my bed and get comfortable. I’ve had such a busy day. I need a good rest to put me at ease.
I close my eyes and start to fall asleep, but for some reason I feel like someone’s watching me. Unable to submerge this ominous feeling, I open my eyes and when my eyes focus, I see the blob object floating in front of me. Screaming “O MY GOSH!” I jump out of bed and stumble to the opposite side of the room. It is alive! It is floating! What in the world is going on!? It starts to float closer and I scream again, loud enough wake the neighbors.
With a sweet tone the blob speaks, “Please calm down, you are scaring me,”. It trembles a little as it speaks, “I won’t hurt you I promise.”
“You can talk?” I ask calming down slightly.” Yes, I’m Sora,” it says. I slowly get up, keeping a stern eye on it. Seeing my hesitation, it backs up and sits on my desk.” what are you?” I ask, I slowly take a step closer,” I am a star” it says.
Am I really talking to a star? I must be going crazy. This must be a dream; Stars cannot talk. Better yet, stars are not even alive; they are balls of gas floating in space. This cannot be real. Maybe I am just dreaming. Doubtful, I calmly lie back down in my bed and close my eyes. Maybe if I go to sleep, I will wake up and it would all be a dream.
An hour later I still laid there and it still sat on my desk watching me. I sit up and ask “I’m not dreaming am I?”
” nope”, it replies.
I cannot believe it. My dream I had when I was a child is coming true.
I think to myself; what would a star be doing on earth. As if it could tell what I was thinking, it spoke softly, “I fell from the sky, I got lost and I eventually ended up falling out of orbit. I was traveling in space, with my daddy, when a meteor shower hit us. It caused me to get separated from him.” Tears began to start falling from its face, as it became more and more depressed by all that has happened. I began to feel bad for Sora. “I had also lost my dad. I lost due under different circumstances. He died, about a year ago to lung cancer.” Thinking back about my loss, I started to feel down also. Sora got up and hugged me. Its warmth covered my chest and I began to feel much better than before. He lost his dad, in a different way, just like I did but he is still alive, he still has a chance to be reunited. After clearly thinking about our situations, I sucked in my tears. ” I’ll help you find your dad”. As soon as I offered my help, he cried tears of joy and hugged me even tighter. Even if I don’t know how to succeed in helping, I still want to at least try. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” he said. I cracked my door open and peeked outside; it seems that everyone is sound asleep. I put on my shoes, a jacket and sneak down the stairs. I go straight out of the door with Sora right next to me. We walk down the street and down to the park where I can do my best thinking. I sit on the swing and got into deep thought. ”What next?” he says,” I reply “I don’t know.” I hadn’t gotten that far with my plan yet. I start swinging slowly hoping I can get an idea.
“I wish we had some stardust” he says as he gazes into the sky.” What does that have to do with anything?” I say.
“Stardust can help us get to the sky”.
I think really hard about where we can find such thing. The only thing I have that is remotely close is my necklace. I pull it out from underneath my PJs
“That is it! That is the stardust we need!” he spins in the air with happiness while I sit there, puzzled. “This is it? I thought it was just dirt in a jar. My dad gave it to me when I was little. It is the only thing I have left of him.” I say softly. I know it is to help Sora find his dad but I don’t want to give up such a precious item. I should do this for Sora; it is the right thing to do. I take off the necklace and hand it to him. With excitement he flies off. “Hey wait!” I say as I leap of the swing and chase after him.
When Sora finally stops I stop and catch my breath. I chased him all the way to an open flower field filled with beautifully colored flowers all around. “We are here! The sky patch!” he says. He flies through the patch before I get to ask what this place is. He stops and signals me over.” Pick a color” he says as he points to a group of flowers, “Red!” I say, “It is my favorite color”. He takes the stardust out of the jar and sprinkles it on the tiny red flower.
POOF! A gust of smoke fills the air and when it clears a flower-shaped spaceship appears. “Wow! What just happened?” I ask in shock. Examining the very small ship he responded “the flowers in this patch turn into spaceships; my dad showed me when we flew by here before we got separated”. He hoped on the top of the ship and help out its hand for me to come aboard” why don’t we get in it?”, “it’s too small to get in so we can ride on top”. Satisfied, I hopped on the ship. When I was properly seated on the ship Sora murmurs something and the ship starts to move.
The ship takes off.
We get higher and higher off the ground until we finally reach space. I look back and see the huge earth behind me. It’s so far away now that I could hold it in my hand. I turn my gaze to in front of me, then to Sora.
My dream has come true. I am in space.
Sora sees my amazement and laughs at me. ”Do you like it out here?” he says “yea” while still chuckling. ”I have always dreamed of being out here. My dad was an astrologist so he uses to tell me all about the stars. “I miss him so much” I yawn in the middle of my sentence. Sora says to me”try sleeping; it will be a long journey”. I take his suggestion and lay down and tried to sleep. Hours went by and I was still awake, I couldn’t sleep for some reason so I ended up talking to Sora bout my dad.

It feels like we have been flying for days. We have talked and laughed and cried, I feel like we have a special connection. He tells me about living in space, being a star, anything he can think of. After days and days of flying we reach our destination. Sora stops the ship and turns to me with a smile on his face,” we are here”. I look around and see nothing but open space. “Are you sure we are here?” I asked. “Yep, this is it. Me and my dad live here. It may not look like anything special but we call it home”. He flies off and waits for his dad. A while passes and there is no sign of his dad. He looks at me with tears in his eyes and slowly flies back to the ship. Just as he reached the ship a ball of light flies towards us. Sora turns around and screams, ” Dad!” The ball of light rams strait into Sora and when my eyes adjusted to the light, I see another star hugging him. “I missed you so much dad! I’m sorry I got lost, it won’t happen again, I promise”. The dad nods and let’s goes. Sora’s dad starts to cry with happiness. He really missed him. I get a sincere look for his dad and I smile back, I can tell he’s saying thank you.
I guess it’s time for me to leave now.
“Sora, I am glad you found your dad. But I think it’s time for me to go home, mom might be worried” I say with a forced smile on my face. “Why don’t you stay here, with us?” he says,” you can stay here in space with us, I promise you will like it” he pleas. I wish I could stay out here with him, but mom and Lily will miss me dearly so I have to go home. Seeing the answer on my face he nods and says “I’ll never forget you”,” and I will never forget you” I reply. I’m going to miss him. A tear falls down my cheek as Sora sets the ship’s course for earth. The ship starts up again and he backs away with tears in his eyes. The ship backs away slowly as we wave goodbye to each other. ”check your pocket!” he yells as I grow farther away. I dig into my pocket and find my empty jar of stardust filled with a glowing fragment. I look up in surprise and he yells “we will meet again, I promise” as he waves at me. A piece of his hand is gone. By the time I could reply he was no longer in sight. I sat there, flying by myself staring at my new star fragment. After a while I started to get sleepy and eventually fell asleep.
When I woke up my body felt heavy and I couldn’t move. I was in the hospital. My eyes started to adjust and the many blobs I saw were starting to clear. I saw mom, and Lily standing there with surprised faces. I look around and saw tubes and wires connected to me. What is happening to me? I sat up quickly, which gave me a headache. When I touched my head it was bandaged in gauze and it stung. Mom grabbed me and laid me back down,” don’t rush it sweetie you will open your wound back up,” she says with a hoarse voice,” I’m so glad you are awake, I thought we were going to lose you like your father”. What is she talking about? Wound? Loose me? I have no idea what’s going on. I manage to open my mouth and speak:” what is going on? Why am I here?” I have no strength to say anymore.
“About 2 months ago you got hit by a car that ignored a red light. You have been sleep since then”
This can’t be true; I was just on my way back from helping Sora. I look down at my chest and see my bottle of stardust filled with the same powder. I guess I really was sleep. Lily grabs my arm and starts to cry,” I thought I lost you sissy!” she says with her nose running and her eyes bloodshot red. “I really got hit by a car? So everything that happened was a dream?” I manage to say softly.
It has been 2 weeks since I woke up. After a few days I was released from the hospital so I could get ready for the new school year. I put on my new uniform and head out the door. Lizzy stood there waiting for me and walked with me to school. She feels really guilty that it was her fault that I ran across the street so she promises to walks me to and from school now.
I walked through the school gate and look around at the new faces, but one person catches my eye. I see a boy walking with a little charm on his bag. The charm looks like a bottle with something shining inside. Is that who I think it is!? I drop my bag and run strait to the person.
“Sora!” I yell. The boy turns around as I tackle him. ”do I know you?” he says to me with a confused look on his face. All I do is smile at him,” yes, you do”.

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